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Let's do some theorizing, elegan/tg/entlemen.

Put yourself in, say, the 15th century technology-wise. Let's say you're an orc, an orc physically along the lines of a Warhammer orc, except normally intelligent rather than full retard. You're, I don't know, a mercenary and you're going to go fight a bunch of humans. Otherwise, the setting is normal and there is no magic or anything of that kind; in addition, the orc is not supernaturally tough, so this is purely a question of gritty practicality.

You're bigger and stronger than any man you'll run into; if it's a contest of brute strength you'll pretty much always win, and you have the advantage in reach. How would you leverage that strength in your choices of weapons, armor and tactics?

tl;dr: How would the reliably superior size and strength of an orc affect how it fights?

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I ask "what's the point of being an orc if you're basically a human but stronger?"

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15th century? Just grab an Arquebus.

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makes you a bigger target for those dirty elves of course

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well it would allow you to wear thicker and heavier armor that can't be as easily pierced. aside from that it's not too much different

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easy. hang out in the forest and spore up for about a fortnight.

now I have friends.

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If you ain't usin' yer choppa then it sure as hell ain't proppa

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What I'm thinking is that there must surely be weaponry and techniques that aren't practical for people because they can't count on being tougher than everyone they meet.

Thicker armor is an obvious one; larger, heavier weapons is another. But what about things that aren't just making normal gear heavier?

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Bigger and stronger, you wade into melee hacking everyone you meet in half.

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Use a large hacking polearm. Bardiche, glaive, halberd, that kind of thing. That'll let you use your already great reach and massive strength to be a murder machine.

Alternately, learn to use a bow. Massive draw with your great strength and size on a bow makes it devastating. Soften up the enemy before you charge in.

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>>the orc is not supernaturally tough, so this is purely a question of gritty practicality.
Wait, am I a Warhammer Orc or not?

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Wield a claymore and be a line breaker.

Most folk in that time period were not very tall/strong, so a person able to wield a sword that size effectively would be amazing.

Offer your services as a form of storm trooper, you breach their shield line and allow the men behind you to pour in.

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'nuff said

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Orks would be very good and very dirty boxers.


Pikes, polearms, spears and so on would also be great if they really knew how to use èm.

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A hand cannon would be a fun possibility.

They were bulky and hard to carry, so your extra strength could easily allow you to carry a large one.

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Cabers. Orks holding giant, teetering cabers.

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I just mean the build and musculature, not necessarily the fungus-caked organs.

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Aside from what this poster suggested, and of course getting trained in how to fight, of course, there's not really that much remarkably different you can do.

The only difference you have over humans is that you're stronger and taller; the same tactics developed by humans still apply since you have a mostly similar physiology. It's not like you have an extra set of limbs, or eyes, etc. that would radically change anything.

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