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What are some epic places to have a final showdown/duel, that are not Mustafar-like fiery hot lava terrains?

What I need is a place where the terrain itself is dangerous, i.e. platforms crumbling down from under your feet, things falling down, chance of dieing because of a misstep, etc. Picture kinda related, albeit a little silly.

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A steel works.
Functioning automotive plant.
Wind tunnel.
Broken elevators in side-by-side shafts.
Burning coal mine.
Cliffside hotel during an earthquake.
Large ship at sea during tempestuous storm.
Typhoon-stricken beach.
In the middle of an artillery strike zone.

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It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue unless you stay near a light source (something that moves like a spotlight, rays of moonlight through rustling leaves, or rather large fireflies is recommended)

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Dueled a Dragonborn BBG starting at the peak of the mountain, but then the dwarven city built inside it began to crumble and the whole mountain fell in on itself.

Well that was half correct, as the top half fell down. The bottom half went outwards. The BBG was dragonborn for a reason, as his father came out of the mountain, destroying the dwarvern city/clan that trapped him in the process.

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Awesome picture.

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Top floor of an oriental-style Pagoda Temple. That is burning.
Preferably with some good reason to not just take the fight outside. (like one combatant having a hostage or vital information they plan to die with, and no reason left to live other than to kill his enemy)
Pic related, of course.

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I've actually done a few variants of the same type and my players have yet to catch on. Pretty much, the PCs and the BBEG are on various moving platforms going incredibly fast down a path. One time it was a bunch of cars speeding down a highway. Another time it was rafts/debris in a river, and then meteorites in space. It keeps things interesting.

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A narrow walkway in a large city during a massive celbration at night, stray fireworks, possibly crumbling walkway, that type of things

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Personally, I've always liked environments that have a feeling of speed. Top of a moving train or any sort of body during atmospheric re-entry is always a good bet, though I've always wanted to do a running battle on a series of city rooftops, get some parkour shit going on.

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A castle tower in the middle of an epic siege

The black void of space

A skyscraper under construction

A coliseum with trapdoors and wild beasts while a crowd of plebians cheers you on.

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M&M game had a dramatic duel in mid air around a giant airship firing out huge amounts of death at both sides. The characters without flight had temporary jetpacks.

Star Wars game had a final battle take place on the wings of a fighter craft with a dead pilot flying on a straight course towards the bridge of a huge capital ship. I mean actually ON the wings. It was an suit of powerful armour animated by the dead spirit of an ancient sith (and as such, could not actually 'die') standing on the main chassis of the craft, while on either wing stood the two Jedi of the party, attacking him from either side.

An idea I've used in the past that I recommended to a GM on /tg/ a few days ago: A fight inside a crumbling castle. It was held aloft far in the sky by powerful magics, but due to an unforeseen problem (translation: The party fucked something up) the magic inherent in every stone was starting to tear the castle apart. Every turn 1d6 squares on the grid map collapsed, so I would place black felt over them, but also large stone chunks would fall from upper levels (roll 1d6, if it's 1-3 no chunks, if it's 4-6 that many grid squares fall) and could be used as rough terrain, represented by brown felt pieces. The felt pieces were laid down at the beginning of the turn, and if any model occupied that piece at the end of the turn they would either fall down the new hole, or be crushed by falling rubble (avoided by a difficult reflex check).

That third one was my absolute favourite. At one point the beautiful young female cleric was thrown under a piece of falling rubble after her turn, only for the rogue to sacrifice an perfect sneak attack opportunity against the BBEG to rush over and push her out of the way, before easily making the reflex save.

The game ended with the barbarian grappling the BBEG and walking under a piece of falling rubble.

... If you'll excuse me I think I have something in my eye.

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Really, take a combination of
-Someplace high up
-Something interesting in the background (burning building, erupting volcano, raging blizzard or thunderstorm, perfectly peaceful night under the full moon, etc.)
-Some sort of ambient effect that effects normal fight mechanics. (weather, a pitched battle, magical ritual distorting reality, fire/heat, collapsing building, etc)

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The side of a skyscraper. And I don't mean hanging from a cleaning rig, I mean running around across glass.

One guy's suicidal, the other guy wants to stop his despration for killing himself (i.e. he's got a doomsday device linked to his heart beat or something) and they're both fighting each other in the Payload Bay of an Orbiter while suicidal guy keeps trying to open shit up into space.

