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Hey everyone, should I make my group read The Dresden Files before I introduce them to the RP of it?

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Everyone should read Dresden files. Everyone.

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Why on earth not?

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>make my group read The Dresden Files
I'm a fan of the series & I have to ask: what the fuck?

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Its not essential, provided you explain the setting properly.

Start them off at a fairly low power level if they haven't read the series or else they will be overwhelmed.

However, that said, EVERYONE should read the Dresden Files.

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They should read the books, but not by force.

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Might be more palatable if you have them start at Summer Knight or Dead Beat. First few books aren't the best representations of the series, as far as plot or quality goes.

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>Hey everyone, should I make my group read The Dresden Files regardless of context?

FTFY and Yes, of course.

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Let me clarify here. They have never heard of this series before. I want to run the game because it looks fun. I figure it would give them a good grounding in the background. It's not like they already want to play it and I refuse to do it because they haven't read the books.

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Not the whole series Odd Jobs may be enough to give them enough of a taste to get them hooked like crack addicted babies.

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They won't enjoy the books if they are reading them for study material. Just recommend it to them, say it is good reading. Don't mention the RPG till after they are done.

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Excellent idea.

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That's what I was planning on doing....until my dad let the cat out of the bag.

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Tell them to start at Grave Peril. Starts the story arc, and is much better than those abominable first two.

Played my first game as a player last night, so much fun. Ended up accidentally killing two people with two wardens looking over my shoulder. GM wrote it off as 'Wardens (And those assisting them,) are allowed to kill with magic when opposing warlocks', which was nice of him, but it doesn't seem right to me. Anyone know if there's a solid fluff answer? I think there is (and it's 'NO.'), but I'm not certain.

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The White Council doesn't mind it as much if you kill in self defense.

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Fuck that and fuck you.

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The RPG is great, but a grounding in thebooks isn't required for the RPG, and the game does a good job explaining things anyway. Recommend the books to'em, but don't force the matter.

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Blackstaff is the only one allowed to kill with magic.

Wardens use the swords not magic.

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I play the game without ever having read the books and as a player I have a blast. Most of the rest of the group has read them. It isn't necessary at all.

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Killing another living, sentient being with magic is against one of the Laws of Magic. No grey areas about it.

The only person EVER to circumvent that law is the Blackstaff.

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Specific details: Busting up what turned out to be a cult of chlorofiend-worshiping warlocks. (As in, plant-demon, as opposed to plant-monster). Two of the warlocks got away. We found their garage with the missing car, and we all [warden PC, her boss, and me, thaumaturgy-expert WC-but-not-warden] went "Damn."

The the chlorofiend decided to reveal itself. I suck in combat, so I (with the warden's OK), decided to cast a spell to ignite the warlocks' car-engine via a puddle of engine oil on the garage floor. (Superb lore, fuck yeah!).

Warden NPC throws a lightning bolt, hurts it, Lesser-warden PC throws a fireball, curbstomps it. I make with the thaumaturgy. Ignite their engine. Then make with the tracking spell, and Warden Ross (Fellow PC's boss,) drives us out following it.

Turns out some of the oil had been from a large-and-leaky tanker-trailer on the back of their car. I ignited their engine, yes, but also accidentally detonated their trailer, which killed them. (Had no way to know.)

TL;DR, try to burn out their engine, accidentally detonate their tanker-trailer, explosion killed them.

Wondering whether it was a reasonable thing for the Wardens to waive.

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Your head should not be attached to your body. Or the Doom should be hanging over your head.

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Killing in self-defense doesn't apply there. I'm not sure what the precedent is for that sort of thing. My first impression is that you didn't know what you were doing, but that's being empathetic, and that's exactly what the White Council isn't.

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Yeeeeeeah. I figured it was nice of the GM to let it slide, but it was NOT something that should have happened. Hmm....

My memory isn't great, but I think I rolled several over what I needed to for that spell. I suppose I might be able to persuade him that that was enough that I could ignore the extraneous connection [to the trailer], or something. It was rather late at the time, none of us were thinking clearly.

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Bullshit. If you break a law for any reason, you WILL be executed. Black Magic Is Bad Mojo.

Grey areas (such as self-defense, ignorance combined with good intentions AND lack of lasting damage) only let you qualify for the Doom of Damocles - having another wizard put their life on for you until whatever hardass the Council has assigned to you is satisfied you've changed your ways.

