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ITT: Warhammer races that's been slain by GW because they are stupid. Give me your grief, lets hear about them armies that had to be stacked up on the shelf because the universe dident want them anymore!

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was there a space rat faction? And were any of these races any good?

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You know who hasn't gotten the axe?



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It certainly looks like it's happening to the Spess Elfs.

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What is the most missed race out there?

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Here's one that's hopefully actually in the works.

Given the Hellcannon in the Warriors of Chaos army, and how prominently they featured in one of the Warhammer Heroes novels, I'm hoping the Dawi Zharr might finally return.

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What happend with lizard mens in space?

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forge world is making some chaos dwarfs

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Well, they certainly are headed that way.
Nothing to do with the army though, like Dogs of War in Fantasy, GW just doesn't want to update them. Can't blame them, they might conflict with more marines.

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I know that Space marines and IG are the most played races, but what comes third?

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Are you questioning my loyalty and faith commissar? You are treading a dangerous path.

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How about you go out and buy more Sisters to make them want to update them? Vote with your money instead of complaining on the internet.

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I'm sorry, they look like rats to me, not Hrud at all.

I don't get it, why do people keep calling Hrud, Skaven and why do they keep using Skaven minis? They look hardly anything alike.

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And that's ever worked in the past?

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I bought about $500 worth. Guess what? That didn't make GW do anything.

Fuck you.

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just use the space marines rules for a female space marines army

see http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/110416.page

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But nobody who makes less than a billion dollars a year can afford to make a sisters army now. GW has priced the sisters out of contention.

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This. If Hrud were ever to become a playable race I would prefer them to be far more alien than "space skaven", even if they do behave verminously.

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I'm literally going to make the tank component of my IG army a "consolidated abhuman armor regiment" created when the Imperial Squat worlds were destroyed by Hive Fleet Jervis.

Use Scrunt tank commanders from http://olleysarmies.co.uk/.

Also, lol at GW's weak-sauce "we weren't taking the Squats seriously enough, durp-a-durp-durp" in a game world with Space Elves, Halflings, Ogres, and 7 foot tall sentient (semi-sentient) war fungus, the DWARVES weren't serious enough? ORLY?

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Aw fuck, no. Don't be one of those fags. Seriously.

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I think writing letters would do more than that at this point. GW IS putting out plastic sisters/grey knights, so hopefully we'll get them in the next year or two.

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I've just about given up hope, seeing as greenskins are getting a new book before these poor souls.

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Hrud were first described as cloaked little guys with long, rat-like tails coming out from underneath.

Than Xenology or whatever book is terrible by the way.

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No fucking kidding.

At this point, I'm convinced that they're only possible to use as allies for your SM's or Guardsmen. They're too stupidly expensive for anything else.

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>>female spess mehreens


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Until I see a codex, I believe no rumors.
Pic very related.

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What? It could work, just not with the current geneseed the Imperium has.

In other words, not ever.

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Yo dawg, we heard you liek Allies so we...
...took Inquisition Allies out of the next codex.

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The Hrud were actually space Skaven with a World War 1 vibe going on. Since GW are bastards and try to pretend 40K was never Fantasy In Space they retconned the Hrud and made them leech things instead. Sigh.

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Latest word from GW is Sisters are not till 2013at the earliest and plastics are very unlikely at this point. The Hair is to difficult to sculpt.

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Or the organs.

So, yeah, without geneseed and organs a Space Marine is literally a Stormtrooper. Literally.

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I feel your pain, brother. Created from the geneseed of the Emperor himself, and yet we cannot get a new codex.

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Source of pic?

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These guys may have gotten a bit better in 8th Edition rules, but there is a lot that needs to be buffed and changed. IMO besides Tomb Kings these guys needed a big update as well.

I personally would love to see Chaos Dwarfs, but I know it will never happen =(

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It's complete bullshit and GW knows it. The sisters are not really any harder to sculpt than any of their other armies. They just don't want to update anything.

And if it is that hard, all they have to do is sculpt a few new sister designs that has them wearing their helmets or with different hair.

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As Xenology said, that is an artist's depiction based off of glimpses a terrified civilian had of a Hrud. The autopsy info leans HEAVILY toward ratmen.

