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I'm an alpha Xeno, /tg/

And ca/tg/irls want to get fucked by Alpha Xenos. Let it piss you off as much as you want, but you know it's completely true. That Magic playing girl you like who is kinda cute in a weird way, but is totally sweet and you have the biggest crush on? The one who keeps going back to guys who treat her wrong for reasons you don't understand? That will talk to you about her current deck and ask you for help? The one who will curl up next to you on the couch, hug you close, kiss you on the cheek, and never let you fucking touch her beyond that?

Yeah, I'm fucking her.

The hot gamer gurl with the Halo shirt who won't even look at you when you nod at them and smile? The one who laughs at you when she frags you on every game and think the IG are pansies?

Yeah, I'm fucking her too, even harder.

The geeky girl you think might be enough like you that you have a chance with her? She plays Warhammer in your LGS, has a huge collection of fantasy art, and surprises you with her wisdom on wargaming? She's so incredible and you just love her so much but you still haven't worked up the courage to tell her how you feel about her?

Guess who just sucked off my ridged dick and told me they'll always love me?

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B-b-but the IG are not pansies! D:

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Says you.

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You will never be an Ultramarine and have a fellow Ultramarine battle brother oiling your back as a battle rite.

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Silliness aside, do nerd chicks really like stuff like aliens and the like? To me it seems like it is a male fantasy

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I should have saved my Baneblade copypasta.

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/r/ cap of that writegfag describing a chick getting sexed up by nids, and then the ca/tg/irl saying how she had homework and didn't had time for "that".

They love it as much as we do, brah

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Lots of female /d/eviants seem to be into monster sex fantasies. It can't be that rare.

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>Guess who just sucked off my ridged dick and told me they'll always love me?

I did. Then I fucked all the girls you did.

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Statistically, if there is a girl playing 40k in your store, she most likely plays Tyranids. The closest I've seen to a girl playing an Imperial army was Sisters.

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I am now interested in said screencap.

For what it's worth, the four or so ladies that play down at the FLGS all have Tyranid armies, although one of them has shelved the bugs in favor of Deldar for now.

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I've heard some even get alien shaped dildos. That sounds like a stretch because I've never seen anything like that, and there are a ton of sex shops where I live

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I know that, but I mean like sexually

I know a Necron playing girl though

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>I've never seen anything like that

And now you have.

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Xenomorphs were styled to remind one of dicks.

Girls like dicks.


Logic flows.

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>sounds like a stretch
You were saying?

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It's probably about as common among both men and women, though less women go on 4chan to talk about their fetishes.

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Fuck damn. So I am not supposed to be Alpha anymore? but Xeno?

I already paid a year of gym membership!

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Hey DLFG, my memory is cloudy, but weren't you that ca/tg/irl >>13352159
is talking about?

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>Silliness aside, do nerd chicks really like stuff like aliens and the like? To me it seems like it is a male fantasy
Some do, most don't.



This thread is bad.

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Maybe...I don't recall saying anything like that, but my memory's terrible.

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>consider DLFG a good poster
>watch her bump this thread
>know I was wrong

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I don't remember the exact ca/tg/irl, but I remember the writefagging, mainly that last part after the first nid is done and she feels another pushing in. The writefag was like "Is the same or another? you don't care and only buck your hips again"

And the chick was complaining that was too hot and she had to do an essay

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>thought sagefag was good. See him trolling again.


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And in about 5 minutes she will toss you aside like the toy you are and go for the bigger badder xeno. While that guardsman over there is enjoying those delicious twin sisters of battle.

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Sinapse, bro. It is always us

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Christ, what? Why does that exist?

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why guys

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Don't forget the eldar

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Heterosexuals in the army? In which world do you live?

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I don't think that was me, no. Though I can't say for certain. I don't even remember the story in particular which is something of a shame.

The same reason Vampire-themed fleshlights and stuff exist, really.

Also politely saging. Forgot to do so before.

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Biomorphs. Not impossible.

Oh god why did I say that.

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Nids can have whatever they want. Including dicks


I bought my gf one of these after I found out about them here at /tg/. She loves it and I love she loves it.

My only complain is the sizes. They are sorta misleading. Medium is not medium. Is damn huge

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That's because the company that designed them designed them to be used anally. Their marketing targets are... well. Male furries, mostly.

I feel so depressed now.

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I remember DLFG said once she owned a medium one, and it as rather big. A "very tight fit" as she would put it, but not enough to be painful.

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>to be used anally
Shouldn't they be smaller than average, then? I mean, I'm no scholar in regards to such things, but still.

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DLFG is a decent enough poster, although an attention whore as well. One does not forgive the other, nor does one negate the other. They just sort of exist simultaneously. Most people here just drool and fawn all over the attention whore part anyways, so I suppose /tg/ is okay with both halves.

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The furry community has a fairly... large share of size queens and 'toy' collectors. Can I just leave it at that? My knowledge on these things is uncomfortably deep (lol pun) and I do not want to dig through my memories to start talking about it in any detail more than I already have.

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I wouldn't say Attention whore as much as Active poster.
Advice on army building, helpful on image dumps, And then she answers questions on things she'd generally know about.

Then when people ask her questions, It'd be rude to ignore or cast aside those questions, and as i've seen our fangirl here is a generally nice person, and rather sane for a xenophille.
And may as well sage before this gets into a tripfag war/should've been saged to the start.

