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Is there any possible way to survive a facehugger attack?

Because according to the AvP games, this is like instant death.

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surgical removal of the egg before hatching but after the face-hugger has removed itself from your face. Removal of face-hugger beforehand = dead. Failure to remove egg = dead.

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Facehugger has impregnated a Tarrasque

Imagine the abomination that would spawn from that mishap.

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what if you have no face

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if you could somehow sever the tail without it strangling the victim, you could potentially remove the facehugger before the egg is implanted.

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prepare your anus

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Enjoy being decapitated by acid spray.

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>if you could somehow sever the tail without it strangling the victim,

Then you're going to get a whole load of acid blood spilling out onto his neck.

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Cryodip the person then remove the egg and facehugger.

They do it in one of the aliens movies i thought and comics.

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have a face made of fire and/or iron spikes

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New problems may arise from this

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You can fend it off with your hands as it's attacking--especially if you can get a hand inside the tail, the traditional anti-choking defense. But you're going to be occupied just trying to keep it from throatraping you, and if you don't have anyone to help you out you're pretty much fucked.

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In "Judge Dredd vs. aliens" titular Judge was infected - and the egg was removed from him.
In AvP games situaltion is less the promising concerning chances of survival. You see, stopping dead in tracks with beastie on your face allows aliens to take you to the hive.
Or, in the worse scenario, if you make it to relatively safe place, no one would bother with saving you in the midst of evacuation. Or even worse, they won't kill you and you will hatch on the evacuation ship. THAT would be bad.

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The best defense is a good offense

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cryo or any handy suspended animation you have laying around might work.

Its either that or wait for the hugger to curl up and drop off, Then rush into emergency surgery and hope you get the egg out before it develops too much.

>i might not mind gigeresque monsters doing things to my face
>but i am not ready to be a mommy.

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Some being cannot be hosts.
Additionally, there are size limits to what the facehugges can impregnate, so no xeno-bees.
Facehuggers can use acidic saliva to break through helmets, but in the Alien-verse humans have designed helmets that prevent the facehugger from embracing you and material that can resist facehugger saliva (the blood still damages the material tho).
Alien embryo removal is hard as fuck due to the flash-quick lapse the incubation takes. However, assuming you are not part of the goverment's or some shady corporation's plan to smuggle Xenomorphs around, a competent medical team can remove it. But in the alien verse you are always in the middle of one of those plans. And the plans always involve megalomaniac scientists blinded by their ego and greedy corporate executives blinded by their ambition.

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Cryo will prevent the Facehugger from implanting, and halt the growth of the embryo. As far as I know, however, it won't actually kill either the Facehugger or the baby Alien. So it'll buy the victim enough time to get a surgical team out to remove the implanted egg, but won't solve the problem itself.

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so like today?

my answer to the facehugger question, found to be 100% effective

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I blind it with my fabulous looks, and as time slows down for the universe to better appreciate the moment, I turn 360 degrees and walk away.

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Right, with the acid blood. I always forget the acid blood.

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>>Fandeing Lord
Too true, CAPTCHA

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In the game it's lethal for balance purposes.
A strong guy could catch it and throw it away.
A predator would just laugh, proceed to peel it off its mask and crush it. All with one hand.

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The only reason I'd want to survive is so it could attack me again. Grabbing my head, throttling me with that tail and ramming that alien wing wong down my neck. Fantastic.

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You're boned, bub.

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>A strong guy could catch it and throw it away.

He'd have to be fast, with good reaction times, as well. Doesn't matter how strong you are if the thing's on you before you can grab it. Once a facehugger gets a good grip, the things are nearly impossible to pry off without taking chunks of the victim's face with them - as noted during the examination in the first Alien film.

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Can you just get a reallllly strong person to grab the end of the tail and just unwind the little bugger?

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Why don't after the first time they encounter face aliens they don't start wearing neck braces, or baseball masks?

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see >>13482569 that character would also need lightning-fast reflexes
experienced predators can do it

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Here's a good point.

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It can melt through masks.
See Kane in the original Alien film

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because most of th time somebody wants people to get impregnated so they can "capture" a xeno and experiment with it, since is a lot easier than catching adults

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For the same reason zombie apocalypses happen - forced horrendous stupidity to turn a laughable nuisance into a legitimate threat.

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Ripley did it in Aliens. Hicks was able to hold one before tossing it sideways for Vasquez to shoot.

Not after it's fully attached to somebody's face. Not without killing the host that is.

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If it's tail is already around your neck, you've probably got about 5 seconds before it knocks you unconscious, as it squeezes your jugular.