In space, in the orbital debris fields Earth will no doubt one day have (LOOK MA, MICRO GRAVITY! I CAN FLLLLYYYYY!)

Ruined due to holy-shit-what-the-fuck-disaster city scape.

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A bizzaro magical space created by the thoughts of its inhabitants; combatants can make some sort of willpower roll to alter terrain.

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Me too...

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It was a defining moment of the campaign. Two sessions ago the Barbarian had put the party in danger for personal gain, and was taken to task for it by the female Cleric. He didn't really care and just kept on doing his own thing.

The fight prior to the climactic scene, that had started off the final session, ended with the rogue saving his life (that guy did that sort of thing a lot, the character was an orphan and viewed the party as his family) by standing his ground over the prone wounded Barbarian despite how tactically disadvantageous the move was. After the fight and the cleric healed all the wounds (including the ones the rogue got defending the guy) the Barbarian approached him and pressed a family heirloom into his hand.

At the end of the turn when the rubble was coming down, I asked the Barbarian player if the character wanted to say anything.

"Nope, he just smiles at the group."

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City-sized space station as it re-enters the atmosphere of lush garden world, and begins to break apart. It would have to be on the OUTSIDE of the space station, naturally.

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I think we used a steep, foggy mountainside in Laos once. There's also the time we used the exterior of a 400 mph bullet train.

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Floating iceberg in the middle of a frigid sea inhabited by carnivorous sea creatures. The two duelists battle to the death on the slippery slopes of the crumbling, slowly melting iceberg, while the sea creatures circle hungrily.

Middle of a burning building. Tower. Stone walls, no windows, but wooden roof, beams, and flooring. The entire structure crumbles around you. Flaming debris falls at random, sections of the floor give way, air becomes short in supply, and the unbearable heat scalds flesh from bone.

A battle for supremacy on a rope bridge suspended over the Valley of Blades. For centuries, the nearby cave network has been home to an isolationist horde of Orcs. Ruthless, they attack, raid, and destroy all settlements and travelers that trespass into their lands. Well versed in weapon-smithing, they seize all enemy weapons as trophies, and to deprive their foes of the resources invested in them. Any weapons they do not need are cast into the valley below. Their right of passage is for a youngling to descend, naked, into the valley of weapons piled high over the centuries and retrieve a weapon suiting a true warrior. Weak selections are flogged and sentenced to another year of childhood and regular beatings. You now battle the Orc leader for rulership of the tribe on a wind-swept rope bridge across the valley, and there are no hand-holds.

Middle of a sandstorm atop a large stone promontory in the desert. As the wind blinds you and the sand strips the flesh from your soon-to-be-polished bones, you duel your mortal enemy in your final fight.

Those dramatic enough?

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Dunno about OP, but I like 'em.

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A giant hand.

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Aboard a space station with a malfunctioning gravity-control system... every 30 seconds the artificial gravity field shifts to a random direction; the stresses imposed upon the station's structure are causing it to catastrophically fail, as well....

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On top a gigantic moving lion statue through different terrains.

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You have climbed high over the city on to the top of the tallest tower to meet this dark subversive man who has been slowly tainting the city, your home, for years. His presence is now felt all over the city and you are but one of only a few that are able to stand against his power. You meet his gaze and he laughs as he tells you of your impending demise at his hands. You rally all of your courage as you begin your struggle to survive against this man.
Far below in the under structure of the very same tower you now stand atop your friends fulfill the only last wish you ever asked for: to make sure that this man dies for all he has wreaked upon the city and its people. They set the explosive charges in the under structure and when they finally go off the tower begins to shudder and shake as it slowly collapses floor by floor upon itself. the tower tilts and you and your opponent adjust to the changing battlefield and you know that if you dont finish the job soon that you too will die with this man here on the crumbling icon of this city's corruption.

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3 circles of stone, suspended over an inferno/abyss/spikes/whatever. Too many characters on one circle will cause the circle to plummet into the hazard. An unbalanced circle will tip, dropping the the characters on it into the abyss if they fail a check.

