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The 4chan Express has reached /tg/, and by god, is it good to be here. A bit overzealous at times with their HERESY, the people of /tg/ are otherwise fine, upstanding, neckbeards, and the best goddamn bros you could ask for. /tg/ is generally on-topic (until a train comes rolling through and fucks that up), and has this nifty fucking dice-roll mechanic that a fa/tg/uy will have to demonstrate for me.

By the way, "traditional games" means tabletop RPGs and shit. You know, DnD, WH40K, etc. Also, they play some Dorf Fortress. Men of noble taste, /tg/ers.

Next stop /toy/.

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I love it full force in the ass.

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Hey /tg/, how ya been today?

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Fuck yeah, /tg/.
I play a bit of WH40k myself. Not very good at it, though...

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Finally, I've caught up with you.. maybe now I'll stay aboard.

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A gift from /fit/.

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A gift from /k/

Also last stop for me, bedtime

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Why is the sticky gone?

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rolled 9 = 9

dice+1d20 in the email field

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>yfw da bears win the superb owl

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I play, the Derpy card!

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oh, the memories

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Questions for you /tg/ guys. Is there like a picture or website to get basics for any of this stuff? I REALLY want to start but, don't know how.

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Oh you. Not FULL force.

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Ponies love D&D.

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rolled 13 = 13

Here you go, a diplomacy roll to get a cheaper ticket.

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woops, had the conductor's trip in there ;_;

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Because we were good boys and girls and ate all our veggies.

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A gift from /lit/.

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So you ARE gay.

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so close to the end, i wish i could have gotten on sooner
When's the next ride happening?

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Anyone here play mahjong, weiqi (go) or other fun east asian games?

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At your left you can see the drawthreads. /tg/ has, along with /co/ the most dedicated drawfag population.

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Traditional Games eh? You mean you do things here like hopskotch and jumprope?

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WH 40,000 for teh win.

Anywho, here's some blah blah blah from /k/.


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rolled 3 = 3

>mfw I fall for this

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rolled 21 = 21

Rolling to give a fuck.

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wish I'd have gotten on sooner.

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My tripcode appears to have been cracked like a plumber's ass. But that's alright. Train's almost reached the end, anyway.

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find a few friends who are willing to teach you...

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fa/tg/uy boarding... make room

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the superb owl?

Sounds like one hot shit owl.

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All aboard!

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The most respectable board on this site by far.

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Oh man, has this ride passed quickly...
I just want to say right now how great this ride has been...

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Ahh, /tg/. This place used to be my second home some.

I hear they have some problems with mods though. They have to post their porn on /d/ to avoid the banhammer apparently. Not that we at /d/ mind.

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I'm into games, but I've never really gotten into /tg/.
Maybe this is the time to do it.

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Coming from Chicago that would be fucking awesome.

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Like what stuff?

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We mean stuff like Chess, Connect 4, or Dungeons and Dragons.

Just no LARP. That that stuff to /cgl/ nobody wants you here.

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Hey you, stop it!

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Aha, you funny guy! Suppose I should switch the old trip up. New trip, folks. Please try to pay attention to them. Unless that one gets cracked, too. Then just go fucking crazy.

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thats.. an incredibly open question.

How about you spend some time around, really watching the ebb and flow of /tg/, then ask some slightly more specific questioning about anything that seems interesting to you.

Then we can make progress.

>accompany Vitane
Ah, thank you captcha.
Just wait right here for Vitane, your guide. Don't get lost.

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/ck/ would like to announce that Personal Pizzas are now available in the Lounge Car for any hungry passengers.

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I would liek to make one correction there.
/tg/ means Tactical Genius.

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I do not judge. Only run.

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I'll take one

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/toy/ trips coming up and I promise not to accidentally the Conductor's trip.

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>Suddenly realize it's 2:45 in the evening and I haven't eaten anything since lunch

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Check this image.

Then go to /rs/ and look up the one you want.

Alternatively, start up a new thread, where we can talk about this without everyone else on the train butting in.

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All aboard! (For real this time.)

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Suddenly I realise I haven't had anything since breakfast [6.45pm]. Shame on me.

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>yfw you realized that you're all riding a baneblade now

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what the hell is this thread?

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We do, in fact. >>9819241

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To my understanding, the 4chan train pulls around and visits the various boards, and lets them gawp at the various denizens of the other areas of 4chan, trading information, or jeers and barbs.

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>mfw Old Spice guy is Creed in disguise.

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This. Roleplaying is a social activity. But if there is no one and you want to step up as the Game Master, these are the basics:

1. The GM is judge, narrator and organizator. He has the job to set up the game and decide things.

2. The books are only guidelines, and they are NEVER law. The GM overrule the books and can houserule as much as he wants as long as the players are ok with it.

3. Because if you or any of the players is acting like a dick, the game will go downhill fast. Everyone should have fun, even the GM. You are not a godamned xbox.

4. Most of the time the GM will put a scenario "the orcs are invading the town!" and the players will narrate the actions of their characters. If a character doesn't know what to do, he GM can hold his hand a little and suggest something, but don't overdo it. blance is key.

5. You can make up tons of bullshit as long as its consistent bullshit and doesn't contradict the game world.

6. This is a personal tip. If the players start arguing about some stupid little detail like how thermodynamics affect the Fly spell or some shit, grab a dice, even, he is right,odd, he is wrong. Why? because fucking magic that's why. Most players agree to this because 50% chance of being right is better than most pnp rpg arguments.

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Whats this? Football is a traditional game!

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Not our kind, per-se, but Blood Bowl sure is.

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Dont forget this is the board of Angry Marines "Getting shit done" and the biggest importer of /d/ material

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rolled 3, 3 = 6

Hail fellow well met. Welcome to the gaming car. In order to roll dice you put the following in the email field dice+xdy. The notation is x = the number of dice rolled and y = the number of sides those dice have. So, dice+2d6 means roll two six-sided dice. You can also add a modifier so dice+2d6+1 would roll two six sided dice and add one to the results. Welcome and enjoy your stay in /tg/.

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Rollin stats

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welcome to /tg/, where every topic is somehow on topic,and we're actually god damn civil about it.

I do however, miss the porn though.

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Eh, give it awhile. Janitor sleep patterns will be analyzed, mods will gradually lose interest as college semesters kick into high gear, and /tg/ will return.

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