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on a human-race level, xenomorphs are rarely a threat, on a crew-piloting-commercial-vessel level or colony-on-mining-planet level they are the end of times

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She was expecting it, though. The facehuggers definitely have an instinct for hiding and then pouncing on someone unaware. And she still was losing that fight, until Hicks came over to help.

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>implying that the entire point of the Alien films pre-Resurrection was that they would utterly ruin Earth if they made it there
>also implying that in the novels they didn't

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Check and Mate.

No... what are you doing down there!? Thing's come out of there, not in! No! NOOOO!

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Nuke it from Orbit. it's the only way to be sure.

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you guys need to read this

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Congrats, cracked, on writing about something literally everyone has known since the film came out in the 70's.

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>implying i implied any of that

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Use the butterfly defense - have a fake set of eyes or face painted on something your carrying and have a helmet that looks like a face-hugger.

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alternatively, be smart and send the synthetics to pick the eggs

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Not much of an improvement though...

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Not when we have a colony's worth of civilians and a ship's worth of Marines at our disposal!

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Better plan: have autotracking shoulder guns that shoot the buggers midjump.

Or hit them with your crowbar first.

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oh jeeze,

this reminded me of ss13. if there is an alien outbreak, I just kill everyone.

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everything in the alienverse ends up in alien infestation because every figure of authority is a clone of Zapp

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Use a mask that blocks acces to your mouth? Or use a fucking flamethrower before your face gets raped.

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Acid blood. Use baking Soda.

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I remember a story where a guy was able to escape a hive after being impregnated. He then operated on himself to surgically remove the embryo.

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You'd need an alkaline far stronger, but the theory is sound. Assuming you can mix it with the blood at more or less the same time, as to prevent the alkali damaging you.

The resulting soapy liquid would also make tugging it off your neck far easier.

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If you want to Survive:

Pretty much you need to gut the fucker before he gets on you, facemasks wont work cause they burn through it with acid to get to your mouth. You'd need some kind of crazy crush-proof neck protector and some buddies to rip the damn thing off you probably.

Or you can just spray fire everywhere.

If you want to stop them:

Strap Explosives to everyone's neck, set it so they if they ever have pressure applied to them (So it can tell if you're getting hugged) it goes off.

Sure, it's sloppy but eventually the aliens will run out of huggers and / or people. Probably an easier way to die then a chestburster coming through too.

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ALICE modified powerloader, flamethrowers.

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Half the time if not every time you shoot an alien mid jump towards you, the blood spray on you and you dead.

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Good idea with the explosive collars, untill you're standing close and someone gets jumped, boom and acid blood goes everywhere.

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my friend had an idea that was so incredibly stupid it broke through the 'stupid-o-meter' and became awesome.

what to do when your face huggered? Eat it. Like bite down really hard on the egg-cock thing that it's forcing down your throat.

sure the acid would kill ya, but hey for a moment it sounded like a feasable idea

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Detachable jaw.

With synthetics and dove travel, it should be rudimentary for them to replace someones jaw with one that falls apart, or better yet that shoots outward.

Better still, give suicide troops jaws that propel themselves into the 'owners' brain if triggered by a facehugger; sure, they're dead, but they've got whole prison worlds full of volunteers.

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The Aliens: Labyrinth comic miniseries has a dude surviving because the hive was infected by some alien fungus-virus-thing.
He surgically removes the dying fetus from his own stomach in a Seriously Hardcore move.

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I read that comic. He only survived because the Hive was dying due to a mold epidemic and the embryo inside him had... eh... "miscarried" I supposed would be the best term.

I remember one of the pages where the xenos had to actually hold the facehugger against his mouth in order to impregnate him.

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>Is there any possible way to survive a facehugger attack?

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inb4 you know what webcomic

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>I'm a retard~
>I think mixing strong acid and base is perfectly reasonable!
>hurr durr I failed highschool chemistry but I like to pretend I'm smart anyway

>> No.13482995

> Hey let's mix a strong acide and a base, it can only end well.

I already heard that during my first college chemestry year.

>> No.13483014

>Failed High School chemistry
>Doesn't know I aced Chemistry
>Doesn't realise that as soon as you leave High School you forget everything you aren't using in your chosen line of work within two years
>Most likely because he is still in high school

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Fucking samefag.

>> No.13483027

ITT: We brag about our (totally made up) chemistry grades on highschool

>> No.13483029


You are the proof why our education system fucking sucks balls, then.

