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He /tg/ cleaning my house up a bit and coming across some stuff I don't really want anymore, so why don't we try to do a trade thread? It's simple really post what you got for trade if you want to get rid of something, and if you see something you like send a email to the people offering it to work out a deal...(or try to work one out here).

My trade stuff:
Skorne army (partially painted)
unit of Tharne Ravangers (with unit attachment and white mane)
a stack of cyberpunk books
3 bubblegum crisis (rpg) books
Zombies!!! boardgame w/ 2 expansions
and a box of magic cards

Looking for:
space marine stuff (mostly need tactical squads, I prefer the stuff from black reach)
Menoth stuff (Redeemers, a castigator, and menoth units)
and offers (I never know when I may want something for a conversion or army idea so feel free to send me an offer.)

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so in the meantime what would you folk like me to dump out of my folder?

Deff skawdron again?
A SFW slaanesh dump?
perhaps a conversion dump?
or maybe a character portrait dump?

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character portrait dump please <3

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Slaaneshi Femshep?!

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nah just a fallen sister

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>Slaaneshi Femshep?!

Let's see who falls in love with that. Khornate Garrus? Nurglan Wrex? Slaaneshi Tali? Undivided Jacob?

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not sure I would throw tali in with slaanesh, sure the way she talks to you is kinda hot after you charm her a bit, but she doesn't take anything in excess... in the first game she even complains about how loud the music is in the Flux club.

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also I would make Wrex Khornate and stick Garrus as Undivided

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>khornate garrus
How about
>Khornate Wrex
because he's a fucking Krogan?
if anything, it's Tzeentchian Garrus.

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I'm gonna post a few more and then I got to go pick up the mail and get my books for class...I will be back I just hope this thread is still here when I return

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>Yeah, Shep romanced Garrus.
>With her penises.

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Krogan are weak sauce, they cry about genophage and surrender

Khorne does not want them.

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only some of them....again remember what wrex said in the first game...

if you give krogan the choice between curing the genophage and fighting for a few credits they will take the credits every time.

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that's very orky behavior

Khorne gives races the strength to survive and endure and fight and overcome.

moping about complain about a disease is what pre-nurglings would do

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do you even remember the side quest for grunt in ME2? if you don't I suggest you go back and do it.... that entire survival quest screams khorne.

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last one for now, I'll be back soon if anyone wants to keep bumping or dump something in this thread.

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you have a point, some are still true to the Skull Throne.

But they need to overcome the genophage, either through a cure or just mass breeding and genetic evolution, otherwise they're wasting the gift of strength Khorne gave them.

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Or get so insanely pissed off the power of Khorne removes it?

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again, a point that wrex made long ago and no one would listen, because they just wanted to fight.

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