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Nah the average human ass can take somewhere between 7-9" rather comfortably, the average vaginal depth is closer to 5". Thus the whole size does/doesn't matter debate thing.

Yeah College level biology classes, its like I don't even need my degree to be useful..*cries*

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Yea, fair enough. Just the thought of something like that, back there? Ouch.

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I'm still sad you never sent me an E-Mail DLFG, I've yet to find anyone interested in ERP and nids being mixed together.

I also think this thread is dumb.

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Well, I think most chicks aren't really into that. I mean, no prostate and all.

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>No one will ever belive 6 inches is above average.

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I've been tempted, I'll admit.

Size really doesn't make a lot of difference. Better for it to be slightly under and not hurt, than over and painful.

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Size matters to an extent. I've never had any complaints, personally, but I've got enough friends who are girls that shit-talk guys behind their backs about little winkies...

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>not an expert

I thoought someone who was into stuff such as Xeno would have experimented other things besides vanilla sex. Such as anal sex.

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Some women are size queens and some are not. It depends from person to person.

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Well, yea, I mean if we're talking REALLY under then it kinda matters. But no-one worth the time will make a deal over someone who's average or a shade under. And really, if you care about someone enough, then you'll find ways to make things work no matter.

Only one of the guys I've been with was interested in experimenting, and it never really got very far as we broke up kinda soonish afterward. I don't dislike the idea at all, it's just a bit intimidating.

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Is it actual, thoughtful criticism or is it just bashing on a dude they don't like for other, non-dick-related reasons?

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You'd be surprised, many girls simply enjoy the feeling of being completely filled. My girlfriend will often have me in the rear while using a small vibrator for her pussy.
Rejoice! I bear potentially good news. Lets assume that you are 6", not bad, it is above average, especially in most places in asia and Europe(damn French and Italians scewing the curve).
So your already ahead, now for the good part. Go check your BMI, yes i know it isn't a good measure of health and blah blah blah, but for our purposes its fine. See how far away from your ideal body weight(21~22 or so) you are. Now for the good news. Are you more than 30 lbs away from it? Are you not a bodybuilder(aka is that 30lbs mostly fat?) Then good news, you can add .5" or so to your penis length just by losing 30 lbs.
I can actually confirm this, I used to be like you, 6 1/4 inches, I lost 45 lbs and am pushing 7" now.

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She didn't said she hasn't done it. I think every normal girl has tried it at least once. But anal sex is nothing girls enjoy too much. I guess is like BJs. The real pleasure comes from knowing they are pleasing their partner.

>> No.13352607

I happen to prefer it to vaginal

>> No.13352614


Well, I've never understood blowjobs. Why do chicks give them?

>> No.13352623

because it pleases out partner and thats fun~

and a degree of fetishization to it for some of us

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Fangirl, I'm glad to see you're not bumping.
Good job.

(note: I am also saging, to the inevitable idiots who'll tell me I forgot to sage)

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Today I learned you're a chick. And now your posts are terrifying.

>crease Yeadmis
So that's how Jews refer to vaginas

>> No.13352647

>many girls simply enjoy the feeling of being completely filled.

I know that much, it's something I've enjoyed the thought of before on my own. Just making the jump from fantasy to reality makes me a little nervous.


I haven't *actually* done it. We tried to, but it didn't fit in easily and gave up rather than risking getting hurt. One day maybe.

I find it really, really hot. It's just something I enjoy doing, both for my own enjoyment and that of my partner.

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Ah, the beauty of being pedo. Anyone fucks a girl you like, you can call the FBI on them.

>> No.13352666

you need to warm up with something small if you aren't used to it and then gradually work up the size till it matches your partners

It can take a while but it will eliminate the pain from it

>> No.13352674


Really? I think you are the first chick I know that enjoys it. Haven't gotten one myself in a while because of that.

>> No.13352683

Also, shorter girl = seems bigger to her
Also, remember: Width also matters.

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IIRC DLFG is single, so I don't think she has gotten to give any lately either.

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Hey That guy.

Not Quite.

On a side note, do you have a messenger? I need some advice on an army, and from what i've seen in the past year scottish women are guru's at it.

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Blackheart is a trap not a woman, moron.

>> No.13352702


Hey RAWK! looong time no see

>> No.13352707


and a trap with a horsedick

>> No.13352712

I find a post talking about anal with 666 at the end amusing.

>> No.13352731

Aye, I'm working on it. Glad I kept some of the older toys after I got the Xenogen, that's all I'm saying.

I've heard the same. I think I lot of girls only give them in exchange for cunny, really. Quite a shame, and kinda surprising, I think. It's fun.

I do, but it's something I keep for close friends and people I know IRL. If you want advice I could try and give some now, if you're interested?

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also there is no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal

Idealy I'd say use silicone lube because you'll wear out long before it does

>> No.13352753

Indeed it is.

good to know.

Also, DLFG, do you know anything about playing WHFB? If not, a question, what, when using IG against 'Nids, is the weakness of the Tervigon?

>> No.13352756

Well it's more about the Skirmish games, Necromunda and Mordhiem, and i've only recently picked up some older models of Orks, Grots, and Space marines.
Due to a good nab off of Ebay. Though i dont have much use of the spurs of old ork and grot.
and because of this Sageing I likely wont get the answer.

>> No.13352760


Maybe is because some chicks don't like the taste, or are bad at it.

I used to date a ca/tg/irl who never got me to finish with a bj. Ever. And she tried hard. She actually took it very personal, when a regular handjob usually did the trick.

