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Which chaos god would the joker follow?
If the iteration matters, choose your favorite.

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this is probably the stupidest question that has ever been posted in /tg/

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>Which chaos god would the joker follow?
>Which chaos god would follow the joker?

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The real question is that the chaos gods would follow the Joker.

Yes, that was not a question.

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I definetely see him as a follower of tzeentch. Or Slaanesh.

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Even though hes Chaotic Evil incarnate, there's nothing special about the Joker.

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He's already one, where do you think Malice went?

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>Joker IS Malal
Oh god.
It makes too much sense.

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Yep. Tzeentch, hands down. He likes to disrupt the status quo.

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Joker kill that kid who didn't want to watch the car or what?

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Joker isn't a follower.

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not chaos but more appropriate would be the laughing god

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"I am an agent of chaos"
He would follow undivided.

Cegorach is a chaos deity as well. He would follow the laughing god of course, if you want to be specific. He would be more or less similar to the solitaire.

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well, technically it never happens since its all a dream/hallucination by batman where everyone who has ever played a significant role in his life attends his funeral, complete with stories on how they killed him one way or another

the alfred bit is pretty dang well written by my reckoning

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Fun addition, his Harley Quinn follower digs in that notion even further.

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Cegorach is always one of his minions.

"For the fun of it."

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Interesting I can kinda see that.

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That's cool lol

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oh i did not but probably should have realised that. were all the old eldar gods from the warp?

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My first thought too.

Not Nolan Joker though, Nolans joker is just a boring nutter.

I can only see Nurgle not liking the joker, he is far too variable and changable for the god of stagnance and decay to like.

Tzeentch would love the planning and mucking around.

Khorne would love the killing people based on a very strict (if variable) sense of honour and personal rules.

Slaanesh would be in it for the Harley, vroom vroom.

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I remember seeing on some History channel special one of the creators of Batman said that "the Joker doesn't believe that justice exists." I'm not sure which god exactly best fits that profile, but I just though it might help to contribute =D

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40k's Harley Quinn.

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>Nolans joker is just a boring nutter.

finally i have found my true home

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>cultist-chan's daddy

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My personal favourite Joker is the one who is so demented he just knows it's the rest of the world that's crazy, but they just don't see it, and it's hilarious in the same way as when your grandmother can't find her glasses despite them being right there on her head.

So a god of supreme insight. Malkav? Does he qualify as a god?

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It's so true though. I mean Ledger did a great job with what he was given but the character Nolan wrote just wasn't "The Joker."

He has no class, no personal morals, he was just a wacko with access to explosives and grease paint.

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Too whimsical for Khorne.
Tzeentch? No, joker's plans are not long range enough.
Nurgle? He does love poisons, and has a macabre circus theme, but the other aspects seem out of whack.
I'd go with Slaanesh, because laughter is a form of pleasure, and the Joker kills people with it. also, he wears purple.he is a hedonistic nihilist and this fits perfectly well with Slaanesh. Completely self absorbed and only interested in his own murderous amusement.

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It was something along the lines that both Batman and the Joker believe that the natural order of the world is chaos.

Batman believes that you have to force order on the world or it all falls apart. Joker believes that you have to embrace the natural chaos or you fall apart. Two very different conclusions drawn from the same idea.

If he had to follow a god it would be Tzeentch or Malal. Otherwise he'd be more like Abaddon and trying to use the gods to his own ends. Never really dedicating himself to one and never accepting the gifts of any of them.

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>He has no class, no personal morals, he was just a wacko with access to explosives and grease paint.

Isn't that a description of most incarnations of the Joker?

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>grease paint
Learn to Joker.

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Not really. See OP, for example. Class, style and humor defines the Joker. The fact that Nolan had Ledger read the Killing Joke and still failed to write the Joker properly just goes to show he didn't understand the fundamentals of the character. Or just ignored them.

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Ledger's joker worked well in the Nolan verse, more low key, more 'realistic'.

But he wasn't the joker for several key reasons.

1) He had no sense of humour.
2) He had no joy in the carnage he inflicted.
3) He wasn't voiced by Mark Hamill.

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I would disagree a little. I'm not going to say you're wrong, but the way I've understood it was every bit the Joker that Jack Nicholson or Mark Hamil(my favorite) are.

