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Lots of brown on /tg/ tonight.

I'm okay with that.

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What are we talking about?

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Brown elf, brown human... Brown cow?

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So much brown that my attention is automatically drawn to that pale girl in the background.

I wonder what her name is.

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So what would a Hawaiian like place in a Standard Fantasy setting be like anyway?

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Like... Hawaii but with the occasional fish-man incursion for the locals to deal with?

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Ahh, good.

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What the hell?

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Where the hell did you think they came from, then?

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Roughly around the Equator.

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Then hot dickings!

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The breast velocity indicates...

One second, calculating...

Quite the sexing.

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Serving fruity drinks.
The fruit on the island are all sentient (albeit dumb), able to converse and friendly.

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Then how do they work?

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I wish I knew ;_;

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do you know who drew these?

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I see her posted alot what is she from?

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Hint hint.>>13516616

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I hear they work pretty well.

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Click on danbooru, get the artist name (the one in red) from the list of tags on the left.
Click on the ? next to the name for his website.

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I miss the janitor

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Did you run out of homoerotic WH40k sketches?

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I forgot to fap when I woke up. Gotta remedy to that.

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It's called brown girls.

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If the janitor was still here, this thread would be gone

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He's still here. And can sometimes even conjure a mod.

I got banned a couple days ago for making a dragon thread, because my example of "awesome dragon" happened to be from a western animation.

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nice quads, praise slaanesh!

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Implying you dont love dem brown girls.

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And this is a good thing how? For fucks' sake, learn to hide threads already. The 4chan extension is right in the fucking FAQ.

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Also only mods can ban.

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My favorite thing about brown girls? They're depicted with golden eyes surprisingly often.

...curse my odd preferences...

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This thread is here because he is gone you silly ass.
Its a celebration.

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It takes up space on the front page for one. That's one less related thread.

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Reading comprehension

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If the janitor was back, /tg/ would be better with better threads

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No we would be bitching as usual nothing changed.
Now we have bitching and pretty pictures to look at.

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Wait, I'm confused. Is it brown girls with golden eyes, or just golden eyes?

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The tittie obviously developed a mind of its own and slapped its owner in the face.

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Stop replying to the troll, damn it, and just post some brown!

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foolish mortals, while you indulge yourself in the south island charm you fail to see the true danger... look around you... see through this deception... the lady in white is not of native population..she is the true ringleader. This will be your final battle!

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Because there is nothing beyond the front page, amirite?

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Well, you're not saging, so there you go.

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Just golden eyes. However, it seems like if they're a brown girl, they seem to have a higher chance of having the eye color I want.

...don't judge me, you're not my real daddy.

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i don't understand what's wrong with straight guys

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is what an optimist would say....but we all know even when the janitor was here there would be shit threads.

if everyone is having a good time, then leave the thread and go find somthing else that interests you....if nothing interests you make a new thread....don't hate because several people are having a good time.

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But I only have a few and there clustered in with all my other images it would take........fine.

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>but we all know even when the janitor was here there would be shit threads.
If the janitor was back he would deal with liars

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Good, just stop replying to the guy trying to stir up shit.

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I think they "kidnapped" him and kept him drugged up so he would stay hard for all of them.

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If the janitor was back we wouldn't have accusations from defensive people

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>Its a celebration.
Why won't you celebrate on a topic-relevant board? Go to /h/ and post your stuff there. I keep my shrapnel wound pics on /k/.

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Just thought it was something to do while people posted brown girls.

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More boobs then you can shake a stick at.

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If the janitor was back we would have good discussions

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.... so you like the shit like PC rape threads, but when it comes to dem brown girls you want to draw the line....get you of here shitty troll

3/10 did not rage, but replied.

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If the janitor was back /d/ wouldn't be here

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If the janitor was back we wouldn't have made up assumptions

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If you want to troll him, go for it, but its not going to end well.

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If the janitor was back trolls would be gone
Why does this bother you?

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No we wouldn't.
We would oh what the fuck ever have some brown girls.

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See? If the janitor was back, we would have actual discussions.

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Now with a little more nude.

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Delicious brown girls

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Right, im going to make some food and play some vidya, be back in a while.

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If the janitor was here we wouldn't have /b/ posts

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Say, what's happening in this picture? That looks like an awful way to carry out surgery.

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I sincerely apologize. There was no room for discussion here, so i was hoping dismembered bodies will do the trick.

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Thus invalidating your entire cause.

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If the janitor was here we wouldn't need to make posts like these

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>Porn gets taken away board is spammed with scat porn
>Porn comes back people post gore
Well shit looks like both sides are retards.

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It's a field hospital, the girl was in a humvee that was hit by an IED.

And that's what's usually left from an armored humvee after it takes a hit from a large IED.

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If the janitor was back we would have neither

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Om nom nom nom, sandvich.

Also bumps.

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A good 70% of the time, I hate you. Today is not one of those days.

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Aww, but i love you, and everybody else all of the time.

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Yeah, but that's way too many guys and not nearly enough girls for me to agree to that kind of love.

Also dat bulge in that pic... no.

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Meh, still love ya.

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Bumpin all day, everyday.

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And today, I still love you too.

Expect hate tomorrow. Maybe angry sex the next time I love you.

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Im okay with that.

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If the janitor wasn't back, threads like these still would auto sage

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Gave that bitch a tan. Bitches love tans.

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Tits ?
On /tg/?

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I just realized I don't have a naked tzeentchette.

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The internet can suck a fat one!

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If the the janitor was still here we wouldn't have people clinging to their dead threads

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This fat one?

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You're a dead thread.

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