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Things that would make you forgive Games Workshop's bullshit ITT

A 40k racing game in the style of Mario Kart.

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There is no such thing

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If they would stop buttfucking the eldar, or at least start using lube when they do so.

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But there should be.

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Erase everything they've done with the Horus Heresy and leave it in the mythical forgotten past.

or a book titled I, Ollanius. That'd be pretty cool if they're just going to keep at it.

>Historical Robars

How fitting.

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Company of heroes featuring every single imperial guard regiment, with soundtracks that vary depending on your play style and current standing. (Sabaton's Panzer Battalion when the Steel Legion swarms like locusts of Red Alert's hell march the "choke the enemy with our dead" strategy)

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Making the Fimir come back with the same background but even more badass (still raping wimminz) and miniatures designed by Jes Goodwin, like the original ones.

I have to say that the job they did on Dark Eldars temporarly made me forget how douchy they often are.

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>>Things that would make you forgive Games Workshop's bullshit ITT.
Put all Space Marines into one single codex, including Blood Angels, Grey Wolves, Chaos Space Marines AND Ultramarines.

That is a start, it will NEVER happen tough, GW would sooner become an hero than even consider this.

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I like the Tauasaki :3

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An Adeptus Mechanicus codex.

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>To get me into table-top 40k:
Releasing all the core rules and codices in a single book, at the beginning of each edition - so you know what you're playing against, and all the armies are fucked/overpowered to the same degree, because they have been properly playtested.

Subsequent releases in that edition are models, background and Chapter-Approved style fun rules.

Plastics that are less than £1 a model.

>To get me back into Fantasy:
Re-sculpting the Empire line to have poofy sleeves and cod-pieces again. Then I'll just play with the Ravening Hordes lists, the 7th Ed ruleset and be a happy little grognard.

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>Implying Chaos Space Marines wouldn't work better as Elite Choices in a Forces of Chaos book

Otherwise, even as a Blood Angels player I agree. This Codex For Every Chapter thing is getting preeeeetty fuckin' ridiculous.

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There should be a Chaos book that can run an all-marine army or a Lost and the Damned force.

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there is nothing GW could do that would ever make me forgive them


rerelease of Chainsaw Warrior
rerelease and support for Man of War
rerelease and support for Epic.2nd edition-not that armegadeon crap
bringing back the squa........

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6th Edition redesign from the ground floor to incorperate the good design elements from War of the Rings. Place a heavy emphasis on keeping the rules balanced at high and low points levels. Include Necromunda/Mordheim/Kill Team level detail but introduce "Horde" Mechanics from FFG's Deathwatch to deal with large units. Refine and simplify rules to provide clarity. The game should be easier to learn and harder to master.

Introduce 6th Edition as one giant tome featuring one list for each race that can purchase their army build and army legacy as army list upgrades. Kind of like now with SCs but instead of buying Vulkan you buy "Salamanders Gene Seed" for +X points.

In addition to purchasing your army build (seige, scouting party etc) and army legacy (Space Marine Chapter, Ork Clan, Eldar Craftworld etc) you would then purchase a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary mission such as "assassinate Enemy HQ" or "protect drop zone until reinforcements arrive" from a list of about 20 or so that everyone has access to, This way the battles two armies fight against each other make sense thematically right off the bat.

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that is all

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A well made, Intuitive 3rd person action Game of Pic Related with cohesive plot, good characterisation and that doesn't shit all over established plot.

A well written, absorbing novel and graphic novel of Pic Related with cohesive plot, good characterisation and that doesn't shit all over established plot.

A well made, Intuitive Codex of Pic Related with cohesive army list, good rules and that DOES shit all over established plot.

Fucken Plastics of Pic Related already.

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There was a Gorkamorka videogame, wasn't there?


Cut prices in half.
Actually playtest armies. On tables that don't consist of almost empty plains.
Designers who don't think it's a venal sin if the game doesn't end in a huge hand-to-hand pileup.
Hire editors and technical writers who aren't married to the game designers.
Bring back Warhammer Quest.
Bring back Necromunda.
Bring back Mordheim.
Bring back Space Marine/Titan Legions.

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Make ALL units in updated Codices have a use.

Looking at you, Pyrovores.

Also.... try giving the Grey Knights preferred enemy over Chaos Daemons and we might see them around a bit more.

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why do i suddenly get the image of a 40k version of F-Zero?

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1. A fully funded 40k Battlefront styled game

2. Instead of faction only based codexes every year, GW would make one big codex-codex with rules and fluff for all factions every year.