>> No.13352775

Necromunda, Mordheim? Fuck YEAH, But you should make a new thread.

>> No.13352776

RAWK has dark forces on her side.

and an incredible oral fixation.

just like painting and army-building, practice makes perfect.

and consider practicing up on something less hereti- i mean, less awesome. smooth simplicity has its place.. and sometimes that place is..

well, moving on.
Happy near year everyone!
>polite sage? is that how things are done.

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A xeno raped my sister.

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/r/ original copypasta please?

>> No.13352801


>/r/ that awesome fapfic of some sisters taming and keeping a nid for xeno sex.

>> No.13352811

Haha, that's not a problem at all. Messy sex is best sex. Which is weird since I'm OCD about keeping clean otherwise.

>do you know anything about playing WHFB?
Very little, I'm afraid.

>what, when using IG against 'Nids, is the weakness of the Tervigon?
The same thing as any other Monstrous Creature - massed mid-strength, high-AP shots. The Tervigon's biggest strength is the number of wounds it has. You need to manuver a number of AP2 guns to a location where they can fire on it without it getting a cover save and just hammer the thing as hard as you can. If you can, take an ally with a Psychic Hood to stop it getting Catalyst off and hope it runs out of Termagants early.

It's difficult as they are so tough and cheap enough for a Tyranid player to take several. Just keep hitting them, and concentrate your fire on one at a time. Don't spread your fire - concentrate on one Monstrous Creature at a time until it's dead then move on.

Maybe. I kinda dig cumplay, so I guess I've got an advantage there. You didn't try teaching her to be better at it? Telling her what had worked from previous partners, and whatnot?

And the practice itself is pretty fun.

>> No.13352828

cum play is fun~

being unable to suck a guy off would be a huge blow to my pride so I can understand feeling that

and skipping out on the taste of cum is quite easy if she can learn to deal with her gag reflex and you're long enough to simply reach past the tongue

>> No.13352837


I tried. Sometimes she would suck too hard, others too little. She tried to use tongue, deep-throat and everything, but to be fair she was very new to some of these things. She actually had troubles keeping my hard.

Again which is odd because regular sex was good, and even her handjobs had successful results.

>> No.13352855


Fellow ca/tg/irl. I am not crazy about that but I've learned to enjoy it. I realized its easier if you have a little help, even if you are not dating. Having someone to begin by slowly using his fingers helps a lot.

Don't you have any close/special friend you feel comfortable enough to do that with?

>> No.13352873


>skipping out on the taste of cum

apparently not all cum tastes the same. I heard it is related to what the guy eats.

Stuff like meat and spinach: DO NOT WANT

Pineapples and other fruits: Nice

Or maybe is just bs

>> No.13352883

she only said that because you busted into her room like that.

And to think, she was going to introduce OthcaIxxl to your parents next month.. you ruined everything anon!

the solution here is instruction in grasping the.. err.. tool, in one hand as if performing a hand-based happy thing. apply lips at the top of the ring created by thumb-finger. free to experiment with details past that.

also an aid for those who want to explore oral but have gagging problems/problems dealing with long things.

i really wish i had some awesome useful army advice or game data to put in here too.

some people need help to move a couch, some people need help to.. well, all sorts of other things.

>succeed Oraoll
even captcha has to chime in?

>> No.13352887

>bout to head out the door
>come back to /tg/ real fast, see if any interesting threads are up
>see this thread
/tg/, and all it's peoples, you made my year better.
See y'all next year.
Rawk, it's nice to see you back. Reminds me of even better days.

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That does help quite a bit but i know some girls that simply dislike it all together

>> No.13352893

Oh, it certainly is. One of the occasions I've thanked wearing glasses.

Never been able to do deepthroat before, and never quite seen the desire. I think that's one of the reasons I like oral - there's so much you can do, you can play around and experiment with licks, sucks, kisses, nips, everything, and see how your partner responds. Just treating the throat as another hole seems a bit dull.

Ah, shame. Still, hopefully your next partner'll be better at it.

There are...but they're in my gaming group. There are several people in my Changeling group that I'd consider fooling around with - even with more than one at once, maybe - but I'm terrified it'll ruin the group dynamics with drama.

>> No.13352894

You know what? On /tg/ a few months from here, I would have expected 2 things from this kind of topic.
1.- A massive porn dump of Xeno stuff, including alien dildos.
2.- A massive dump of Imperial Soldiers purging things.
I must admit that this discussion is kinda interesting, but it's kinda boring. Polite sage, because I don't wanna bump the thread and I'm not actually contributing, I'm just stating my opinion.

>> No.13352902

This is exceptionally true.
Fruits+leafy greens = sweet taste
Dairy+red meats = salty taste
Booze = bitter taste
Candy = High Fructose Corn Syrup taste
Asparagus = DO NOT WANT
Pineapple+kiwi+avacado = Yummy
>any other questions?

>> No.13352907

well i like deepthroat when im not in control (which is most of the time)

>> No.13352910

I wish there were some good gaming groups in the UK.


>> No.13352916

There are. Just gotta find them.
I stumbled into mine, literally.

>> No.13352918

Wiat, I knew Blackheart was a trap, but with a horsedick? How do you figure?

>> No.13352921

>/tg/ - My Sexual Preferences
Actually, guys, it's supposed to be /tg/ - Traditional Games.

>> No.13352928


>but I'm terrified it'll ruin the group dynamics with drama.