That could've just as easily been a ghillie suit that a Hrud was wearing that the in-world artist jazzed up.

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>pageboy haircut
>difficult to sculpt
Calling bullshit on that one right there.

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Everyone know that the SPASS MAREEHNS are a big macho gang all huddle together in their pederasty fortresses of manlyness. NO WUMAN ALLOWED!

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This from a company that did the High Elves? That's almost too stupid to believe.

Then I remember which company we're talking about. Right.

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Just give them fucking helmets then.

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With Fusils. That will never cease to be my favorite weapon name in all 40k. It's so goddamn fun to say.

"This is my HRUD FUSIL. There are many others like it, but this one's mine."

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From what I remember of the fluff the Hrud lived on a planet that was constantly assailed by strong warp storms that bombarded the surface with-I shit you not- warpstone. The settlers began living underground for protection and gradually mutated to become more ratlike.

Personality-wise they were nothing like the Skaven, except skitty and nervous.

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And yet that is what was said.

It makes sense though, Bald and Topknot are the most common hair-styles so maybe the GW Sculptors just can't do hair to save their life.

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40k is lame. Deal with it.

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Can anybody work out what the hell most of these are?

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Shhh, adults are talking.


The hell is a fusil anyway, i never seen one up close.

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I play things that aren't space marines.

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Holy shit. I can has hi-res plz?

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picture is from the 40k 3rd edition rulebook

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I remember playing IG for Space Marine (what we used to call Epic). I had Imperial Beastmen infantry, they took down a chaos titan.

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That's what I was thinking. Black Templars on the cover an whatnot.

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1. Sculpt vaguely hair-shaped helmet similar to picture.
2. Scrape texture lines into it.
3. Smooth out imperfections.

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Fusil is just a rifle I think? No idea what GW was planning for it, they never published stats.

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let's see.
I can make out squats, zoats, zokaero (I wasn't even aware GW ever MADE models for them), a centaur, and an imperial beastman (I actually have that model myself.)
The rest I really have no clue about.

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Hrud technology is often scavenged from other races. A weapon of their own development is the Hrud fusil, a weapon based on warp-plasma technology

copypasted from lexicanum

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so pretty much a copypaste of Skaven's warpfire guns dumped into 40K

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I love how they sneakily brought back a couple of the old species in the Dark Eldar codex. Clawed fiends, and Snakemen under a different name in the Court of the Archon.

The monkey at the back is a Jokaero, they were super-intelligent space orang-utans who were the makers of digi-weapons.

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Derp tail=rat? I dont think so tim, never saw the rest of the body did you?

No what about them Imperial Beastmen?

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>>Hive Fleet Jervis

Fuckkin lol. GW murdered the Squats and gave us Catachans instead.

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>seeing as greenskins are getting a new book before these poor souls.

Well, the O&G army is broken as hell in the worst of ways. They do need a new book.

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What about em?

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a ultramarine used a fusil in on of the Ultramarine books in order to punch a hole into a Norn Queen. Wasn't that great of a book but it was nice to see them using established fluff. If I remember right he described it firing like a melta beam but more concentrated.

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They paved paradise, and they put up a parking lot.

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Granted they are pretty bad, but Tomb Kings have been needing an update forever.

Ogre Kingdoms aren't much further ahead either.

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Yeah. It fired a mutagenic dart afterwards too, through the hole created by the super-melta thing.

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Craftworld Eldar.

You know it to be true, they'll die and in their place the Empire of Ultramar will become a stand alone faction.

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the price for Sisters of battle have been raised?
(yeah I live under a rock)
but ...theyre the sexiest army out there...NOOUUH!

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Jokaero still exist in fluff, iirc the Imperium captures them for as long as they can so that they make digital weapons, but they always escape.

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You can only buy them in blisters from GW, no more boxed sets. A blister of 3 sisters costs £10.50 with Sister superiors and special weapons around the £7.50/8 mark.

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Since we know GW shall never resurrect these dead races, what kind of NEW races would folks like?

I mean thematicly more than stats wise. Personaly I want some damn space sharks.

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Exodite Eldar as a stand alone codex really would have occupied a very small niche within a small niche market.

But ELVES RIDING DINOSAURS and TRAINED DINOSAURS would have been so awesome.