3. Cheaper models, available in pre-built and pre-painted forms, allowing people not so keen on painting and assembling to get into 40k easily by picking those choices.

4. Less hamfisted grimderp, along with retcons of some pretty bad grimderp herps.

5. Removal of Matt Ward and a retcon on all his works.

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If they'd stop trying to give me my own damn store.


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On top of that, while books will not be mixed, encourage players to use multiple legal (1 HQ, 2 Troops) armies in one game. Like doubles tournaments now but without the need for a second player. This sort of happens now, but I'd like to see it actually officially encouraged so that I'll start seeing more "1,000 points of traitor guard and 500 points of daemons" style armies without resorting to giant apocalypse battles that take all day.

I'd also really like if the core rules, like Lord of the Rings, placed a heavier emphasis on warband sized games. Mordheim/Necromunda/Gorkamorka battles could be easily reintroduced with playtested and refined rules in 6th Edition 40k. Give 40k a much more squad based, tactical feel. Then you can choose to scale up and challenge yourself with larger strategies.

As to the master army list in the core book, I'd like to see a simple purchasing system where basically every species or "sufficiently unique thing" gets a unit entry and can purchase any option available to the race including certain parts of a master skill list that they have access to at varying costs. Vehicles would get one of these unit entries too. Basically the Vehicle Design Rules all over again.

Except this would all work because in this magical fairy land where GW actually playtests the shit out of their stuff and the game is well balanced on the points system alone.

And if it's well balanced on just points you can easily have campaigns too where xp directly convert into points allowing your army to grow and purchase new skills and equipment.

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Because F Zero is awesome and you want to see Ciaphas Cain in a future gokart kicking everyone else's ass set to this music.


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Update all the codex' at the same time a new edition is released.

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There was a Gorkamorka game being planned but it was scrapped. Below is a trailer or something.


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> Designers who don't think it's a venal sin if the game doesn't end in a huge hand-to-hand pileup.

If only I had a picture of an ork going "U MAD?"

have this instead

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Grots: the Reckoning. You know you'd play.

More games not focused on the Mehrines. More women in the setting -and especially the model selection.

Samus as a lost Primarch. =D

Gav Thorpe tortured 'til he completes the Path of the Eldar.

A massive sandbox title with multiple factions, mixed melee and ranged combat mechanics, vehicles and TYRANIDS!
Think Mercenaries + APB + Dead to Rights.

An anime army variant for the Tau and Eldar. Cutenids. Chick Marines. Emo Chaos Forces. Army of CUHLTEEST.

Loss of direct fire for IG Artillery.

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A new Gaiden Game featuring squad combat akin to Infinity. No new minis are needed but a cohesive ruleset that covers all factions is a must.
Make it accurate to fluff and not game balance (That's what points are for).
Cover all the Factions in it. Even make new ones up if you want.

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I can't tell if you're trolling.

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pdfs of all the rules. Updated with FAQs and eratta twice per year and reprinted in hard copy once per year.

Come on GW it would be easier for you, you'd still get a good amount of people buying it and you'd render piracy irrelivant. Plus you could actually correct unforseen flaws in your game as they occur instead of waiting an edition to fix them.

Seriously though. Tournament level playtesting of a game marketed and thought of as a small warband game but that is designed to scale up in points really well. Like Mordheim meets Lord of the Rings but with vehicles. That is what I want out of my 40k.

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>1. A fully funded 40k Battlefront styled game

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He is using emoticons, of course he is trolling

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>Pre-assembled, pre-painted
Man, ihope you're saying this apart from the regular range. See what happened to AT 43.

>Implying there is such a thing as an established plot.

Your sororitas as you know them since 3rd already shit all over the plot. They were originally explicitly said not to be under the Inquisition's command. As for the funny stuff, like, assassins, their original fluff actually made sense, since they were not overspecialised for asspie 13 yr old. Also, Grey Knights were not so few, and the Ordo Malleus was a meta-Ordo that could control all others. No stupid division between ordos that doesn't mean shit. Same stuff for the deathwatch: EVERY goddamn marine is already supposed to now how to kill a xeno, and to have the best equipment and training possible to achieve this; the Inquisition codices were all categorizan and specializan against common but in favor of assburgers who cannot appreciate things without labelling them.

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>coming soon to dreamcast

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I'm not, these are all on my 40K wishlist. =]
Now...the results of any of this coming true would probably be EPIC TROLL, but that'd just be a delicious side effect and not an intended outcome.
I'm pretty fond of the Grimderp, but I also rather like parody -and there's few better flavors then balls-out self-parody.

