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Cata-chan discussion thread anyone?

So, canonically, how strong is a Catachan compared to a "regular" (read: Cadian) Guardsman?

Would a Cadian Guardsman make it on a Deathworld like Catachan, or is the fact that they weren't born and raised there too much of a handicap?

What does this all translate into for Cata-chan herself? As in, what exactly are her abilities, and where do she rank in respective power compared to other /tg/ original characters?

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Just say "post muscle tits" already. Nobody's buying your spiel.

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I think taking a cadian and dumping him on catachan would be like dumping an Alaskan in Australia. Different hazards.

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A Cadian wouldn't last long on Catachan.

Anyone has the "Catachan Wild life" rule set GW made a while ago?

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What are you, retarded?

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Didn't the barking toad annihilate the entire board?

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Drawfaggot from the previous thread here. I was thinking that I'd made her too big in the previous drawings of her.

...then I found other pictures and I suddenly don't feel so bad.

The question is, how heavy/huge/thick should I make her?

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cata-chan is the most powerful of all /tg/ original characters, for she has punched the barrier of fiction into a bloody pulp and is married to a fa/tg/uy in scotland.

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What are you talking about?

Or are you referring to the safecracking scotsman that stepped on a bear trap in africa?

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Don't draw her with a dick and I think we'll be okay.

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Biceps the size of softballs.

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About this size looks okay.

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What? I think this requires storytime.

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Did you get my request for the Cata-chan vs. Chem-chan thing before thread got deleted?

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>Don't draw her with a dick and I think we'll be okay.

Even so...

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Yeah, but I only remember it vaguely. Been up for...uh, day? day and a half? Could you repost so i can copy & paste the text before I crash?

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It's just an oversized clit. Not a true knob.

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explain plox.

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Okay, I didn't save it myself, but the gist was that since Chem-chan won her last wrestling match (against crowd favorite, Krieg-chan... I think the artist was actively trolling us) it'd be neat to see Chem-chan get taken down a per or to by the mystery fighter/ reigning champ, ie Cata-chan.

If you could figure out a way to work in Chem-chan's increased aggressiveness and combat ability from the drugs she filters in through her mask and match it with Cata-chan's natural strength and jungle-cat grace, it'd be cool.

Aside from that there weren't really any specifics, other than making it look like Cata-chan's bound to win, if not immediately then in the long run.

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got it. not a fast drawer but i'll work out some concept sketches for later on tonight. Like I said, in this thread if it's still alive or in a draw thread.

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I'd Watermelon her Mountain, if you know what I mean.

Wait, no, wrong one.

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The average cadian would die of eye rot within the first month. Greater ones would actually die of the plantlife. It'd take a vetran to even last long enough to get to the fightin. That is why they call it deathworld.

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hnnng. yuugi.

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Long story short, a guy with levels in rogue lives with an enourmous ginger mechanic in the scottish equivalent of the middle of nowhere (scotland)

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Bump for more info.

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So did you guys know that Cata-chan is in Diablo 3?

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Bump with relevant content because I want this and don't want to have to hunt for a drawthread.

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I wish this guy would draw Cata-Chan.

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Wait, so theres gonna be a fight? AWSOME!

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I am patently terrified.

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According to the drawfag I linked to, yeah, chem-chan vs cata-chan.

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Cata-chan is a tier below Caidan, i mean, fuck, the Caidans are looking a daemons and 10'000 year old space marines most of the time, and still standing.

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stat them for that one catfight game

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More of this exists.
NWS or I wouldn't be linking it.

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Neat. I'm internet famous now.

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Yes but on Cadia when not facing demons out for your flesh you don't have to worry about the plantlife raping your face. I wager a Catachan would fare better on Cadia then a Cadian would on Catachan if only because the Cadian would go "IT MOVED SHOOT IT!" and end up getting eaten by something the locals know better than to piss off.

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>So, canonically, how strong is a Catachan compared to a "regular" (read: Cadian) Guardsman?
Ideally, Cadians are anything but the "average". They're the top dogs in the guard, being trained from birth. Their whiteshields (conscripts) are at (or above) the level of your average guard regiment's standard troopers. You can expect them to go through hell and still shoot straight, because that's what they have to do on a regular basis.

