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Challenge, folks.
Ambiguous comic from WH40k, preferably featuring SM and his favoured bolter. The winner will receive a reward few have ever gained.

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bump for greater justice (and for more comics to come)

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u want a comic ?

stay put, nigger.

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so anyone else here not being able to decide which race to choose?

been lurking /tg/ for quite some time and have not yet ran into any thread discussing major pros and cons of every 40k race.

shit suck, you know.

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sooo, anybody up for helping a /b/rother out?

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>any thread discussing major pros and cons of every 40k race.

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Imperial Guard is best.

anyone who disagrees is a faggot who loves cock in their ass and is therefore wrong.

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Just to be clear, it isn't the homosexuality that makes them wrong.

It's not liking Guard.

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I know you're trolling and possibly being an experienced gamer, but wouldn't you mind anything requiring less skill to compete successfully?

A tough beginner here.

have dloaded all the codices and stuff but you know one have to spend more than a week to get through every one of them.

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I don't like Guard because of the player base. All that "Manly as fuck" and "Ballz of Steel" shit gets real tiresome after a while. Fluff wise I think they're not bad, but Guard players are almost as bad as Ultrakids.

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You are no brother of mine.

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Play Black Templars. No one will see that coming.

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sup with hate against tards?

just help out a guy who wants to play some 40k. what's so difficult about that?

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Did someone just bad mouth the IG? Prepare for tanks Sir!

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Hey, did GW discontinue the steel legion? I can't find them on their site.

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Check the "Collector's" section. They moved all the old models they sell into there.

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Play the army you like the look and feel of. Find said army by looking at the GW site. Now get the fuck back to /b/.

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why templars?


well fuck you. I provided the comic OP requested. I have lurked /tg/ a lot, I usually go through all the 15 pages and then just refresh the beginning, looking for answers, reading, lurking.

What the fuck do you else want?

just asking some general info. all you faggots basically talk about is the race you play and all the others suck. sup with that? not seeing past the overweight belly of yours?

tl;dr - pros and cons for as many 40k races as you can.

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Bump, the contibuting anon deserves answers.

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U mad?

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>space marines are for small children.
>ultramarines are for small children and tards.
>imperial guard are for men who liek men.
>eldar are for people who like girly men.
>chaos are for people who like hurting themselves.
>dark eldar are for people who *really* like >hurting themselves.
>necrons are for necrophiliacs.
>sisters of battle are for lesbians.
>tau are for buddhists.
>tyranids are for people who liek tentacles.
>orks are for da fightan' and da winnan'

basically describes their armies as well.

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My advice would be to look over each faction CAREFULLY, this means playstyle, codex, fluff, etc. and try not to make the same mistake I did, which was going through 3-4 armies in a relatively short amount of time before I settled with Guard, though even now I`m having second thoughts because I can`t play Guard worth shit and I loathe having to paint all my Guardsmen (foot-Guard player btw...)

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I loves me some motherfuckin Orks.


...because they are Orks?

I would say they are a flexible army with several different ways to play, but so is every other army out there. They tend to get really simple when you actually get them on the field w/o a lot of fancy powers or abilties to through around.

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Not OP here, but what if, say, you like the look and feel of all of the races? I find a bit of charm in every one of them. Could you explain what are some of the major differences in play style, strategy, etc.? Basically, "go for ___ if ____" or "___ is good at ___."

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no, Tau are for Taoists

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did I seriously put "through"? I meant throw.

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Exactly what I have been looking for!

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Well I would say go for Orkz if you like close combat but want some goddamn fire support. Assault 2 18" range bolters baby! (also, be prepared to miss...a lot...and for shit to go bad)

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Goddamnit Steve Blum, stop that shit.

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ok OP, what do you feel like? All the factions have different playstyles and different feels to them, but many can pull together similar tactics.

do you want to shoot stuff from across the board?

Do you want to charge someone's face and smash it before they blink?

Do you like the might of humanity, or the swoosh of lithe and deadly engines of death? Or merely the roar of massive and crude engines of destruction...

Each of the races are good in their own way, but you need to have an idea of what you want to play.

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not eldar, not tau, not tyranids, not chaos.

imperial, witch hunters, marines & necrons seem fine.

deamonhunters.. now those seems to be some good soldiers.