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>Man, ihope you're saying this apart from the regular range. See what happened to AT 43.
You can still have the choice of buying regular ones like always.

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You know what?
That's the best idea i've ever heard
We're going to start production tomorrow

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>>3. Cheaper models, available in pre-built and pre-painted forms, allowing people not so keen on painting and assembling to get into 40k easily by picking those choices.

I really like this, too.
Make them plastic and articulated, a little larger for a skirmish-scale game. Would be pretty damn boss. Sort of like Lego scale with swappable parts, but with a little better detail and body shapes of course.

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There can be a parody without weeaboo everywhere. Just hand that to the orks, not to 4chan.

However, i have to admit I'd really like to buy Cultist-chan for realz.

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This thread feels a lot more derpy than the last time we had it.

I hope GW raises the prices even higher than they usually do so maybe some of you fuckers won't be able to afford internets

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Mm. Deluxe Cultist with Chaos and Sister Ringarde included.
I'm down, I'd buy a couple.

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I don't know. Maybe if they licensed a Homeworld-esque vidya game set in the 40K verse.

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Necrons would dominate like they do on the tabletop and in the fluff.
Do you really want that?

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Why does everyone hate on GW?

5th edition is the most balanced one yet.
Their prices are on the same level as their main competitors.
The models keeps getting better and in many cases even cheaper as they release new plastics.

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Picking on the big guy is always easiest.

Also, overplaying Space Marines and underplaying everyone else by extension.

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Sister Ringarde?!

Did mr culexus come up with this name? That's delightfully derpy.

Also, emo-marines are now canon. They are the Lamenters. You thought they were just a tragic, cursed chapter who courageously tried to keep on fightan the powa even if they are all dying? Nooooo! The Badab War vol 2 states that if they are cursed, it's because they are genetically suicidal and melancholic. it's now fully official. The lamenters are canon emo marines.

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I'd far prefer an actual Homeworld 3.

Much more interesting universe than 40k.

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For the Cron codex to break the xeno codex curse of balanced to lose to humans.

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vol 1, derp.

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Then don't include them, or make them like the Bentusi; supremely powerful, yet unplayable.


After the horrible job they did with the Homeworld 2, I'm not sure I want to see a third.

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I know, and it shits me that the only 40k faction I care about GW is determined to run off course and grind into the dirt.

However the last thing I want in a book, comic or game is suddenly, Outa fucken nowhere, Chaos Sisters or even any major changes from how Sisters are meant to be portrayed.
Then, for a codex, I WANT them to do away with all the fucking bullshit they have been throwing every which way.
Drag the date of the Age of Apostasy back a few M to 32 or something so the Sisters have been around for a while, reinstate their Marine Purging job, Only one to has fallen back in, Get rid of the fucking =][= from the Sisters fluff and have them go back to the background where they belong. As recent as the =][= 52mm mini game the Ordo Hereticus had a Marine chapter as their Chamber Militant (No name is given), bring that back just to get them out of the Sisters.
in Essence, Make Sisters fucking GOOD.

Yes, I really fucking mad!

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Marine codexes are cut & paste jobs that take no effort and pay for all the other codex releases.

The reason they released even more marine shit lately was to fund the Dark Eldar release which they didn't know if it would pay off.

Seeing ass it was a smash hit we are likely to see more Xeno codexes after the Inquisition release.

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He did. It means...something.
"courageous", I think. Maybe "faithful."

Course I can't find it now. Oh well.

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>After the horrible job they did with the Homeworld 2
Homeworld 2 was the best Homeworld game yet. What the hell are you talking about?

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Battlefield: Bad Company 40,000


>> No.13371144


Gameplay wise, yes. Fluff wise, no. Fucking terrible.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it. Sounds teutonic, of course, but could as well be french.

>> No.13371152

What exactly didn't you find completely awesome about the Vaygr?

>> No.13371159

Clearly, the 40k shooter everyone wants should use Red Faction Guerrillas engine.
It would work so well.

>> No.13371160

Its always fluff first with you guys when it comes to video games.
Hot damn do I wish /v/ was here.

>> No.13371165

Enjoy devastators with refined explosives spamming rockets.

>> No.13371168

I would support this fully if there were no punkderpster required for said game. (Seriously what anti-cheat system needs not one but two system processes to be on at all times even when i'm not playing the game?)

>> No.13371185

Get a Homeworld thread going on /v/, then.

/v/ talks about video games, but you have to actively start a thread to get it going.

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>gather up da boyz
>rush the shiny sphessmarine cybork
>silly grot doesn't have enough dakka to hit ALL of us
pic related, its after the battle.

