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So why on earth is /tg/ so interested in the Derp Korps of War?

They have like the worst tactics of the Guard (not to mention any race in 40k) and the uniforms aren't really all that attractive.

So what's the big deal?

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And gasmasks. dem gasmasks.

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Who needs tactics when your cloning vats produce more daily troops than 5 hive worlds combined?

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>>13472521They have like the worst tactics of the Guard

They've won most of the conflicts they've been in

are you gonna say Elysians or somethign

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Because they know nothing but constant, unending war on a planet that is so toxic that nothing can or ever will ever be able to live there for long.

And Great Coats. Dem coats.

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>worst tactics
>constantly win battles
>10/1 kill/death ratios
>massive focus on artillery, armored spearheads, and aerial support
>troops constantly dig in to hold positions and advance with support

They are modeled to look like they come from WW1 but in reality their style of warfare is reminiscent of WW2 era English and Canadians.

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not that much aerial support tbh

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So is the reason they're all cloned manbabies because their women's ovaries shrank and died millenia ago?

Or is it just an Episode II reference?

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You're forgetting their nuclear weapons.

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No, they started cloning during a rebellion suppression, because they were fighting a ground war and a nuclear war at the same time.

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True, really if anything they are one of the best "tactics" wise armies in 40k. They use small scale to large yield strategic nuclear weapons, their troops are constantly ready for any type of NBC attack, they ensure their troops are safe and their positions secured.

They pretty much rock out with their entrenching tool out.

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>10/1 kill/death ratios.
I don't think so, tim. If that were the case, why would they need to clone them?
For that matter, if the deth korps can clone people, why doesn't the admech step in, take that tech and then produce unlimited soldiers for the whole imperium?
Well, the second one is GW's fault.

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Because HERESY!!!!!!!!!!

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>why doesn't the admech step in, take that tech and then produce unlimited soldiers for the whole imperium

Because it's dedicated 100% to the death korps. Seriously, turn them off for like 4 seconds, suddenly no more death korps.

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Nazi fetish.
Also kids love anything with death in the name.

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10 to one k/d ratio is pretty easy to achieve when you have as much artillary as the Death Korps have.

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I think they tried... Cloning can be temperamental ala the afriel strain. But in reality I think the tech is too ancient or obtuse for the Admech to make use of it

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Firstly they need more because the Imperium ALWAYS needs more soldiers.

Second the technology is borderline tech heresy and the Kriegers have special dispensation to use it.

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>I don't think so, tim. If that were the case, why would they need to clone them?
You underestimate how many orks and nids and other beasties there are in the galaxy.

>For that matter, if the
>korps can clone people, why doesn't the admech step in, take that tech and then produce unlimited soldiers for the whole imperium?

Who do you think gave them the cloning tech in the first place?

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>I dont think so Tim

I do think so Al

The reason they constantly produce Krieg soldiers is due to the ever increasing warzones, they may achieve largely one sided victories, but there are thousands and thousands of armed conflicts in which the Death Korp is part of. Also the cloning machines are the only way they reproduce so they have to be kept going.

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Because why clone people when people get babies anyway?

The only way the Kriegers use it because their home planet is basically a bunch of underground bunkers buried beneath radioactive sludge.

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According to Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons the following has become clear:

Colonel Jurten used either nukes or atomic weapons on Krieg in order to buy time to rebuild his forces, shrink enemy forces, and make vast areas on Krieg useless to the enemy. Also, the men of Krieg are not cloned, sorry; they are born to women like anyone else.

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>not cloned
>cloning being part of the fluff since Kriegers were introduced

Yeah sure. If thats the new "fluff" then it can fuck right off. Just like them with that DERP IT WAS AN IMERPAIL FIST NO IT WAS A CUSTODE! Business on Horus's battle barge above Terra.

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What the fuck is wrong with you? What misbegotten universe do you come from where looking like Darth Vader is not cool?!

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Could be a ruse.

You want everyone to know you've got a clone army?

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Yeah I'm pretty sure, everyone took the Vita-Womb thing out of context. I'm pretty sure it means they can cause babies to mature faster in the womb so they can be born quicker, not straight up floating-in-jar cloning.

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Because they're the motherfucking Death Korp!!!!!

It's all about the fluff, and thier Forgeworld resin cast models make me goo myself.

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And Mentors are reclusive nutjobs and Space Sha...Carcharodons are the descendants of Raven Guard mutants.

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Mentors may be insane. But the Mentor Legion are not.

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There's nothing about cloning in *ANY* DKoK fluff, except a vague reference to something called a "vitae womb", which is literally about all there is to it, whether its cloning, women just hooked up to machines pumping out babies, or something else.

Other than that, there's nothing about the DKoK cloning people in any GW/FW fluff.

