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BADAB WAR space marines from forgworld!!


super exciting right

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yeah its not like the entire setting isnt founded on half the space marine legions turning traitor.

I wish i could hate you into contracting cancer.

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>>13420166yeah its not like the entire setting isnt founded on half the space marine legions turning traitor.

chaos marines are shit

this is REAL space marines vs spess mehreens

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Yes...yes... Let the hatred flow through you...

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its like you dont know that the badab war already happened and its the story of the fall to chaos of a special character in the fucking chaos codex.

and its not like the original legions just went hurr durr spikes and chaos. right at the start of the rebellion they wouldnt be much different from there imperial counterparts.

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GW Staff meeting.

"Guys. Selling Marines as several different armies on the same side isn't working fast enough. We need to think of something. I have an idea, but it's crazy."

"Well, what have you got?"

"We make marines, right, fight -other- marines"


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The newest chaos codex is a pile of suck and I was very dissapointed how they portrayed the Red Corsairs as looking fully Chaos-like. It was a bad design decison IMO.

In the 2e Chaos Codex, The Red Corsairs looked half/mostly imperial and had access to the stuff from Codex Ultramarines. But a Red Corsairs army had much greater difficulty summoning daemons.

Really, they shouldn't be in any codex at all but only in IA. They are just traitor pirates who lost a civil war, occasionally dabbling in chaos when it's useful.

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IA10 will have a renegade marine fleet list for BFG.

Possibly option to have post-heresy strike cruisers in a Chaos fleet etc.

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Oh my Marine vs Marine... Funny I see that scenario every week at my GW.

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In less than 5 years, GW will have discontinued all 40k armies other than space marines.


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"Yeah! It'll make a huge difference having the Marines go against an opponent that can go toe to toe with them rather than have it being yet another shitstomp!"

"So what chapters should we use?"

"How about that one that's infamous for losing everything?"

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Well, I should have some decent and painted Skaven and Lizarmen armies by then (and hopefully one of them will have a new book, or Tomb Kings will get redone), so the loss of my Eldar won't be too bad.

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wasn't that like, the 80's or 90's when they first came up with that lore?

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Babab war: marine vs marine aka business as usual

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late 80s

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"Guys, IA8 was a huge success. The next project I have in mind is a two-book deal. Get ready for it: an Ork Waaagh against another Ork Waaagh. We'll even include some rules so that the player's Warboss grows between battles getting tougher!"

"Great idea! Which Space Marine chapters will we feature?!"


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"All of them of course, you idiot"

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I always wanted to fight the badab wars after i got the 40k compendium... I used to stare at the different chapters in awe.. now I lol at them.. esp the space sharks.. the old school space shark symbol

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Thank the God-Emperor the Red Scorpions don't use that awful pursuit paint scheme anymore.

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duuuuurrr dun duuuuuuurr dun

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Suddenly Jaws isn't so threatening.

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I like how this has none of the "main" chapters that hog the spotlight. no Dark Angels or Blood Angels, no Smurfs, no Wolf Wolves, no Black Templars. Just the Salamanders, and they don't get enough love anymore.

Plus, finally an Iron Hands special character. Well, sort of.

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The book should be Salamanders vs Salamanders.

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imperial armour 1-8 focused on different factions and specific battles in 40k. forgeworld finally decides to focus two fucking books on the space marines and its "lulz GW SPEEESSSS HERP DERP"

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plus, the Imperium loses every time in these.

1&2 don't count because they were basically just codexes/codices

3: Tau win
4: Tyranids win
5-7: Renegades bog down Imperium for 12 years or so. Imperium finally wins, after a shitload of casualties. A 40k scale shitload.
8: Orks win.
9-10: Both sides get beat up pretty bad. Imperium sort of wins, Chaos gets a pirate.

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good enough, I'd say. "Get FnP if you model them right" is nice. I like incentive to convert

Damn it Jim, no!

I kinda hope they keep their old badab scheme. Camouflage on marines is my fetish, was very tempted to paint my army like that back in the day.. maybe I should do a squad like that..hmm

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More like 3-8, but whatever

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But the more a chapter sees the spotlight, the more shit they get piled on them!