Catachans are similar in skillset by nature of their homeworld. By the time they reach adulthood, they've survived horrors the average man will probably never see. However, they're a little bit different than Cadians in that they have a greater sense of comraderie and human pride due to their background. They're used to surviving in a hostile environment where you NEED to work together if you want to live. Cadians are a more martial group, where Catachans are more independent.

Consider Cadians the best -soldiers- in the imperium, with Catachans being the best -survivors- in the imperium

>Would a Cadian Guardsman make it on a Deathworld like Catachan, or is the fact that they weren't born and raised there too much of a handicap?
It would be a handicap, certainly. However, Cadians are made of stern stuff, and although they wouldn't be as adept at surviving in a death world as a Catachan would, they're skilled enough that they'd adapt to the environment.

The same goes for a Catachan. Although they are not as proficient in other theaters of warfare, they're still significantly more skilled than your average man, and would be able to adapt.

If anyone has white dwarf 286, there's a great bit of fluff on the catachans in it.

>"Us Catachans love our world, boy. Ain't nowhere else I'd choose to be brought up. Catachan's got but one thing for the Emperor - us. Ain't no minerals. Can't build a hive world there. But you want real tough men for your fighting, Catachan's the place to go to."

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Couldn't you harvest it's massive jungles for lumber?

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much like Australia, the trees will probably explode if you do that

or they're so dangerously venomous/carnivorous that you can't actually harvest anything of worth

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Chapter: Catachan Devils
Home world: Catachan
Fortress-Monastery: Space Hulk "Horror of the Void" (In orbit over Catachan)
Chapter Master: Lord Greiss Straken (son of Col. "Iron Hand" Straken, named after Col. Greiss, Catachan II)
Colors: Silver and Red (silver often covered by theatre-related camo)
Specialty: Covert Ops
Warcry: none

Founded at the end of M41 by direct command of the High Lords of Terra.

The chapter is noted for its complete lack of dreadnaughts, land raiders, predators and suits of terminator armor; despite being offered a fair complement of each. They replied that they "didn't need any of that," shortly before wiping out hive fleet Colossus on the death world "Hit Shole III."
As interesting as this idea is, I think changing ANYTHING about the Catachans would totally ruin them.

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The Australian trees explode?

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They shatter when they fall over, I think. Some lumber company imported a bunch of them to various parts of the western US and didn't do any research beforehand, leading to hilarity.

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some do

others ooze neurotoxins

Despite the fact that Catachans are heavily vietnam-era-US marine inspired, Catachan is just Australia in the 41st millennium

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>much like Australia, the trees will probably explode if you do that

Oh, what's the worst that could happen?

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Considering it's Australia? You die.

I know there was a desk made of some kinda catachan wood present in one 40K book. It's sap was still alive despite being hundreds of years since it was turned into a desk.

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If Fenris had a Guard, they would be the ultimate team with Catachan.
Deathworlds = Best guard

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It's a joke. Logging in Australia was the plot of Ferngully.

It released what was essentially the equivalent of a greater daemon of Nurgle (but not a Great Unclean One)

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In fiction you die, in reality you die.
Such is Australia. No matter what. You die.

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Did anyone ever come up with a codex entry for catachan? I mean, we have the angry marines, commissar dan, and cultish-chan, why not Cata-chan?

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Everyone dies, friend. Might as well die where God hides His porn as anywhere else.

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WS3 BS3 S3 T3 I3 W1 A1 LD7

Lasgun, laspistol, frag grenades, Flak Armor (5+)

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Been there, done that.

It was awesome.

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Ha Ha,

I meant the /tg/ created, special character Cata-chan.

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I for one want stats for Jubblowski.

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Wait doesn't she predate /tg/?
Or is this one of those magical bizarro things?

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I'm not sure what he means either. I drew the flyer thing a few months into /tg/ creation, I think it was during the time warpuppets got started.

In any event, got off work, finally. Need to get groceries to feed my fat face, but otherwise I've got about 10 hours to knock something out.

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I have nothing useful to say but I am pleased

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Original Cata-chan artist is best Cata-chan artist

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Wait, you are the original, right?

Your stuff looks just like it.

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Yeah. I'm the one from waaay back at the start of /tg/. Haven't had the chance to draw much due to soul crushing job and such, but now I AM A FREE MAN.

