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Look, a mutant!

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Where? Where?!

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What. The. Fuck.

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My thoughts exactly.

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Do i have to shoot a bitch?

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Why is that drider dressed as an Imperial Guardsman? Xenos mutants can't be Guardsmen.

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What's the name of his home planet?
It wouldn't happen to be Muder now would it?

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Didn't the Imperial Guard field a variety of abhumans during the Rogue Trader days, good sirs?

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Unless it was a guardsmen before she turned into a mutant.

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Wouldn't that mean she belongs to Chaos, good sir?

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why all the mutant hate anyways?
Xenos, sure, but mutants? unless theyre chaos corrupted...

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Every loyal soldier of the Emperor has a duty to exterminate his or her tainted comrades.

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Its heresy, I say!

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Because their existence is a sin against humanity good sir.

Regardless if they are chaos corrupted or not.

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>mutant hate anyways
>chaos corrupted...

You answered your own question.

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superior. Just another one of the dangers serving on a chaos-tainted world.

Sure and they still use some abhumans, but they don't field beastmen anymore.

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so all mutants are chaos infested?
no mutant are ever mutated for other reasons?

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Why yes good sir, all mutations are occurring because humanity in the Warhammer 40k universe is slowly evolving into a psychic race.

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I had an idea for an Inquisitor who fields a squad of these sorts of mutants.

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and thats the same as chaos?
wasn the emperor a psyker? is he chaos?

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doesn't the dark eldar hq get a monstergirl harem?

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Some mutations occur because /tg/ has a transformation fetish.

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No. Unless the bureaucratic machine of the Imperium has labeled them fit for service (ex Rattlings/Ogryns/Navigators) they are to be put to death.

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Undercooked meat can also lead to mutation.

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There is literally one fa/tg/uy with a monstergirl fetish responsible for all of these.

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so do mutants fill in a form for that or?
say they discover a funky new breed of mutants, do they see if they are fit for service or do they first kill and then if anyone survives they MIGHT try and see if they can serve?
if doesnt clash with teatime

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Lhameans are courtesans and poisoners par excellence, and Sslyth are four-armed serpent-bodied mercenaries whose own society fell to unbridled excess. So who knows.

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So, basically, they're WarCraft nagas.

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But of course not good sir, all pyskers draw their powers from the warp after all. And that connection allows chaos to enter the materium more freely thereby inducing mutations.

The pyskers themselves are in constant danger of succumbing to madness or summoning daemons or mutating whenever they channel the powers of the warp into their psychic abilities.

How prone they are to the perils of the warp lies within each pyskers strength of will and mental fortitude.

The Emperor being the strongest pysker in all of Humanity he is quite easily able to block out all harm from the warp using his immense will power and pyschic abilities.

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Most likely the shoot up a whole bunch and drag the bodies off to the magos biologis, who MIGHT let them live if they're a 'stable' mutation and also potentially useful. Emphasis on the "might".

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yeah but they cut the list down a fair bit from the rogue trader era.

now you have Ratlings which are basically crack dealer hobbits aren't they? and Ogryn's which yeah we all know

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In most cases good sir, the Imperium would exterminate all mutants they would encounter.

Because the empire at large is deathly xenophobic and paranoid.

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they could in the old dex i think but i know the closest to 'monstergirl harem' is a few aliens in the command squad

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Ratlings? Buncha deformed midgets if you ask me, nothing to do with rats.

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Nope. Unless there is already thousands of years of established precedent on account of that mutant being useful to the Imperium (ex Navigators) they get shot/burned.

Though if the mutant works in some shithole mine or something they might be allowed to slave out their days without anyone caring about their extra toes.

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Is there a list of "accepted" mutations or...?

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All mutations are prohibited in the Imperium of man good sir.

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Basically, anything with tits is an unacceptable mutation.

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