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Since The Emperor would obviously have no need for Purity Seals, and Captain Sicarius' shoulderpads have not one but two, I'm going to need to redesing them a bit.

I thought I'd just file them off and re-sculpt the wings and cover the U with a laurel wreath, but then I thought it might be worth a shot to ask for /tg/'s opinnion.

So, what kind of shoulderpads should I make for The Emperor?

>Also conversionfag Q&A as usual, ask anything, I'll give the best answer I can.

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Dude, you're you. Whatever you create will be worthy for the Emperor to wear.

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If you're converting anything to look like him maybe you should look at the pictures where he is depicted and read some of the most basic fluff around him for a start.

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Reread his post, fool. He starts off with that.

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And guess what, I was just reinforcing what he said.

Christ you are a dumb faggot aren't you?

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You probably should've started your post with 'Indeed,'

Just saying.

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Man you come across as a superior prick.

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That post made me smile very warmly.
Indeed I have full trust (or well, mostly full, I'm always a bit iffy with GS...) in my abilities. But even so I always like to hear /tg/'s thoughts and ideas.

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Again, you are you. You made a freakin' scale Emperor-class Titan out of Gingerbread. (That get in publications, by the way?) If there is ANYONE worthy to attempt to sculpt the Emperor, it is you.

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Well, lightning, lightning-bolts and the two-headed eagle are the canon-symbols of the Emperor. Or, atleast that which he is most commonly depicted with.
Are you going with to base your Emperor model on existing artwork of him, or are you going your own way?

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Closer to re-converting, really, but that is pointless nitpicking on my behalf.
Trust me, I have amassed a decent collection of pictures of the good Emperor -though none of the armours match eachother exactly. Regardless, I'm looking into using Sicarius' shoulders for two primary reasons: 1) they are nice and large to begin with 2) they are very pretty and ornate.

>Sorry for constantly reposting this same image over and over, while it IS relevat to the topic I'm afraid you people have long since grown tired of it...

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You kids shut up or I'll turn this damn car around!

OP, I like the idea of Scarius' shoulder pads. How do you plan on filing the purity seals off though? It's a metal mini. I know it can be done, but that's got to either be murder on your knife blade, or a very time consuming process.
If you can do it though, I think it'd look awesome. As for the wings, resculpting should be fine as well.

So in one of your threads a while back, I asked you what would be a good list for converting a pre-heresy model of Magnus (pic related) and you told me, but I forgot to save the directions. Would you mind posting your idea again? All I remember is you said to give him ork boy arms.

And just out of curiosity, how often do you lurk the board?

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I have heard nothing from GW and I assume they would at least want me to give some basic specs on it, so by the looks of it it's not going to be in WD or anything.
Still, was worth a shot.
Anyway don't they make the magazines like 6 months early anyway so we'd see it earliest in what June's issue?
Also there are far more qualified people than myself for sculpting the Emperor. In the grand schme of things I am far from the highest of tiers.
>lightning bolts
Ah! Yes, indeed somehow I completely overlooked that. Possibly because I never really liked the lightning bolt as a symbol for whatever reason. But my petty personal bias aside, I will have to look into adding some of those on him.
As with basing him on existing artwork, that's largely how my old model was made. For the new one I'm going to take a few artistic freedoms of my own and see what comes of that.

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I have a heavy duty steel file for taking on metal models and if that fails I can always break out a dremel.

As for Magnus, I'd say
-Terminator legs / Chaos terminator legs with the iconography shaved off
>to make him tall
-Blood Angel Death Company torso
>to make his suit look old
-Ork arms
>for suitable huge
-Chaos Terminator Lord cape
>it has nice fur and is quite impressive
-Chaos Terminator Lord loincloth
>or sculpt a lioncloth
-various horns, seals and jewels (tomb kings bits?)
>A Primarch needs his bling after all
-Space Marine / Elf Mage head
>scuplt the headdress / might look too girly
-Ushabti weapon
>Big and ornate


I tend to lurk here nearly every day and I make threads whenever I'm working on something or feeling like asking/talking about something.
I was a bit less active last year but I hope to make more of an impact again during 2011.

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>Also there are far more qualified people than myself for sculpting the Emperor. In the grand schme of things I am far from the highest of tiers.


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Hearing that from someone is very uplifting.
Perhaps it is just my humble nature, but when I look at for instance these models, I realize I could only make five or six of them. Maybe seven. This is mostly because I can't sculpt properly and until I learn that there is no way I can honestly call myself top tier.

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Dear conversionfag
How the fuck do I sculpt my GS, even with tools, without the GS sticking to the fucking tools and looking awful? Am I mixing it wrong? Are there special super-teflon tools that GS won't cling to? I want to make truescale legs for my Chapter Master, but until I can make GS that doesn't look like BS, I'm SOL.
A terrible conversion newfag

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It doesn't stick to wet tools, so just dip your fingers and tools in water or petroleum jelly, and let your GS harden for 5~10 mins after mixing so it's easier to work with.
Also for truescale legs, I trust you are using Terminator legs as the basis, or?

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Yeah, termie legs. i'm using the tutorial on B&C
I guess I'll just have to try the petroleum, because water ha not helped in the past.

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>water not helping
Now I'm confused... I've never had GS stick to a wet tool as long as I dipped it in the water often enough.

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You need to keep the tool wet (heh heh heh). I use spit on mine as I have a ready supply (this is getting worse as I write it). You could also use Vaseline too.

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Only thing that post is missing is something about a tight, warm hole.

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Here's a picture of someone who sculpted a Custode, I imagine the armor would be similar.

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my face when your picture

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I spit on mine too on occasion but that's more to do with me being too lazy to get water for the pot let alone make room for it in my crowded conditions.

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Just gonna bump this real quick incase somone still wants to ask something or leave an idea

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That's really awesome, that man was truly a master with greenstuff.


Well since you're offering, mind if I post a few pics and you could help me out with the pieces and parts used?

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Tell me if I'm in the ballpark here for this mini:

Chaos Terminator Sorcerer Lord body, legs, and arms. Maybe the cape too, not entirely sure. Definitely the same chainmail "loincloth" from that set though.

Abaddon's (technically Horus', I guess) lightning claw/storm bolter.

Greenstuff wolf pelt? Or it could be from the Space Wolf's, I've never really paid much attention to them, not really my thing.

Can't tell for the head.

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Hey, Script, do you have a picture of the Christmas model? I can't remember if Christmas Cultist, or 40k Nativity won.

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For this one, I'm afraid I only recognize Typhus' scythe, but it doesn't look like a scratch greenstuff model like most Mortarions seem to be. Parts?

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One last bump in the hope of Scripty returning...

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Head, Legs, Chains: Chaos Terminator Lord
Cape, Wolf: Space Wolf Terminator
Mace arm, Chest: Chaos Terminator
Claw Arm: Abaddon
And some GS
They all won
>here's the whole thread for more pics http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/13263140/
Head: Space marine + GS hood
Backpack: SM with bits
Arms: Terminator
Pauldrons: SM with bits
Legs: Calgar
Pistol: CSM
Scythe: Typhus
Chest: ???????
And some GS
Oh shit sorry I got caught up watchign Deadly Premonition

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Since someone cared last time I'm going to bump this and give it a while before I go to bed.
Don't count on me being here for more than half an hour though it's 5:30am and I wanted to get up before noon.

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Damnit am I too late?

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