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Dear /tg/, I want so start playing TableTop Games. *laughter in the audience*
But honestly I have no idea where to start.
First of all, I am interested in (non spaceship) sci-fi tabletops.
The ones I found out, are:
- WH40k
- Dust Tactics
- AT-43

Wh40k is a cool setting, and I'm gonna let you finish, but it's a huge thing to start with and somehow I don't like the miniatures. I'll elaborate that later.

Dust Tactics: con: Not a "real" tabletop. Setting is ... meh. I don't like the "tanks on legs"
pro: Rather nice minis

AT-43: Publisher is bankrupt, which is good (cheap) and bad (availability), I LOVE the miniatures, but only from the first 3 races. Space apes, wtf?

About the minis:
I like those: http://cache.io9.com/assets/resources/2008/02/UN_fig_1024.jpg
And dislike those: http://www.thk-design.de/uploads/pics/tabletop1.jpg

I can't really put it to words, the ones I dislike look to... "round"? The heads are too big.
Due to my inexperience I don't know if that's merely a painting issue, the colors, or a problem with the minis themselves.

Also there is the point of fellow players.
Games like Dust Tactics or the pre-painted AT-43 would be better for starting with my friends, because they have no experience with TTG.

What do you think?

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>The heads are too big.
Quite a few companies in the market use "heroic" scale. Which essentially means the heads and hands and legs are scaled too large in comparison to the body to make them stand out more.

Anyway, if you're in for 28mm (as it seems), I would humbly recommend Infinity, if you aren't automatically put off my shirow-esque designs and aesthetics.

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Who is the blue haired chick? I'm laughing at everyone else's pose and expression compared to hers.

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> Quite a few companies in the market use "heroic" scale.
Ahhh! That's why!
I already saw the Infinity thread here, but I fear it's not my cup of tea. Thanks anyway!
> Anyway, if you're in for 28mm (as it seems)
Definitely, forgot to mention it.

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Buh, it was, um...just a moderator I think.

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I am kind of fancying AT-43, does anyone know it? How are the rules?

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Everyone else is like 'BHHHARGGAAA' and she's just chillin'.

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In that case, I'd go with the Dust of those you mentioned. It's really a bit more of a boardgame with minis than full-fledged wargame (as in, using freeform terrain), but the supplements will supposedly enlarge that part of the rules. it's also simple to learn it seems and the models are decent. Maybe see AE-WW2 for small-scale wierd war game.

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it's deeeeeead and no signs of anyone picking that piece of french crap up, so I'd advise against it.

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Yeah, it seems to be the ideal beginner's choice, thank you.
But what speaks against AT-43?
The models are prepainted there, which i guess is a red reg to you guys, but it would allow me to play a few games before I go to painting and customizing.

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Thanks. As far as I know they actually picked it up, but it was a company that said it's interested in making videogames and not TTGs.

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Especially if you're just starting off, you can play with unpainted miniatures. Just find an opponent that's cool with it. Assembly is neh. Plug in, take out.

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Dust has pre-assembled and pre-primed (grey and green) models, so that's not even an issue.

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Starter box.
German shop: 99,90€
US-Shop: $67.49

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Warhammer 40k (future)
Warhammer Fantasy Battle (medieval/epic)
DUST (Sci-Fi theme World War esque)
Flames of War (WW2)

Pick bro,

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Flames of Bore are 15mm, so out of OP's intrest zone.

40k requires 50 minis for the same results other games use 10 models to obtain (essentially 40k models, apart from the special weapon/heroes are nothing but glorified space-occupiers and wound markers).

Also, Warmaster(if staying within GW territory) is what WFB should be if they had the guts to make it good. One of the best, if not the best GW game ever.

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OP here again.
Yep, only 28mm.
Flames of Bore made me chuckle.

Yes, Dust seems to be the right choice, but why do I like those AT-43 minis so much? Argh. But well, looking at the DT expansion packs, the walkers are nice, too.
Well except for the American ones.

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OP here, there I sat, looking at future releases for Dust Tactics, and lo and behold: FUCKING APES AGAIN.
But I think I will settle with DT, AT-43 suff is just too hard to come by in my country.

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Don't let folks like >>13428926 there get you in the wrong mindset about AT-43. Most people are just bitchy because a game company wanted to make a game and they start bleeding out their vaginas anytime someone so much as mentions "pre-painted." The rules are solid and fun, but as has been mentioned the company that made it is gone and there's no word yet on whether anyone's going to pick up the game. I'd love for someone to pick it up and give it another go, but I fear nobody will because the stigma that idiots like >>13428926 put on the game. Mind you; most of the people who go on about how it's a shitty game have probably never even tried the game and know nothing outside of "pre-painted is bad! It's not about a fun game, it's about modeling and painting only! RARGH!"

But of the games you started with I'd say DUST is your best bet. I wasn't impressed with it, but it's still a better game than 40k. I do suggest taking another look at Infinity, though; it really is a great game.

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Thank you, I will.
The problem with AT-43 is the availability, I think. Especially if I want more than the base set (which I happened to find on ebay for 75€ - thats 20 less than DT)
Let's see what I can find about Infinity, although the style is not entirely my coup of tea...

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I just ordered the Starter Box for Dust Tactics.
Thanks for helping me, everyone!

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Stay away from 40k,
unless all you want out of a tabletop game is to become a spess mehreen zombie from GW's inability to support anything but them.

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one of us, one of us, one of us...

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I will. They hide in METAL BAWKSES anyway, the COWARDS, the FOOLS.
The books are enough for me.

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Heavy Gear

That's about all I can think of at the moment. There were several more minis games back in the mid 90s, but they died. Titles like Vor: The Maelstrom and Starship Troopers Miniatures.

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