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>space sharks
They already got some.

>> No.13374200

I think its safe to say, eldar or not, DINOSAURS IN SPACE is always an awesome thing to hear said.

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I stumbled upon 60 SoB models on an auction site. $65 as a Buy Now.
I was considering it, but I hesitated for too long. When I returned several hours later they had just been snapped up.

Still kicking myself several months later.

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No concrete evidence of new codex here, but I'm about 99% sure now that if they ever do admit to model troubles with the sisters, it won't be for detail reasons. Not after the Wyches/Warriors and Lelith out of the new Dark Eldar range.

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they need to stat up Exodite Eldar for tabletop and relese some frikkin' minis

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Carcharadons say hi

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Seriously? Who the fuck told you that "hair" was the problem. Either you're gullible or an idiot, because GW has been able to make plastic hair forever.

However what has been noted as a difficulty is the robes the Sisters wear. Jes said they were having a little trouble splitting them into multi-part plastics and still having a completely detailed model.

hair... geez

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Intelligent, non-humanoid cephalopods who reside on the rocky core of gas giants. They normally farm their planets' atmospheres and nearby nebulae for energy and food but "recently" became technologically saavy thanks, accidentally, to the Imperium who have left damaged or derelict ships adrift in their area of the universe. The cephs reverse engineered the available technology, then personalized it to their own specifications. Unfortunately, the newfound power and cosmic access has gone to their heads as they've greedily farmed out the entirety of their main home planet for resources. Their hunger for power grows as they've incorporated the primitive race of asteroid dwelling crustaceans into the fold as a source of manual labor.

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Along with making DoC NOT overpowered as shit, 8th edition also brought O&G up from the lowest dregs. They needed a new book only a little more than average. Ogre Kingdoms and Wood Elves are in a far worse boat than them.

And freaking Tomb Kings are still using one of the old black-bound army books. No excuse for them not being on the top of the update pile

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I would be hard to add anymore races to the 40k verse, simply because there's no more room.

The Tau empire is so small cause of the time they were put into the game, they basically choose a small unclaimed piece of space as their empire.

What would be possible though is to have something like a mercenary race. One that does not need an Empire, but can be found all over the galaxy. A mixture of 10+ races combined with random new weapons from all over the galaxy. Where each unit would be a different race with different stats.

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What is this supposed to be (specifically, not yet more ultramarine faggotry)

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Sauce on that picture? It looks pretty modern(ish) for squats.

>> No.13374648


Where did these come from and how can I acquire hundreds of them?

>> No.13374725


Not sure, but these are pretty great: http://olleysarmies.co.uk/scrunts.html

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>He think GW updates armies based on age

GW is ruled by monkeys and you will be a the biggest monkey if you ever buy from them

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Honorguard concepts, not sure from who or when but they're from GW.


The galaxy is filled with hundreds of races that haven't been explored by GW, the Tau empire are not even the biggest xeno force in the galaxy, that place belongs to the Draxian Hegemony who have started attacking the Imperium of Man recently.

There's also the Umbra and the Hrud, and many other species like those space squids who shoot rainbow plasma because they consider war to be art.

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>Talking about armies in dire need of updating
>No mention of Bretonnia
>Everyone always forgets Bretonnia

>> No.13375137


Draxian Hegemony was only the first among the list of young xeno races (that also included the Tau) in 5th edition rulebook.

They weren't mentioned to be the largest (non-codex) xeno force in the galaxy, one of the alien races mentioned in "Visions of Heresy" that started to plague Imperium in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy like the Confederation of Hykos could easily be larger, as they've had much longer to expand.

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They're classic Squat models facing off against modern nids in a nice diorama. Shows they can still, just about, look ok next to the more recent stuff - with a great paint job.

>> No.13375227

Your tactics are millenia old to begin with.

>> No.13375346

The converse of that is that the longer you've been around, the longer you've had to be squished by either The Imperium, Orks, Tyranids or one of the other factions

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>space squids who shoot rainbow plasma because they consider war to be art.


>> No.13375402


They're called Thyrrus:


They communicate with each other by shooting plasma weapons.

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To say that there's no space for a new race in 40k is retarded, there's already a shitload of races in 40k that haven't been expanded upon:


Not to mention other factions like the Mechanicus and the Eldar Exodites.