>> No.13483036

Um, actually mixing strong acid and base isn't that bad. Most acid-base reactions produce relatively harmless salts, and if most strong acids and bases are inorganic, so they won't even produce any gases that could lead to dangerous splattering. It's actually more dangerous to add water to a strong acid than it is to add a strong base like sodium hydroxide.

Of course, all that being said, it is generally better to use a large amount of weak base to neutralize a strong acid rather than a smaller amount of strong base, but this has to do with the dangers of the strong base itself rather than any particular risks of the neutralization reaction.

>> No.13483044

Chemistry? Possibly.
Grammar? No.

>> No.13483047


Read again. He very, very strongly
a strong acid + strong base.

Which is fucking retarded.

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Hydrofluoric acid dissolves glass and is stored in plastic containers instead.

>> No.13483064

>Studying geochemistry
>First ever university lab we are told that mixing two of the eight chemicals assigned to each group will produce cyanide
>Have to sign a medical waiver (pretty sure they do this to impress first year students)
>Reminded again DON'T DO THAT
>Guy at the back of the hall specifically does it
>Whole lab has to be evacuated, although no one is hurt
>Have to come in later friday to do lab again, guy is nowhere to be seen

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I just realized how horrible it was....sorry.

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Wear a glass fishbowl helmet with a freaking huge giant glass spike on the front. Facehugger jumps at you, impales self on spike. Acid does not melt glass. Now, all you need is a way of not melting the rest of you. Pic related.

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I forgot the picture...

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Aqua Regia says high.

>> No.13483101


Aqua regia? The acid which dissolves the unreactive metals such as gold?

Yeah, I'm not so worried here.

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There was a thread on here a while back wondering how a 40K Space Marine would handle being face-hugged. One common proposal was that he'd do exactly as you said: proclaim "fuck this shit, I've eaten worse" and devour the thing on the spot.

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You mean hydrofluoric acid. Aqua regia is fine on glass.

>> No.13483139

hey guys, if any of you do chemistry


if you read down, it talks about how you can try to contain fluorine

would that work on hydrofluoric acid?

>> No.13483144


A plastic layer should stop that too, assuming the facehugger even uses that sort of acid. I'd say, once humanity has discovered that facehuggers exist, they'll be able to counter them pretty simply. The only problem humanity now faces is that Weyland-Yutani would probably decide it was cheaper to have a colony or two eaten by xenomorphs, rather than paying for alien armour for everyone.

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In Aliens, in the scene where the hugger gets on Ripley, she gets her hands in the way of the "fingers", holds the hugger at bay, then Hicks and Vasquez unwind the tail. Took two of them though.

In Alien Resurrection, the hugger tries to jump Clone Ripley, who pulls the same maneuver, but the tail hasn't wrapped too far around her throat. She rips it off at the tail.

Then again, that was Clone Ripley.

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Funny that, I just finished dunking rock samples in HF about half an hour ago. Guess what it was stored in? Yeah, a plastic bottle. Also, if one does spill an acid or a base in the lab we have this chemically treated sawdust we put on, it it's pretty effective.

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>>13482345Is there any possible way to survive a facehugger attack?

smear siracha hot sauce on your face

NOTICE that throughout the entirety of the ALIEN series, NOT A SINGLE THAI GUY was ever facehugged.

Thais have also ever been brained by Ilithids either

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I recall Berserker teams have a guy who has the sole job of putting on this acid resistant facemask, slapping on a homing beacon, and willfully walking into a hive to get captured. The face mask is supposed to protect them from the facehugger trying to impregnante them, and the homing beacon is for the equilivent of an eversor assassin wearing a set of terminator armor following them, kicking the ass of everything in the hive.

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This is now canon in all of my games.

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Be a spacesmurf = problem solved

>> No.13483618

There's already an in-universe counter to facehuggers, the suit neutralizes acid while the mask blocks attacks.

>> No.13483633

Sure thats great but now your peripheral vision is shot

>> No.13483757

That was from the third one, right?
If so then we ignore it.

>> No.13483848

I'd take that over getting turned into a facehugger's girlfriend. Loss of peripheral can be offset by having more than one person with you, instruments, etc.

>> No.13483852


You know when you see an idea so stupid it might actually work.

That is what I'm seeing

>> No.13484198


thank yee

>> No.13484222

Gee, where have I seen this copypasta before....

>> No.13484771

Facehuggers live in the wrong universe.

In the Star Wars universe, any named character could probably lightsaber them off (as lightsabers cauterize the wound, there would be no acidic blood problem).

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>> No.13484922

I'm glad someone remembered which series this was, because it's the first thing I thought of when I read OP's post.

