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It's that time again, /tg/. Template in next post.

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Fuck you OP. I would make one, except I do not approve of the order you posted them in.

You should post the template first, to denote that this thread is about made/saw/played
You should NOT post your version first, as it denotes that you are an attention whore.

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Someone learned a new word today.

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An example is good to explain what MSP means. ya know....

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Oh, shut the fuck up. Posting template first is stupid and unnecessary.

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I made one of these and couldn't upload it, so fuck MSpaint in its swollen anus.
>Simon Tam>Gregory House>Hitmonlee

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Fucking Alpha Legion.

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ITT: Alpharius rages


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Not sure what the difference between "made" and "played" is.

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>I am an angry black man!
Yes, we get it. Mommy did hug you enough as a kid and daddy did terrible things when she was asleep.
Calm down, try the ranch dressing.

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Made: designed from scratch with an intention.
Played: how it wound up being used in the game.

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And this was an NPC.

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Word example:

>What I made
I made a bumbling wizard apprentice, she was obsessed with "doing the right thing" no matter if she had to bend some rules to make justice.

>What I played:
An asshole guard killed a poor widow and then my RIGTHEOUS SENSE kicked in and killed him. The other guards saw and arrested her. In prison, she found a group of assasins who planed to escape.

Of course her first impulse was to be a telltale, but since she realized most of the people imprisoned there were for petty things like inflated fines she decided to help with the condition to make the escape a big breakout.

She killed a lot of guards, probably with families, and pretty sure some dangerous criminals escaped with her help. But a lot of good men were released. She decided to go Batman Magical Girl style and chase and kill the evil criminals that escaped... with the assasins help. They were glad to help since oa city clean of criminals meant that they would hold the monopoly for assasinations.

Over time, she came to the opinion that the assassins only killed those who deserved it (while making a profit) and joined the assassin society.

And that's how Hermione became Elektra

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Ladies and gentlemen, the next JK Rowling book.

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would read

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>Batman Magical Girl
.... Not sure if awesome.

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>my face when this thread still lives

Thank you guys!

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Posted this before but I'm still playing it.

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Can you post the spider-man batman pic you used?

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Party face in Shadowrun.

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Girl? I think you might be mistaken.

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Homebrewen Low Fantasy Game.

I started as a (for the world) pacifistic, considerate, educated gentleman, lured into that city by the promise of an own workshop and loadsamoney.

In the end I had become a count, burnt down 1/2 of the city in four fires, two of which were started as an escape attempt, the third as revenge against the rebellious nobility that had imprisoned me twice, and the fourth when blowing up a watchtower filled to the brim with oil by the rebels.
I also started talking to myself, while leading a considerable force through the city to smoke out rebel nests, destroying everything in my wake, because the rebels were EVERYWHERE.
It ended when I assaulted a castello packed with mercs (I was right, in the end, they WERE traitors) and blew my own leg off with a catastrophic glitch. 1D100, twice 100 and then 10.

I also started the rebellion a bit early. By accident. And I talked to my horse.

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Sure thing, was a request I made in a drawthread on /co/

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Mutants and Masterminds game.

I made a skillmonkey/martial artist with a few points sunk in his one and only superpower: The ability to phase through stuff.

GM saw him as generic fantasy rogue. "Oh look there's a trap, but don't worry this guy can disarm it, he's got points in everything and a high Int."

He ended up like a smartass Nightcrawler. Peaked when a battle on a rooftop ended when my character used a taunt to get a high level villain to charge, only for him to realise too late the guy was standing next to the edge of the building and was insubstantial. At this point he turned, grinned down at the villain clutching onto the flagpole he'd caught, and said "Don't feel bad about it, I often drive people over the edge. Hang on for a while buddy, we'll flag down the cops."

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It's awesome is what it is. I would totally read a Marvel Kobolds miniseries.

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Galactus is a Red Dragon.
Tony Stark built an armor resembling a warforged inside of a cave.
The Fantastic Four hijacked an spelljammer ship but were hit with arcane energy...

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Dr. Kurt Connors was experimenting with mammalian DNA in an attempt to make himself warm blooded and has become the dreaded Mammal capable of staying awake in frigid climates.

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My exalted character, he has 2 points in cult...

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My last paladin. Same we only ever covered 1 session.

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That should be "Shame", not "Same". Fuck.

Have some tits as compensation.

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he comes...

PS. enjoy your ban, fuck the tyrant mod

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oh mai

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Slayer Prince, fuck yeah.

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"I hear it! Beyond the Abyss of the Oceans of piss! I hear the steps! A mighty janitor wielding the banhammer!

Madness and terror on its wake!

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Deathwatch save for we played as a Chaos Warband.

Think I'm gonna be all psychopathic?


I'mma rape ERRBODY

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In all, worked out pretty well. Good fit for DH game.

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We had to improvise how my character was introduced to the party. It ended up that my siblings tricked me into eating some leaves and I tripped balls for about six months, I was just starting to come down. The DM added an extra roll to see if I was trying to attack a hallucination >_<

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i luv this thread


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How was stats?

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Dark Heresy - Arbite.
>Total badass law enforcer.
Flash my badge and beat up scum!
The DM kinda saw this and tried to make obvious crimes happen at all, knowing that in character I'd be compelled to lay down the law.
>Kick ass and do the necessary paperwork.
Spent the rest of the campaign with tracking/security/inquiry and takedown. Charging into evil-doers and throwing them to the floor.
Worked out pretty well.

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Not happen*
Man I suck at proof-reading.