I'm unfamiliar with the RPG, but I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a "corruption" system for the use of black magic.

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Beyond nice. When I get Carlos threatening me over trying use magic to do a blood transfusion for violating the polymorph laws...
Though I rarely work with humans. I mainly fuck up vampires. Focused Practitioner, hell yes.

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There is: Lawbreaker stunts.

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AKA fast track to NPC territory.

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Perhaps I'm confusing some of the opinions in the White Council with some of the opinions in the Senior Council.

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Something that's interested me for a while in the Dresdenverse, and that's never been touched upon in the books or interviews;

Altering someone else's shape is against a Rule.
But altering your own shape isn't.

Invasively messing with someone's brain is against a Rule.
Is invasively messing with your OWN brain?

Just wondering if the RPG covers that at all.

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Accidently blowing up a bad guy is NOT black magic.
I can see some leeway being given, not every Warden is Morgan.
And not every wizard is as distrusted as Dresden.

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Probably not. It is your mind. But, can you really invade your own mind, though?

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Mostly a 'You're the only one harmed' thing, as far as I can tell. Hell, wizards are generally expected to kill themselves with magic, at the end. (Death curse... As far as I can tell, whatever the specifics, it inherently breaks the first law by killing YOU.)

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One could argue that if someone is twisted enough to modify their own mind, they probably didn't really do any modification; you can only do with magic what you believe you should be able to- if they thought [modification] was perfectly sane and rational, perhaps it wasn't as great a change as you might expect.

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I'm thinking... artificial cloned-personality, designed to give an additional perspective on things and act as a buffer in case of mental attacks. Also, delving around in my brain to pick at half-remembered details, giving me an effectively eidetic (if rather slow) memory.

Refined, I might be able to use additional recursive personalities as backups in case of me getting brainfucked, gang up on brainvaders in my head, or imbue (likely primitive) magical constructs with copies of my own personality.

Not to mention it would result in a comparatively large amount of theoretical and practical knowledge vis-a-vis mind magic, without actually having broken any laws.

Of course, that's a quick trip to kooky-wizard land at best, and the darker side of Malkav at worst.

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Only kooky if you screw up!

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Oh, and of course, false personalities for perfect infiltration/acting, Dollhouse style. That'd probably have to wait until I was crazy enough to start introducing non-real elements, of course.

Hm. Unrelated question - I've never seen Harry do it, but wizards are already supposed to be mildly superhuman when it comes to long-term regenerative ability...

Does magic exist to make oneself stronger, faster or tougher? I guess it would be a biological version of the spells that make Harry's duster into steel plate-equivalent. This would likely be short-term (thanks to cells dying and being replaced) and result in damage to the muscles and other stringy bits if used for extended periods... but is such a thing ever mentioned?

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Yeah, it's a subset of thaumaturgy called biomancy. Same place you get healing spells from.

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For those of you who are players, what can you tell me about your characters? I've been wanting to play for a while, and wondering what sort of things you can do with character creation.

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I may have to buy these books.

Do I need any other books to play, or just the Dresden Files RPG ones?

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doesn't the law say you can't kill HUMANS with magic?
Because Harry bumped off more than his fair share of critters using magic.
frozen turkey
Best kill so far

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Hm. Though now I wonder - if I buff myself up, and then karate-kick someone's head off/beat them to death with my superhuman strength, does that count as killing with magic?

No more so than killing with a sword you enhanted would, surely?

Kiritsugu looks more likely by the second.

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Question: Do renfields count as human? They've been mindraped by Black Court beyond all belief, but do they count as human for the first law?

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I'd say that it would break the 1st Law.

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Yeah, just humans. Ghouls, vampires, faeries, ghosts, demons, and other assorted gribblies are fair game. Pretty sure possessed humans don't count, either. Denarians certainly don't.

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Yeah, no, a mindfucked human is still a human.Stick to guns and blades for them.

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I just wonder if the Wardens get some level of leniency of that law regarding combat situations. Because it would really suck if some warlock found invulnerability to everything short of magical harm and you couldn't kill him with magic due to the bloody law.
That and I think most people agree that killing the warlock with magic is better than letting him get away if you had to choose between the two

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For the OP, if they have no Dresden knowledge whatsoever, I suggest keeping them mortals or some of the lower powered templates, and start off lower.