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All the spiritual and prophecy bullshit? No mention of such in Cataclysm, a few minor bits of dialogue about the returning ones in the first game, and suddenly 2 rolls around and the Hiigarans are a deeply spiritual people who worship Karen and are up to their neck in all kinds of super ancient prophecies? Stupid.

>> No.13371196


>implying Devastator's dont spam that shit already.

Kill yourself.

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>mentioning cataclysm

>> No.13371228



Jesus Christ, an hero now you waste of life.

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OP, I would play that, and I'm not even into 40K.

>> No.13371260


>implying people even take Devastators

>> No.13371311


>implying you even know what you're talking about, or have the faintest idea what goes into a good army.

>> No.13371312 [DELETED] 

A Dawn of War in which every race gets its own linear story-driven campaign, not the Dark Crusade/ Soulstorm risk-style bs.

>> No.13371339


Not saying they aren't good, I myself take them.

In tournaments they are about as rare as Chaos Possessed though.

>> No.13371434

GTA necromunda:-
"You killed that Van Saar, Bustah!"
If making jus a distopyan cyberpunk society gang game, they can and chaos cults, genestealer cults and ork invasions.
"Dude, we've been drilled to fight mothafuckin' orks"
High importance in gang management.

>> No.13371474

1. A non-Imperium Human faction.

2. More Tau Auxiliaries.

3. Re-release a Black Templar's Battleforce.

4. Make more incentives for new players to choose a faction other than Speesh Murheens.

5. Cheaper models would be nice too.

>> No.13371488


1: The 40k MMO rolling around eventually, instead of being another WoW clone with guns, is much closer to Planetside in feel and playability.


2. Capitalizing on their success with Bloodbowl, they release Vidja versions of all of their Specialist/Non tabletop Warhammer/W40k games, including:
A: Necromunda/Mordheim games with a strong Map creator and/or random map generator, as well at least one online "mega-hive" where players can face off against eachother daily/weekly(Like how the Bloodbowl MP leagues are)

B: A BFG/ Armageddon mix game wherein you play as warmasters/warbosses/farseers/etc engaging in combat over an entire sector(ala the campaign mode of Dark Crusade)

C:AND, as long as I'm demanding things that'll never happen anyway, a WRPG using FFG's Dark Heresy system where a squad of acolytes cruise around the Galaxy following the trail of Some chaos Macguffin, featuring production values that are AT LEAST the equal of NWN 1.

Now excuse me while I extricate myself from fantasy land and go take a cold shower.

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This is a /v/ discussion


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A rifftrax of the Ultramarine movie

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Sorry, you wanted an image bump?
Can do good buddy!

>> No.13371525


A Dark Heresy-like game would be awesome.

especially as a multiplayer game. Grab 2 to 5 friends, choose a role, navigate through a city or whatever the place is to interrogate people, find clues, fight heretics.
There would be a number of missions/settings of which are graded by difficulty. The players choose one, work it out, save their characters and choose another missions.

Bonus points for moddability.

But such a thing could not possibly be made.

>> No.13371532

Some sort of actual system for building tabletop races and units. I know they have a vehicle building system, but it'd be nice to have a setup for entire races.

>> No.13371541

>instead of being another WoW clone with guns, is much closer to Planetside in feel and playability

WoW has 11 million players

Planetside at its peak had 75000

yeah..they are gonna go with the WoW formula

>> No.13371584

1. Cheaper Miniatures. They want more people to play? Make them more affordable!

2. Make Eldar tanks look different. They are the most advanced race in the 40k world, surely they won't use the same layout for each tank?

3. More apoc kits? The Stompa and Baneblade are good, but surely we should have at least 1 big kit for each faction?

4. DIFFERENCE IN ELDAR CRAFT WORLDS. If the marines can have seperate kits according to chapter, why can't eldar?

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>Things that would make you forgive Games Workshop's bullshit ITT

They already released my nomination.

>> No.13371684

>If the marines can have seperate kits according to chapter, why can't eldar?
Space Marines are iconic, they're the face of 40k, they sell best, they appeal to the target audience (preteens buying on their parents' paychecks), etc.

>> No.13371687

A Ninja Gaiden style game featuring a Sororitas Seraphim.

A MGS style game featuring a Vindicare assassin.

Some major plot advancement in 40k

Space Marines banished to the depths of space and becoming shadowy legends, only appearing on the tabletop as a single tactical squad of 5 marines as a 0-1 rare choice.

A Rogue Trader MMO

A good, big budget WH4K movie.

