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been a while
lets see what we can do
Larp Win Image Dump

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does not compute

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so quick to judge
perhaps I can show you somethings

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Bro. Hey. Bro. Hey...hey bro.

You're still derping around in dress-up. How is that not fail?

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because more cute girls larp than play 40k.

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search you heart...you know it to be true

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more cute girls who put out LARP than play 40k

my god I got so much ass when I was in a vampire LARP for a couple of years

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She looks oddly familiar.
This looks like a hobby I could enjoy.

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excellent example anon

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oh I have SO many Orks to share, too

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I have a confession.


He's hot.

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even Larp + Furry can = Win if you do it good enough.

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rolled 4 = 4

I respect your choice of hobby, but that's just to much geek for me.

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It ain't gay if he's an orc.

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Not quite good enough for me, still looks a little too Dark Crystal imo. Whatever floats your boat, I guess I'm just a little more for the low fantasy sort of LARP.

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this guy has probably never heard of furry to be fair

anyway where does all this larping take place?
i wish i had the money to throw away an join in one but it would probably be a thousand mile travel :(

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popular lad it seems

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EU mostly
quite alot at an event in Germany called ConQuest of Mythodea

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I wonder if I could borrow someones armour a try to slay the draygun with a maygik svord thne come home with 2 fine germanic wenches

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Europe is good tier when it comes to the stuff. Historical reenacting and larping are miles beyond most anything in the States.

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it's all in good fun

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I would hesitate to call anyone wielding a poleaxe 'furry'.....unless I had one too.

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there is a great youtube video of this fella and his nerf gun taking on an armored knight with sword and board

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see...even Alpha males Larp

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Gee, I sure hope you aren't using that pic as your proof.

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U jelly of his mane?

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Dat complexion

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This one is one of my favourites.

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Looks like he's getting his shit fucked by pikes.

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But he looks cool doing that!

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What are these from? Because I'm picking up a mix of warhammer fantasy, 40k, lotr and a whole bunch of stuff I don't recognise.

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Some of the custom latex gear shown is fucking insane. I've seen lots of sites for larp gear...even paying premium, you can't get that shit off the shelf. Where do they get it?

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the internet...also larp is much bigger in the EU and stores there stock it.

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Ah, Conquest of Mythodea. I'm so gonna be there this year. I hope it really is as much fun as I've read about. :)

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Alright, fa/tg/uys, resolution time.

I say we all get into shape, save some money, do a costume up right and try to pull US larping out of the fucking pool noodle and cardboard age.

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never gona happen. current Larper scare away new potential.

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... I agree with the first bits, but the last one... ha ha no. I LARPed when I was a teenager, and it fit both my mentality and the concept. Now? I'm content to surf every now and then, drink a little on the weekends and work my ass at my job as a cook so I can afford to buy these game books I'm definitely not stealing.

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we have to lead by example...make the kids in sneakers and tshirts feel ashamed and outclassed.
pic related
premade conquest army sets. avail able at http://www.dein-larp-shop.de/

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Good fucking luck. Between all the creepy mouth-breathers in fursuits and pompous bastards like the SCA, we're pretty boned.

Can't we just move somewhere else?

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not just fantasy either.

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have you not eyes?
can you not see or has your prejudice blinded you?

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I can see, and I ask again.

Win? Really?

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polsterwaffen is my new favorite word

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the costume's are awesome, but how does it all actually work?

do you guys just run around doing stuff and checking out costumes or what?

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I remember speaking to a US Larper with him bichin about the pool noddle and cardboard was 'the most safest method' therefor better than the european stuff.

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what do you have that is better by comparison?
at this hour on NYE, posting on /tg/? You are not an alpha male having a 3some in a club with fitness models, while showing off your 6pack...at best you have a decently painted army of plastic men.

these people are geeks ...as are we all..but they socialize with more women..get more fresh air, sunshine, and exercise and have more than a table full of friends

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protip: It's early afternoon, what more appropriate hour is there?

>timezones, timezones everywhere

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All I see in this thread is formed plastic, carved foam, painted latex, and aluminum.

Let me know when larps start using real materials.

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Not all of us are yanks

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..... you mean
medieval warfare?

what exactly would be the point of that?

took a while for the trolls to come out.

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>....you mean Medieval awesome?
>what exactly would be the point of that?

It seems to me, good sir, the only troll here is you.

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sure come sign a waiver and I will swing a warhammer at your head...you can even wear a period helmet while I do.
what do you currently do to get concussions and maimed as a hobby?

trolls still not posting pictures of anything better..thusly failing

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>See thread on front page
>notice occasional text in what looks like an image dump.
>Happen to catch this piece of amazing text

sure come sign a waiver and I will swing a warhammer at your head...you can even wear a period helmet while I do.
what do you currently do to get concussions and maimed as a hobby?

>There is nothing amazing about getting maimed during a game of any kind, and frankly it's rather foolish to do something so dangerous as a hobby. "Oh, hey, I need to go into the hospital due to mace crushing my hand, looks like I can say fuck off to working now!" is not a sign that you're top dog. Just post your pics and do whatever you meant to do in this thread. You are not king larper, nor are you king of tg because bad shit MIGHT happen while you play your game of choice. I used to game in Detroit, I could have been shot on my way to or from gaming. I am not a fucking daredevil because of it.

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I'm not saying fighting is the purpose. I'm saying accurate replica armor and weapons >>>> plastic elf shit. I'm a journeyman blacksmith, I appreciate quality items. I just take more pride in making something real and being able to admire it then running around in latex, swinging foam swords, and pretending to rape elves.