Trying to start them chest deep or submerged will probably turn them off of the system

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Just in case anyone wondered. (Page 86 Vol. 2)

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>it would really suck if some warlock found invulnerability to everything short of magical harm and you couldn't kill him with magic due to the bloody law.
They would, obviously, make an exception and/or just sic McCoy on the offending party.

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Warden swords have anti magic properties. No human is going to be immune to their damage and still be considered human. Though no recent Wardens have one.

Concerning the guy who blew up some humans, he should be dead or on the run. Harry only barely got the doom when he was killing an evil warlock about to mindrape him, in self defense, with no knowledge of the laws and the blackstaff himself putting his life on the line for him. Even then Morgan and other white council members still wanted to kill him, they maintained for year the doom was far too fucking lenient. Even after the doom is removed and he does a ton of awesome shit he is still seen as tainted.

Killing fleeing foes and in full knowledge of the isn't even mildly questionable. Wardens should have decapitated on the spot.

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Law Breaker from >>13401448 here. Spanish/moorish wizard, comes from a wizard family, (Who are all probably very much alive, thank you. No tragic orphans here,), and is just barely powerful enough to be a White Council Wizard, (junior, but a full wizard.).

Trained at Archangelsk, learned some of the council's politicking, and so on under a colleague of Pietrovich's. Wandered off to see the world shortly before becoming a full wizard, and came back to find a war had started in my absence. (Literally, came back a few days after the RC attack on Archangel.)

Became full, if junior, wizard, volunteered to help fight RC, was found wanting in evocation department. Got relegated to support role, and ended up being sort-of assigned to New York, where I've been voluntarily assisting the local Warden fairly regularly.

Crappy to horrible in a fight, and kind of crappy at evocation, but I can do Thaumaturgy like no other, and often with little to no preparation. It's kind of fun. Okay, I lie, it's a lot of fun.

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That's what they have the Blackstaff for.

He's the Splinter Cell of the White Council. He is allowed to break the laws of magic if the threat is dire enough.

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Poor Dresden doesn't have a sword. This may be an issue....

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A, the fleeing foes were warlocks themselves, (who had, among other things, been responsible for a few people getting turned into trees, and had attacked a pair of wardens), and B, Harry got more flak than usual for being A, very powerful, and B, Justin DuMorne being a respected and prominent member of the Wardens.

That said, I kind of agree. My head no longer belongs attached to my neck, I'm going to have to talk to my GM about this.

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If using magic to drop an old Russian satellite on a castle counts then yes, superman punching someone through a wall counts
Feel free to do it to the monsters though

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The Council's position regarding Harry & his killing of his mentor is pretty understandable.

I mean:
>Apprentice of a wizard known to have gone over to the dark side kills his mentor with magic
>Apprentice is the only witness
>The apprentice rising up & killing the master is pretty common in the dark side of things
You'd be pretty skeptical about it all too.

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>crappy at evocation
>blew up dudes cards

>> No.13402337

>This may be an issue
Being an incorporeal being could be an issue too.

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I think its pointed out a few times the doom is an incredibly rare sentence and death is the standard. Harry only got off because of who is grandfather was.
And it doesn't matter who the people you killed were, they were human (warlocks arent in any sort of grey area) and your description certainly wasn't self defense. Plus the fact you're a member of the white council and did this counts against you even more.

Do you have a knight of the cross for a parent? That might help your case, because otherwise you've got nothing.

On the plus side, since your death was postphoned you might get a proper execution by Morgan himself depending on where you are in the timeline.

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I don't care how great a game is, I'd walk if someone said "here, read over two thousand pages of fiction or else you can't play."

Just saying.

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He said that was thaumaturgy. Ignite engine oil with puddle of oil on garage floor. It blew up as opposed to the engine overheating because there happened to be a lot more oil, in the way of a tanker (Who carries a trailer of engine oil, not gas, OIL, around? Seriously,) that had contributed to the puddle.

That said, I don't get the 'moorish' part, but find your post hilarious anyway for some reason. Please explain and help me feel like less of a retard.

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So are Your Story & Our World the only books out right now?

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>2000 pages
More like 3500.

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I'm playing a Warden in a game (Know the one at Camp Kaboom that almost killed people with lightning? Yeah, that's me. Self-imposed Exile to replace a warden up in Canada). While reading the books wasn't essential for me to explain why my character hated ghouls, had a Troubling habit of leaping before looking, and didn't drink orange juice, once they HAD read that part, things clicked for them a lot more.