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You guys are gonna like this.
I was playing a particularly homebrewed version of shadowrun. All my friends are death, and all that was left was my gunslinger character. Leather longcoat, short hair, fascination with carrots. I'm on a jet plane with the president, the BBEG (MIB guy but with guns) and his mooks.
I take the president hostage, (pull out my ipod on it's mounted sound system). Pull him into a trapdoor beneath the floor, on a cargo room, where there are parachutes. There I shoot him, take a 'chute, open the door, and JUMP!
then the BBEG and company are suddenly skydiving ninjas. Through a series of inmensely good rolls accommpanied by just about every trait that could ever help aiming, I kill all of them while skydiving (at this point blasting "If you want blood, you got it!) Mike next to me is going crazy.
It ends as the BBEG pulls of a last shot that nabs me in the shoulder, then he's propelled into the swingin blades of a flying 'copter.
Then I pull out my parachute, land hard, and black out.


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That's practically blow-by-blow the skydiving scene from Shoot 'Em up, I realize.

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Swamps. Fireswamps are better.

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I ST an Exalted game once which had a big showdown in Heaven, but Infernals had exploded the Jade Pleasure Dome which was making the entire city break apart and fall from the sky.

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A huge magical stone circle on its side rolling at ridiculous speed through a city.

Pic related, sadly the youtube video of the fight I'm talking about has vanished.

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I forgot about the fps operator game set in Sand-infested Dubai (more so than usual). It has a pretty awesome take on sand shifting and slipping like something out of Prince of Persia effecting a battlefield experience with boolets, I can only imagine it with sword and spear.

On that topic, a magically falling apart city/citadel like in prince of Persia is an idea.

I love how I got the 'idea' for this image from a topic on /co/ about reaction images you never get to use, and I've had a perfect use for this twice in a few days.

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The bad CG sort of killed it.
Great show though.

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A rain-slick rooftop during the late evening, while thunder rumbles and lightning gleams off their weapons. Probably the rooftops of the entire city, if the duelists are jumping around.

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In a world of infinite swords.

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A huge golden stone ruin floating in the sky, tethering on the brink of collapse due to its power core having been removed. Lots of floating platforms that could fall at any moment, chilling winds of epic proportions whipping the combatants, maybe a huge storm with heavy rain and lightning, or a heavy hail. The only way out of this is through a teleporter, but it's been badly damaged and it can only carry one person, assuming you can beat your opponent fast enough to use it before everything crashes.

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Exalted game, atop a breaking-up pyramid held aloft by the tentacles of a Third Circle Demon.

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The inside of a small-size, crumbling O'neill cylinder. Works best with some kind of trouble going outside the station- a meteor rain, a crash course towards a planet, or the mere presence of a star or its similes. Had mine in orbit around a pulsar, with the cylinder deteriorating and getting more instant-vaporization-without-saving-throws holes by the minute.

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In a giant ship thats crashed and exploding everywhere.

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One of my games once had its final showdown in the cockpit of a giant mecha roaring towards the syk and space, being attacked by hundreds of fighter jets at the same time.

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on the inside of a cruiser being boraded by enemies while under sustained bombardment by enemy capital ships.

pic related

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An average castle, where everyone, including the BBG is going insane.

Unavoidable changes in scenery, each character occasionally has vivid flashbacks, even the BBG. Constantly put the reality of visions in question, as people sustain wounds from their hallucinations.

Turns any house into a mind-bending spectacle. Takes some planning and skill to pull off well, though.

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Atop the edge of an active volcano, that's a good one.
On a ship in the middle of a ferocious sea storm.
During a stampede, very fun.

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For me, epic is different.

An epic final battle for me would be crashing a wedding on the beach.

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A swamp, where if your not moving you will sink into the ground, and be stuck at knee-level.

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on a hijacked plane descending towards a city

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the crumbling temple to a forgotten god.

mountain-top in a snowstorm, with cornices on the snow...

the topcastles and the rigging of a galleon.
... in a storm.
... while the crew are raising and lowering sails.
... and a kraken is attacking the hull.

in the subway tunnels where several lines intersect, and trains roar past every few moments without warning.

in a bucket, ladder and glue warehouse. (particularly if your opponent is a kung fu master)

on top/hanging off the carapace/armour of a giant walking robot/titan/mecha as it strides into battle, occasionally lurching to a hit.

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a plataform hovering over a black hole Add bones for fun

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I an exploding city. While the entire world is exploding. While space is exploding. Also you're fighting an explosion. And you are an explosion.

I've actually played this in Exalted.

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The side of a cliff

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