Matt Ward not allowed near a fluff/rulebook/armybook ever again.

Warriors of Chaos and Daemons combined into one book again.

Return of feminine daemonettes.

Lower prices.

>> No.13371697

Pic two.

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>40k + good

>> No.13371822

>Make Eldar tanks look different. They are the most advanced race in the 40k world, surely they won't use the same layout for each tank?

lul wut.

>> No.13371836


Oldest doesn't necessarily mean more advanced. Although the Necrons have tech that far surpasses most other races' tech.

>> No.13371931


*sigh* I know. Because that's worked out so well for every other MMO besides WoW.

>> No.13372000

A Necromunda or Commoragh racing game.

In Necromunda, you take control of a car, found in the toxic sludge down in the Underhive.

You're a member of the Race Gangs. Race Gangs don't get involved in gang warfare, like ordinary gangs.

They get involved in races. They get protection, weapons, spare parts and money from the normal gangs, to race, for their entertainment. Of course, the race is a deadly place with spiked bumpers and guns.

In Commoragh, you'd be a part of a Reaver gang or something. This would be less like racing, and more about GTA like action, the more stars... the more fame.

>> No.13372017

In after slashing prices.

Slashing prices. $38 is an unreasonable price for 10 marines when you can get 10 basic troops for almost any other army for $25.

In after supporting Specialist Games again.

I want more plastic BFG.

>> No.13372028


I finally got around to watching The Room last night. Ultramarines feels like original trilogy Star Wars to me right now.

>> No.13372029

publish more games

bring back epic


>> No.13372050

Ditch Lord Of The Rings and replace it with Mordheim.

>> No.13372090


They couldn't do it in a single codex. But they could easily pull off two or three (maybe based on the 4th edition divergences - Codex/Minor Divergence chapters in one volume, Notable/Significant Divergence in the other. And then you could have the old rules from Index Astartes for Salamanders, Iron hands, etc. plus designing your own chapter).

Also a better Chaos codex. Traitor Legions, Renegade Chapters, Lost and the Damned and Daemons. Where you could play a list based on any of them, or combine them within reason.


This so hard. Every time I see, hear, or even think that phrase, I leak coolant fluid.

>> No.13372215

DLFG I truly think you should have higher standards.

>> No.13372275


Squatting the Tau, and bringing back the Squats (even just as an IG army).

>> No.13372334


a pinup calendar of tyranids is too much to ask for.

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>>Space Marines are iconic, they're the face of 40k, they sell best, they appeal to the target audience (preteens buying on their parents' paychecks), etc.
Then how about making the rest of the races/factions NOT SUCK.

How about making them appeal to the audience as well?
How about diversifying the target audience a bit?
How about making the whole image of 40k more colorful than showing only Space Marines EVERYWHERE!
How about alleviating other races from the collective status of being Xeno scum to a point where people know at least their names.
How about trying something more resource intensive and risky than milking the already dried out cow?

Not be an douche here I only learned marketing for one semester and even I know that if the company never changes/refreshes its image will quickly loose the interest of the consumers.

Pumping out updated versions of the same Space Marine codexes and making more Space Marine codexes only trashes the iconic image of Space Marines. Wouldn't it help the lore a bit better if the Imperium had more enemies than EVEN more of the same method for casually steamrolling the same incompetent enemies? Will we reach to the point when Space Marine chapters actualyl have to get together and stand in a queue to smite the enemy?

While in the main promor text says
>>Humanity teeters on the brink of extinction, assailed on all sides by aliens, traitors and Daemons, and only the superhuman strength of the Space Marines and the uncountable numbers of the Imperial Guard stand between the slavering alien hordes and total annihilation.

Yet the product range shows the complete opposite, humanity clearly seems to dominate and the enemies of humanity seem to be the weaker minority.

>> No.13372709

>Then how about making the rest of the races/factions NOT SUCK.

This would require creativity, which is quite beyond GW.

>> No.13372731

>>13370738Things that would make you forgive Games Workshop's bullshit ITT

a 2D fighting game made by Capcom that plays like the JoJo game

>> No.13372896

Anything for the Tau... just anything.

A new model, a new rule, a new codex... just anything please!

>> No.13372906
File: 119 KB, 440x299, paramount-transfomers-bay-blu-ray.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Tau merge with Necrons

they are This now

are you happy anon?

>> No.13372943


I'm hating you to death.

>> No.13372944
File: 444 KB, 2048x1107, d9_still_05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was thinking more of something like this.

This film inspired me to start playing Tau. Then it turned out they suck and play nothing like how they're described in the fluff.