As an aside, one of the PCs (Emissary of Power) had inadvertently been welded to an EXTREMELY low-level Outsider. In Lovecraftian Mythos terms, it wasn't a Nightgaunt or a Dhole or anything like that... It was a flying polyp.

So far, he's only succeeded in not having his head lopped off because he wasn't the one doing the Outsider summoning, it just glommed onto him, and my character is always distracted whenever he does anything... overt with it that could be a grey area (Like having the ability to look through time. Luckily, it's the Cassandra's Tears power refluffed as Knowledge out of Time, so it's minor stuff anyways)

It's been fun so far.

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Haven't gotten a chance to play the game, but I've got a character made.

Eric Carter, Focused Practitioner: Echomancer Vigilante

He came from a middle-class family that could care less about him and thought of him as a barely tolerated liability, and the kids in school thought he was weird and bullied him, or just ignored him. One he became a teenager, he ran away from home and met Johnathan Carter, his mentor.

His time with his family taught him how cruel people could be, but his time with Carter taught him that people weren't all bad. After he completed his apprenticeship, he got his name legally changed to Carter and struck out on his own.

After a few years on his own, he finds out that a bunch of thugs killed his old mentor, and he tracks them down. After beating the crap out of them, he finds out that they were hired by a rival wizard in the area. He duels the wizard, knocks him out and promptly cuts his throat. Nowadays he's a vigilante trying to keep good people from getting killed.

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You only need Dresden Files RPG Vol 1: Your Story. (Our World is the setting/NPC stats book. It's nice to have when you run, but not necessary.)

It's like 40 bucks in hardcover, I forget how much the PDF is. The hardcover is both HUGE and pretty, though.

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Now I just need to grab them again & try to find a game.

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Didn't Dresden get away with something markedly similar when he set Bianca's house on fire, and the burning house killed some of the civilians present?

pic unrelated

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Molly who acted with the best intentions, had a much worse crime and wasn't aware of the laws only just managed to get the doom with Dresden pulling off a lot of shit including having a fairy queen and a knight of the cross on her side.
And I think its been made clear that even Dresden was acting without knowledge, in self defence etc. that the main problem was 'once a warlock, always a warlock', black magic taints you etc. Again he only gets the hell that is the doom by virtue of being the main character and who his family is.

The council is pretty damn zero tolerance on the laws.

Plus I think it just makes players lazy if they can get away with breaking the laws. Harry could have saved himself a lot of effort if he just killed the warlock in the first book with magic.

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Yep. Another one is supposedly in the works, though.

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I got it from a thread where people were coming up with euphamisms for bodice ripper women's novels. Actually made up some sort of MAID-esque system wherein you could play said bodice rippers.

Somebody went on a 'moorish' binge for their descriptions, somebody made and posted that, I saved it, and I'll gladly use any possible justification to pull it out again.

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I know I plan on buying it once it won't result in a lack of groceries.

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Don't 'Make' them read it but suggest the series to them not only to supplement the game but also that its a good read.

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My friend is putting a Submerged game together.

I'm making a Wizard. With Resources 5, and Lush Lifestyle. High Concept: Financial Wizard.

One of his Aspects will refer to his awesome butler, Jeeves. (Ira "Jeeves" Rosenberg, who grew up in Queens and paid good money for that English accent.)

His Trouble will be something to do with his relatives. I'm thinking his branch of the family are the *white* sheep, and the extended family is eeeeevil.

>> No.13402490

Wasnt there an investigation that cleared him?

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The thing about the Laws of Magic is that your players have to understand that the SPIRIT of the Law counts! You can't slide by on a technicality and there is no such thing as a 'minor' infraction. You nudge someone's thinking into your direction with the absolute best of intentions, you're gonna get whacked with as much premeditated prejudice as if you go out of your way to kill someone.

>fookeezi you'd
That's right Captcha-tan...

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Was Harry reviving that dinosaur a technicality?

>> No.13402541

It was considered 'late at night', and that they were probably all either dead already, (on their way,) or Red Court-ified.

But yeah, he had a few pages of angst later on on the subject. (Not much, though.)

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Yes. He comments that it was 'an abomination' in the margins. Bob replies that it was still TOTALLY AWESOME.

MY GOD I REMEMBER THAT. Oh, Christ, Buddha and the cat down the street, that was an amazing thread. Thank you for reminding me of it.

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Yep. The Law about Necromancy only prohibits using it on humans.

