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So, I have a question. The rules as written for Cthulutech seem to be nearly unplayable. Is there a suggested system to try to move the (decent parts of the) fluff over to?

How have you guys been able to fix the awful mecha play system?

Also, any new developments on the "Outsider: The Calling" project?

Otherwise, Lovecraft art dump.

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shitstorm in 3...

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Hmmm, strikes me as strange that the 'pipers' at the court of Azathoth would have actual, you know, pipes.

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Screw it, Let me light the fuse by saying I've never had trouble playing Cthulhutech

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Eh, some artists interpret it more literally than others. I always thought it was figuratively referring to the many servants of Nyarlathotep.

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So, do you just roll with the random shit that comes up from the poker-dice system?

My players take the game way too seriously and get mad when they fail in things their characters are supposed to be phenomenal at.

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Eh, call it fataltech all you like. So it had one bad splat book and a lot of undesirable fluff. Every system has one. Need I remind you of the D&D "Book of Erotic Fantasy"?

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If you're doing mech combat, at least, just use AdEva. Handles everything that Cthulhutech does in that area, except better.

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I always thought they were just smoking crack pipes.

Now, the poopers of Azathooth, on the other hand...

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Yeah, I kinda figured. God damn AdEva is the best thing to come out of /tg/ in a long time.

What about Tagers? Would WoD be the best system for that, as I suspect?

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Would someone please summarise the fluff of Cthulhutech for me? I am so confuse how technology is mix with Lovecraft unless it invole a ship ramming into Cthulhu head.

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use standard DH rules, I guess they would handle like heavy battle armor

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Scientists found out how to use non euclidean geometry from the necronomicon and used it to create engines that could draw an infinite amount of energy from a parallel dimension composed completely of energy. These D-engines are the basis of most of the technology in CTech.

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Cthulhutech has nice art

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Thank you sir. A shoggoth for your troubles.

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Evangelion with some Lovecraftian nomenclature.

Also, all of Asia is destroyed by pseudo-Mythos monsters except Japan(superspecialawesome reasons).

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>migo send black people to invade earth
>black people change their mind and become bro's
>migo invade
>humanity and space black people have themselves a bug war
>build mechs
>deep ones come
>fight deep ones with mechs

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Indeed. In some places, at least. The quality has highs and lows.

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Oh. Well that's strange. So they use energy from another dimension by using the knowledge they gain from the necronomicon. Strange.
I have no idea what Evangelion is.
>Asia is destroy
Well shit.
>Except Japan

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Except for the black dudes being bros, that actually sounds like something Lovecraft would write.

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Also Hastur gets resurrected or whatever and leads an army of rapists, and Nyarlathothep is the CEO of the settings equivalent of the Kronos corporation.

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My question was always what happened to the MASSIVE ASS FLEET that they had.

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Yeah, apparently the author had a huge hard-on for japan or something. The fact that anime is a major inspiration doesn't help.

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Fighting Deep One with mech? Mite b cool. They'll probably win though since a Deep One could be taken out by a rifle shot and a old one they worship was killed by a Battleship to the head. (I might be wrong since this is game fluff)

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Evangelion is a legendary DEEP and MEANINGFUL anime about dead-mother-powered giant robot fighting and mentally damaged children.

Every otaku loves it to death.

It's pretty shit, though.

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Fuck Evangelion. G Gundam for the win.

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Deep Ones also have mechs. :|


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The Deep Ones have mechs too.

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It's not so much black space people as SPACE NOT-DROW.

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Sadly, Deep Ones are perhaps the least defined of all the major cults. I think there may be an supplement that fleshes them out more though.

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Mixed with a bit of Zentraedi.

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>Hastur gets resurrected
But he was never dead(?) still fuck yeah Hastur.
>Nyarlathotep CEO of Kronos corporation
So a creature that cause destruction is now a CEO of a food company?
What. I'll stick with live action film.
But. But. What the fuck.