>> No.13375440

>space squids who shoot rainbow plasma because they consider war to be art.

Apparently they're religious nutters who belive that dying in a multicoloured plasma-fire fueld by a combusting tank pleases their god.

Which would make them the coolest army ever to play. Especially against vehicle-heavy IG, Speed Cult Orks or BIKES EVERYWHERE Space Wolves.

>> No.13375458

That's how they COMMUNICATE?!

Why am I only just informed of this now? Hello Conversions!

... I wish I played IG and had one as the Vox thing. Might have to settle for a squad of Vindicators or Predators with one of them to talk to the other tanks.

>> No.13375487



* 1: Xenology

In other words, not canon.

>> No.13375490

>The Thyrrus are a squid-like alien species who see war as a performance, thus making tactical decisions based on spectacle, flash and aiming to inflict the heaviest casualties on both sides - rather than what is tactically sensible to non-Thyrrus.

>to inflict the heaviest casualties on both sides

>both sides


>> No.13375494


>implying Xenology is not canon

u mad?

>> No.13375505


Fra'al were attacking the Imperium during M37, as were the Slaught, and these were the first official records of these races.

Tyranids came around in latter half of the 41st Millennium, and only threaten the galaxy from certain points. Even the Tau were capable of surviving them.

Eldar lack the power and will to make concentrated efforts to destroy larger spacebound realms. Orks have the numbers but not the organization, and if you have capable spaceships you can blast the WAAAGH's right off the galactic map - like how Eldar, the Imperium and even Tau handle most of them.

The Ghoul Stars have been inhabited by hostile xenos for multiple millennia, Demiurg are also considered "ancient". Necrons and Tyranids, who were absent or asleep during Humanity's history, should not threaten xenos of that era either. The Imperium would be capable of killing off the Tau - or the Eldar - and certainly many other aliens if it was not overstrained by having to spread its forces over a massive area.

Anything that lives in the Halo Stars would also be utterly safe from them, as Macharius noted to his disappointment the Emperor's faithful are reluctant to leave his light and brave the darkness.

>> No.13375506

>implying it is
No. But it isn't canon. Don't expect GW to do anything with them.

>> No.13375537


>But it isn't canon

Cool story bro, do you have a source on that? Or are you only an anal pained tau fanboy? because Tau fanboys are the ones who always claim that Xenology isn't canon.

And does this mean that all black library books are not canon? are you saying that anything that isn't a codex is not canon?

Or do you really have a source saying that Xenology isn't canon? No? I thought so, get out.

>> No.13375560

I do not care. This is easily the most awesome concept GW has come up with.

Imagine: Expensive, weak units that have a reasonable random chance worked into their stats or rules. Highly infiltrating (either by just dropping their gelatonius bodies from deep space: counts as Deep Strike or by changing their camo to RAINBOWRAINBOWLOVE after deployment) suicide squads with super powerful blasts.

Objectives: Not the same as the enemies' stupid Capture and Hold shit! We destroy everything. Just Destroy. Everything. Bonus points if you make bingo patterned explosions.

>> No.13375573

Races are being cut out of Warhammer for being stupid? Have these people read any Warhammer stuff? It's all stupid. Pic so related.

>> No.13375578

Xenelogy, like most/all Black Libary novels, are to be considered canon unless a codex or rulebook contradicts them on a certain thing, or so every GW staffer I've ever known says.

>> No.13375584


>calling Orks and Ork tech stupid


>> No.13375588

Derp. *is/are

>> No.13375598


Yes that's how GW's canon work, if a codex doesn't contradict it, its canon. Does a codex state that the Thyrrus don't exist or say that they were destroyed? No? Then they exist.

>> No.13375645

Fuck all of this nonsense, I'm a SPASS MAHREEN and I dont care if Eldars or SoB gets sacked in the great abyss of GW. THE SPASS MAHREENS will always be the first to get an update, new miniatures and more units.

>> No.13375647

Chill bro, you aren't replying to the anon you think you are.

>> No.13376173

They could have him fooled seeing as all space marines are bald.

>> No.13376247

chaos dwarves is a warhammer forge project and will not be a stand alone book just a campaign and allies to chaos.