...a free man who keeps forgetting why he shouldn't walk into 24 hour grocery stores in urban areas at 2am. JESUS CHRIST. Underhive inspiration abounds (as do neck and facial tattoos)

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>24 hour grocery stores in urban areas at 2am.
why would you do this

>(as do neck and facial tattoos)
One time I went to a gas station at like 2AM. The guy working the cash register had a swastika tatooed on the top of his head. He had grown his hair over it, but his hairline was receding. I have never felt so bad for a fucking idiot in my life.

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Nah, this one was a block-standard morbidly obese lady with 3 inch long multicolored plastic nails. The crackhead in front of me stopped hallucinating long enough to buy her T-bird and lottery tickets.

...do you see why I prefer drawing ridiculously fit women? It's GREAT chem-chan reference though. I always pictured 'slaught as a combination between meth and PCP.

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Chem-chan's not exactly "addict-gross" or stick-thin.

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A bit late to the party... but should I be doing a dump?

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Though definitely strung out.

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You know it's not exactly rare to see Chem-chan and Cata-chan together...

I wonder why that pairing keeps coming up?

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They're the weirdest of the Guard-chans. The ragabashes.

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Here we see a pre-teen cata-chan...

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You were saying?

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Yet she isn't in THIS one... all the OTHERS are though.

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Yeah, that's the word.

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>expect legendary Collector dump
>get only two images
Well we do need to leave some room for the drawfag when he gets back, but I was hoping for a little more.

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You just needed to ask.

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it's 3AM, and I don't have to go to work until 5PM.
Though I DO need to donate plasma today.

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Cata-chan dressed ad Chem-chan.

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They did the fusion dance. Obviously.

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I meant in terms of jumpy and pupils the size of neutrons.

I thought it was because they canonically were half naked?

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That's, like, all the Guard-chans.
Actually I think it's meant to be a genuine amalgamation.

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FUCK your automatic updates trying to restart my computer.

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My lighter is out of fluid... I hate that.

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Holy shit. I can't believe it's been four years since this.

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My do the years fly...

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>in terms of jumpy and pupils the size of neutrons.
Oh, well, yeah, that's totally likely then.

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Oh Captcha and Pandora, I'm not crazy!

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Well that's it, without dipping into the rule '34. Which I won't do, as I've been banned 2 or 3 times for it in the last month or so.

>> No.13491676

Yeah, no kidding man...

sorry for lack of concept sketches so far, my stuff is slow ever since that little shit stabbed me in my drawing hand with a pair of scissors.

(Did I mention that soul killing job? Yeah, it was social work. Got mauled by a little 4 year old shitbag named Deviant'e)

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I've never been sure what the hell is going on this picture or how it's related to cata-chan, but it turns me on.

>> No.13491694

Social Worker? Cool. I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

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Hint: don't be a goddamn social worker.

>> No.13491863

Just got a full time job at a Used Bookstore. How bad is Social Work compared to Retail?

>> No.13491897

pro:you have the ability to tell the customer they are wrong.

con: you will have to go into your customer's homes.

And deal with their personal lives.

And keep an exacting record of someone else's bullshit.

And be a parent to someone twice your age.

And have that person occasionally try to kill you once in a while. (Guys set off their flight or fight instinct more often than the petite white girls straight out of college that compose 90% of the group)

I'm Ranbar on the irc.thisisnotatrueending.com server. Hit me up over there if you want more details/stories.

>> No.13491911

Hmmm... I guess I'll stick with retail until I get a degree.

>> No.13491942

What town you working in, btw?

>> No.13491955

Retail isn't so bad once you get a handle on it. I've been doing it for about half my life in one form or another. Once you get over the fact that customers are stupid (and yes, that includes you and me, don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise) and learn to keep an eye out for the fun ones, it can actually be rather rewarding.

Plus, I friggin' swear, I get more ideas from just watching customers than anything else.

Just never, ever, ever take a management position unless you really, really need the cash.

>> No.13491989

Depends on the outfit too. My buddy worked in papa john's, which is the french foreign legion of Pizza joints.

Coworker 1 was a goddamn neanderthal that stole car radios by smashing in the windows with his bare fists and ripping them out. He also later brought a loaded mac10 to work.