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Ever seen Bio Booster Armor Guyver? That's the Kronos corporation I am referring to.

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idk actually I might be referring to star spawn, basically the guys that look like mini cuthullus, >>13385092
they were clones of humans created by the migo and became humanities allies after they found out their only purpose was to clear earth for the migo, they also act like tsundere Drow

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Cthulhu... Sea chicken?

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A Deep One?

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Never heard of it.
Oh ok.
>Tsundere drow

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Not only is he CEO, but apparently one of the most powerful, oldest forces in the universe is limited to cartonish villainy and assorted bullshit.

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You got it right, mini cthulhus are deep ones.

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Because the authors REALLY like anime. And Drizzt. And Drow Tales, I guess.

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Damn. Dammit. The idea of piloting machine against Deep One is too fun but the fluff is so strange I don't I can cope with.
Like? Sending seas of goons against the heroes? Create a weapon of mass destruction? BUILD A SECRET BASE IN A VOLCANIC ISLAND?
Hastur would be much more fun.

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wait then which ones looked like mini Dagon's?
not as bad as the anime where he becomes a little girl (dead serious), also in less serious games I like to play Nyarlathotep up like that. I had him as an ex-nazi supervillan in a campy 60's version of Delta green

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>the authors REALLY like anime.
Well, I guess that's not so uncommon these days..
>And Drizzt.
Well shit. I think even Salvatore has realized by now that O'durrden is a joke.
>And Drow Tales
Fuck this shit, I'm out of here.

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The same, Dagon is just a giant deep one, but he's smaller than Cthulhu so he would still qualify as a mini Cthulhu.

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Dagon. Look like this guy?
>not as bad as the anime where he becomes a little girl
Oh that one is just. Well bad. The entire Mythos as a little girl. I'm surprise there isn't a VN out by now.

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Surprisingly inb4 the rape machine.

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>Also Hastur gets resurrected or whatever and leads an army of rapists.

Wat? Since when does Hastur = Rapists? Shouldn't that be Shubb Niggurath or Narly's thing? Haster was always more about blending the borders between reality and fantasy until you just fall into his kingdom... just in time for the party too, here take your mask, isn't it fabulous? quickly, to the castle, look at the moons, so beautiful tonight."

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Hastur leads the Rapine Storm faction, which is composed mainly of cannibals, rapists, and cannibal/rapists.

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Hastur caused CROSSED?

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That's... fucking ridiculous, worse than the time Derleth tried to turn him into Cthuhlu's irrelevant cousin.

That's fucking Shubb Niggurath's territory right there!

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he's also known for spreading madness those that don't become gibbering husks become monsters. I know this thread is full of trope comparisons but think the Reavers from Firefly/Serenity

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the rape department was outsourced to Dagon

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...which is the human name for Cthulhu.

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More or less, the people that join the rapine storm tend to be the worst that humanity has to offer, it just so happens that cannibalism and rape are two of the most despised acts among pretty much any society you can name.

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I'm not sure what to think. Hastur is my favorite but this is too much. How could he attrack Rapist and Cannibals?
Did he just go around and tell them to join him? Did they come to him? Did he summon them from the magical land of insanity?

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Should go to sleep.

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shut up, Derleth

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Rapine Storm is a semi doomsday cult, the members all think that everything is fucked so we may as well do all the shit we were always afraid to do, and hanging around with mythos creatures sure as hell doesn't help their mental stability.

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>he's also known for spreading madness

That's like everyone's department ever in CoC! Hell Elder Things could cause san loss and they were just space bros!

Besides, all the known cases of people coming under the Sway of the Play show either a nearly drugged, apprehensive malaise, or a curious obsession with secret linage and privilege.

Hell go to the Insects from Shaggi or Yolgon(name not to be finished) if you want hardcore Slanneshi serial rapists.

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Except it isn't.

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Oh. So they just doesn't care anymore. That's a good enough explanation.

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>"Outsider: The Calling"

I like how everyone uses a different name for it.