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wait, shit worng file. here you go

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>Played Nicholas Angel

Fuck year.

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digging trough my folders to find this shit takes time!

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Can we get an explanation on this one?

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Shit yeah.

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I get this every time I post it.

I made a Hive Fleet Siren Genestealer character, out of Fucking Liar's fetishnid collection. Played her like an adorable, cuddly, and fairly innocent thing that likes sneaking around and had a serious crush on another PC.

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You have my attention...

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Speaking of warforged...

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...have another!

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For you, if you never seen Liar's stuff.

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That was a fun campaign.

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Nasty fake tits are DO NOT WANT

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I was playing a Fire Aspect in a mixed Exalts semi-cross-purposes game, so, I sort of expected failure.

It just didn't come in the way I expected.

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As surprising as it may sound, those are real.

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In that case, let me rephrase.

Nasty freak tits are DO NOT WANT

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Or he could delete that post.

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Her name?

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>Couldn't actually read
>Had a massive fucking axe
>Poorly disguised contempt for CO

Shit was so King's Shilling.

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What ever you want it to be.

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That isn't going to help me find more

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Shay Laren.

Here's one of the scenes with proof that her tits, while freakishly firm, aren't fake. Specifically 4:30 onwards.


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Sometimes being the new girl on the squad doesn't always work out.

Sometimes it REALLY does work out but not how you expected.

I'm still not sure which one of the above it is.

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This reads as a female paladin, but it's my Melee-focused Zenith Caste for a long running Solar game.

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Melee Focused Zenith, eh?

Is she going well?

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Could I get the explanation for this one again? I know I've seen it before, but I forgot. and remember it was an interesting story.

Reposting some of mine. Though they're old and such. Haven't started any new games which lasted very far. Starting with the joke people rarely see, in which things actually go exactly as planned. Although my playstyle for the drunk oni is perhaps even weirder than intended. If I'm not wandering off to do stupid shit that I think will be both funny and possibly useful (though mostly funny), I'm often paying very little attention to things. Which can kind of work. *plot dump, get bored, ignore it* "Hey, uh, what were we talking about again?"

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I wanted to make me a Partygirl. Statted her up outcaste but was ready for a Realmster game if it was gonna be like that.

Outcaste worked fine. So the Outcaste Fire Aspect Party girl was born.

She has a beagle familiar and a fancy for cocaine, the first two things the GM(s) saw.

In the end, she ended up love slaved to a Sidereal who (ironically) actually pretty much has motives aligned with hers though their drug habits may be different. She's pretty much looking as much like the fool as the Sidereal's lover. (Cash and Murder Games is a bitch)

Also, she's Sta 5, so she has junk in the trunk/hood ornaments.

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Well, the game's ongoing, so I don't know how it truly ends, but this is where we're at.

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Quite, actually. The character I had in mind was sort of a blend of combat capability and social skills. At first I was going to go Dawn but realized that wasn't a wonderful idea, and the ST told me we could use a Zenith for a mostly complete circle, with a Full Moon taking the Dawn role. She herself survives mostly with a huge paranoia combo with a tick-long perfect dodge and tons of Melee charms.

600 XP later we're sacking the Imperial Manse.

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First game of Exalted ever. Made an social-fu Eclipse Caste. Our combat monkey moved out of town, and my character started gradually picking up the slack as we did a lengthy stint in Autochthon. After I read over the book a second time, I noticed that Eclipses can learn other things' charms, earned some vats access, picked up a ton of Alchemical charms and a bitchin' Essence Cannon. Then started grabbing charms from anything we could beat within an inch of its life.

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Fuck yeha.

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probably a common place here

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It sucked. And I mean REALLY sucked.

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Strangest character turnaround ever...

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Sometimes being a bad ass Berserker can get boring.

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If it's a strange story, then tell it?

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Needless to say, it was an odd campaign.

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I have to ask.

There's too much at stake to not ask.

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I couldn't decide whether I wanted to play a man or a woman so I played an it. He/she was also very... battle-happy for a squishy caster.

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I don't understand this whole concept. How is what you made different from what you played? Can someone spell it out for me?

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you make a character

the DM sees it wrong and sets things up for his version

you say fuck it and play like something else

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What I made: Biker Knight!.
What the DM saw: Strong Hero
What I played: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheWorfEffect

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I make a psyker.
I play Palpatine.

See how it works?

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Things in rpgs NEVER turn out exactly as you want.

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Or the character you statted up and had a concept for ends up going in a very strange direction when it runs up against things like the plot, or the other PCs.

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Hmm. So, I once tried to make a Malkavian based off Gene Ray, the timecube.com guy...

My ST misunderstood and thought I was talking about time travel, so gave me time-warping powers...

I ended up being absurdly effective and everything wound up feeling videogamey...

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...and it was a woman the whole time.

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Oh god what.

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it was the story of a player rolling a ninja like warrior, but he ended killing a baddy stabbing him in the eyes with 2 dildos.

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Damn, I have the Squiddles opening theme stuck in my head now.

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The stats were a bit similar, just increased +10 almost all the way around, and if you chose dedication to a Chaos God, you could rerolls on rolls and bonuses depending on what they were. Like in melee, a devotee of Khorne got +10 to hit in addition to other bonuses, was allowed to reroll a miss, and if rolled anything with an 8(Number of Khorne), he got an additional attack.

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Not mine

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For MnM game
What I Made: A wizard horribly mutated by a spell gone wrong
What the DM Saw: A tragic figure who lost his humanity
What I Played: A crazy asshole who didn't learn his lesson the first time.

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