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>> No.13484946

cleaner licang

>> No.13484952

zoolve economies"

>> No.13484961

The surgery is still a little way off.

>> No.13484969

This is building it up, ya know?

>> No.13484981

I mean, you could cut right to the surgery, but what's the fun in that?

>> No.13484988

This is delightfully fucked up.

>> No.13485004

>in before someone posts the surgery ahead of schedule

>> No.13485021

>> No.13485032

Not because of the hydrogen ion content, though; HF is not classified as particularly strong, as the fluoride prevents the protons from disociating completely in solution. It's the fluoride ions that do it. In addition to plastic, then, xenomorphs can be countered by smearing calcium gluconate on everything.

>> No.13485033

Get ready for an amazing (and familiar) reactionface.

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>> No.13485082

>> No.13485091

>> No.13485092

Tiny worms?
Live birth?
Da fuck...
Pretty sure this ain't how Xenomorphs reproduce.

>> No.13485093


OH FUCK. BRB, laughing myself to death.

>> No.13485104

taking a break to post this

>> No.13485111

Haha, oh wow. That's...fuck, that's something.

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>> No.13485115

Somebody here doesn't quite get the message.


>> No.13485130

Unfortunately, this is the only issue I have, so I guess we don't get to see the surgery after all.

>> No.13485140

I always thought they war the masks because of the extreme temperature/atmosphere on the planets surface.

You know like how most countries have a different set of fatigues for Temperate/Arctic Climates.

>> No.13485144

Nah, just kidding.

>> No.13485148

>> No.13485149


Am I the only one who immediately felt sorry for the aliens at this point? I mean, the guy had spend so long acting like he was their new friend, and then he stopped pretending.

Poor xenomorphs. Why won't people be their friends?

>> No.13485157

A little anticlimactic, but I had fun posting!

>> No.13485167

Forgot my pic!

>> No.13485169

Hey. Dumbass. Ever seen the movies?
This isn't it.

>> No.13485179


That's okay Anon, I know what will cheer you up. Here, have a cigar.

>> No.13485207

That was great

>> No.13485212

Seriously, doesn't this guy look like a total bro?
Never can remember why they didn't build more of him.

>> No.13485216

Sort of. More because of the idea of this hive rotting away into squalor, and the Aliens having no real idea what to do - somehow still struggling on by cultivating medicine, conducting bizarre experiments with breeding and altering humans, trying to delay the inevitable. Like the same way you might feel sorry for a crippled and dying animal, even if it's a violent, predatory one.

Thank you very much, it's much appreciated. I'd seen a few pages of that comic before and always wanted to read the whole thing.

>> No.13485220

I fuckin' love Jeri! I played a synth xeno in an AvPvCM game once. Loads of fun.

>> No.13485269

>I'd seen a few pages of that comic before and always wanted to read the whole thing.
We have an /rs/ for a reason!


It was faster for me to /rs/ it than it was to track down my scan.

Pic is the wonderful picture a drawfag did of my synth xeno.

>> No.13485296

I didn't even know the name of the comic until today, unfortunately. The only Aliens graphic novels I have are Stronghold and...another I don't remember the name of nor much about.

>> No.13485317

There's something I always wondered since I saw this movie, and how the aliens have acid blood. We learned in school that people have DNA inside every atom of they're bodies, right? But DNA stands for 'deoxyriboneucleic acid'. See that? Acid! If our bodies are really full of acid, why don't we melt, or bleed out acid like the monsters in this movie? For me, it's why I was always skeptical about evolution.

>> No.13485320


The drone next to him does look pretty shocked when he starts strangling the woman.

>> No.13485324



>will rate you when I wake up from that coma you just put me in

>> No.13485330

Y'know, I'm surprised Dark Horse has not made a Star Wars vs Aliens or Predator comic yet.

>> No.13485344

Oh, OK. That makes sense.

I'm also a big fan of Aliens: Rogue, which you might also enjoy.

>> No.13485345

What is this from? My god.

Xenos with guns.

>> No.13485346

lol i trol u

>> No.13485354

It's from Aliens: Stronghold, which DLFG just mentioned up-thread.

>> No.13485370

Considering that they made an Aliens/Predator/Witchblade/The Darkness crossover, I'd guess it's just Lucas having a caveat in Dark Horse's contract that they can't cross the SW line with other franchises.

>> No.13485373

I'll look into it, thanks. Been meaning to get some more reading material together.