Maybe we should never actually name it. Very Lovecraft.

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He also writes plays.

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any one can do math that doesn't make them Stephen hawking. hastur is like the champ of causing insanity

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Most people call it "Outsider: The Calling". It has other names. More secret names that have not been heard spoken aloud for aeons.

As for progress, a few of us are working away on it on the IRC. It seems to have gotten to that stage in a /tg/ project where the initial rush has worn off and a few dedicated cultists keep it going.


>Hell go to the Insects from Shaggi or Yolgon(name not to be finished) if you want hardcore Slanneshi serial rapists.

This. The Shan and that fat, headless corpse aren't so far distant from humanity as to make their... tastes seem odd.

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The play is inspired by the idea that is Hastur. The King in Yellow is merely a human anthropomorphisation of that core, maddening idea of beautiful entropy and decay.

At least, I think that's a far better interpretation than Hastur being a great tentacular blob, or actually a creepy guy in a mask. They're just the human reaction to a memetic mind-virus that makes reality shit itself.

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Speaking of math and Mr. Hawking, i find the use of "non-euclidean" as "causes insanity" to be amusing, when it's applied to science and things like that. In its simplest, Non-euclidean geometry is geometry that doesn't follow a cartesian coordinate plane. in other words, it's the geometry one has to use on any curved surface. Much of modern science is no stranger to it. Hell, I even joked that dealing with non-euclidean mathematics DOES make one go insane while I was suffering through the homework for my general relativity course.

All that said, I think it's mostly folks taking things a bit secondhand. Hell, look at "The Dreams in the Witch House", in which the protagonist is, in fact, interested in Miskatonic U's occult book collection as he believes they can provide him insights into modern physics. It would probably be better if D-engines and all were a little less" non-euclidean math theories made this work and people go insane" (because that's, like, stuff we already study, seriously), and more "weird theories about higher or other dimensions and their applications" or something.

I...guess non-euclidean just seems like one of those mythos buzzwords that most people use without thinking about it. So, pet peeve. Might as well voice an opinion, though. I'm sure there's other stuff people see as odd about the whole genre's conventions, as well.

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in all honesty I know jack shit about advanced mathematics, I would have used a sports metaphor but I know even less about sports

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It the book he's essentially vengeful alien space Jesus with a secret Illuminati cult.

If you wanted to play it like then you can pull in some Yog Sothoth, perhaps bring in Shubb Niggurath for your sanity shattering Intellect, Flesh, Spirituality trinity from afar.

That and it's fun to note that the Vatican was build on the foundation of an old Magna Mater temple, I wonder what they're keeping the basement?

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Forgive my ignorance, but what is Outsider: The Calling?

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God damn it /tg/, I love you guys but every time somebody mentions CT you lose your shit...
1. Scientist finds book detailing how to draw energy from extra-dimensional planes, effectively creating free infinite energy- from a book that's basically How to Summon Demons: For Morons.
2. Yay energy! Scientists start having to make San checks, occasionally accidentally summon something out of a D-Engine.
3. Mysticism now considered legitimate study, roll out the space mechs because D-Cells and non-euclidean physics make that possible.
4. Close proximity to chao- I mean Cthulhu mythos stuff makes some people fail san checks and turn to the service of the Ruino-erm, Elder Ones. Yay cultists.
5. Migou notice space mechs, they don't know how to do this: "Oh shit our zoo is acting up and the chimps made AKs and a nuke", Cultists most prominent in China and the US where the main research on crazy space squid math is going on.
6. Create servitor race from humanity, "What are humans afraid of again?" "Well this tiijii thing seems pretty riled up about something called a Drizzt, let's do that"
7. Invasive actions, cultists use cover to spread. Hastur's cult spilts in three directions, one of which deciding to be Lex Luthor, and the other two deciding "Let's bring Papa to the party!" and spending their time using summoned daem- monsters to provide blood for Hastur and his skull throne out on Leng.
8. Humanity losing, China and mostly just China is especially screwed thanks to Hastur having two branchs of his cult based there, along with an avatar. 9. Space drow turn on each other, majority decides "fuck this, we're humans now", humans have to accept space drow because they're drained.
10. Migou take ball, go home, decide to become tyranids and come back.