It doesn't have to. All my "special friends" are from my group too, and I feel this is just a way we have to enjoy out mutual company.

The only real awkward thing I've had is when I had a time with two of them. They were embarrassed of undressing before each other, being both guys. To be fair it was sorta cute, heh.

>> No.13352930

he posted a pic once

>> No.13352941

Lol, never understood that.
I got what you got, and if a guy is gonna get all shy undressing in front of another guy, he needs to hit the showers.

>> No.13352948

Well Anon, you've got DLFG who's in the UK
I know of another in the UK as well.

Give posting posters or asking around or checking universitys. Or Maybe just go with the online route.
As of late most of my gaming has been Online.

>> No.13352952

as if sex wasn't the most traditional game

>> No.13352961

I kind of feel like I'm Jane Goodall watching the monkies. Like I'm seeing something that they would never show anybody if they knew I was here...

>> No.13352963

Haha, yes. I do try and make sure guys I'm dating eat a lot of fruit and veg just for that reason. Can't cook for shit, but I tend to make quite a few pineapple/kiwi-based fruit salads.

True. IIRC, you're subbier than I am, so you'll get more from it than me.

Oh, wow, you've been with more than one guy at once? I am so fucking jealous right now. What was it like? And how on earth do you propose something like that?

>> No.13352971

But the thing about Online is there's less of a chance of 'this' happening...

>> No.13352987

>Oh, wow, you've been with more than one guy at once? I am so fucking jealous right now. What was it like? And how on earth do you propose something like that?

It's fucking awesome, though you need to actually talk over positions ahead of time, especially if its with three other guys because then things can get a little crowded.

And I just make the proposal very bluntly but that's just how i've always done it

>> No.13352991

>how do you broach the topic
Be plain and simple about it. It's easier if the guys either don't know each other at all, or are bros who don't care. Casual aquaintances is a bad start, and you need to judge that both are confidant enough in themselves to go forward.

>> No.13352992


A couple times, usually with the same duo. They are slowly stopping being so shy. And it began with a little truth or dare after the usual game when the other guys had left. I got dared into doing a strip and things went from there.

As for how it feels, I'd just say >awesome< in italics. Being between two guys is both so sexy and so "warm". We tried DP and that was the first time I really felt "full" in a simple incredible way.

Also, I feel rather flattered I can get that reaction from two guys at once, lol.

>> No.13353002

so just stumble around the UK blindly, clutching your gaming supplies just in case.


and its the game that everyone wins. How can that be wrong?

never had the pleasure, but i assume you propose it by saying 'hey, you wanna?' to two willing people. and then you get out the rubber sheets and blindfold. or whatever.

try places like Meetup.com to get into the group. getting That to happen is harder. not a pun.

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>DLFG & RAWK carrying on about dicksucking


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>three other guys

Yea, hence why I'd only do it with people in my group - they're the only once I really know well enough and trust enough for something like that.

>Being between two guys is both so sexy and so "warm". We tried DP and that was the first time I really felt "full" in a simple incredible way.

Wow. I always guessed it would feel good, but didn't know if it was just something that people fantasise about but didn't actually feel good in real life. I have to do this some time now.

What's the easiest position for something like that?

>> No.13353026


Stumble around the UK? Gotcha. Any specific areas/cities that are renowned or to be avoided?

>> No.13353027

Go erorp in IRC fags

>> No.13353043

I could tell all the girls in this thread are white, cuz they're total fucking sluts. This shit is why I only date black and asian women.

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>> No.13353047

the bigger (mass wise) guy laying down near the end of a bed, then you lay on him face up, and then the other guy standing

you can switch to face down if you like but I prefer face up

>> No.13353050

You avoid that place like Death Itself.

Also tried Meetup and other places before, the Essex area is pretty Dead for Games.
'Maybe' i'll find some over at the nearby community college, but i havent seen much in the past and everyone i met in the general area seemed very 'games are for nerds' or 'too nerdy for me'.

>> No.13353051


The easiest possition I've found for having DP is laying on my side, with one of them behind me and other in front. Both help me help up my leg straight and that gives plenty access without being tiresome.

But other positions are fun. I like having one of then do it with me laying on my back, and my head is on the edge of the bed, so I can give an upside down bj at the same time.

It sounds so kinky but is actually pretty fun :)

>> No.13353064

How is it this thread still exists?

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>Three guys at once.

I've been in those a lot lately! Though I'm one of them so basically just two guys and a trap. Oh well. Almost bagged a fivesome this Christmas though. Almost...

Anyway, pic related.

>> No.13353071

Because sex is a traditional game.

>> No.13353072

>white sluts

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You know what you ain't though?

You ain't me.

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Just looked at the other posts.... Hhhhnnnnng.

>> No.13353083

a fivesome is just a foursome with a benchwarmer i've found

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>this thread

>> No.13353085

I read 'two guys and a tarp'

>> No.13353092


>> No.13353099
File: 36 KB, 259x472, Waitaminute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My Varying reactions

>> No.13353104
File: 42 KB, 1036x275, yay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13353110
File: 111 KB, 887x678, Tear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13353116
File: 103 KB, 640x640, alicechristmas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm with you on this, bro.

... in spirit, of course. Fuck if I'd dare meeting another person face to face.

Say, how many of yous are spending the new year's eve alone? Well, here's to you, and me. Haven't had a conversation with another person in two months now. I'm starting to feel comfortable having conversations with the cactus, although I'm afraid it might commit suicide if I do it too frequently.