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"Hey, let's make up some new BFG rules for the space battles of Badab War, like back when whe did Taros campaign!"

"Hell yeah, I know nothing about Marine fleets except that they bombard shit though. BRB, calling the background expert."

"O hallo Mat, we'd like to do a Space Marine fleet for the new Imperial Armour book and need to know how they work backgroundwise..."

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As decreed by the Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition, this post has been sentenced to Exterminatus.


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You can be sure that they'll win bigtime in IA11 - they're against Eldar.

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And like a postal clerk I'll go beserk if you don't stop teasing me
See the trick is only pick on those that can't do you no harm
like the brother from the Lamentors only got one arm
The brother from the Lamentors only got one arm
The brother from the Lamentors only got one arm
The brother from the Lamentors only got one arm
The brother from the Lamentors only got one arm
The brother from the Lamentors only got one arm
The brother from the Lamentors only got one arm

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And guess who's the Imperial faction there?

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Spilled my drink

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Badab War is rogue trader era fluff, seriously. Huron is one of the oldest character in all of 40k, quoted in the original rulebook.

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Too bad he never had a good miniature until IA9.

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>implying all forgeworld staff aren't massive BFG junkies
>implying that they don't have a decent grasp of the background

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Have you seen him on the IA10 cover? Just this insane juggernaut.

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And the half-Eldar Librarian of the Ultramarines was born on Badab shortly after the war.

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Notice all of the purity seals?

Unlike the Blood Angels and their other successors who "donate" their raving maniacs to Death Company, the Lamentors banish anyone who manages to accomplish anything worthwhile, for such a strange thing as victory is rare and uncommon in their chapter and is often a sign that the marine is not right in the head.

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iron hands special character?


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Hahaha, fair point. But there's nothing wrong with the Badab War as fluff. It might piss people off that it is focused on marines, but that's because recent developments have been going that way already. Besides, the Tomb Stalker and upcoming Shadow Spectres show that Forge World isn't neglecting other factions.

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MFW it's either a victorious slaughter of the Eldar, or a crushing defeat for the Imperium.

Because, we still win in the end....

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Sons of Medusa guy - either their Master of the Forge or Chapter Master. Gives Devastator Squads Feel No Pain if you model them with bionics.

Sons of Medusa are an Iron Hands successor chapter, and apparently in the revisted fluff they're supposed to be even closer to the AdMech than the Iron Hands are.

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Still, two volumes for a power armor vs power armor fight is a bit excessive.
Anyone else found it weird that apparently the renegades are the ones fighting for justice? I always thought Huron had gotten greedy and just used his charisma to win some friends.

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Yeah, Tomb Stalker is wicked sick. Shadow Spectres look great (as do almost all FW products) but I want to know what they will actually be. Is there really a gap in the Eldar list?

<--- plays IG, knows fuck-all about Eldar army list

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You guys do know they're renaming the Space Sharks to the Carcharadons, right?

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I got the same wtf-face as when I read the end of Legion.

Not that I dislike being made to wtf-face.

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They're not renaming them.
That's like saying they've renamed Space Marines to Adeptus Astartes - there's just a High Gothic and Low Gothic name.

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Sort of? We don't have any long range heavy weapons infantry, for example. But that's nothing a cheap squad of fire dragons in a wave serpent can't fix, which is why Eldar play can get really boring.

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Huron stopped paying the Imperial tithe. The Imperium didn't care until he did that. So in one sense, yeah, Huron did get greedy. In another sense, chapters like the Minotaurs and Carcharodons, while loyalist, are far worse than anything on the renegade side. The Minotaurs kill 20% of the population of a sector through collateral damage within a few months of their arrival. The implication is when the 'good' chapters are lacking the High Lords bring in chapters who will do the job, regardless of the human cost or the severity of their actions. So in that way, the renegades win a sort of moral victory - and Huron makes his pact with Chaos not for personal gain, but to preserve his chapter.

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MFW it's either a victorious slaughter of the Eldar, or a crushing defeat for the Imperium.

