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Hey /tg/, tried this last night with nightmarish results due to a few poorly chosen words by yours truly, but what the hell, I figure it's worth another shot. I've been working on a Deathwatch campaign on and off for the past couple months and have recently given thought to turning it into a full-fledged .pdf for other elegan/tg/entlemen to use at their discretion.

It is very much a new player's campaign, with lots and lots of exposition before the action kicks in so that players that are unfamiliar with the setting can familiarize themselves and get comfortable. Some of you may recognize certain portions of this, as I've come to /tg/ for advice in the past as to how to proceed with the creation of the campaign.

Dump will begin in the next post. If you're interested, please say so, otherwise I'll probably stop dumping after a couple pages or so. Thanks.

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The party is sent to a derelict space hulk which was, until recently, thought lost to the Warp storms. An Inquisitor and his retinue broke off from their Imperial Guard escort as soon as Calgar's Wrath was confirmed to have reappeared, against the advisement of the Deathwatch Watch-Captain, who fears Chaos may have overtaken the hulk. They are thought to be after valuable Imperial artifacts from the hulk after it reappeared thousands of light years away from its last known location; they have all vanished within the labyrinthine construct, and all attempts by Imperial vessels to communicate with it have left their communications officers screaming gibberish, maddened to the point of self-mutilation by whatever it is that they heard.

The kill-team's objectives are to retrieve the Inquisitor and his retinue as well as the powerful artifacts they were originally sent to procure.

Encounters in the hulk will consist of daemon hordes, maddened and Warp-tainted former crew members and the odd Inquisitorial acolyte. The Inquisitor himself will serve as a minor boss alongside the former crew's captain. The final encounter will be against a Lesser Daemon, who may escape to a nearby planet after the mission which will prompt further adventures.


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As an optional side mission the party may track down two missing IGs (part of the initial security detail dispatched from the Canis Salient of the Achilus Crusade to track the ship when the Inquisitor's distress beacon began transponding) that might still be alive on the hulk. This quest is discovered via video logs accessible on consoles found throughout the ship. However, they may choose at some point to break off of the search for the IGs in order to pursue their commanding officer, who after having seen his squad decimated by a Daemon, went mad with a desire for revenge and has split off towards the ship's core, which he intends to detonate in order to ensure the destruction of whatever evil is aboard.

If the party decides to continue searching for the missing Guardsmen, they may still catch the commanding officer, but he will no longer listen to reason and will automatically default to a minor boss. The Guardsmen are found alive and unharmed and will serve as fire support until they reach their extraction point (or they are killed).

If the party decides to break off and stop the commanding officer, they will catch up to him and have to make a Fellowship check to talk him down from his insane plan. If successful, they may still attempt to find the Guardsmen, but they will be found sitting, back-to-back and cut to ribbons amongst a heap of lesser daemons. The commanding officer will serve as sniper support and reconnaissance for the party throughout the remainder of the mission (or until he is killed) and the players may recover two pistols from the corpses (las and plasma).

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The following is a list of important NPCs I've created for the campaign, as well as brief bios for each.


Servitor Nychodemus: An ancient high-functioning servitor, Nychodemus assists the Watch-Captain of Erioch with administrative tasks, usually assigning fresh recruits their first tasks and easing their transition into life in the Fortress. He is characterized by a raspy voice and a constant wheezing, as well as his ever-present data slate.

Battle-Brother Joram: The young sergeant of a Deathwatch squad, Joram meets the party at a feast being held for a fallen brother in the dining hall at the outset of their adventure. He is young, brash and gregarious; he may or may not fall ensuring the survival of his squad, or even saving the lives of the party.

Inquisitor Rhoan, Heretic: A young radical overeager to prove his worth to the Inquisition, Rhoan and his retinue departed for Calgar's Wrath as soon as it was confirmed to have entered realspace, acting on the advice of a daemon summoned by Rhoan aboard his transport, the Litany of Purity. Rhoan seeks to retrieve a powerful codex (the Codicium Scintaris) from the hulk, thinking the warp-tainted artifact will bring him glory and power within his Order. Rhoan is irrevocably corrupted by what he encounters on the hulk, and may serve as an ongoing antagonist.


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Privates Brackis and Tordan: Recruited from the same hiveworld, Brackis and Tordan were once underhivers, street urchins struggling to survive amongst the mutants, cultists and ruffians of their world. The Imperial Guard “saved” them from their fate, drafting them both on their eighteenth birthday. The pair have kept each other alive since then, never serving apart for more than a month at a time. Tordan maintains a video log of the pair's misadventures throughout the hulk.

Sergeant Horn: A grizzled veteran of the Achilus crusade, Horn has seen action in all three of its bloody salients, moving his way up the ranks as his superiors were systematically cut down by the Imperium's many foes. A dour individual, Horn has seen too many of his friends and allies die, and is not prepared to watch Brackis and Tordan suffer the same fate. When his squad is decimated by the horrors aboard Calgar's Wrath, Horn snaps and makes for the ship's core, laden with high-yield explosives.

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This would be good to have in pdf format!

proceed indeed

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I've endeavored to write up fluffy intro bits as well, this in the interest of easing the players into the setting. The following is what I open with every time I run the campaign; it seems to do just fine.


