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Female IG?

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Yeah so what?

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Little thing you should know, even though women make up over half of the Imperial guard, and the Cadians are the most played by IG players, GW makes no Female Models in the Cadian Line, why we no have women you GW bastards

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Lots of reasons, and I'd bet one of them is it pisses off Grognards. Used to know a guy that said he'd stop playing them if they ever released female models.

I showed him the old minis they had of the Catachan and Commissar but he was in such denial he just claimed they were fanmade.

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Their armour looks two times to large for them.

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inb4 the IG just cloned Vasquez.

Begun, this Clone War has.

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What's up with the third one's face?

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good I'm no feminist but, dude you friends messed up, I mean I wouldn't make Fanmade Female IG becuase, well, you know, but why don't they produce them mainstream I mean come on, you said Catachans and Commissars get female models, why not cadians. but I'm just sayien.

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I ment god, feel stupid

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Wouldn't female IG fit the setting?


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So, just like normal cadian derphelmets then?

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The rest of the sentence is a train wreck too, and you're just going to leave it as is?

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Word to the wise, although Hasslefree miniatures are lovely sculpts they are fucking TINY.

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>but why don't they produce them mainstream

I'd assume, because there isn't a huge enough demand for the female Imperial Guard soldiers. You'll have plenty of people who say they'd like female IG components available in the kits, but I think most of those people don't care enough to really make a big enough noise to get GW to sit up, take notice, and tell their sculptors to throw a few female heads and torsos into each new plastic IG kit they do.

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There are female IG and female PDF in the setting. GW just doesn't make models for them.

And given how shitty GW is at making female models, I don't mind. There's a reason I've never started a Sisters of Battle army, despite loving their fluff.

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Thanks DeathLeaper's Fangirl, and now I know and knowing half the battle

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Sex doll mouths

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does anybody actually buy sculpts that are that awful?

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What the shit?

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Why can't they make them like this

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compromising the armour on the rear of the helmet to fit a ponytail through.


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Because according to canon, Cadian armour makes them almost as bulky as smurfs, and their helmets are the size of beachballs.

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Oh thank god, that's just her elbow.... I was confused looking at the thumbnail.

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Ranking system from right to left is hightest to lowest?

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I can't hold my silence, I've never seen Guardsmen on Guardswomen Fap-Fiction or Fap-Art.

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Nice, though the decision of Mantic to release completely unrelated sculpts of Kev as theme-boxes baffles me. Not in a bad way, but still I can't see the reasoning behind.

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you arent looking hard enough

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>Why can't they make them like this <------
1. Remove the ponytail
2. Apply '40k scaling'- i.e. make everything bulkier, arms, body and so on.
3. Congratulations, you now have something essentially indistinguishable from a regular Cadian.

It's hard to get the differentiation in with the 40k 'heroic' sculpt style that exaggerates and oversizes to produce more easily recognisable minis- f'rexample the guns are oversized, so the hands need to be oversized, so the arms are oversized. Now the arms are so bulky you can't really differentiate between male and slightly lighter female arms with ease.
Or the folds in clothing and details on armour are exaggerated to be easier to highlight/shade, and end up being bigger than the natural bodyshape changes. So if you want a *visibly* female torso in an over-bulky flak jacket, it needs watermelon tits. These are particular problems for the Guard who by intent and design have bulky equipment.

People with small weapons and figure-hugging armour like the Eldar, on the other hand, can be made distinctly female without resorting to massive exaggeration.

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Because the first version of that pic had no helmet.
And no armour.

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hey /tg/, christ knows why I'm here but I think you should know, somewhere out there there are old first-ed ladyguards with flak armour and lasguns

they don't look bulky

they don't look bad

i only ever saw one, probably cast in lead or whatever around 1990, and i got it unpainted from a second-hand place

but they exist

now find them, you fuckers

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Spice Marines are better.

They make them with the helmets on, too. If I played 40K, I'd field these.

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