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I just got myself a new full time job. Unfortunately, that means in 2 weeks I'm going to have to start sleeping at normal people times.
I'm going to miss you late late night/early morning crew.

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Farewell, my friend. With any luck, I will soon be joining you in your strange new world under the harsh scrutiny of the sky-fire-orb, earning a superior wage for my exposure to the fearsome terrors of the day. I wish you well.

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So /tg/ is your blog now? That's cool I guess.

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Nope, but Noh is /tg/ related.
It's... strange, isn't it?

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"As I experience certain sensory input patterns my mental pathways become accustomed to them. The inputs eventually are anticipated and even 'missed' when absent."


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Yay, Noh thread! Anyone have a copy of the original story?

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Could have sword I had it around here somewhere...

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It's bound to be on 1d4chan.

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Hmmm... where did it go...
Well I DO have the page up for the one year thread.

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My group was in a dungeon where, unbeknownst to them, they were being tested by the spiritual forces that resided within, in order to see if they were worthy of... bla bla bla, the same old shtick.

They find a secret door, and inside is a pedestal with a highly ornate and obviously magical rapier (which two of the characters used), resting upon a similarly ornate/magical chain shirt that the two other characters used.

Next to them, a young girl, with a blank expression, simply requests, "Please do not take these items." Of course, my players didn't want to pass up such great items, but they knew that something bad would happen if they just took them, they decided they needed more information before they could make a decision. Pretty standard method of action. And, the only way they could get more information was from the girl.

I didn't want to spoil everything, and more importantly I wanted this to just be a short test so we could go on to the next part. Also, since she was just the physical manifestation of a minor spiritual entity, she didn't need to do any more than fulfill her task as a test giver. So, I decided she would be like a NPC from a video game. She would only respond with "No" or, if a negative answer would confuse the players or the players decided to get crafty and ask something like "Can we NOT take these items?", she would simply reply "Please do not take these items."

The conversation was pretty much:
P1: Can you tell us about these items?
DM: No.
P2: Can we ask your name?"
DM: No.
P1: What are you doing here?
DM: No.
P3: Are these items important to you?
DM: Please do not take these items.

The players kept at it for a few minutes, until the bard decided to use a perform check to "Awaken her dormant soul etc." and rolled a 19. As such, I decided I might as well say that she shed a single tear.

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At this point, my players could no longer stand it. And they ended up doing something I was completely unprepared for.

One of them scooped her up, put her on his shoulder, and decided they were going to take her. They quickly began to argue as to which one of them was going to carry her, completely ignoring the amazing magical items less than an arm's reach away, and talking about how she was the cutest thing in the entire world. They decided to name her "Noh", since it was what she replied when asked her name.

They then carried her through the dungeon, risking themselves many times in order to keep/protect her. After the third time she slowly walked back towards the items when she was left alone during a battle (accompanied each time with each player screaming her name), they decided to go back, put the items on her, and then continue carrying her around.

I had added this whole test as a bit of a side thing, and didn't know what to do. At the completion of the whole thing, their reward was to have a spirit bound to one of their magic items, corresponding with what virtues they exhibited the most through out the dungeon. As a bit of a side bonus (since she was practically a construct anyway), I decided that a spirit would also be bound to Noh, but the complete binding would take some time, and that the players would be able to take her out of the dungeon. My players were so happy, and they concluded that along with the rest of the adventure (which they seemed to enjoy), this was the best session they've had in years.

I feel bad.

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I THINK you're saying you'll miss me? If so, thank you. I should still be around, just not at 3 or 4 in the morning like I am now.

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What is this, the collector...ooohhhooo and he's dumping my favorite soulless little construct, I can think of few things I'd like to fill her vessel with.
Too bad she didn't put her virginity on that table.

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different anon but that is a quote of Data from Star Trek: the Next Generation

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God, I haven;t watched that show in YEARS. I'd come running home from school to catch it.
I was as much of a geek back then as I am now.
Hello Slaanesh.

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You know... if you think about it, the Collector falls under your domain.
He may not be into all the perverted stuff, but he fits the "Taking things to excess" bill to a T with his collective impulses.

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When you're in the warp, Slaanesh spells The Collector.
He's just another facet you've all been worshipping for his amazningly in depth..mmm...heavy duty...oh yes...excessively large...oh fuck yes...dumps...Excuse me, orga~~~~~~~~...wow just thinking about him gets me all hot and bothered.

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And you just HAD to say it aloud?
Even if it is true.

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Thank you for that mental image now implanted in my mind.

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Oh Chink...

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Why did our favourite manifestation of chaotic evil have to die on some godforsaken island off the coast of Taiwan?

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And there we go. I have one more, but I've been banned a few too many times for NSFW images, and I'd hate to get kicked out again when I have so little time left with you all.

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I'm only FAIRLY sure he's dead. We've had some reports saying otherwise, but I haven't seen him around in so long...

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I don't know what you're thinking about but if it's anything like I'm thinking about I think we should grab little miss Objectionable and see what it takes to make her say "yes...YES...YESSSSsssss!!!!!!!"

I've got a couple things here I'd like to try, maybe I'll borrow Khorne's spork...that should work, I'll need to season it with some habanero and diesel first.

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Evil never dies, it just...hides away till you let your guard down. Now stop digging around in your ass, I'm not that easy to dislodge.

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Please do not take this thread.

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He is not dead. I spent some time looking, he either left or went full anon.

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