Feels bad man.

>> No.13375242

and bump

>> No.13375264

>merging with Necrons


But of course. Perhaps you should first organise a welcoming party for the Necrons!

>> No.13375300

You're so fucking stupid, you don't even know your fucking cunt from your fucking ass!

Space Marines aren't the iconic part of 40k.

Fuck, you're just another 11-year old kiddie that rolled in through DoW, right?

You think Space Marines are too important because of /tg/.

You're replacing the real world, with a fictional world made up by trolls and pre-school children.

That's bad. Really bad.

Just think about it. Only on /tg/ are people constantly raging over GW.

This doesn't happen at the B&C, Warseer, or DakkaDakka, or TauTactica...

Just on /tg/.

>> No.13375314



>> No.13375429

Where the fuck have you been? Empire units still have codpieces and poofy sleeves, go to the site if you wan't to be sure.
>only one codex a year, covering every faction
No, it would cost an arm and a leg and why the fuck would I want the rules for Tyranids, Space Marines, Chaos, Daemons, Orks, Tau, Eldar, Dark Eldar and the Inquisition when I just want to play IG?

>> No.13375438

>This doesn't happen at the B&C, Warseer, or DakkaDakka, or TauTactica...

Are you from some alternate reality? The whineseer is called that for a reason.

>> No.13375457
File: 29 KB, 316x351, NoisemarineRT[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bring back the old Noise Marines!

>> No.13375509
File: 225 KB, 873x627, derp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Looks like a lot less poofy sleeves and codpieces to me. More generally, the tone of the state troops moved from that of a well-trained professional force, to herp-derp can't afford shoes, but can find skulls and egg-timers.

>> No.13375546

Yeah, you win.

>> No.13376880
File: 103 KB, 500x442, cirno cool story bro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>You're so fucking stupid, you don't even know your fucking cunt from your fucking ass!
u seem mad
>>Space Marines aren't the iconic part of 40k.
If they are NOT then what is? IG? Eldar? Chaos?
>>Fuck, you're just another 11-year old kiddie that rolled in through DoW, right?
I am much older than 11 and I never finished Dawn of War.
>>You think Space Marines are too important because of /tg/.
No, this opinion comes from the fact that there are 4 different Space Marine codexes (counting CSM). Plus Ultrasmurfs have their own movie now.
>>You're replacing the real world, with a fictional world made up by trolls and pre-school children.
"I reject your reality and substitue my own."
>>That's bad. Really bad.
"I'm bad! I'm bad!"
>>Just think about it. Only on /tg/ are people constantly raging over GW.
Totally not true, /tg/ does rage over a lot of things but in this case I say the rage is vaild.
>>This doesn't happen at the B&C, Warseer, or DakkaDakka, or TauTactica...
My experience shows otherwise. Then again /tg/ is a more free place for people to vent their anger.

and u still mad!

>> No.13376953

40K skirmish

>> No.13377048

Either a live action series or an animation series(not animu) which gives every race a fair showing and not some space marine wank off.

>> No.13377101

More Specialist Games and proper support for teh old ones, Necromunda, Mordeheim, Blood Bowl and so on.

>> No.13377111

>This doesn't happen at the B&C, Warseer, or DakkaDakka, or TauTactica...
Aren't Bolter and Chainsword, DakkaDakka and TauTactica all pretty much 40k only boards? Obviously a bunch of people who have never even so much as tried a game not made by GW are going to consider them their lords and masters.

>> No.13377128


B&C is rage inducing. Read Chaptermaster454's posts. Or better yet, here is one:

>> No.13377133

cato sicarius is rubbish in my opinion, sure hes got that fancy feel no pain rule and artifcer armour on but with a 4+ invunerable save (thought the smurfs could do better than that for one of there greatest heros!) hes rather weak in staying power. now my tactics probly differ greatly so heres my army list (you shall think me mad!!!) and another note, i have named my bigger meaner units since the opponents need to know who creamed them!

captain Finn: darnath lysander rules
points: 200

notes: eternal warrior with 3 up invunerable with 2+ armour plus a str 10 master crafted thunder hammer and 4 wounds, i'll have that!

tactical squad: 10 men, melta bomb, plasma cannon, flamer
points: 180

note: i take two squads of this configuration for tact squads as it doesn very well for me

terminators:5 men, cyclone missle launcher, 3 chain fists
points: 245

stern guard: 7 men, powerfist, melta bomb (for laughs since i had spare points!), combi-melta
points: 210

thunderfire cannon 'morvern'
points: 100

land raider 'stoorworm': cronus (BS5, ignore shaken and stunned, why can't i have two!), multi-melta, storm bolter, HK
points: 350

land raider redeemer 'corryvreaken':extra armour (cronus is a one tank wonder!), multi-melta, storm bolter, HK