Coworker 2 was 400lbs of love at 5'0" tall. The first time I met her she was freebasing friend chicken on the engine block of her truck. She used to eat baby powder out of the bottle, she explained, becasue when she was in prison the guards used to masturbate into the food so they ate baby powder to cut the hunger and eat less often. She pulled knives multiple times on people, both coworkers and customers, and was fired repeatedly. Each time she was fired she just showed up the next day anyways, and they kept paying her.

And the manager,,,well. He was a homeless icehead that was frequently passed out on the floor in the middle of the shift. At least two homemade dildos constructed by him were found in the main office. When the store closed for the night, he'd set the alarm, then run up to the gap above the freezer and hide/sleep/live there at night.

>> No.13491990

Town in southern New Mexico.
Oh I know, I've been working retail 3 1/2 years now.

>> No.13492003

Okay, to be fair, I generally work places where I'm manning the store all by myself for my shift. Imagine an arcade at a mall. During the holiday shopping season. On a Saturday. All by yourself.

And people wonder why I can't drink cold pop any more.

Your buddy still wins, though.

>> No.13492015

still better than his old job as a night manager as a hotel that was used primarily as a whorehouse. He got shanked when a hooker walked in, bought peanut M&Ms and he asked her Hey, didn't she want at least one part of the night where her mouth wasn't filled with nuts?

Then the Roma came and fucking looted the place. They left the outside doornob and the door...everything else, the INSIDE doornob, the carpet, the furniture, the mirrors, YES, THE SINK TOO was gone. They tore out the drywall and took the wiring as well.

>> No.13492027


I...I work in retail, and sure I've got my share of stories, but jesusfuckwhatthefuckamireading.jpg ?

>> No.13492048

Come to austin, TX when you graduate, bro.

Share them, please?

>> No.13492074

I worked as a janitor at a movie theater for two years. The vast majority of it was just trash, but there was so much of it that it was astounding.

And then there was the time I had to pull a bra out of a toilet. In the men's room.

>> No.13492088

Never been to Austin. Or pretty much anywhere besides El Paso.

>> No.13492133

When I worked at the arcade, I found a pair of panties and a used condom behind a row of games one night. I know it wasn't there the previous day, and I worked a rather busy double that day, so I have no idea how they pulled that one off unless it was just a drop.

As a general rule, if they offer you a blowjob for a Tweety plushie, and it isn't even a big one, you don't want it.

There was the time a coworker and my DM dropped a 500 lbd game on me off a truck, but that doesn't involve customers, so moving right along.

My favorite moment was when a guy starts yelling at me that I'm racist because I'm following the rules we just got screamed at about the previous week. Up walks my black girlfriend who wraps an arm around my waist asks "Is there something the matter honey?" The look on his face was priceless.

The first hotel I worked night audit for had a strict "NO PROSTITUTION" rule. It was fun the night that I realized that they were sneaking through the back door to the pool room to fuck. That was a fun call to the cops.

Oddly, I was the only one who worked there that felt comfortable when we had a full house of speed shooters for a competition. Hell, I felt safer than I ever that night, partially because a few of them were down all night talking to me.

The next hotel I got fired from when I reported that the manager was turning tricks to upper management. Funny how that works.

There was my time as a telecomarketer where... nah, that's enough.

>> No.13492159

The thing about hotel hookers isn't the hooking, it's the robbery of the John. hooker gets john naked, and her pimp/brother/accomplice/all three kicks in the door and holds a gun at the naked guy's head while he gives them all his money/atm codes, etc.

>> No.13492167

Due to our policy, thankfully I missed out on anything like that.

I never really had anything awful happen to me that I can remember, thankfully. Other than the usual "get yelled at by customers for things you can't help." Either I've forgotten all of it, or it never happened. Considering my memory, either is equally possible.

>> No.13492243
File: 168 KB, 495x573, CAMB01wip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mercifully, you did not take Weird Wasteland perk at character creation like me and my buddy did.

Also, WIP, obviously.

>> No.13492265

I like the mad glee on her face.

>> No.13492694
File: 213 KB, 576x864, CAMB02wip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Predatory grins make any woman sexier.

