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GENTLEMENT, i need reference pictures of terminators, all kinds of terminators, Chaplains, Librarians, Chaos, Loyalists, etc. All kinds of reference, fan art, 3d models, miniatures, official art everything! I shall also dump all the pictures i have of Terminators.

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Needs moar armor.

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Posting what I have

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That's fucking awesome.

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I'll see what I have for you.

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Thank you gentleman. Just fyi the reason i need references is for an armor i'm making for the FC in DoW 2, and right now it looks rather crappy. Keep em coming.

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God. Dammit.

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Oh wait i also got this old concept for new termies from GW, can't really see the details though.

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I would definitely contact the team behind the Firestorm over Kaurava mod and see if you can get some of their models. They do astounding units

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Pt. 2

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Don't be a hating

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The FoK team and i don't really see eye to eye in anything, and don't you mean Firestorm over Aurelia? I mean this is for DoW II, Kaurava is for Soulstorm.

Then again Horus appears to only be porting models from FoK into DoW II without making any changes.

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Damn right I'll be hating. Terminators don't look right with big metal breasts

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Those are awesome, weird that they don't have tits plastered all over their armor.

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>Brother Elric

Brother we shouldn't have transmuted the Emperor.

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Agree with them or not, they do great work. Anyway, I didn't know they were doing a mod for DoW2, I thought they were focusing on SoulStorm?

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They've been working on DoW II since December 09 dude:


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This diorama is titled "Crusader Terminator Command Squad" and is by Ap0k

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Hmmm, learn something new every day. So OP, what's this mod you're doing?

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>wenxuan enwist
Why yes, I am a Chinese History major!

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One is a full mod, the other is just releasing assets to the public either to be used on other mods or to replace stuff for the common folk.

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Still only up to the D's in my Space Marine folder. Haven't even started on Chaos yet.

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>implying Rip and Tear, Rip and Tear your guts

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Maybe i shouldn't post a thread were no picture is visible, so i'll just post some shit here.

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A few of them are visible, and they look sharp. Black War looks to be very good

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Thanks man.

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Oh you.

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Now if you could only make vanilla DoW2 gameplay fun....

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Well that's the idea of Black War.


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And last one, no point in wasting the precious image limit of the thread with more of my stuff.

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>Terminator using the Elevatus

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May you also post pics of the Iron Warriors/Techmarines/Iron Hands?

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That is the single most gloriously painted chaplain I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on.

I would pay cash money to be able to paint like that.

I have no terminator pics on my work computer, so here is a random Blood Angel picture in contribution.

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I guess that makes it canon then.

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He doesn't need more armor. He is a cybernetic organism; living tissue over metal endoskeleton.

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i want a cybernetic organism; living tissue over metal endoskeleton incased in tactical dreadnaught armour.

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Chapter 666 reporting in.

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terminators you say? dumping.

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*mostly* terminator models

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This is awesome don't stop gentleman!

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Man, scripty's stuff is just kickass. There was this fucker in one of his threads last night that said he didn't respect him because he didn't build shit from scratch with nothing but greenstuff and plasticard?
What a tool. Anybody with a brain can see he's very talented.

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The Governator would snap those bitches in half.

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any IA10 dl's yet?

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most of it is awesome, anyway. props for conversion creativity at least.

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yeah whoever said that is fucked in the head. pure jealousy.

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/rs/ maybe?

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yeah i'd never bet against the original terminator.

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rather obvious troll is rather obvious.

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They only have part 1.

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obligatory emperor termie conversion

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I wonder why they decided to make some of the Primarchs in their pre-heresy form, and others in their post-heresy/Daemon Prince forms?

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model dump finished, searching for the termie art

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lies, found some yet-to-be-sorted pics

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end of dump

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Did they just finish shower time?

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dump has slowed to a trickle* not quite the end

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I really, really don't understand the point of having fingers on those things.

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can you say... dead splicers forever?

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the tiny ass eye slit makes me lol so hard

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I'm very tempted to get him

he's so fucking cool, and I don't even play the Shorks

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the lightning claw terminator from Space Hulk 3rd Edition works best for a COME AT ME BRO

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What the flying fuck is that? That guy is probably the king of friendly fire.

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Space sharks?

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I don't play blood angels, but I bought the lightning claw guy from Space Hulk v3 off of eBay, shaved off the Blood Angels stuff, and have him stand in the front of an assault termie squad like a fuckin' boss.

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Oh god thats fucking terrifying. Is that fucker form a Night Lords successor chapter or something?

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most pimp termie ever.

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just had to include the MASSIVE LIGHTNING CLAWS terminator.

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no clue if it is, but got it from: http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/user/20965-kain3883.html

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Old Space Marine chapter, got fluff in Imperial armour, they were also renamed Carcharodons, that guy is their chapter master.

They live outside the galaxy, probably smacking tyranids, they come back sometimes to smack intergalactic ass.

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OP, dump has ended.
now ITT: comparing the size of your lightning claws.

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>now ITT: comparing the size of your lightning claws.

space sharks win because that guy's lightning claws are both hooked and have shark fins on them. and then he's got a chainpalm.

that guy is not fucking around.

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Remember when lightning claws weren't butter knives with grips?

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>that guy's lightning claws are both hooked and have shark fins on them

hooks and shark fins on power weapons is like saying 'serrated power swords > regular power swords'.
what he needs is CHAIN LIGHTNING CLAWS.

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Needs more Charadons cuz I cant find anything on it.

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they're space sharks. its just the new name

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Thank you for the dump guys, it was awesome.

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There was something in What's New Today on the Charcharodons a week or so ago, but it kind of turned me off of them, since GW emphasized how hyper-violent they are. I mean, come on, any more emphasis on violence is just stupid

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He HAS the chainfist bits there too, and those are power chainweapons.

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All these pictures of chainfists gets me thinking. All a chainfist is is a powerfist with a chainsword attached to the wrist, yes? My understanding is the energy field of the glove also surrounds the sword, but wouldn't that mean that, in theory at least, you could just produce a chainsword with a power field sans glove?

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Huh, look at that, I actually found some Space Shark stuff on my HDD. I got these off of /tg/ a few months ago, IIRC


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>what he needs is CHAIN LIGHTNING CLAWS.

That's exactly what he has.

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I love the fact he actually has the sense to wear a helmet!

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OP here, holy fucking shit this thread is still alive, you're quite the gentlemen.

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Yeah, they're called eviscerators iirc.

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Terminators never die

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Since the chainfist is meant to carve apart tanks, bunkers, ship bulkheads and similar things, the chainsword bit probably isn't the same as a normal chainsword, just as a hacksaw meant to cut metal and a general purpose woodworking saw aren't the same.

But, yes, you could probably put a power field generator on a chainsword. Which would make a power weapon as far as the tabletop rules are concerned.

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I'm 90% sure eviscerators are just two-handed chainswords, but I could be mistaken

Yet another "come at me, bro", btw

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Holy shit that's awesome.

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Looking good. Your greenstuff and plasticard skills are impressive

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A few more loyalist to go, then on to traitor Terminators

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Haha oh wow, max image hit. Precisely one loyalist Terminator left in my folder, Chaos got the shaft

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OP here again, i finally got a decent concept for a terminator armor for the FC thanks to this dump, if you want to follow a progress on it i have posted links to my mods in this threads, additionally i will post a picture of the finished product here in some random thread too.

Thank you and good night.

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