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sounds like a homebrew for WoD

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>sounds like a homebrew for WoD
It is. Check sup/tg/, there's several threads. It's actually pretty sweet.

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Pretty sure he meant to say Narlythothotep instead of the King in Yellow... not that it matters since I counted at least 3 uses of the name not to be said. Hope you remembered to bring a ferry fare for Lake Hali.

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A /tg/ project to make an nWoD fansplat where the Player Characters are people who have become inextricably linked with one of the Cthulhu Mythos "gods". They can embrace their alien nature, but risk the backlash of reality, since They Are Not Supposed To Be (at least not at the moment), or struggle to remain human and deny their true calling. Characters might be sorcerers who sold their souls to Nyarlathotep in exchange for power, or the only survivor of a recital of the King in Yellow, or someone whose bloodline has long been polluted by Shub-Niggurath worship and finds themselves growing tentacles and being the centre of a freaky cult, despite the fact they never chose this.

There's a few threads in the sup/tg/ archive. Go look 'em up. And we've tried to summarise everything so far in a google doc.


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I'm new to the Mythos stuff, and there's a lot of terms being used ITT I'm not familiar with. What's the best resource for getting me up to speed on all things Cthulu?

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Humans could win the damn war in a day.

Just make engels that are big enough to wield a boat as a melee weapon. Nothing can stand against a boat.

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CthulhuTech is fantastic, not as a rules system but as a setting. It's a mixture of Robotech, the Mythos, The Guyver and Neon Genesis Evangelion, so yes, anime is definitely at the core of the product, although the illustrations for the line are non-anime. Mostly gritty cyberpunkish stuff, actually.

There are few /tg/ers who absolutely loathe the game and manage to shit up every single thread about CT that gets posted, but the system is not nearly as bad as they make it out to be. It is definitely playable and enjoyable, I've had a blast running it for 2 years now.

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Read a few of Lovecraft's actual books (he wasn't that great a writer but he had some amusing ideas), and at least the first four books in "The King in Yellow" (yes it's actually a real collection of short stories, written 30 years before the rest of the damn Mythos)

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Yeah, chrysalis corp is a narlyathotep thing, my mistake. As for that other guy...well it's not like he's just going to show up while I'm writing this, right?
Now who could be at the door at this ho- MY GOD! THE CLAWS!

>> No.13385895

TYVM. On the case. Also, just found a ChthulhuWiki, so I think I'm set.

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This is a common misconception. Cthulhu was not destroyed by a boat in the story. Cthulhu dematerialized when the boat hit it and materialized again afterwards, sort of like we would sidestep an infant trying to ram us. Being a higher order multidimensional being who was not aligned properly with our dimension (because the stars were not yet right) Cthulhu then went back to his age-old slumber.

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Don't you have to be in the Elder God's minutest contempt for that to work?

>> No.13385907


Read Lovecraft firstly.

Then for a general overview of the various gods and entities, download Trail of Cthulhu from /rs/ and read the sections on Gods and Titans, the system's a bit shit, but the fluff is brilliant.

Of course, you could just cheat and read the wiki pages. But the most important thing to remember is that there's no True answers when it comes to the Cthulhu Mythos. Read what you can and take the answers and interpretations you want.

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*Cthulhu. Godammit.

>> No.13385935

His head was split open like the pulpy space squid he was, so he regenerated, took a couple of NyQuil and went back to bed. Not exactly the smooth sidestep you make it out to be, but certainly not a 'real danger' to his being.

>> No.13385937

Personally, I always imagined the "Mythos drives you crazy thing" as being more along the lines of a massive infodump about how reality really works.

