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Sup /tg/.

Word on the street is that Sisters of Battle might be getting cavalry/bikes/jetbikes in their next codex.


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I don't really care I just know 40k from the dawn of war games.

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Glory glory to the redeemer!

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Yeah, that'd be neat. Jetbikes would be the coolest of those options.

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Would be stupid fluffwise as the only imperial jetbike is owned by the Dark Angels

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Word on the street waited 10 years for the dark elfdar deck they said was always round the corner.

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Custodes got 'em first. 'Nuff said.

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There is no word from any source that I can find on the net sans worthless wish listing.

Stop making up shit!

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Which in turn was stupid fluff in the first place.

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Biker sisters, im ok with that.

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I have an old 1st ed tech priest mini on a jetbike (also an imperial guard land speeder with a plasma).

but yeah, sure if it's on a special character or such but as a troop choise, nah, let them space elves have their jetbike troopers.

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1st ed, when space marines were human mercenaries in power armor.

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T3, and power armor 4+ armor save marines, ho!

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we haven't had them ever in any incarnation, we don't need them for our preferred style of battle, and I've seen and heard nothing on the topic.

I'm suspecting hte OP is full of shit.

that said, the Sisters already have a very effective cavalry force in the Seraphim, and unless these mythical bikers provide some kind of benefit better than a free Faithful unit that grants bonus LD there's no reason to field them.

The bonus T isn't really helpful except in CC, where they shouldn't be. The only special weapon that they could get that Seras don't have is the Stormbolter, and it's redundant with combi-bolters on the bikes.
Likewise, bike-mounted heavy weapons = Multi-meltas, all the time, every bike, since Heavy flamers are cheaper and more effective on Immolators, and Heavy Bolters are more useful in the gunline.
Mobility is a non-issue: both units move at teh same speed.
The extended bolter range is kind of nice, but the unit loses the LD bonus and, almost certainly, Faithful status along with the Melta Bomb upgrade and the bonus CC weapons of the Seras.

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who's to say the STC was recently re found, or the forge world that made them recently returned to imperial control

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If by 'word on the street' you mean 'sisters like their rides', which could mean anything.

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oh and I forgot, dual wielding plasma-pistol (but generally bolt pistols) imperial guards men with jump packs (guess that got passed on to them ladies).

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it's not a matter of if they have access to it or not rather if it suits a army list (which never is a compleat or accurate example of the full fluff of a faction).

there's no real reason to hand over the realm of space elves army lists.. but, wth, GW have pulled crazy shit out of their ass befor (Hi ho wolf riders!)

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Joan of Arc in my 40k? Feels good, man.

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