Tomb Kings and Ogre Kingdoms is in the pipeline after the new Orc & Goblin list at the end of this quarter.

Also nothing is ever canon in the worlds of warhammer.

>> No.13376625

>>Yes the problem with the Sisters of Battle has been the cloth robe sleeves on the under side of their arms, their hair and also the script work on their shoulders.
>>The hair is essentially the same thing. They want the new models to be much more dynamic, which would mean their hair would not be as static as the previous Sisters of Battle miniatures.
>>It might be the fact that you are very limited in undercuts on a tool when producing plastic miniatures
StraightSilver from talking to Jes Goodwin.

Told you so.

>> No.13376743


What happened to the Daemonettes was shit-tier. Do you really want the same thing to happen to your SoBs? Dryads weren't too bad, but dryads are a relatively simple model when you break it down to ... well... sticks.

>> No.13376792

I hate the hair they do nowadays with the computer sculpted models. 8 strands of super thick hair, more like they have an octopus than a hairdo.

>> No.13376834

I didn't mention Dryads or Daemonettes nor do I really see where you are going.
Dryads were improved vastly by their plastic option, but face it, just a pile of sticks would have been an improvement. Pic related.

Daemonettes would have been better, way better if they Didn't change them.

>> No.13376866

>because Tau fanboys are the ones who always claim that Xenology isn't canon.

Tau are my least favorite race and I can tell you that Xenology is not canon.

>And does this mean that all black library books are not canon?

Only a fool thinks Black Library is canon.

>> No.13376892

Sorry, but Black Library was NEVER canon.

>> No.13376923

Well. Look at the changes from single (or pretty much single) metal models to multi-part plastics. It works really well when there are simple models, like sticks, but when you have hair and robes and plate it starts to get difficult.

The best example I can think of, well the only example, is Dryads (Good) and Daemonettes (Very, oh-so-very, Bad).

>> No.13376950

You know what,

Why isn't there a codex for Traitor Guard?
I mean, they make up a majority of Chaos's Materium forces, easly out numbering CSMs. Any yet they are banned from tourneys, and get little action in other GW stuff (books, games, etc) So I mad,

I very mad

>> No.13376981

Ah, the lost days of 2nd Edition Chaos and Genestealer Cults.
So much potential, at least in the Traitor Guard. They still have many historical uniforms to plagiariseImeanimitate.

>> No.13376998

But that wasn't why the Daemonettes are crap.
It's because of the Transvestite Stripper look and faces that took one to many hits with the ugly stick or the whole tree.
Look at High Elves & Dark Eldar, if Sisters still can't be done after those then GW simply needs to Fire the Sculpting Department and hire new blood, preferably ones that can sculpt female faces.

>> No.13377039

>> No.13377094

Daemonettes should be ugly, thats why they are so horrible, because they seduce men despite being horrible things.

>> No.13377125

So why couldn't they provide "demonic allure" faces and "fugly bird-demon faces" for those who want to SHOW the damn power of theirs?

>> No.13377442


Fuck 2nd edition, even The Lost and The Damned list from the Cadian Gate campaign was pretty ok.

>> No.13377466

If Lizardmen/slann 40k return, they will return as part of an exodite Eldar force.

But don't hold your breath, despite how awesome that would be.

>> No.13377487

90% of the people complaining about squats, OP included, are newfags who have never even owned a squat minature and are bitching about squats just to bitch.

>> No.13377557

What's with all these trolls? seriously, get a life.

>> No.13377612


Yep, just like I said, the robes. DE have shown any "hair" problems are gone. And upcoming plastic Grey Knights are going to demonstrate the should script work. Only the arm robes have yet to be pioneered. As far as we know anyway.

>> No.13377681


>People don't realize that Bretonnia kicks so much arse anyway and they don't really super need one yet

>> No.13377714

I'm fine with beastmen in 40k, but only if they're chaos. I don't want furries in my Imperium of man

>> No.13377836

>The autopsy info leans HEAVILY toward ratmen.

they have spines in their arms and they lack tails

no sir, they're not ratmen

>> No.13378211

Oddly enough it's mentioned that the robes have been mostly solved and that the hair and Purity Seals were still the problem children.

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