>> No.13353117
File: 58 KB, 185x263, Grunt face palm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gee fucking weez, I just wonder why we got stuck with a janitor and a mod up our ass some time ago...

>> No.13353118

True. It's nervy enough just asking a dude out, much less pulling a couple of single friends aside after the game and saying "look, I've had no action in over six months, and you two are both pretty good looking, so how about it? Just sex, no drama."

Picture related.

>You avoid that place like Death Itself.
Agreed. Nice scenery and Edinburgh (and bits of Glasgow) are pretty cool, but beyond that it's a shithole.

Hot. Laying on my side sounds better. More intimate, in a way. What other advice would you give? I mean, is there extra stuff you need to bring with you? And how do these things generally end, or how long do they go on for? I'm...not quite clued up on orgy trivia. If I do end up doing this I damn well want to do it right.

Fivesome? Mouth, ass, vag, two hands. Tricky to co-ordinate but I can see it working.

>> No.13353126


I'm spending it with my family like most years. You are not really alone just by being single.

>> No.13353133
File: 40 KB, 642x386, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/ - Virgins.

>> No.13353134

Alone, gonna get drunk and probably end up not making any food and falling alseep all depressed and shit.

Already feeling a bit drunk right now.

>> No.13353137


Already plan on avoiding it - way too far North regardless.
My area seems to be pretty dead for gaming as well.

>> No.13353143

Nothing wrong with being alone. Solitude brings introspection and only through focus on the self can we realise our place in the bigger picture.

>> No.13353149
File: 30 KB, 503x336, hgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Family's downstairs, but we don't do much on New Year's. So it's me and /tg/ tonight.

>Picture related

Don't drink and attach image macros, kids.

>> No.13353152

I wonder if i could try that, except 4 years and likely a little begging.
And you didnt leave a picture.

Yup, Alone on 4chan.
Though, 2010 will be the Year i discovered /tg on 4chan. Plus for me then.

>> No.13353154
File: 150 KB, 700x700, mokoucirno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spam and trolling, really. That people admit to having or having had sex makes you disgruntled really isn't a rule violation.

Here, have a touhou for double threat.

>> No.13353159
File: 88 KB, 248x246, BlackyWasted.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about 'two guys and a carp'?

The setup would have been two girls, two boys and a trap. Sadly family business interrupted and the girls couldn't attend only two days later. But then the boys had family stuff then. Its my childhood dream to be in an orgy. I will not be denied for long.

Also RAWK, you're kind of kinky, I like that. A lot.

>I have to do this some time now.

You can already count me in.

>> No.13353169

i prefer the term nymphomaniac

>> No.13353172


Ye is very intimate. It is sexy and and sweet. Plenty of kisses in the neck, collarbone, shoulders and back. The only think you really need is a comfy bed and lube. Again, having them help you prepare back them is enough to have them fired up. It is so nice sometimes we have two or three rounds without moving. Another thing is to maybe suggest your partners to alternate their thrusts. Is not painful if both do it at the same time, but the feeling can be so intense you won't last long. That makes me squeal when thy do it.

>> No.13353180

Threesomes are a waste of time. You end up focusing on one person and vying for their attention which can end with hurt feelings.

Humans just gravitate towards couples I guess.

>> No.13353183
File: 58 KB, 567x882, Merciful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

S-Stupid Heretic, it's not l-like i like you or anything!

>> No.13353184

Two years back I got into a threesome with a couple from my gaming group. As a guy I can say that it wasn't bad once you get used to "shit other guy." Not nearly as awkward as I'd anticipated but that was due to the company more than anything. Of all things, the dude asked me as a present to his girl. I'd like to do it again, and I know they're interested, but time has been my problem as of late.

>> No.13353192
File: 102 KB, 735x945, 1293598420387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get drunk, meet me on IRC. Que Tyranids everywhere.
I'd prefer you sober, but you're only "tempted" when inebriated.

>> No.13353199

Actually humans are naturally inclined to be polyamorous.

>> No.13353237

Polyamorous, and inevitably polybutthurt.

>> No.13353243

A few actually, and some on /b/ I really wish I had em.

>> No.13353262

>the feeling can be so intense you won't last long

There's no way I wouldn't ask them to do this, heh. Just to see what it's like, if it's as good for me as it is for you. Unfortunately it'd have to wait until I'm more used to anal, but I guess that'd be a good way to get involved with one of them and cover me until I can get off my ass and get back on the pill. Hate condoms.

You've really never had any problems come of it? Maybe I'm just too nervous and over-thinking things.

Yea, trying to get a schedule sorted out for something like that would be a pain.

Tempted. I don't even have IRC though. I've never even used IRC before.

>> No.13353269
File: 16 KB, 236x206, 1273358436164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just realised something from Rawk and Leaper, that women can be just as perveret as men and like hot dickings as much as men...

>> No.13353270

Well back in the day Wasteland Warrior shared a few very interesting pictures as well aside from that one with the huge penis. Also said something about being on cam. He declines sharing the vid though.

Blackheart you jew, give us the vid too!

>> No.13353281


Anal is one of those things that sounds intimidating but there's so much information out there really, it's easy to inform yourself.

>> No.13353283
File: 10 KB, 160x108, trollfrigg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should note, though, that the circumstances in which women like to get kinky never, ever include you.

>> No.13353288

Something about that sentence makes me giggle.