Because, we still win in the end....

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just found that thread at warseer... i like this guys post
>>Lookin forward to the Carcharodons attacking the Ork empire of Charadon... Chapter Master Caracharadonius Megalodonius of the Carcharodons fighting Snagrod, Archarsonist of Charadon on the scarred surface of Charadonia VI in the Charadontia system of the Chardonistis sector.

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Wow, its like I'm really at a GW store on thursday night!

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Eldar mostly have overpricing across their codex, and bad Force Organization allotment. (Fire Dragons compete slotwise with Scorpions and Banshees while being way more important than either, for example). That said, the one thing Eldar don't have that could make for a great niche unit would be reliable Autocannon-equivalent units.

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Thread needs more Khorne

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Iron Hands themselves didn't take part in the war.

The Sons of Medusa are at least as radical in their machine-worship though.

I've seen the rules for the guy, fluffwise he's a Clan leader Captain/Master of the Forge hybrid and basically a giant robot.

Stats WS5 BS5 S5 T6 W3 I4 A2 Ld10 Sv2+
Artificer armor, servo-harness, Iron halo, thunder hammer
Independent character,
Chapter Tactics: Makes all Marines Fearless
Devastators get Feel No Pain
Normal Master of the Forge special rules, makes Dreadnoughts both Elites and Heavy Support etc.

>> No.13421287

Well, it's somewhat implied that he snapped and began a fall into 'corruption" a little early on. Near the end of Badab, he's spotted with his little demonic Hamadrya and becomes less noble and pure thinking.

Dude lost his shit and began the slow decline into corruption. I'm not surprised he became an evil pirate lord. Hell, in Planetkill's Skull Harvest, he's one fucking evil overlord, and even one of the most sinister Iron Warriors admitted to it.

>> No.13421290

Is he gonna be in IA10, or did I just miss his entry in IA9?

>> No.13421294

Actually, they end up just sitting and talking about their problems with one another, seeing what they have in common and partaking in trust building exercises.

It was all very positive.

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Jesus that's sexy. WANT.

Seriously, I'm an Iron Hands head ever since I graduated from Chaos Gate to learning real 40k fluff, and nothing would please me more than an actual robo-juggernought HQ romper-stomping his way across the board.

>> No.13421314

Needs more fear inducing guerrilla warfare...

>> No.13421320

>Eldar vs Space Wolves
>Implying GW will allow anything less than the complete rape of the the Eldar to make the Space Wolves look awesome

>> No.13421334

Wave Serpents cost twice as much as a Chimera, while having the same armor value. They get a special rule that states all shooting at them is at best S8.
>Space Wolves are one of the most S8-happy armies in the game, especially with Loganwing.
Eldar rely on Fortune and other reroll-based Psyker powers.
>Space Wolves have exceptional psi defense.


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>In another sense, chapters like the Minotaurs and Carcharodons, while loyalist, are far worse than anything on the renegade side. The Minotaurs kill 20% of the population of a sector through collateral damage within a few months of their arrival. The implication is when the 'good' chapters are lacking the High Lords bring in chapters who will do the job, regardless of the human cost or the severity of their actions.

I kind of like this, though. Instead of being noblebright defenders of humanity like the Ultramarines are presented, having Space Marines be scary motherfuckers. Fluffwise, a Strike Cruiser showing up in a system is supposed to make people behave. It's a lot easier to believe that when you've got chapters that will just brutally stomp your shit, without needing Chaos to make them evilspikygothwhatever.

>> No.13421372

This. Just as with regular medieval knights, these guys are only noble defenders of the meek on paper. In reality, they're gods of the battlefield who lord it over the little guy and doesn't cared about anything.

>> No.13421376


All the best big-name chapters are dark and mean. Raven Guard, Dark Angels, to some extent Space Wolves. Blood Angels get special mention because Black Rage

>> No.13421386


Space Wolves have the best psychic defence of all marine armies actually, and some of the best psychic powers.