Also, something I realized when rereading Dead Beat: When Butters had to go and help make sure Luccio's new body survived, Morgan took over as Drummer for Sue.

That means that Morgan was wearing the Polka Suit. Also, Jim has said that Clancy Brown is his ideal actor for Morgan. So imagine the Kurgan with hair and a beard in a polka suit.

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Can I imagine him sharing a secret grin like this?

When nobody is watching, Morgan's facade falls, and he allows himself to revel in the memory that was his time in the Polkasuit.

(Pre-Turncoat, of course)

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>That means that Morgan was wearing the Polka Suit
Not really, as much as that image amuses me. He just had to beat that drum.

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Yeah, I did cook that Chlorofiend a little too easily. Or am I just that good?

Also, any ideas on what was with the black dust/ash?

>> No.13402759

I want to make a changeling with Half-goblin Lawyer as High Concept and Compulsive Liar or Womanizer as Trouble. What do you think?

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I maxed out my Byronism and punched babies to make women swoon.

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I have a character who was working as a glorified hitman in competition with others. While others took steroids and other drugs to enhance themselves, this character didn't, save for once.

Fresh from Chicago, a new drug that would expand the senses and a necessity for a mission that just came up. This strange one asking for an innocent looking coin.

The Three Eye fucked him up a bit, but after seeing some disturbing things he managed to close the Sight by sheer force of will. He can still open it. Right now he escaped from this organization and has some of his old competitors looking for him. As well as some of the old coin holder's friends. Luckily has made friends with a Wizard who is constantly being offered a Warden cloak, and a vanilla kid with some serious guts.

In the game I run in DF there is a player that has a Witch Hunter who's Aspect "Suffer not a witch to Live" is backfiring on him after finding out his girlfriend is a werecat, and that fate point he spent to save his life. Maybe it was all of his study on how to kill a caster, or it was in his blood, or all the blood he had spill on him, but that ball of fire had to come from somewhere.

Yeah I'm Evil, But think of the compels!

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I'd love to play this but I'd be too tempted to roll Harry. Hes pretty much everything I like in a character.

>> No.13403051

Wait, wait, you picked up a denari? Shit, man. Shit.

Also, anyone got ideas for non-Christian Artifacts-capital-A? I'd like to include some to for my players to get mixed up with, but I hate how practically all the religious artifacts are Christian only.

>> No.13403071

>butthurt pagan detected

>> No.13403098


Your post made me think of The Ark of the Covenant, which made me think of making Indiana Jones in the system. I had a nice laugh, thank you.

>> No.13403169

Actually no. Atheist, I guess, which is kind of my problem; I want to include other religions, but don't know enough about their mythology. Any ideas on Muslim, Judaic, or Hindu artifacts? I don't know enough about any of them. (Oh, and excepting things like Moses' actual tablets, or centric things like that.)

>> No.13403182

Can't think of anything off the top of my head but the most interesting hooks would probably either be something norse or aztec/myan/whatever. Each has the advantage of being linked to an Unseelie organisation in the dresden verse Monoc Securities and the red court respectively.

>> No.13403190


You might be able to use Buddhist Artifacts, the ones they use to find his reincarnations.

>> No.13403226


Could the Ark of the Covenant be considered a Judaic artifact?

>> No.13403250


>> No.13403263

Well Catholics have worshipping objects down to a fine art. I don't think you can technically have an official cathedral unless it contains at least one holy artifact.

I wonder what twisted shit you could do with necromancy along with faith power by using holy bones.

>> No.13403278



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Well, the character was told in the dossier not to touch the coin for an undisclosed reason. He has only handled it with gloves so far. He was not sure what will happen if he does, and the others just found out about it. The wizard warned him a dozen times not to and explained what would happen, and it was safer for him not to know. Now he constantly has that temptation to make a new friend when things get rough.

My fellow DM and I might be combining our games. We both like giving some pivotal powerful items to characters that could open up development and we have one player who wants to play a Fist of God/ Knight of the Cross. Well its set before the events of Summer Night so just giving out the swords are out, so we are toying with the idea of giving him The Longinus spear.

>> No.13403328

Well I just meant a reanimated saint.

>> No.13403393


Hit submit to fast. Until reading Changes, I toyed with the idea of it just so happening to be Gungnir as well.

Its hard to pull more Artifacts because they tend to overlap with major religions, and they lose their power without belief behind them so things like Norse items lose power.