He never recorded what I did on live cam for him. I think. At least he promised he wouldn't without asking me.

>> No.13353302


No, no troubles. I think it makes our bonds to be better. We enjoy many things and this increased we amount of trust we have on each other.

And god yeah I hate condoms too. Mostly the taste. Is hard to give a bj after sex when his dick tastes of bitter latex. Ewww.

>> No.13353311


Someone should make a IRC chatroom. Dunno, Mibbit? that way you will be sure if you leave people won't have your info as if you shared your MSN

>> No.13353312

There you go.
/nick thennamehere
Sup/tg irc is handy.
It's java and everything will pop up for you.

>> No.13353317

>And god yeah I hate condoms too. Mostly the taste.

You're lucky. You only have to use condoms when you don't have pills. I have to use them all the time since I can't be walking around with an enema.

>> No.13353320
File: 66 KB, 559x380, 1292669427590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Noooo... *sob*

Maybe its...
>like hot dickings as much as men.

>> No.13353324

... oh boy, it's gonna be the sausagefest of the year.

>> No.13353327

agreed, condoms suck

fortunately i have pregnancy resistance +20 so i've never had to worry about it (I'm not sterile though)

>> No.13353330

See I live in DC area, so I use a condom because I afraid of aids.

>> No.13353338

It's not so much that as they work second shift and I work third now. I'm waking up when they're at work, and they wake up when I'm going to bed. The only real day that we could do it is game day, and the GM would throw a hissy if we were to skip out on game for that.

Perhaps the biggest advantage we had when we did this was that the three of us hung out for a few hours beforehand. It let us get over the awkward phase by just hanging out and being friends, and then later slipping off into the bedroom.

>> No.13353340

Heh, yea. Just don't talk about it so openly as guys do. One of the pleasures of the Internet, there's no way I could say things like this IRL.

True. The problem, I guess, is sorting good information from bad.

I'm glad to hear there's no real problems. It does strike me as something that'll either go really well, and create a much stronger relationship, or wind up going horribly wrong. Fortunately the two guys I'm thinking about I'm pretty close to anyway.

And yea, fuck condoms. Having to fart about with them can really kill the mood, and once or twice he went for a moneyshot and couldn't get the thing off in time, and blew his load in the thing. Fucking anticlimax, I tell you. Especially the time where I'd been away a week and told him to, ah, save up.

>> No.13353341

so, what you're saying is.. you are making another video As We Speak, and are posting it up somewhere in the spirit of.. uh.. the holidays.

and festive-ness.

sleep with other players
advice teka.jpg
save gold by needing fewer tents

for some reason that just makes me think of a poly-orgy that is going Well, not badly. huh.

>> No.13353342


sure you can

>> No.13353357

Well, at least the thread STARTED not completely terrible. Sage and hide... one day, /tg/, one day....

>> No.13353377
File: 36 KB, 250x250, 1286436528933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13353385


Yeah, fuck condoms. (not in a good way, lol). And I know about the STDs, but in a way the good stuff about hanging with nerds is they rarely get a chance to catch these :P

>> No.13353388

>thread with catgirl tripfags talking sex
>168 posts and 33 image replies
>all of the images are reaction images, none are catgirls


>> No.13353393

"first you get some sand, and a funnel.."
>actually read link
that makes sense.. interesting.

/tg/- things you never knew.

>sorting good information from bad.
"out of ky? just use icy-hot. trust me, it works fine, oh, but you have to put on a lot, ok? make sure to really rub i t in quick too"

>> No.13353396

You say that like mono relationships don't end in butthurt too.

>> No.13353399

... spoken like the true enema of the state numero uno.

>> No.13353410


Images in the mind are better then normal images.

>> No.13353426

The most important sex organ in the human body is the brain~

>> No.13353427

*Any*pics would be good too.

>> No.13353436

What's the old saying?
"Sex isn't sexy, but the thought of sex is."
Oscar Wilde, maybe?

>> No.13353444

Totally. I'm not worried about STD's because I don't have one-nighters with people I don't know - after the first, which was so terrible I've sworn off the idea for good. And I trust the people I hang around with to be clean, or at least to tell me if they aren't.

You ever considered going with more than two guys, if you could find someone you trusted enough as the other two? Assuming you're still the same anon. Don't want to presume.

Haha, yea, stuff like that. Seems like it'd be really obvious, but there's bound to be a few unpleasent lube-like substances out there I wouldn't recognise the name of.

>> No.13353460

>Sudden talk about STDs

>Reminded of that horrible bugcatcher-nurgle thread a few months ago.


>> No.13353485


Same anon, and yes I would. I won't lie that having a gangbang is a fantasy of mine. The main issues is the other guys are either in relationships except one. He we are trying to think how to get him in, because he's shy

>> No.13353495

>Totally. I'm not worried about STD's because I don't have one-nighters with people I don't know - after the first, which was so terrible I've sworn off the idea for good. And I trust the people I hang around with to be clean, or at least to tell me if they aren't.


>> No.13353499
File: 157 KB, 1100x975, 1285346149573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/join channel #tyrantlulz

My throw away email, the Irc sever I hang out on for ERP and other bullshit. Anyone looking feel free to come around, I've got little shame.

>> No.13353517

that's why I demand a note from a doctor stating said invidual is clean of STDs because an STD is the same thing as a death sentence to me

>> No.13353519

The test is unlikely to work for 3 moths and the actual symptoms can take far longer.