There is a "plan" and an end goal, just not necessarily for personal gain. Joker and Batman have to have that personal connection on some level, I thought that was handled fairly well if not as...intuitively as it should have been. And as far as being a nutter with access to grease paint and gasoline...at the end of the day isn't that what the joker ends up being? The man tried to get a patent on fish and beats lois lane to death with her Peabody award. The only real rule for the Joker is that he must be the antithesis of Batman, and for Nolan's Batman I thought he fit.

Just my opinion, I can see it your way too.

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>Class, style and humor defines the Joker.

Nope. I'm not saying Joker can't be classy. Nicholson's Joker and Gaiman's Joker there at the bottom are pretty classy. But it's not a fundamental aspect of, say, Romero's Joker, right there under Nicholson. Nor do I think "classy" really applies to the Killing Joke, either.

In any event, I can't think of any Joker that has "personal morals."

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Joker's so anarcho-chaotic, he'd have the temples of all Deities (including chaos gods) blown to smithereens in attempt to become god himself. Not a god. God. The only god that he would want: himself.

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It is a funny pic cause he pissed himself.

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The Joker wouldn't want to be god.
Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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>3) He wasn't voiced by Mark Hamill.

Fuckin' A. Mark Hamill: a man who can express every single emotion with slightly different type of laughter.

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Yeah...WTF do you get these personal morals?

He sent his obsessed do-anything-for-you girlfriend up in a rocket because he hated the thought that he cared for anyone. We've all seen Harley Quinn...we all know the man is a sadist just for that one act

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The Joker from that recent movie would be Undivided.
The Joker from everything else doesn't follow shitty ideologies like that. He's just a joker.

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One of the joker's (almost) canon facts is that he's unpredictable specifically because he changes his personality all the time.

Basically under the wider interpretation of the Joker's mindset, *all* versions of the joker in all the media portrayals are canon, because one day he can wake up and decide it'd be great to kill everyone he sees, and the next day he could wake up and decide to spend a year committing harmless joke-based robberies.

*That's* the Joker. There is no set definition of him.

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Well by "personal morals" I just mean that he has his own set of rules. Not really of what is right and wrong, but how he wants to carry himself.

True it isn't facet of all Jokers, but it is an aspect I like and especially obvious in Hamill's joker...and probably Gaiman's too.

He essentially chooses to bind himself by his own laws, even though he has no love of the laws of society.

That just adds an extra layer of reasoning and meaning for me, and makes it more valuable than if he were to just randomly kill/destroy things in some random thrashing against society and the bat.

Of course there really are so many different versions and different aspects of the Joker that all cross each other in certain areas, like the relationship with bats, though it can often take drastically different forms.

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The Joker steals Mxyzptlk's powers again and becomes a powerful chaos god. His followers paint their faces/helmets white in tribute and engage in regular chaos infighting with the Night Lords.

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Yes. All gods in Warhammer are. Except the Emperor, who's sort of a binary thing; a living person and a warp god tied together. Kind of.

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None or all of them if he feels like it

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>Joker is Malkav

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The Joker is Cegorach.

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>lawful must mean lawful good
Yo, take a look at Fig. 7 in OP's pic.
Personal morals.

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I don't think the motives of the Joker are as solidly concrete or rational as you seem to make them out to be.

Roll a 100-sided die to see how the Joker will react in a given situation. That's about as predictable as he can be, because he's insane.

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I think the reason Nolan's Joker is so popular is that he's the best part of The Dark Knight. But the main reason he's the best part of that film is because the rest of the characters are boring. Seriously, *every single character* other than the Joker in that film is boring as hell. They even managed to make Two-Face dull.

It's kinda like the Daredevil movie. Bullseye is entertaining in it specifically because everyone else sucks. His overacting and wacky antics are actually welcome after the tedium of all the other boring ass characters.

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>Well by "personal morals" I just mean that he has his own set of rules

Like what? The Joker is the complete oposite of rules and law.

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Nolan-Joker much?

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This, the joker doesn't have self imposed morals or laws, he's just fucking crazy and does whatever the fuck he feels like doing.

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So, what if instead of voicing the Joker, Mark Hamill played him in a live action movie?

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No, retarded much?

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Read the comics, bros.

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That's not how insanity works. Ulillillia is insane. He still follows his own rules and patterns, and if you study him enough you can begin to understand him. The Joker is the same, he just doesn't document his insanity online.

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Man I'd love to see this so much :(

Unfortunately, aside from Arkham Asylum 2, Hamil has retired from voicing the Joker. Very much sadface.