>> No.13403422

How does the wizard know about the denari? I thought they weren't widely known outside the church?
Have you identified which particular Knight of the Blackened Denarius relates to your coin?

>> No.13403462

Artifacts don't need to always be powered by faith magic, Norse runes are effective magic as seen in side jobs so surely a lot of their enchanted weaponary is going to work. Obviously the power would be diminished since they are outside the relevant seat of power but it should be more than enough for a PC. Plus faith magic is linked to the user's faith rather than that of the general populace right?

>> No.13403502

How hard would it be to center a campaign around the Oblivion War?

>> No.13403579


It'd be a bit tough (At least for me) in the sense that you have to create a lot of the cults involved, and the demons, and fluff it all out. Other than that, it shouldn't be too difficult.

And you could have a fun little tidbit where not all the PC's know what's going on.

>> No.13403605

Thank you. Incidentally, on that list, the Seal of Solomon: A ring with the power to imprison demons.

I'm imagining a squad of Israeli commandos being sent to retrieve the ring. PCs get mixed up. Come on, it could be awesome.

>> No.13403642

>Some PCs don't know what's going on.

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He's a Catholic, and a bookworm. Like I said, he's turning down the cloak, and this is before the recent things that made the Wardens shorthanded. Hes not much of a combat mage, but when it comes to information he is fantastic. Unfortunately we don't know what one it is yet. There are many unnamed ones, and we are trying to be good with cannon, so its not going to be one of the major players.

Near impossible with staying in general canon. We know very little about it, just one short story from a wayward white court. We know its Big, but so tight lipped that it we don't know all the major players.

If you want to play it loose, have fun! Creative liberty is your friend. With how obscure it is for all your players know, the Care Bears could be major players in the fight.

>> No.13403749

>should I make my group read The Dresden Files before I introduce them to the RP of it?
you shouldn't MAKE them do anything but as for recommending it... it depends on their characters.
If they plan to play a character who's some initiate, ill informed of the world of magic then having them not read the books would add to the realism. If they are supposed to be some lore master or magical master then having them know nothing could take away from the realism of the story too.

>> No.13404463
File: 292 KB, 1024x995, Dresden Files.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13407208


>> No.13407800

Thank you

>> No.13408227

So do any morning-types play DFRP?

>> No.13408255


Side Jobs should be before Ghost Story.

>> No.13408264


Incidentally, Harry Dresden does not wear a hat in the actual books.

>> No.13408270

Yeah, it should, but then again, Backup should be way the heck down there, not first.

>> No.13408275
File: 493 KB, 509x650, Grave Peril.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And yet I always picture him with one, because of those badass covers.

>> No.13408287

Backup shouldn't be before Stormfront, either. It's set between small favor and turn coat. And side jobs is set pre Dresden Files to Post-Changes. So it's ok there.

>> No.13408320

Anyone had good adventures with this system? I'm having trouble coming up with suitable ongoings for my PCs to deal with.

>> No.13408379


My first session had the players investigate a missing persons report, to find that there's been an abnormally high rate of disappearances among teenage girls in an area surrounding a White Court club.

After some investigation, they found it was a Red Court Vamp trying to frame the White Court, followed him to the Seattle Underground, and Burned him.

>> No.13409369

When all else fails, have them kill ghouls.

>> No.13409407
File: 87 KB, 240x240, Ewan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon who was playing the PC warden here.

I need some help fleshing out that character. She's got a distinct lack of personality. The only other character I've played in DFRP I subconsciously filled out, and made him into your helicopter pilot from Mercenaries 2. So, I basically have no experience in creating real personalities.

>> No.13409492

See: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91813

>> No.13409511

But... one of the PCs is a GHOUL NINJA....

>> No.13409525


I've thought of a couple possible hooks.

- A combination of Raith and Skavis are praying on couples on a college campus. The Raith seduces one of the couple, and the Skavis, playing the "friend" shows the other person the proof of an affair and convinces them to commit suicide.

- A gang of lycanthropes are hustling people for protection money.

- A zealous pastor is calling for the destruction of all magic users...and he always knows who is one.

>> No.13409538

I am now thinking of doing a Prohibition Era Dresden Files campaign.

Would this be awesome and some ideas?

>> No.13409553
File: 40 KB, 510x407, logic_fail_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

woops. Forgot my lackadaisy cats image for demonstration of what PCs would be encouraged to be like.

>> No.13409599
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Damn ghouls.

Fucking hate ghouls.


Post your aspects and maybe I can help with that.