Kinda like if you gave a caveman knowledge of advanced physics all at once. His fragile little mind couldn't cope with how that knowledge completely invalidates everything he "knows" about how the world works, and how it simply refuses to stop making sense.

>> No.13385957


Seconded. Always treated it like that myself.

>> No.13385972


Yeah. It's not that reality makes you insane. It's that the human mind can't comprehend all of the Truth at once. And adapting your mind to the Truth makes it harder and harder to interact with normal human society, or act like real people.

The human mind BSODs when facing the Mythos.

>> No.13386026

>implying someone couldn't go "Box of dynamite now, questions later"
Unless coming in contact with Lovecraft mythos stuff instantly downloads the universe into the human brain telepathically, I doubt that the usual going insane business makes any sense.


>> No.13386034


They simplified that by explaining that the horrors beyond space emit a crazy space-mind-radiation, which fucks up brain functions beyond all recognition.

>> No.13386044


Those are the new midichlorians.

>> No.13386078

fuck no I wouldn't, thats how the RIAA can stop piracy, attach eldritch files to digital media

>> No.13386080


Hey, midichlorians is a concept beyond horrible. You can't even compare it to most idiotic inventions in the scale of stupid.

>> No.13386088

And scientists doing just that (as opposed to simply saying, "Well that's just stupid and/or impossible") is the basis for CthulhuTech.

>converting shoetch
Yes, Captcha, that's what the thread's about, but I don't think Cthulhu is pronounced "shoe."

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Well, then common perception of Lovecraftian madness rarely happens. Reading books by themselves (except for the really, really bad stuff) doesn't drive you into a homicidal mania. Equally, a scientist who stumbles onto this stuff can remain mostly sane. It'll put strain on your mind, an you'll struggle to make others see the light. See, PharMethuselah, or Herbert West, or Crawford Tillinghast. Problem is that demonstrating it physically is going to be very, very risky. And advertising that you're working with this sort of science makes you a target for people who know those risks.


Wat. That's stupid.

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If they emit radiation you just need a bigass protective suit.

>> No.13386154


Emphasis on the word 'crazy'.

The radiation only applies to the gigantic spacetime monsters, like shoggoths; Reading forbidden tomes and learning spells just has the usual effect of "When human life seems to suck, the only cure is to stop being human".

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I would join you, but I'm a bit of a rules fascist. I've been involved in homebrew before, and spent most of my time pointing out why things are stupid.

>> No.13386195

>implying the people would actually meet up.

>> No.13386206


But that still doesn't really make sense. I mean, do all of the big entities have this property? If so, why do all of them share it when they have such different origins and identities?

>> No.13386208


If they're insane, they would.

>> No.13386213

>I'm a bit of a rules fascist.
Fact is we would need just that.

>> No.13386221


They all emit unimaginable power. And, let us remember that Lovecraftian horror is more on the side of science fantasy; Not science fiction.

As you might remember, the concept of souls is mentioned in the mythos.

>> No.13386270

Not disagreeing with your first point, but when exactly are souls mentioned in a capacity that isn't clearly poetic or possibly simply fallacious? It's been a long time since I read any Lovecraft, and I find that interesting.

>> No.13386292

>...all my tales are based on the fundamental premise that common human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large.
>— H. P. Lovecraft

He was scienci-fiction, but he used different laws of science.

>> No.13386294


That's the thing, it isn't explained. Which gives artistic freedom to the writers and GMs, who wish to toy around with the mythos and create their own stories.

>> No.13386304


Still, that isn't pure science.

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Short CthulhuTech story time:

>PCs are Tagers working for the Eldritch Society
>sent to find out what's going on at an Alaskan research outpost in midwinter
>airdrop into outpost, find the place is a mess
>10 survivors, scientists and soldiers, defending themselves against attacks by creatures
>Creatures burn down medical wing
>PC go out into winter hellstorm to fight creatures in Tager mode
>Creatures look like deranged humans, manage to escape
>PCs investigate research archives, weird shit was previously going on
>Creatures attack with explosives and machineguns, killing scientists
>PCs badly hurt defending base researchers but kill all attacking creatures
>MFW their faces when survivors turn out to be The Things
>Attacking "creatures" were actual survivors, researchers/soldiers were all Things
>1 PC eaten by Things, the other runs off into blizzard trying to reach civilization

Do ho ho, they were defending the monster.