Sitting in the cramped frigate that has borne you away from your Chapter and Battle-Brothers, you stare out the window beside you into the freezing vacuum of space, inhospitable and foreboding.

Somewhere in that vastness, heinous acts of unspeakable treason are committed by hideous fiends, twisted and befouled by their abhorrent ambitions. Somewhere amidst the dying stars and warring worlds the foul xenos whisper saccharine words of false friendship into the ears of the weak and willing. The malcontent revolts, the heretic blasphemes and the xenos dares draw the Emperor's breath deep into his lungs somewhere in that impenetrable dark.

Somewhere in that inky blackness hide the enemies of Man.

You are roused from your contemplation by a heavy power-armored hand coming to rest on your shoulder. “We approach Erioch, Brother,” says the Deathwatch Sergeant, part of the escort sent to retrieve you after the secondment, “It is time.” The rest of the Sergeant's squad turn to their wargear, performing perfunctory purity diagnostics required by the Watch Fortress's docking crew. Ahead of you in the cockpit the indentured techpriests and their servitors begin keening loudly in binary, exchanging pass codes, confirmation numbers and subterfuge checks nigh instantaneously with the Fortress's primary communications array, their indecipherable and holy mechanisms clicking, whirring and grinding their blessings before coming to rest.


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Beyond the techpriests you see the mighty Watch Fortress Erioch looming large in the primary display monitor. It is an impossible structure of spires, towers and bulwarks riddled with defensive turrets, sensory arrays and docking bays, studded with early-warning Warp storm detectors and comm relays. Ancient beyond even the earliest reckonings of the Imperium, Erioch has kept its watchful vigil against the enemies of Mankind across the long millennium, weathering Warp storms, Chaos incursions and even the infamous Dark Age of the Reach itself. Few come to this solemn place, and fewer still leave once they have arrived.

To your left and right the Space Marines seconded from other Chapters for service in the Deathwatch shift uneasily, apparently coming to the same dour realization you have.

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There is a gap between here and where my writing picks up next. It is one of several that currently exist. I may fill these in at a later date, either on my own or with the gracious assistance of /tg/, but for now they stand. Many things can happen during these gaps, all at the discretion of the GM, but I usually end up having the initiates encounter a processional for a fallen Battle-Brother in the hallways of Erioch. The description of said processional follows.


As you traverse the tall, arid hallways of the Fortress, you become aware of a distant, powerful booming, as if the very heartbeat of Erioch approached. Soon a chant is taken up in step with the beat, which you now make out to be the fall of many power-armored feet in perfect time. From one of the four hallways a sudden light springs, as if from the opening of a hatch. The footfalls and chanting are now clear and distinct, and near at hand a processional of marines round a corner, some twenty in all, six bearing a heavy and ornate casket, another four lighting the way with torches. A chaplain leads both the march and the chant, solemnly intoning the blessings of the Emperor whilst soaking the casket with holy ointments.

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Usually players pick up on this plot hook, which I've prepared for with the following.


Following the solemn processional as it winds through Erioch's myriad passageways, you are reminded that the fate of the venerated Battle-Brother carried by the Adeptus Astartes ahead of you might well be one you share. As the procession passes other marines they fall in step wordlessly, heads bowed, or add their own booming voices to the chaplain's chant. Servitors begin to flank the sides, front and back of the ever-growing group, wailing and beating at their chests and faces. Truly admirable must have been the marine that now slept in the arms of his brothers.

Suddenly the arid hallways open into a vast hall, lined on either side with simple benches and tables, upon which rest glo-lamps, faintly illuminating the feast laid out on each. Members of the Deathwatch line the benches, hands steeped and heads bowed in prayer. As the coffin passes each of these they rise silently, hand over heart, facing the processional. Your march halts in the middle of the hall, where a raised dais has been set out for the chaplain. Mounting it, he speaks at length, activating his armor's vox capabilities for clarity.


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“We are gathered here to honor the memory of our venerated brother Icharius, Brother-Sergeant of kill-team Alpha Phi, assault marine of the Stormwardens Chapter, invaluable asset to the defense of mankind, friend and ally to many here gathered.” At this several voices murmur their agreement, some uttering blessings upon the marine's name. “Icharius would have us waste few words on this occasion,” continued the chaplain, “And so I will not dawdle. For that work which he cared for most, the defense of mankind and the eradication of our enemies, remains woefully incomplete, and calls with the voices of the millions of innocent slain for us to finish it. Now Icharius stands amongst them, beseeching we end that which he began. Will you not answer him?” He asks. At this, the hall erupts with the volume of every voice therein raised in fervent reply.

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There's another gap here, left intentionally so that players may choose to interact with one another, the other kill-teams present, or simply down their meal and return to their quarters. What actually happens is, as before, up to the discretion of the GM, but they should eventually end up aboard their transport, headed for Calgar's Wrath, which is where my writing picks up.