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larpers are more interested in the lord of the rings than the dark ages

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The man has a point. Sure, you're not going to go clobbersaurus on each other with real blades, but for costuming purposes, you really can't beat the real deal. Fiberglass can look the part, but there's a tangible difference between fiberglass pauldrons and real metal ones.

Considering that LARP is a matter of immersion, it can play in heavily for people. I know I'd prefer the real deal when it comes to my costumes.

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Apparently, but that's what is killing American larping.

Europeans can fall back on their cultural history and appreciate well done medieval re-enactment, they take this and with their enjoyment of modern media and combine the two for a culmination of awesome.

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Oh great another dick in a tshirt and jeans in the background

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You know this stuff may not be 100% medieval period authentic. But it more authentic than the american cardboard and pool noddles yelling lighting bolt.

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That was my point; not commenting on Euro-vs-American. I'm just saying that the closer to authentic, the better. Not only does it usually look better, but it has a much more realistic feel.

Even if it's not made to historical standards, making it out of actual metal and leather adds a lot to the look and feel of the gear.

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"Better than shit" isn't really much of a compliment.

Some of these are very well done. Then there's the waves and waves of "sexy" armor and fat chicks in corsets. Make your own fetish convention or try to actually be a part of the LARP, thank you.

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I am. I up to maille set number three.

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You've not been reading properly and are throwing up shit for no reason.
The post was in reply to someone complaining that it was all still fake. Fake weapons, fake armour... "Let me know when larps start using real materials."

So the person you replying to isn't saying that's what happens in LARP, he's saying that's what he'll do to the other person, if that other person really wants it that badly.

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Damn. I so want to save all those pictures, but I'm at work. Please keep this thread alive for at least 4 more hours!

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Those costumes must cost a fucking fortune O_o

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It's not rape if it's an elf.

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American Medieval LARP never really took off, past the pseudo-mythical "vampire coven" stuff that you read about (speaking of which, CSI had an episode about them folk...funny shit.) You want a good American fantasy LARP, good luck. Best looking one I've found to date it Knight Realms, in New Jersey (knightrealms.com). But being a southern Californian, I can't find anything that isn't pool noodle status.

You mention that Europe has a huge medieval history to call on for this stuff. That is so true; America never really had that sort of history. Now what America DOES have is a rich modern military history. I know this doesn't have much to do with /tg preferences, but there are many Military Simulation Airsoft groups (think: LARP with guns) that stress only the highest level of detail. One of the best is Operation Lion Claws (oplionclaws.com).

So for those of you who like MilSim LARP (like me), check this stuff out.

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But who would dare defile their body by having congress with xenos scum?

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What's a pool noodle?

>> No.13359138

Most of your low-grade larps require very soft foam for weapons, which can also have no points or edges. They generally suggest putting a length of pvc pipe inside a common pool noodle, then wrapping up the bottom part (for a 'hilt')...and there ya go. A sword.

...wooooo.../twirls finger above head/

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Damn image limit...

google is your friend too.

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OP is right
even Henchmen 21 larps
I am selling my 40k army buying some latex weapons and chainmail

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quite a few of those pictures seem to be from the Conquest of Mythodea LARP wich is is in northern Germany.


Again most of those are from Conquest of Mythodea. Pretty much anything goes at that LARP.


Some of it is self made AFAIK, but there are also onlineshops here in Germany which offer to make custom gear.


from my limited expierience (I've only been an NPC at smaler LARP cons so far) much like Pen and Paper, just without dice and stats, just some special abilities, and you actually have to act out what you want to do.

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Believe me, while it is true, that there is some aluminum armor around, quite a lot of it is actually steel.


If I'm not mistaken, that "dick in a tshirt and jeans" is actually a GM. Since those guys have to be instantly recognizable, especially in the big fights, it's actually a good solution IMHO that the don't run around in costumes.


Yes, there are girls in "sexy" armor around. But hey, why not if they like it? Either their characters are so pumped up with magic that they don't need the armor anyway/ they are in a role, where the armor is just for show (fo example for ceremonial reasons) or their characters won't live long and they'll get the hint that sexy armor is stupid on the battlefield.

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This thread saddens me, not because of the LARPers, but because of the number of people who, while being in love with table top fantasy games, look down upon people for choosing to play those same games in their own way. Honestly, the number of us in these kinds of hobbies is small enough as it is to be trying to alienate people for their way of partaking in them.

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I roll dice, I larp in sweden (only real armour is of steel and we live outside for three-four days)and I do reenactment.
haters gonna hate, I have fun and fuck everyone else

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>>haters gonna hate, I have fun and fuck everyone else
well said lads.

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The main mistake most fa/tg/uys make is equating LRP to tabletop rpgs.

MORPGS and TTGs have similar traits, but are very different. Same applies to LRP and TTGs.

It can be a great hobby, with the right friends, events and people. But it's not Table Top Roleplay, and liking one doesn't mean you'll like the other.

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Why is it that Orc players are always the coolest bunch both in and out of costume? And why are their costumes so fucking good?

>> No.13360258

Cool pictures. Enjoy your hobby!

>> No.13360469


You know that feeling that you get when you're embarrassed for someone else, because they're doing something utterly ridiculous/retarded/embarrassing? That's the feeling I get when I look at LARPers, to the point where it makes me cringe. It might be part of the reason why some people in this thread are so quick to pile on the hate, assuming they get a similar feeling when they look at LARPers.

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