>> No.13353525

and now i am inspired to experiment with swapping the contents of a ky squeeze tube with icyhot or related... err.. for science. and trolling. trolling scientifically.

as for that other point, as to numbers. not That anon, or another anon, but sure have Thought about more then two. more then three, so forth. But that is quickly getting into the territory of "parents never knew how to filter internet, exposed to too much smut at an early age" troubles.

i just hope all that bugcatcher stuff is trolls trolling. Anyone even partially like that needs to be locked up.

in a blast-furnace.

at least invite his SO. its only polite.

>> No.13353526
File: 33 KB, 500x323, HolyProtection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By that extension, all sex could be infective, and one should always use condoms.

>> No.13353533

>i just hope all that bugcatcher stuff is trolls trolling.


>> No.13353537

i've used icyhot as lube, its fun~

of course i'm both a sub and a masochist so you shouldn't take my advice there

>> No.13353544

Oh god, yes. I try not to be judgemental, but those guys can just rot.

>I won't lie that having a gangbang is a fantasy of mine.

God, it feels good to know I'm not the only one. I guess you'd just have to approach it carefully, introduce the idea to him slowly. Maybe try and get with him one-on-one first, and once he's comfortable with that, start introducing the other two guys? Or don't give him a leading role, so to speak? Like your usual team can handle the actual sex, while you blow him? Just so he gets used to the feeling of being with so many people.

True, true. I know it's something I should be more careful about.

>> No.13353552
File: 326 KB, 768x906, aliceze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I still had family that wanted to see me. At least even on the holidays. Gah, incoming wave of self-pity...

I used to entertain that thought in my teenage years. But the longer you invest yourself into exploring abstract philosophical and natural subjects, the more acutely you begin to feel their emptiness. It's unfortunate, but knowing won't satisfy anyone if there's no-one to share it with. And the older you get, the more you start to feel the ache for human warmth. Day by day, month by month, year by year... until you realize you've already forgotten how to get along in the world other people live in.

>> No.13353554

YES. That is what you are supposed to fucking do, brothuselah. You use condoms with anyone you aren't fluid-bonded with.

i.e. you can have a mutual no-barriers relationship with one person, and both of you need to use protection with anyone else.
If there's 3 of you and you all only fuck each other without barriers, that's fine too. The point is that, yes, you don't know people are clean unless you know that you're the only one they're having sex with.

And even then they might have cheated and caught something. It's a matter of risk management.

>> No.13353556
File: 63 KB, 277x260, youmu blush_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This fucking thread

It's like I've stepped into a time machine and been spat out in pre-janitor /tg/

[spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/] It's kind of awesome, I admit [/spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/]

>> No.13353565

Yeah, isn't it great how we can have threads about things totally unrelated to wargames, RPGs, etc on /tg/! It's almost as good as having so-ronery threads on /a/!

>> No.13353568

Hey Meatbags,

Our name is Geth, and we hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass jokes. You are everything bad in the galaxy. Honestly, have any of you ever built a dyson sphere? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on Fornax.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit us with your best shot. We are the most technologically advanced intelligence native to this galaxy. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to asari"? We also effortlessly troll the entire extranet, and pilot a badass mobile platform (we just downloaded ourselves into a new one; shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves.

Thanks for listening,


>> No.13353590

/tg /- Bitches and whores.

>> No.13353598

how the fuck would a human female actually SURVIVE fucking a nid?

>> No.13353599

It's called being a community, we sometimes talk about other things beside what first brought us together,

>> No.13353602

I know what the full picture is. *eyeball lick*

I figured. I use condoms a lot sadly due to above mentioned problem, but the 4 people whom I have sex I all trust enough to be clean or tell me. Especially since its a no cheating relationship. Well, more precisely we're sexfriends/lovers. Complicated. But yeah, condoms.

If I could throw myself through the monitor into your arms, I would do it.

>>I won't lie that having a gangbang is a fantasy of mine.

Haa... To be in the middle of a sea of hands, fingers, tongues, dicks and pussies...

>> No.13353612
File: 28 KB, 540x387, 012909dreamer-james-dyson-vacuum-02-af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Honestly, have any of you ever built a dyson sphere?


>> No.13353618

# Spirit of the Martyr: the unit gains invulnerable saves equal to their armour saves, which may not be combined with other saves.

>> No.13353626

>t the 4 people whom I have sex I all trust enough to be clean or tell me.
Like >>13353495 said it's not a matter of trust.
If they're having sex with other people, they won't know if they catch something.

If you ain't fluid-bonded, you either use protection or risk getting herpes or w/e.

>> No.13353630

Yea, I'm the same. Early access to porn probably did something. Also early access to the Alien films. As in, when I was like thirteen. So yea.

Fuuuuuck, really? The subbiest thing I've ever done was a bit of bondage. Which was surprising, since it was with my most recent now-ex, and he was really, really shy about sex and he proposed it. Kinda fun though.

In reality, they probably wouldn't, but hell that's why it's just a fantasy.

>To be in the middle of a sea of hands, fingers, tongues, dicks and pussies...
Hah, yes, exactly. Sounds divine, doesn't it?