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How about no.

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According to Hamil? Or just because he hasn't happened to be in any Joker thing lately?

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If you don't read the comics, how are you going to get an idea of what the Joker is, besides Nolan's version?

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It has to be funny and it can't be dull. When Joker was struggling to think up a new plan for capturing Bats, Harley once suggested to the Joker that they just shoot batman in the head and he went berserk from how dull and pointless that would be for the Joker to perform such a mundane crime.

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I don't actually remember where I saw it or heard it, I just remembering hearing it somewhere. I think it was an interview about that DC online game or something, he said this was gonna be the last time he voiced the character.

I could be wrong, though.

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Diniverse is the only true 'verse.

Well, that and Alan Moore.

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And that is the Joker I love.

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I was thinking at first that Nurgle wouldn't like Joker but doesn't Joker have that obsession with using poisonous gases that turn people into freaks of nature?

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Wikipedia sites this article
wherein Hamil says it will be the last.
Maybe it won't really be, but...
Well, it has to end some time.

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The Joker undoes everything. Nothing ever goes according to plan.

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>probably Gaiman's too

You shouldn't talk about things you don't know. That three panel spread is the extent of Gaiman's Joker, other than a couple other panels of him parking the Jokermobile.

>He essentially chooses to bind himself by his own laws, even though he has no love of the laws of society.

No, I disagree. I've never thought this was an aspect, not even of Hamill's Joker. But oh well, disagreements happen.

"I kill people when it's funny" is not a moral or a code. It's by no means Lawful, it's inherently Chaotic.

No, the Joker is the complete opposite of rules and law in the comics as well. In fact, that was one aspect of Nolan's Joker that succeeded.

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>>Tzeentch? No, joker's plans are not long range enough.
Try to write down a flowchart of the Joker's plan in The Dark Knight. It has Tzeentchian levels of needless complexity and subtlety.

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>"I kill people when it's funny" is not a moral or a code.
He only kills people when it's funny, though, and that is indeed a code. If he was just like "eh, could be funny" and killed somebody, then no, that wouldn't be. But he strives for humor, and doesn't deviate outside of it. This is exactly what a moral or a code fucking is, and the fact that it is outside of your own morals does not make it less so.
>It's by no means Lawful, it's inherently Chaotic.
Nope. It would be inherently chaotic if he sometimes killed people when it was funny and sometimes when it wasn't and sometimes he didn't kill people at all. Following a code of behavior is an inherently lawful act, even if that code necessitates illegal behavior - Lawful is a bit of a misnomer.

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>The Dark Knight
We're talking about the Joker here, son. Take your edgy dark fellow elsewhere.

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>Tzeentch? No, joker's plans are not long range enough.
Tzeentch doesn't care for plans. He cares for plotting. He doesn't care whether you succeed or fail. He cares for change.

Joker is erratic and whimsical, wants to destroy the social order, corrupts people with his insane visions and plans.

The Changer of Ways is pleased.

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Didn't Gaiman write Arkham Asylum (the comic) too? Because that one was pretty much in line with "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" Joker. An intelligent fellow who is batshit insane and loves to point out that nobody but Batman really gets him, because they're two sides of a single coin. They went to the same intersection and Joker took a left while Batman took a right.

He finds the fact people try to understand him, yet fail spectacularly because the answer is much simpler than it seems both frustrating and hilarious. He does what he does because it's funny. It's funny when people think a few hundred deaths matter. It's funny that people lock him up when he's the only one who sees the world for what it is. It's funny Batman plays hero when he's just as screwed up as the Joker and should be locked up too.

>> No.13471764

>Didn't Gaiman write Arkham Asylum (the comic) too?

Nope. Grant Morrison did that.

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Joker is insane, and each day is a different Joker in a sense. All depictions are canon, as they are different Jokers but the same man. That's why the origin story changes, because each Joker has his own "origin" and why Joker himself acknowledges he doesn't which story is the real one, because they're all real to each Joker.

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Ah, I stand corrected.

>> No.13471860


The comic was pretty naff. I don't get why it has so much love.

>> No.13471940

I like Frank Miller's Joker best, I think. Supersanity or whatever people refer to it as makes a really interesting concept.

And the scene in The Dark Knight Returns when he breaks his own spine is really fucking awesome and brutal

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I don't have a copy of the Internet brofist image to hand, so just pretend I uploaded it anyway.

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