-Maximum of 4 HQ's, Rune Weapon of the Rune Priests negates enemy psychic powers within 24'' on a 4+ (and wounds Daemons (Avatar isn't immune to ID either) on 2+. Njal Stormcaller's version negates enemy powers on 3+.

-Wolf tail talismans can be given to some units, they negate enemy psychic powers affecting the bearer or his unit on 5+

-Runic Armor is Artificer armor that gives 5+ invulnerable save against wounds caused by psychic powers.

These all stack.

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Dont forget.

The Eldar will totally fight straight up and not bother using their vastly superior ability to pick and choose when to fight. No, there will be slugfests galore with both the ponderus Imperial Guard and the agile Space Marines.

5 Space Marsines will fight off hundreds of Aspect Warriors like its nothing and Space Marine players will lap that shit up like its christmas.

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> a bloo bloo bloo
baww more, Iron Man.

>> No.13421443

Dark angels? Don't you mean Iron Hands? Their whole shtick is that they can't fucking stand traitors, and have killed entire populations because of it

That's the way I see it too. Although "good" guys like the Ultramarines and Salamanders will avoid damage to the populace if they can, they're space marines first and foremost. And space marines will not get squeamish at the idea of killing hundreds (if not thousands) to stop a greater threat

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You expected anything less from the sons of the False Emperor?

>> No.13421499

Look whos trying to be funny

>> No.13421502


Well I wasn't going to list every single one. I'm lazy.

Plus, I couldn't figure out which pile to stick the Salamanders in. They're not exactly hardcore like the cool guise, but I like them and didn't want to badmouth or reveal my hypocrisy.

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Fire Hawks, Mantis warriors and the lamenters.
My 3 favorite chapters FTW

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>space marines will not get squeamish at the idea of killing hundreds (if not thousands) to stop a greater threat

that's what makes 40k awesome. the "oh shit, these are the GOOD GUYS?" factor helps sell the threat of everybody else. like, "why do we need these guys who might kill half of us in our 'defense'?" "because the Tyranids are coming and they want to fucking eat our whole planet."

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>Implying Salamanders will slaughter innocent civilians because they to lazy to go down and fight the enemies in their midist.

Motherfucker, did you not read about their exploits at Armaggedon? Every fucking time they went out to save innocent civilians that everyone else wanted to do exactly what you say they would do. Not the Sallies, they would hotdrop in to save a convoy of innocents or try and hold back the tide in a lost cause city. Dont lump them in with the rest of the Space Marines.

>> No.13421532


Meh, I personally don't see the appeal of the Lamenters. "Hey, let's give these guys shit luck, black rage, make them social outcasts, and see what happens!"

>> No.13421567


That will probably explain the Dreadnought hero built by Vulkan himself. He probably held off an entire hive fleet with just his bolter and brass balls to allow a local village to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner or something.

>> No.13421572

They could have just said "Fuck this shit we're out of here" and stopped helping the imperium but they didn't, they fight with honor and disciprine even if they are on the wrong side

>> No.13421585


That's why I love the Salamanders. They will seriously wreck your shit if you are a traitor/heretic/xeno, but they remember whose side they're on and will wreck your shit while keeping the civilians safe.

Ironically, my favorite chapter/legion are the Iron Hands. But Salamanders are a close second. They're kind of like the good cop/bad cop, I guess.

>> No.13421617

For owning a force of them, I can say this.

The fact that they never give up, regardless of how truly fucked they are, is kind of inspiring. They'd gladly sacrifice themselves if it meant doing their job, more so than almost any other Space Marine. The fact they slaughter their enemies, yet lose so many of their and still go on, is awesome. They have an aura of despair that makes their foes weep in terror, as the Lamenters are the cursed sons of a winger warrior-king. Despite their cure of their inherent flaw, it is resurging yet again; to consume the noble warrior inside.

>> No.13421625

> Salamanders/Iron Hands good-cop-bad-cop-buddy-cop flick
I would watch this shit erry day.

Seriously, how amazing would that be.

"Vulkan, Ferrus, you're off the case! Turn in your bolters and your pauldrons, and I don't wanna see you anywhere NEAR the Eye of Terror!"