The Things, by Peter Watts

>> No.13386321

>Outsider: The Calling

I still think that The Bound is a better name for the game

Also, there were more than six adult content books for 3.5 alone. Just saying.

>> No.13386341

Oh yeah. It's much more fantasy than science.

>> No.13386354


Souls are generally mentioned in a poetic or arcane way. Soul could refer to the mental energy of a human, it could refer to a mind-state that can be copied. It could be anything.


That's precisely what we need. None of us are particularly good at rules and crunch, and we're not so wedded to any of our ideas and mechanics that we'll call you a fag for criticising them.

>> No.13386400


A quantity that is often understood as the ability a physical system has to produce changes on another physical system.

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Wow, thread's still alive. Continuing art dump then.

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>> No.13388688

Oh dear... What happened to the deep ones...

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>> No.13388720

Also, to those of you asking what evangelion was...

pic related
Giant mechs that are actually lovecraftian horrors fight bigger lovecraftian horrors. And everyone goes insane.

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Anyone still watching this thread or should I just let it die?

>> No.13388949

More picdump, please.

>> No.13388986


>implying we ever stop watching

>> No.13389059

Contributing with what is possibly my favourite picture of Cthulhu.

>> No.13389071

I love you guys...

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Eldritch Horrors up in this thread.

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So why doesn't /tg/ like Cthulutech?

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A lot of people see the fluff as weeaboo fap fiction that has little connection beyond a few names and concepts to mainstream theories of the Cthulhu Mythos. Which is somewhat unfair, but that's how it is. And the system isn't very good.

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>> No.13389387

Fair enough. I can see all that.

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So, have you guys heard about the new "At The Mountains of Madness" movie in production? I am varying degrees of interested. I'm still skeptical of hollywood's ability to handle a lovecraftian horror.

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>> No.13389479

I was more interested before I saw Del Toro's Wolfman.

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>> No.13389503

Ouch. I'm sorry.

>> No.13389516

Guillermo del Toro directs it.

>> No.13389520

>> No.13389522


Obviously I'm sceptical. But I'm somewhat reassured by the fact that it's Guillermo Del Toro who's directing. By all accounts his script his pretty faithful. And I must admit to being somewhat excited about 3D Avatar-quality Shoggoths from Cameron. As long as he's just there for the technical side of things and as name recognition.

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You guys are better than /x/!

>> No.13389943

If it's Cameron then the Shoggoth will symbolize rampant consumerism and environmental degradation, and the scientists will manage to stop it with Ecology-speeches.

>> No.13390224


Well, they kinda do. The whole destruction of the Elder Thing civilisation by their over-reliance on Shoggoth slave labour...

That said, I think Cameron's just staying in the background.

>> No.13390378

everyone is better than /x/, they were overrun by /b/ a long time ago.

>> No.13390408

aren't all the names we give them "human" names?

I mean, it's not like they have language necessarily. It could be telepathic, so there wouldn't be much ambiguity if you just say "Hey, you, fleshbeast."

Also, what about synthetic Lovecraftian gods? Like, sentient AI that rises to the point of one of the lesser old one or something.

>> No.13390437

guys, Ron Perlman is in it.
I mean sure, who cares about the random human guy, but come on. Ron Perlman.

>> No.13390592

>> No.13390888

Rampant consumerism among the Elder Things? lol
Perhaps they should pay reparations to the Shoggoths? Conciliatory town hall meetings?

I don't thing the Mythos gives 2 fucks about the environment.

>> No.13391561

bumping for the greater glory of Dagon

>> No.13391592

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