Next up, cleaning up/correcting new proportions. I think I went from a cartoony 5 or so heads tall to uh, super hero ~8heads here. Suggestions, corrections and critiques more than welcome. It's been months since I last drew seriously and I need to break the rust off the gears here.

>> No.13492711
File: 21 KB, 311x412, 12673787092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT : boobs and naked body as natural armor

>> No.13492790
File: 2.71 MB, 240x175, 1284758101885.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's how it works baby!

>> No.13493040

Of course she'll be getting some armor. You have no idea about the fantastic properties of 5 sq inches of jungle latex.

>> No.13493076

Make it one and a half square inch and you've got a deal!

>> No.13493370

Wow, looking good.

>> No.13493555


Going old T, he'd deliver armor made out of tits with pictures of naked people on them.

He did just that to see Slaneesh fap furiously.

>> No.13494269

I was found shit in the Urinal at the Publix I worked at back in highschool. I was the busiest store in Georgia, in one of those high volume areas filled to the brim with obnoxious upper middle class/rich people.

I remember going to the Deli to get a sandwich made and this woman in her 40s dressed in her sunday clothes comes up while the deli clerk is taking my order. This woman walked up right next to me and stared at the clerk as though she expected him to drop my order and serve her. Thats the kinda shit I hate about retail. The sense of entitlement these fuckers have.

>> No.13494283
File: 258 KB, 691x864, CAMB03SFWwip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You drive a hard bargain sir.

Okay folks, I'm about 90% done, still needs some line tuning/cleaning up/possible coloring. Gotta head off for yet another work shift. If another guardsgirls/catachan/drawthread is around tonight i'll post in there.

Otherwise, as I said I'm Ranbar on irc.thisisnotatrueending.com

I'm in there most nights, drop in and ask me anything.

And since you were all so patient, here's the full frontal version: http://i51.tinypic.com/2evylis.png

>> No.13494521


...I am vaguely terrified, is that what were you going for?

>> No.13494869

On one hand this is fantastic but on the other hand I expected bitch wrasslin and this is not bitch wrasslin.

>> No.13495055

What the hell?

>> No.13495243
File: 68 KB, 384x257, this shrapnel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Australian trees explode when you cut them down? thats small time. Trees in Costa Rica throw grenades at you just because they can.

Native to the tropics is the Sandbox Tree, a 100-foot tall exclamation point to the phrase "Do not touch." Every inch of this towering monster is poisonous, and its trunk is laced with so many toxic spikes it looks like a gladiator weapon. If this tree could walk, it would enslave humanity.

If somehow you manage to get beyond its toxic bark and leaves (and the spikes, never forget the spikes), you still run the very high risk of getting pelted in the face with the natural equivalent of a fragmentation grenade.

You see, the Sandbox Tree's seed pods are fist-sized fruit that, when ripe, explode with such force that they routinely wound nearby people and livestock, which is unsurprising when you look at the shrapnel they put out

Evidently the Sandbox Tree watched the fruit picking scene from The Wizard of Oz and decided that if Dorothy ever tried that shit with it, she'd be walking away without a face. Either that or it just felt like lobbing bombs all across the beaches of Costa Rica like the Green Goblin. This is what is known as a "correct" or "real" defensive mechanism, australia. Take a note.

>> No.13495259
File: 113 KB, 391x252, climb me i dare you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One day, I will learn to walk, humans. You better get ready.

>> No.13495368

Are those... are those velociraptor claws it uses as seeds?

>> No.13495518

- Green? Eyes
- Ashen Blonde? Hair
- Freckles
- Big jawed
- Missing tooth.
- Stocky/athletic

Am i right?

>> No.13495538
File: 22 KB, 433x377, AREA1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to be a door to door vacum cleaner salesman.
Product demonstrations were always fun.
Call some random up telling them they had "won" a free carpet cleaning.
Turn up to their door:
•Its a squat and they need to get the heroin they spilled out of the carpet before their dealer kills them.
•Its a filth pit and the cleaner fills up with what can only be human hair.
•An old woman in the corner is furiously mastrubating
•The guy has a lot of guns, and knives and is looking at me strangely
•The cleaner fucks up a £5000 persian rug
•A lovely gay couple who are actually ok
Worst job I ever had

>> No.13495677

Yeah, I thought there was going to be a catfight between her and Chem-chan?

