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Mantis Warriors

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Kamen riders.

really; they have the White scar geneseed.

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I like the implication that a love for gigantic steaming motorcycles is somehow coded into their genes.

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Anyone else liking this official "Screw You, Goto" campaign Forge World is doing?

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mantis warriors... OF JUSTICE!

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I'll never understand why Games Workshop keeps using that same stupid outdated Marine templet where the SM has toothpick arms and is spreading his legs like he has elephantitis....

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What did Goto try to do to Badab War stuff?
That Marine looks like he has to pee and his armour's recirculating system isn't working.

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You know, this explains just why you never hear about Space Marines doing guerilla warfare.

Because no one can live to tell the tale about Space Marine guerilla warfare.

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Well you have to leave room for the big swinging dick

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Its because they are preparing to T-Bag.

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It's like how you never hear about Orks wearing Purple.

Because Purple is the stealthiest colour.

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I'm a White Scars player, and how do these mantis guys differ from my Scars?

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More Justice seeking.

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AN ENTIRE CHAPTER OF KAMEN RIDER. I might play Space Marine just for that.
Though I have to paint the entire Chapter in V1 colour scheme and paint all their badges like this.

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They're green.

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They don't ride bikes as often.


No. They are the SPACE SHARKS!

First in, Last Out!

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Hey...wont you believe in them? ...even if there is no God Emperor or Warp Gods...there is Mantis Warriors.

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Anyone else think the Umbra Pattern bolt gun looks like the 40k bolter equivalent of an AK-47. Or is it just me seeing that because the Mantis Warriors are guerilla warfare masters?

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>Mantis Warriors

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Saw that as well. Thought I'd try to resist the urge.

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I can see it. Especially if it had wood furniture.

As far as non-Godwyn pattern boltguns go, however, I prefer the Phobos.

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If you look closely at the Carcharodon text (Near the middle of the middle column), they were 'originally' called "Carcharodon Astra".

So, they're STILL technically called Space Sharks, just with a fancier name.

(Though I can see whyt you'd be pissed with the change. You don't see the Space Wolves being turned into the Canis Astra"

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According to some old fluff, perhaps not valid anymoe, they sometimes go through a battle trance, during which they become over-focused with a narrow vision field, but also stronger and quicker.

Also, special veterans battleforce: the praying mantidae.

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Personally, I prefer the Umbra Ferrox bolters box-mags.

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They'll always be just "Space Sharks" to me.

At least their Chapter Master looks like a total badass.

Lightning Claws? Boring. Chain Fists? Meeehh.. How about some LIGHTNING CHAIN FISTSCLAWS?

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I can't WAIT until they release him, and the Shark Claw upgrade kit.

My bank account will hate me, but my termies will love me.

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Am I the only one who really liked the Fire Angels from IA: Badab War Part 1? Awesome scheme and I even liked their fluff

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Same here. All the hubris stuff and the fluff seeds that nearly explain why the became the Legion.

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Astral Claws.
>Ex Red Corsairs player here.

>> No.13373611

U mad they didn't keep their old livery?

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