>> No.13409620


The truck was on fire and it wasn't my fault.

>> No.13409660


Know the land (Grew up in a rural woodsy village in Sweden)

Relationships matter (Parents used to tell bedtime stories of ancestors who used magic. When her talent manifested, they tried their best to help her with it)

Know when you're in over your head (People had been disappearing around the village, she went to investiga-OH GOD HAG! WHAT DO, WHAT DO. Warden shows up, offs it, takes her to Archangel)

Respect your betters (Got showed up quite a bit by the others at Archangel)

No place is safe (Left archangel maybe a year or so before the attack. The news shook her up a bit, and she's kinda paranoid on security)

>> No.13409687


What is Archangel anyway?

>> No.13409734
File: 180 KB, 600x893, 1291585162791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Many of these point to someone who is skittish. Have her fidgety and humble. She tries to be overly polite and doesn't want to say anything that could be misconstrued as offensive.

Accepting the role of Warden was a way for her to push herself to be more confident with magic. She has to stand up to it, and it becomes a matter of Duty over Fear.

>> No.13409762


Thanks man, I think I can pull that off. Maybe a dash of quiet for good measure?

>> No.13409797

Archangel was a stronghold in...... Russia I think. It was a tower, run by Simon Pietrovich, who was Du Mornes master, and a member of the Senior Council. The Red Court hit it HARD at the beginning of the war, I'm not sure if anyone made it out. Pietrovich himself used his death curse to level the tower, or kill a bunch of Vamps, don't remember which.

>> No.13409805


This. And let me join. :[

>> No.13409841


Oh, thought there was more to it than that. I figured I had missed some lore somewhere guess not.

>> No.13409922


Oh, and someone in the White Council led the Red Court in. That's about it.

>> No.13409978

Archangelsk is a city in Russia, on the Aral sea, I think. (My geography is probably wrong.)

Archangel, as refferred to, was the home of Simon Peitrovich, White Council Wizard, Senior Council member, and expert on vampires. From what is mentioned in Summer Knight, when we hear about it, ("They hit Archangel, Harry. Hit it HARD."), we decided to wing it as a sort-of R&D center for the White Council- Other wizards would hang out there to work with Pietrovich, get information from him, or what have you. Think of Pietrovich like a dean at a university, or something.

Naturally, being both a senior council member, (and therefore a badass) an expert on vampires, and so on, the Red Court invested quite a bit in WIPING IT OFF THE FUCKING MAP in the first three months of the war. (Less, probably.)

Also, IMO, Pietrovich is Cowl.

>> No.13410066

But didn't he di-

...oh my god.

>> No.13410074


Fuck off Tassidus, I got this covered.

>> No.13410090


Admittedly Cowl has been shown to be powerful enough that I wouldn't doubt him being able to pull off a "Death Curse" and live. IE, pull off a spell powerful enough to appear to be a Death Curse, then GTFO.

>> No.13410137

Especially if his buddies in the Red Court or rollin' with the Blackened Denarii were willing to lend a hand to help him disappear.

>> No.13410170


If this is true, the question is how attached Harry was to Pietrovich.

>> No.13410232

Friend wants me to join his RP group, so I do. Friend wants me to read book for background info, so I do.

Apparent heresy inbound: I did not like the book. The character was silly, the plot was lame and the writing was bad.

Totally uninterested in the Dresden Files.

>> No.13410285


Well, which book did you read? Most people think the first two books are shite, mostly because the author didn't have an editor.

>> No.13410301

Question: Which category did the books you read fall into? [Book 1, Book 2, Book 3+]

>> No.13410312

Hmm? Why? Harry didn't even know him, as far as I know.

>> No.13410379


Crap, I got my lore confused on something. Nevermind.

>> No.13410716
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This. Start a game on suptg and you'll have players flocking to the channel.

pic related maybe

>Nepang contract
Sounds like captcha wants to play as a sponsored magic user.

>> No.13412184

What >>13410301 and >>13410285 said. Books 1 and 2 are widely considered the weakest of the series, mainly because the author was still not entirely sold on the concept. IIRC, he even wrote them as filled with cliches as possible to prove to his writing teacher that nobody'd want to read something like that.


>> No.13413542


>> No.13414626
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Oh god I want to play this game so bad! I'm reading Side Jobs right now and its fantastic, I've loved the series since Storm Front. Just need to find a damn group now...

Pic related, kinda want to play a valet character.

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