>> No.13495706

She's a redhead.

>> No.13495775


>> No.13495870

oh, the only cata-chan picture i drew is already posted :v

>> No.13496080

Well, you could draw another!

>> No.13496140

Bitch wrasslin' is still on the menu. I'm doing several sketches in that theme. It'll take a few days to get 'em all done.

>> No.13496148

Thank christ, ok. You had me worried.

>> No.13496176


What he said, I really like your stuff, BG. Hell, this could be a /tg/ project, I'd love it if you could find time to contribute.

>> No.13496233


Catchans arnt redheads...

>> No.13496276

cata-chan is

well yeah, im sketching something

>> No.13496578

I like you fa/tg/uys, I wouldn't want to let you down. The only other board I have fun with is /co/ and they're WEIRD (and I say this as a guy with obvious fetishes)

The question remains as to what to do next. Several ideas:

-Chem-chan pose
-Chem-chan intial victory over someone else

...Additionally, did I overdo it on the most recent Cata-chan sketch I posted up there? I have a tendency towards, uh, inflation.

fuck yeaaaah.

>> No.13496618
File: 207 KB, 733x1000, krieg3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hijack and say more of this Krieg girl. Even if its of her properly dressed.

>> No.13496660

I would like to request that Cata-chan's victory over Chem-chan be represented by Chem-chan lying on her back and Cata-chan sitting on her face. Chem-chan can either be completely arms-and-legs-splayed-KOed or struggling wildly, but Cata-chan shouldn't even be putting out effort at this point.

>...Additionally, did I overdo it on the most recent Cata-chan sketch I posted up there? I have a tendency towards, uh, inflation.
In my opinion yes, but I think /tg/ approves and you're the drawfag.

>> No.13496722

Thank you for your opinion, Satan.

Yeah, I have problems scaling upwards since I invent tiers of bodysize and most guardswomen I'd draw would be athletic. In order of most huge to least, it tends to go:

She-'rines->Ogryn-chan->Cata-chan->Any reasonably athletic female character->scrawny crackheads like culteest or walking titbags like Jablowski.

>> No.13496779
File: 335 KB, 1000x876, catachan_sm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13496822

Haha. Nice. Shoulders are a wee bit narrow and the head is on the small side, though. But seriously, thanks for doing this on such short notice.

>> No.13496862



>> No.13496864


>> No.13496881

This rules.

>> No.13496904

God forbid her head size be NORMAL.

>> No.13496956


Haha, what. I second this out of sheer amusement.


>> No.13496970

Facesitting is a fetish of mine but I don't see it working here.

Chem-chan's main identifier is her mask. Hiding it with Cata-chan's (no doubt excellent) rear end would be a bit lame.

>> No.13496984

>implying Ogryn are smaller than space marines
Nigga what

>> No.13497010

Honestly I like how you made Cata-chan look up there.

The comic-y idea between Chem and Cata seems cool too, I dig it.

>> No.13497037

Well, she could be sitting on Chem-chan's collarbone area, with Chem-chan's face poking out between her thighs, then.

>> No.13497048

How bout her heavy ass on Chem's tits? Would be paiiinful as hell...

Bonus points if dem hips and some cuts/bruises.

>> No.13497096

...link to thread?

>> No.13497109

OKAY I fucked that up.

How about something like this?


(It's nothing uber-freaky or even very graphic, I just posted it there because I fear posting it here would get me banned or something).

>> No.13497119

Hell, I just started it, but okay. Here.


>> No.13497141

Or we could of course do this but at an angle like this http://images.4chan.org/d/src/1294870470890.jpg

I guess ultimately it's up to the drawfag but which one do you guys like?

>> No.13497190


Reportan, so you don't count my votes like ten times.

This is a fun action shot, but it's not really climactic enough for a finish. Of the endings suggested by other people I prefer >>13497048
to >>13497141

>> No.13497278

>- Missing tooth.
She's not missing a tooth, she just has a GAAAAAAP!

>> No.13497320

It's called a diasthema, but dentistry has a pretty obscure terminology.

>> No.13497494

Remember when people used to show up to these threads just to bitch and whine about a gap in the teeth?