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Tyranids - I liked the old codex, and the old tiny Carnifex model is one of my favourite models of all time. The whole faction is a classic example of Less is More for me.
Tau - Cool models, I like MECHA. The play style does not work for me. I hate Kroot models.
SoBs - Cool models, cool concept (warrior nuns are pretty rad). I like how they are fanservice but not *badly* done. Models are way too expensive to pick unless I find some chump who doesn't know what they are worth.
Eldar - I like Eldar, the playing style is great for me. Modelling wise I love their paint schemes and models. The codex is well out of date. It still works, mostly.

SM - DA - I like robes, but all these SMs...
SM - BA - I love the colour scheme and the whole Blood shit, but all these SMs...
SM - SW - I like the wolf motif (as a motif, they are starting to play it up a little bit too much), but all these SMs...

Orks - Are nice.
IG - >>13457189. This, oh god this. Those dicks with masses of tanks and always scream with delight when their BS3 gunners get a shot off, or if the scatter results in a better placement, it was their skill that got it their despite the odds.
DE - DO NOT WANT. I'd love to play against them, but I would never field an army personally.
CSM - Pretty rad. I like how it's an entire pantheon in one faction. It's like playing the entire side of a war allied. Pity they got rid of the daemons and gave us "Lesser Daemons".

Not sure about DoC, =][=, Daemonhunters, Necrons, Grey Knights... and I'm sure I've missed one or two factions.

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also orcs seem to be fine. however not seeing them win quite often. rather rarely.

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Why no love for Templars? Loading up a Crusader with 10 Marines and 6 squads, all with bolt pistol/chainsword, while you have the Emperor's Champion around for cheap as piss preferred
enemy, and having a Marhsall on the field means everyone gets L10, plus, when you fail a moral check after being shot, you actually charge TOWARDS the enemy, you get some hardcore RIP AND TEAR

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With Grey Knights you get a very small force of awesome-looking but incredibly overcosted troops. Don't expect to win many matches and never any tournaments; the battle will always be uphill for you until they get their new codex

Necrons are just terrible right now. Worse off as the Grey Knights and very boring. Wait 'till the new dex were they'll become awesome.

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Oh thank you guys a lot! This is truly helpful.

Some hq for you!

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imperial, witch hunters, marines & necrons seem fine.

deamonhunters.. now those seems to be some good soldiers.

by witch hunters, I'm assuming you mean sisters of battle, because they are the chamber militant of the witch hunters of the inquisition (ordo hereticus). don't know much of them, but I believe they have a similar playstyle to marines (except for being all female of course).

space marines are technically the 'average' race of 40k - they're the most common and popular. in a nutshell, they have good strength and toughness, are versatile and pretty forgiving if you make a mistake. basically, one of the easier races to play.

imperial guard are basically just blood and guts, and work by swarming the enemy with bodies while throwing tanks at them - good fun, but a *lot* of models and prettymuch universal low toughness and strength.

necrons are stereotypically slow, shooty and hard as nails, but they have some really neat stuff - basically what you would expect from what are basically mechanical undead.

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The problem I have with SMs is that the variations between the is too subtle. It's hard to miss the Wolf Stuff with SW, but the others are really similar. Look at the other factions and most of them have the cheap troops, the cannon fodder. SMs, without delving deep into their fluff and strategy, seem limited and without pizzazz.

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Ork players are even worse, I don't want some fat ass spewing cheetos over my face as he screams "WAAAGGH".

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Now I am interested because among my group of friends my ork army tends to dominate.

Any more info on what happened to the Orks that caused them to lose?

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ok, i'm listening.
general info of orks - play style, tactics, advantages, disadvantages?

would you be so kind?

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load them up into trukkz and get into close combat as fast as possible.

because ork shooting is so unreliable, they *have* to have large close combat sections, and most of their units are focussed on it.

they still have some shooty units (long range, good killiness) but it's all pretty unreliable.

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Another thing to pay attention to is terrain. You can only load so many orks into a single trukk, but you can have some big mobs foot-slogging it and if they go through cover you can have some good survivability.. Also, if you give those mobs good guns (The Shoota is Assault 2 with an 18" range and the Big Shoota is Assault 3 with 36" range) they can tear some shit up while walking forward. They can't shoot for shit but you can get rollin a bunch of fucking dice and you can get a lot of hits.

Also, Orks have a good enough toughness for that large mob to have some good chances of making it through enemy fire (still have them hug cover though).

Boyz aside, they have cheap units who are as tough as nails.

My strategy with orks is to hace two squads walking and one in a trukk along with some long-range fire support. The trukk hits hard early on and draws fire while the walking boys get in close. At the same time, my tanks and Lootas draw aggro away from my main mobs because they too can fuck up the opposing army.

Up against heavy armor, however, I would need to make some big changes.

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