As your transport slips into the Empyrean, you can't help but cringe at the accompanying physical lurch that tugs at your stomach. The shuttle's viewing ports slide shut, protecting your eyes and mind from the warp via thick titanium sheathes. Ahead of you in the cockpit your pilot-servitor has gone eerily still, controlling the ship now via his neural implants. You are left to your own devices for the duration of the flight, however long or short it may be.


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Your pilot-servitor chimes in suddenly, interrupting conversation. “We are presently approaching the last known location of Calgar's Wrath. Entering realspace now.” With that, the familiar transitional lurch passes through your body once again, and the previously locked viewing ports slide open, revealing the starry expanse outside. As you ponder the vastness of the Imperium of Man, a great shadow looms over the stars and blots out their light. As your eyes adjust, you recognize the inky blot for what it is: an impressive space hulk, intimidating both in its size and the bristling weapons systems that seem to protrude from every orifice. Calgar's Wrath is an ancient and venerable hulk, constructed before the damnable traitor Horus splintered the Imperium, before the technologies of the Adeptus Mechanicus were scattered across the galaxy, lost to its unknowable depths.

“Now approaching forward docking facilities.” States your pilot. Your shuttle makes a wide sweep around the hulk, swooping in low under the forward battery to its primary docking bay. Outside, you see that most of the ship's escape pods and shuttles remain clasped snugly in their deployment servos, though some are missing, or lay in ruin nearby, having apparently crashed due to a too-hasty departure from their docking mechanisms. Angling for one of the vacant spaces, your pilot settles easily into the dormant servitor arms.

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seems to me the deathwatch unless ordered or deemed by the ordo xenos that some sort of xenos is on board the hulk they would not interfere with Ordo Malleus business and if they deam the hulk to be full of Chaos that is the Ordo Malleus's department not the Ordo Xenos and the Deathwatch's role.

Chaos isnt there job. Xenos is.

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Next, obviously, comes the boarding of Calgar's Wrath. Each group I've run this with approaches the action a little differently. Essentially, there are three docking bays which the kill-team can make use of (one to the left and right, and a forward docking bay). This allows for quite a bit of play in the approach. I even had one group split up, one squad taking the right entrance, the other circling round in the transport to place detonation charges on the forward entrance (accomplished via a rather tense in-space zero grav action sequence during which a marine was almost lost due to a botched leap and forgotten magboots) before entering via the left docking bay and decompressing the primary one via the charges as a kind of distraction.

Anyway, I'll post the next fluffy bit in my next post, since I got all tangenty there.

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As the chamber re-pressurizes, the ornate, sigiled bulwark to the hulk slides back with a pneumatic hiss, revealing the decontamination dock beyond. There is no vanguard to greet you, but otherwise you would be unable to tell that the hulk had been missing for thousands of years. The expected thick coat of dust is all but absent, with most of the nearby consoles and mechanisms fully functional, though the odd glowing screen displays nothing more than an error message, accompanied by an audio loop recorded in monotone by what you assume to be the ship's chief techpriest.

Other than the message, a deep, impenetrable silence has settled over the construct, the oppressive kind of quiet that dares you, with teeth bared, to break it. The kind of silence that only falls at the end of a wicked deed. A murderer's quiet.

Beyond the sealed containment vault, throbbing emergency beacons cast an eery red glow upon two pitch black hallways, one on the right and one on the left. In front of you, beyond the chamber, is the non-functional elevator leading to other decks of the ship. There is a dark stain on the floor before the right entrance way.

The shadows on the floor and walls seem to shimmer and jump, just a hair off from reality. Even your shadow seems a fraction too slow. Like your shadow might not be your own.

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Unsurprisingly, this argument has been raised before. The way I see it, though xenos are indeed the Deathwatch's priority, they would not simply ignore a threat like Calgar's Wrath just because it's "not their department." Furthermore, the core book wouldn't include Chaos Heretics and Daemons if they didn't expect you might encounter them at some point.

Anyway, that's all I have so far folks. The action aboard the hulk seems to change every time I run it due to player choices, so I've not formalized anything. I may still attempt to, but for now that's all she wrote.

Thoughts? Criticisms? God forbid, praise?

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Also Chaos Space Marines. Forgot they were in there, too.

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Bump. Christ, please don't let me have dumped all that on deaf ears.

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Not going to tell us about your girlfriend's female space marine this time, OP?

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Your first mistake was mentioning Calgar. Your second was tl:dr

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No, because this time, as it was last time, that is not supposed to be the focus of this thread. Simply a personal anecdote intended to give context to the dump.


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But the campaign doesn't actually feature Calgar in any way. It's simply the name of a ship.

And yeah, it looks pretty long on /tg/, but it really only amounts to a few pages in a Word document. Ten minutes worth of reading, at the most. Give it a chance.

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I'm with you, OP. The Deathwatch are the elite xenos-killers of the Astartes, but that doesn't mean they'll just sit around when there's a Chaos incursion and go "that's cool, man. not my problem."

PS. awesome so far, I'd totally play this campaign.

Think about it this way: space hulk appears, space hulks are usually full of Genestealers or Orks, nearest force is a Deathwatch Watch-fortress, they deploy a scouting force to investigate. Oops, it's not xenos, it's Chaos! Kill them anyway!

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sounds awesome. would be cool to have this as a pdf

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