That said, as to the OP:

You are a huge faggot. Possibly the hugest faggot in all of /tg/.

The DKoK have probably the coolest uniform of any IG line in the game, and have ultra-badass fluff. They ravage their world for 500 years in nuclear-trench civil war, emerge from that shattered and broken and immediately volunteer their forces for the worst hellholes around as soon as they are recontacted by the Imperium, and their Commissars are there to reign them in, not urge them forward.

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best guardsmen?

>best guardsmen

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MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED!!!! Best description ever!!!

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Same thing, broski

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I would totally play them if I didn't have to paint and assemble over 8,000 pewter guardsmen.

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Kriegers are put in artificial wombs

so the women can get fucked again

and again and again

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Only one IG regiment with uniforms as cool.

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They actually have excellent tactics that work given the universe, unbreakbale spirit and undying loyalty.

They execute commissars for cowardice, never retreat, and when they dig in, only death or victory will have them leave.

Their mass deployment of accurate and powerful artillery, well-established defensive trenches and fearless demeanor mean they will hold the line.

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i want to make a commisar army with mordians, and have models ranks be distinguished by size of hat. i.e. Guardsmen have regular hats, the commander has a hat like, twice his height

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WE can do conception outside the body. If you managed to invent an actual, mechanical womb, the only thing you'd need men and women for is sperm and egg donors.

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It's funny how a single line which could be perceived as a 40k taverm rumor has now become "The only way they can reproduce".

Please, go on.

Next you'll tell me there are no female Kriegers.

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Hey man, its a piece of cool fluff, the fans like it, everyone likes it. It doesnt matter what GW says. Kriegers are cloned and grown in artificial wombs.

GW can sod off if they think different.

Also female kriegers exist, and are delicious.

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Part of the fluff?

Are you delusional?

/tg/ fluff maybe.

It really WAS just a throwaway line in a book based on some soldiers musing over why they're so rarely seen without their masks.

It was NOT meant to be taken this literally, you manchild.

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>So what's the big deal?

GRIMDARK, that's the big deal.


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Except its pretty much been entirely derived on /tg/, and no, not everyone likes it.

It's not part of the fluff, it's internet fanfic, and nothing else.

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Who cares? The idea of a clone army in 40k is totally plausible and fits the theme nicely.

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Imperial Armor 5 mentions Krieg produces its soldiers with a "vitae womb", a piece of technology most of the Mechanicum finds heretical.

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It says it's rarely used outside of the Adeptus Biologis and is seen as abhorrent by *some*.

But yeah, that's about all there is to support *any* notion of cloning, which isn't much to go on.

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Yeah, I hate the wanky clone bullshit myself.

I just don't like clones in general. I blame George Lucas.

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Want clones? Go play with Space Marines. I like the Imperial Guard because they're INDIVIDUALS. With REAL lives behind them. Farmers and shit.

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Mentions it as being suspected, not confirming it. It's like how some folks "suspect" that the Emperor would be reborn as the Starchild when killed. It's just fluff heresay, and unfortunately a majority of the people that read it aren't mature enough to assume that there may be such a thing as lies and disinformation in 40k.

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But Death Korp don't seem to fit that. They're never seen without their masks on, which makes them about equal to faceless mooks.

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Its me, >>13472755

Went and checked another book to see about the entire cloning issue. Sorry guys who think Kriegians get cloned, they do not. Further proof that this is only a rumor is to be found in both the Blood Angels books and the Ultramarine books.

Also, as for the issue of Ollanius Pius... sadly, GW/BL are looking to RETCON the shit out of this, even though it would make them appear foolish as the medal that bears his likeness would have to be explained/re-explained.

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>Hey man, its a piece of cool fluff, the fans like it, everyone likes it. It doesnt matter what GW says. Female Space Marines are made from the Lost female Primarch's geneseed.

>GW can sod off if they think different.

>Also female Space Marines exist, and are delicious.

What I read your post as.

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I rather think it's far more badass for them to be REAL PEOPLE instead of indoctrinated test tube babies and still want to charge and die in the name of the Emperor like madmen.

If you GROW someone to be badass, it's NOT REALLY BADASS.

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The Walking Dead proves otherwise.

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Hey, man know what else I noticed... ?

All Cadians seem to be modeled to have the same face! Holy shit, that must mean they're all clones!

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But I'm saying, from a story perspective, it's hard to connect with a character you know next to nothing about. He's a solider, wears a gas-mask, fights to the death because apparently retreating to take up a better position is dumb. Not a whole lot to go on. The only guy in a mask I think who's ever been a good character was Darth Vader.

How so? The characters in that show don't run around with masks on the entire time. We can see their faces, read their expressions, see the fear/worry/anger in their eyes. You can't do that with some guy in a gas-mask 24/7.

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I never got how you're supposed to bend at the waist with a breastplate like that.