I must admit I feel kind of sorry for people that don't find anyone that isn't totally "flawless" attractive. It's the little imperfections that can really make something interesting to look at, I mean as opposed to carbon copy animu girl # 28871278235608

>> No.13497517

Man, do you realize that what you're talking about is called a moé flaw (guard-chans being basically 40k turned moé) and that carbon copy animu blobs are filled with these?

>> No.13497558

Maybe, but which is worse. Being attracted to little flaw that makes the character cuter or being a jerk-off that rages anytime some airbrushed beauty isn't posted?

>> No.13497584

good times, good times. The best was when she was being posted to countertroll -4str. Man, I almost miss it, at least we got something good (musclegirl floods) out of it as opposed to ASIAN IS ELF SLAVE WAT DO COOKING BIRD?

dude, have you seen those guys with the little tiny heads piloting the armor with is like 16 feet tall?

noted. i'll work out some doodles and try to get something hashed out. Remember, I'm a bit slow, so this will take a few days, especially for final polish and details.

If any other drawfags are willing to help i'd greatly appreciate it.

>> No.13497591

>Listen to "Lucia de Lammemoor"/"The Diva Dance"

>> No.13497597

I have never seen a moe blob with 18 inch biceps, tank killer thighs, and an 8 pack.

>> No.13497717

But god do I want to see one.

>> No.13497839

Is there a Tallarn-chan? I've seen representations of distinct units, but I don't think I've seen a female Tallarn soldier.

>> No.13497967
File: 38 KB, 294x784, 1255995068922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I knew I'd saved this somewhere!

>> No.13498060
File: 339 KB, 346x346, 1269570519644.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13498962

I notice theres no elysian-chan. I'm thinking... short hair.

>> No.13498978


And aviator goggles.

>> No.13498998


And constantly wearing a shit-eating grin on her face.

>> No.13499044

You got it!

>> No.13499101

Post your Cata-chan 34 here. Thank you.

>> No.13499125

Not one drawn by /tg/, but I've seen on on Paheal. Give me a moment, I'll try and chase it up.

>> No.13499145



>> No.13499186

Bam indeed.

>> No.13499262

It's the only one, and it's been around a while. We should ask Greenmarine for a new one sometime soon.

>> No.13499304
File: 321 KB, 609x804, 82b603daedb9288758b90b391e1b08bea5edcdb1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I have trouble coming up with defining characteristics that don't just leave you with "imperial guard with boobplate" or "naked girl with Elysian helmet". Hard to sexualize the Elysian equipment...

>> No.13499325


I would certainly hit it.

>> No.13499364

Unlike regular IG fatigues, Elysians wear Jumpsuits and often wear respirators.

>> No.13499378


Elysians are usually dead too.

>> No.13499405

Ah, the Anphelion project. Such a loss.

>> No.13499478
File: 45 KB, 438x594, 2669114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about a mohawk?

>> No.13499497


No they just always seem to die.

>> No.13499517

They took another kicking in another, more recent one. The Elysians/Raven Guard vs Orks book. Raid on Kastor'el or something like that.

>> No.13499545

Really? GAY.
Oh well, time to /rs/ or torrent it, I just want to use the 5th ed. Elysian list.

>> No.13499576

It's funny. They Vendetta has worked wonders for me yet in the fluff the Elysians are fucking worthless. Oh well, at least they look nifty.

>> No.13500370

Hell, Chem-chan has a Chelsey and she's popular.

Go for it.

>> No.13500812
File: 78 KB, 397x800, full_gear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I heard you guys like Elysians.

>> No.13501969

Sleep, then another shift in the morning. Still should be able to give another good 8ish hours tommorow. If this thread's dead I'll make a new one, or if another kind anon starts one I'll use that instead.

Later all!

>> No.13501978


They are fast and lightly equipped. They get smacked around by everything that fields heavy stuff.

>> No.13501981

>So I heard you guys like Elysians.
Not really, but that was awesome.

>> No.13502515

>give another good 8ish hours
Don't, you know, kill yourself. Drawing for the internet is not a full time job.

>> No.13502602


>> No.13503633

Ok, this is a convincing argument.

>> No.13503741
File: 18 KB, 290x279, magpie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A good bump couldn't hurt.

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