>> No.13377140

right, theres my arguement against cato, look at how i have arranged my army, notice a lack of anything for him to lead. he falls down at a rabbit fart for me (used him at least 3 times, and his coup de grace is like a melta at half range, it misses all the time) so instead of join pedros i went for the founders of that chapters 1st captain (note i have my own chapter and plan on using ALL SM IC, fluff in codex says so!) who kicks serious ass. i say cato is most likely one of those weak ones who HAVE to lead a unit before there good, some leader if he can't roundhouse half an army for 200 points (something that darnath does! plus bolster defence, oh and re-roll bolter misses including storms, heavys etc., wheres that titan mega bolter XD cronus anyone!!!!!!). then again i face an ork player who spreads two 30 ork boy units across the board hiding half the squad for a cheesy 4+ cover! plus two trukks with mek and warboss with power mitten (mek with sheild thingy!) anyway enough of me falling off topic (gulity as charged on several forums ) cato to me just says fragile, handle with care hence my liking for vulkan and darnath (darnath being number one in my fav list), so to me any leader not wearing some form of REAL protections like a leader should have (pedro, chapter master, wheres the artficer armour?). my main point is i like all the characters (trust me, leadership 10 is good, but stubborn is a good sub) but most are too fragile for there job, shrike i understand but the rest are no good (except marneus). oh and has anyone noticed sicarius has gone from lowly side character on gallerys to full blown character, its thraka all over again (and wheres the lightning claws hmmm? they are what i want, not some fancy sword with a long winded paragraph just to say power weapon)

And that is without his "BLEACH" marines

>> No.13377156


B&C is Power Armor ONLY + Daemons.
Tautactica = Tau/Kroot ONLY
Dakkadakka = 40k only
Warseer = has others but generally mainly GW heavy.

>> No.13377165
File: 70 KB, 315x275, 1292464261626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13377175
File: 156 KB, 600x835, 1279132251581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You'd be surprised to see that places like Dakka Dakka DONT think GW is perfect

Seriosuly go there and preach that GW is the best company ever, watch the sparks fly

As a well known posters sig says

>GW apologists make baby Jervis cry.

>"As a customer, I'd really like to like GW, but they seem to hate me." - Ouze

>"Hoping for balance with GW is like hoping to live while playing Russian roulette with a glock." - Shaman

>"I am amazed at the numbers of plastic space marines sold. I can't believe it, I keep expecting it to be a front for drugs." - Jervis Johnson

>> No.13377178

Wow, reading this guy's writing is kind of hard.

>> No.13377184


Its all like that, and its more retarded the more you read. His Special characters have bankais......

>> No.13377192

>GW apologists make baby Jervis cry.

>"As a customer, I'd really like to like GW, but they seem to hate me." - Ouze

>"Hoping for balance with GW is like hoping to live while playing Russian roulette with a glock." - Shaman

>"I am amazed at the numbers of plastic space marines sold. I can't believe it, I keep expecting it to be a front for drugs." - Jervis Johnson

For the record, HBMC is a fucking troll.
That said, Dakka is certainly not '40k only'.

>> No.13377199

Oh, well fuck if I know. I don't go to any of those bloody places. If I need to talk about the games I play I can come here or go to those games' official forums.

But thank you for correcting me, gents.

>> No.13377221
File: 63 KB, 625x531, Aiki derp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>"BLEACH" marines
OH WOW!!! I HAVE TO see that!!!
Could you be a /true gentleman/ and post it here?

>> No.13377241
File: 148 KB, 1280x686, 1293307593234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

underp their retcons to the Malleus and SoB... it's downright shameful what they did. I loved how Malleus used to be the answer to "Who watches the watchmen". SoB were just downright awesome as independent from the =][=.

Also I would need fifteen minutes in a shed, alone with Matt Ward, with a guarantee of immunity for anything that happens. Read from that what you will, also get rid of the tlos bullshit, i want terrain to really matter again without having to be masterclass, and i don't want customizing your minis to give you real world benefits or be detramental to the units effectiveness.

ooooooh, almost forgot, bring back the old stormtrooper models in addition to the current kasyrkin models.

>> No.13377285

>bring back the old stormtrooper models


These ones? They never left, they're just Mail Order only. Or did you mean the really, really old ones that came before?