>> No.13421632

except as space marines they should (and do) know when that just won't cut it

I mean, they try very hard not to need to resort to that (I played the salamaders DURING the armageddon campaign), but I'm just saying -as space marines- they can't shirk away from it when it needs to be done

>although I'm not a fan of it, one of the black library books surrounding them does just that. They need to vent the atmosphere of a station so that their weapons don't blow up in their faces. Sure they tried to get along without them, but when they realized that it was "die, fail, and lose all the geneseed" or "sacrifice innocents and possibly win", they took that option

>> No.13421660

but before they vented the atmosphere they tried to save as many civilians as possible.
Was a short story in "Heroes of the Space Marines" called "Fires of War"

>> No.13421663


They should know yes, but whats them different is they generally dont care. They are the one Marine Chapter that will go tooth and nail for the PEOPLE of the Imperium. Half the fun of Salamanders is putting them up against people who do the opposite, hence why the story about them at Armaggedon vs The Marines Malevenonet is so popular and why they are so fucking loved by the people. No one Chapter during the Armaggedon War was as loved by the people as them, its what sets them apart.

>> No.13421676

yes, but they did end up venting the atmosphere, with a good chunk of civilians still inside

I mean, I'm not saying that the Salamanders are on the level of the flesh tearers or marines malevolent.. but they still ARE space marines..

>> No.13421680


oh fuck yes.

>> No.13421688

What sets them apart is their competitive-grade special character in the Codex. :3

>> No.13421707

they also took all the important but not so glorifying jobs as well like defending convoys and helping evac refugees

>> No.13421737


>> No.13421758

I wish Salamanders still had their rules. ;_;


>> No.13421766

You disapprove? Well, too bad! We're in this war for the species, boys and girls. It's simple numbers. They have more. And every day I have to make decisions that send hundreds of people like you to their deaths.

>> No.13421841

Was I the only one who actually really liked this IA book?

I thought the Badab war fluff was really well done and interesting

>> No.13421875

Nope. I like it too. Want it in hard copy, but it's so damn expensive.

>> No.13421887

I was deeply impressed while reading it, like the whole time.

The fact that Space Marines had individuality that was well defined was all to acceptable and likable. Fuck yeah. That and each side still carried honor in one way or another. No side felt like "good" or "evil".

>> No.13421929

Raven Guard are total nice guys to the point that the Imperial Guard are ecstatic to hear they're helping them

>> No.13421937

Seconded. As much as I dislike Marinewanking, I found the Chapters to be refreshing and the storyline interesting. The numerous references to Calixis Sector were also great.

>> No.13421938

nope. Space marines are cool, and Forgeworld writes them well. Can't wait for the Salamander stuff

oh, yeah. I'm just saying that they aren't picture perfect, simply due to the nature of their duties

I expect that they're normally called in to fight aliens for that reason


still, I love the Salamanders, even though my views aren't really the norm

>> No.13421961

Red Scorpions are fuck awesome.

I need to modify my color scheme to theirs.

>> No.13421984


suddenly, Apothecaries. thousands of them.

>> No.13422056


So much Feel No Pain....Their radius goes from the unit, to all friendly units within eighty million miles


>> No.13422109


An entire chapter of Apothecaries. Instead of And They Shall Know No Fear, they have And They Shall Know No Pain.

>> No.13422125

>An entire chapter of Apothecaries.
>An entire chapter
>of Apothecaries

>> No.13422170

And of course, no one ever shoots at the medic.


>> No.13422221

>implying that the apothecary isn't the first to get killed when the writers want a dramatic battle

>> No.13422273


>Ultramarines: The Movie
>The Apothecary is the last guy to get killed.

>> No.13422301

>Death Company


>> No.13422338

>Ultramarines: The Movie
>The Crozius shoots lightning

>> No.13422384


>The Crozius shoots lightning
>Bullet-time lightning

>> No.13422581

Hi, ya Beakies! Owz dat Zelestial Lionz worken out 'or ya?

>> No.13423711



And it is no longer unique to you. Everyone but Blood Angels can take an Achilles.

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