Aliens: Stronghold. He's not actually a genuine Alien, but a Synthetic used for infiltrating and observing the interior workings of high society. He's also unflinchingly polite and makes a good butler. I like to think of him speaking with a very refined english accent.

>> No.13485388

And he hates doing the cigar trick; he's just too polite to say no.

>> No.13485459

Hyperdyne Systems XL3 Series Synthetic Linguafoeda acheronsis

Robot 5 (complete immunity to Essence and Endurance loss)
Brachiation 1 (grants the ability to climb and swing through trees at full base Speed. Those without Brachiation move at the speed of their Climbing skill level divided by two.)
Weapon Graft 1 (tail)

Iron Mind Power 3

Appearance -10
Emotionless -3 (no points)
Behavioral Inhibitors aka. Honorable -3 (no points)

>> No.13485460


Oh God this. I had to look up how salt melted ice the other day. I'm going to be a science teacher in a year's time. ; ;

>> No.13485475



Life Points: 26
No Endurance Points
Speed: 12 mph/ 18 kph
No Essence Points

Bite 1d8xSTR
Hand slash 1d6x2 (soft targets only)
Inner mouth 1d6x6 (pinned targets only; ignores any armor)
Tail 1d4xSTR (counts as small bladed weapon)

Brawling: 1
Climbing 4
Computers 2
Dodge 3
Guns (Assault Rifle) 2
Notice 4
Science (Biology) 2
Science (Xenology) 3
Stealth 3
Swimming 2
Tracking 2
Traps 2

>> No.13485509

Say guys, do the alien comics have any continuity?

>> No.13485539

ppfffff .. no

>> No.13485578

Thought not due to AVP and all. But I'd be a little miffed if I've mistakenly read the later comics first.

>> No.13485700


>Aliens: Stronghold. He's not actually a genuine Alien, but a Synthetic used for infiltrating and observing the interior workings of high society. He's also unflinchingly polite and makes a good butler. I like to think of him speaking with a very refined english accent.

I know you probably meant to say Hive there, but the thought of a Xenomorph Synthetic sneaking into a posh upper class party and then posing as one of the guests is too good to ignore.

>> No.13485757

>a Xenomorph Synthetic sneaking into a posh upper class party and then posing as one of the guests


>> No.13485824

>Say guys, do the alien comics have any continuity?

They have a liiiiitle bit. There are a few series that blend into each other or take place in the same broad storyline.

Mostly it's all self-contained stories, though.

>> No.13485897

Aliens Vs. The Terminator.
Look it up!

>> No.13486241

Stomach pump. Seriously, why not? That's where the eggs reside.

>> No.13486311


>> No.13486328

>Stomach pump. Seriously, why not?

It's no sweat to get a xenomorph egg out of you if you're in a nice modern hospital.

Not so much when you're cocooned-up in the wall of a hive and can't move.

>> No.13486349

>Aliens Vs. The Terminator.

I'll top that. Aliens vs Superman. I've seen Aliens vs Batman as well.

>> No.13486426

there is a superman and batman vs aliens and predator as well

>> No.13486663


I'm going to attack them sexually. And they're going to pay me for it....

>> No.13486741


>> No.13486985


>> No.13487200

>> No.13487275

Mixing a strong base and acid produces three things.
Salt, Water, and Heat
The first two won't matter, the amount of heat from the reaction however could possibly be enough to burn you to death anyway, depending on the strength of the materials.

>> No.13487300

I believe I've thought of an effective anti-facehugger helmet.

It has a neck brace to prevent strangulation and insure airflow, but the big issue is the impregnation (and the acid when stopped). Why not use it to our advantage? The mouth area is projected forward, like a snout or those Warhammer beak helmets, and most of the material is simply padding. This area is filled with a compound which reacts EXPLOSIVELY to the acide in the blood (I'm sure something could be found). When they apply acid to melt the obstruction, they literally blow themselves up.

You can pack as many layers as is reasonable, effectively having ablative mouth armor to protect you against X facehugger acid attacks, before you run out of snout and they reach your mouth.

Make this.

>> No.13487397

How do facehuggers know where the face is behind a helmet anyway?

pic marginally related

>> No.13487419

I think it would be fucking awesome to have a domesicated xenomorph that was once a cat.

Gods help you if you forget the Meow Mix though...

>> No.13487441


When you said that I immediately thought of Half-Life 2...

>> No.13487617

And just like that, the comic becomes good!

>> No.13487705

>How do facehuggers know where the face is behind a helmet anyway?

I think they just react to things coming near them and leap out, expecting a protrusion with sensory organs and an orifice or two.

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