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Personally, I think the Death Korps being ordinary individuals instead of clones makes them cooler than the alternative.

Also they were never said to be clones in the first place, /tg/'s collective mind just made that up somehow.

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I feel like you're misunderstanding me, here. I'm not saying their clones, that's poor story telling even for GW and it's lackies. I'm saying they lend less to the "awesome individual" aspect due to their never removing their masks.

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Here's the thing. Any Krieger you could actually write in-universe would never be capable of having the sort of "real life story" you expect of Guardsmen. Living your whole life in a bunker underneath a mile of radioactive mud pretty much precludes that sort of life, you understand?

"Dear Diary, I saw Megan at the food dispensary again. At least, I think it was Megan, it's so difficult to tell underneath the masks..."

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>The only guy in a mask I think who's ever been a good character was Darth Vader

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You're not? I mean I guess you could squat, but we all know how well that works out in the Imper-

Anyway, Steel Legion is the superior coat-wearin', mask-donnin' force, but as has been said, dem great coats man. Also, models that don't look like ass.

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And that's exactly why I feel the statement
>I like the Imperial Guard because they're INDIVIDUALS. With REAL lives behind them. Farmers and shit.
is a bit misleading.

From what I understand Kriegers know pretty much only war, which makes them a bit one dimensional; doesn't it?

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Because they give me a massive grimdark world war one erection. Grueling, faceless, nuclear trench warfare, with space nazis in cool uniforms. What is not to love about that?

Check out this passage from Imperial Armor, The Siege of Vraks:

"It was the most impersonal sort of warfare. Within the death korps regiments men were not named, just numbered, so they could quickly be tallied-up and counted off the lists. The regiments would be ordered into battle already knowing how many would be expected to die.

By meticulous logis calculations the 88th siege army could precisely predict the outcome of each battle. What was to be gained, and for how many losses. The lives of the Krieg guardsmen were no more important than the daily fuel consumption rates or the expenditure of artillery shells. The formula would decide where battles would be fought, and by how many. It also assured them of ultimate victory in twelve standard terran years."

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God tier-Vostroyan

High tier- DKoK, Steel Legion

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If kriegers know only war since they are born then they are exactly the same as cadians, (with diiferent tactics and clothes of course) and I don't think I see nearly as much people bitching about them (cadians) being one dimensional

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if it wasn't for creed Cadians would be nonexistant.

Cadians suck, they're the Ultramarines of the IG

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No need for the egg, we've already created life using male cells.

Except for you know, when they existed before Creed pretty much as they are now minus whiteshields and kasrkin.

>> No.13474667

I agree whole-heartedly with this.
I wish you luck in life, my Vostroyan brother.

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>female kriegers

Did someone say female Kriegers?

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Eldar here:
If we didn't save their ass the Cadians would be playthings for Slaneesh right now.

>> No.13474719

You know who else is a plaything for Slaanesh right now?

Eldrad Ulthran.

>> No.13474757

Dark Eldar here, if we didn't kick your asses out you'd still be playthings of Slaanesh right now.

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It's not that they never take their masks off, IA:V just says that due to their upbringing and training that they sometimes won't even when off duty. It doesn't mean that they always keep them on all the time.

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I disagree, I'm fine with them being clones because they are still humans underneath that mask.

And there are no ordinary individuals on Tyrranis, everyone goes toward the war machine.

While the tactics of throwing men at the enemy until they all die isn't the best of strategies, they still somewhat have the right idea with artillery.

I mean, its basically what we do today, we find a target, we artillery the shit out of it, and hope we kill every damn thing there. Except with the Krieg, there are another 500 artillery batteries firing on the same position

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Bitch, please! Our moralfaggotry is only thing keeping the Eldar alive.

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someone call up George Lucas and tell him THIS is how you do clonetroopers. Can anyone else see a reimagining of the clone wars where clonetroopers are like Kreigers and the droid army are more like Necrons?

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Oh wow. The REAL Eldar are alive and well, no thanks to your fringe faction. You missed the memo.

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shut up.
george lucas isn't perfect, far from actually....fat fuck. but still, whats the point of even having star wars any more? why don't we call it kreig wars, or star krieg, or star 40k. two different universes man. yea, it sucks that you couldn't come up with the clone wars the way you wanted it to be, but don't fuck around like that. deep down, you know it makes no sense and deep down, you know you should be pouring boiling hot water into a funnel which is inserted into you bunghole.

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I hope this is a troll.

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Read the thread. They're not clones.

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You do know that the Mordian Iron Guard are exactly that, Commisars in all but authority.
Their world hosts the largest Commisar Training Centre and so all the IG Recruits are fed through it and only become IG when they pass Commisar Training.

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>Derp Korps of War
>Implying you're not the one derping in iggnorance at Kriegs Death korps epicness.

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