>> No.13377292

They should bring back Dark Future. Elvis as an aging, badass bounty hunter? Ninja nun trying to take down a viral cyber-demon? US Cavalry reinstated in high-tech cruisers?
Yes please.

>> No.13377302
File: 376 KB, 1600x891, Commandos_artwork_preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, the old OLD ones

>> No.13377304


ROFL. Dammit anon. I know HBMC. He isn't trolling. He believes this. All we do in our group is bitch about GW and buy directly from Maelstrom.

>> No.13377341

>more minis a box
>a price to suit
>I can buy sets of 100 army men for 5 dorrar that hold up better
>attempting to release codex's at once or try a TEENSY bit harder to create balance. WoW is arguably more balanced....

>> No.13377350

huh, thanks. Now if only the new =][= book fixes the fluff i might actually bring my old gk pure army and inquisitorial stormtrooper lists back to the flgs.

>> No.13377371

Cheaper models: Yes Games Workshop is a huge international company service a very niche market, but instead of just increasing the prices every single year by $5-$10 why can't they find other revenue streams?
Space Marine Plushies?
Some Cartoon?
Action figures?
A really cheap kids version of the game that doesn't require painting figurines and such (just solid coloured plastic) that has really easy to understand rules for kids?

How about Games Workshop stores that actually look like inviting stores and not a neckbeard den with death metal blasting from the speakers?

I swear GW has no fucking idea on actually how to sell shit, it seems they are just riding the success of how cool 40k is.

>> No.13377382

>For the record, HBMC is a fucking troll.

And for the record, you're a fucktard.

>> No.13377389

-resize models to fit fluff
-lower prices
-make everything easier to customize
-Chaos is no longer a Saturday Morning Cartoon
-Traitor Guard Codex
-Dawn of war, all factions, all codex, dow2 graphics

one of these will do

>> No.13377414



>> No.13377421

Why so mad?

Only Blood Angels should take Devestators as a rule. In Vanilla Marines, they're badly overpriced relative to the mech options though you could argue for Missile Launcher Devestators, and usually only if you are looking to flood the field in Rhino/Razor chassis; Space Wolves do that better though (being able to take cheaper minimal-strength squads, including min-strength Grey Hunters and Wolf Guard means it's easy to cram more Razorbacks in).

Dare I say it? Gaunts Ghosts, directed by Tommy Wiseau?

>> No.13377429

>Space Marine Plushies
I would pay like $20 for a well-made Terminator plushie.

I have no idea why Terminators are fucking adorable.

>> No.13377430


Actually, my local games workshop is pretty stylish, with a clear glass facade and no music. Brightly lit too.

>> No.13377436

Oh god wat. Why do you people respond to me.

>> No.13377450

>A really cheap kids version of the game that doesn't require painting figurines and such (just solid coloured plastic) that has really easy to understand rules for kids?

This, they don't even need models, but just shitty tokens with an image on it and a large modular flat cardboard map with buildings and hills printed on it like car carpet city.

>> No.13377505

>Dare I say it? Gaunts Ghosts, directed by Tommy Wiseau?

You just blew my mind...

>> No.13377519

Licensed 40k LEGO sets.

>> No.13377520

go to forgeworld, there is a traitorguard dex
i personally would like to see cheaper models, and psykers going back to being a squad attachment, not an HQ or a choir of them, i like the concept of attaching a bunch of commisars/psykers/preachers to everything and charging them into suicide, but that's just me.

>> No.13377534


I replied because what you posited was inaccurate. He replied because I e-mailed him about it since I thought it was fucking hilarious.

Besides, if he really was a troll he would be here instead of Dakka wouldn't he?

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled GW bashing.

Did anyone else play the Gorkamorka Racing demo back in the day? I didn't know it was racing until I had installed the demo and saw the splash page come up. WORST THING EVER.

>> No.13377549

Of the 3 in my city, 1 is cool (it even has hot, non-alternative((Scenegirls suckass)), female employees) the rest are shit holes and this seems to follow suit with GW's I have been to around the world.

>> No.13377584


Holy shit... was there a Gorkamorka game? How did that fly under the radar.

>> No.13377689


I don't think it ever actually got released because it was so bad. I only found the demo by sheer accident because I had a subscription to PC Gamer back in the day and it mentioned it. A few hours of dial-up downloading later, and my boner was gone. :'(

I still hold out hope for a Necromunda PC game one day. If only I could win lotto I would fund it. And a REAL X-Com remake.

>> No.13378394


you sure?

>> No.13378450

Go back to being a Tongue in Cheek game that's fun, inspires creativity in the players, and quite fucking over the god damn sisters!

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