>> No.13353633
File: 45 KB, 450x466, cirno informative says blueboard_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I sort of admit that this sort of thread might be better placed on /d/ or something, but hey, who am I to judge? It's not any worse than the usual unrelated /tg/ threads that get posted here, IE just about every videogame thread ever

Anyway, you know about the 4chan filter, right? If you use firefox you can just use that to hide threads like this

>> No.13353638


I've noticed a good way to break the ice is through something fun. Truth or dare works wonders because the point is doing crazy stuff ;)

And I know! in my little fantasy world I'd love to see how many guys I can take on at the same time, heh.

>> No.13353647

...wouldn't they have to be wearing full armor during sex for that to help?

>> No.13353649

I've done a lot more subby things than that

>> No.13353650

Oh, hi Geth.

- Glissa

>> No.13353657

Don't you ever do that again, Blackheart. Or I will throw things at you.

>> No.13353660

>Hah, yes, exactly. Sounds divine, doesn't it?

Yesss... I will have it! I will have it! And after it all I want to be in the middle of a huge hug pile, arms thrown over me, heads rested on my shoulders, my own arms hugging someone, hands caressing my hair, being all warm and satisfied... Haaaah...

>I sort of admit that this sort of thread might be better placed on /d/ or something

Probably, but hey, this is a one time thing.

>> No.13353666
File: 21 KB, 550x374, monocle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this thread

My word. So this is where everyone's attention has gone to tonight.

>> No.13353667

there is a bit of a physical limitation there

seeing how many guys you can take consecutively without stopping might be a bit better wording in my opinion

>> No.13353671

That's because you're a worthless, pathetic cunt who knows her place.

>> No.13353682


>Probably, but hey, this is a one time thing.

In a perfect world.

>> No.13353685


>> No.13353690

>>To be in the middle of a sea of hands, fingers, tongues, dicks and pussies...
>Hah, yes, exactly. Sounds divine, doesn't it?

... well, sounds more like a butcher's shop gone wrong, really.

>> No.13353691


I thought that was a given ;)

>> No.13353693

HahHaHahaHahHHAAha~ Happy new year's Varity. I've been missing you in the chat~

Nah, they'd just have to have a heart full of faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind. That kind of devotion could help a SoB withstand even a particularly thorny and bladed ah... biolance.


>> No.13353695

>Early access to porn and Alien
I say and read a bit of Battle Royal back in middle school so there was that. and pretty much anything else, i didnt have a lot of media boundries other than my dad got pissed when i was playing Vice City and ran over a bunch of prostitutes.

>> No.13353697

Yea, totally! Something a bit lighthearted and mildly risque, just to get everyone to drop their guard a bit, loosen up and get in the mood. Then steadily introduce a few more sexual elements and try and slip into things naturally through that. Or something like strip-40k can be fun, but it can be kinda hard to make fair without organising it in advance.

Well, the "armour save becomes invulnerable" is just a game-mechanic. If it was real, I imagine it would work no matter their state of dress.

Oh? Can I ask what, if it's not too intrusive?

You'd think that something like that, you'd end up getting sore and worn out before too long.

>> No.13353701


>> No.13353705

join sup/tg/'s irc and ask me there

>> No.13353708

So we got 3 ca/tg/irls here. Not bad! Maybe if we could have one who posts pics.

>> No.13353709
File: 358 KB, 851x478, amazing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 30 = 30

>> No.13353712

thats why you use silicone lube, because it lasts for hours

>> No.13353713

While we're on the subject of sexytiem, does anyone have ideas for femdom? My SO is pretty into it, but isn't so great at coming up with new ideas.

>> No.13353721

>my ridged dick

for some reason, I laughed unreasonably loudly at that.

though I'm sure there's a xenophile furry out there going "mmm" at it.

>> No.13353724

Try PeopleIntoFunConsentualBDSMIncludingDegradationAndVerbalAbuse.jpg, bro.

>Probably, but hey, this is a one time thing.
Yeah, /tg/ - My Fetish is TOTALLY something that doesn't happen all of the time. :/

>> No.13353726

Because it sucks. It's not nearly as good as it was, like, a year ago.

>> No.13353728


IIRC RAWK has played a game in the nude. And given everyone BJs under the table.

>> No.13353732

Emptiness? All existence is equally empty. That human warmth you crave is a fantasy, as much a lie as your dream of riding a dragon into battle against the mighty warelves of Athon-Ry.

Do you expect the mountain to come to you? The birds to fall because you demand it? Invent your own meaning and live it every day.

>> No.13353735

Question. Have any of the women here thought about zoo? I'm curious as to just how far some of you would go if asked.

>> No.13353738


I've posted pics recently, but I don't think this is the right thread for these things =P

>> No.13353740

>insult furries
>ask about fucking dogs

>> No.13353743

Goddammit, no. Don't shit up /tg/. Any time that happens /tg/ is full of WHERE PICS OMG OMG OMG threads for hours, goddamn.

Go to /b/ or /s/ for that shit.

>> No.13353749
File: 27 KB, 493x346, line.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

image related

some Perver
allmost there captcha!

dont bother to believe in yourself, believe that i believe in you? something like that..

cheer up, anon.

>> No.13353755


Yep! Making things fun is the key to have your guys open up. Also, chances are you will have to get undressed before they do. Like I said before, the guys I've meet seem to dislike being unclothed before other guys they know

>> No.13353756
File: 324 KB, 800x533, 1282522234314.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd really like for this thread to stop. No, I'm not uncomfortable, I'm not prude, but wow, stop. This truly isn't /tg/-related at all. Sure, we can step back and say that the OP's post was just barely /tg/-related, but now it's just two people telling everyone about their sexual experiences, and from what I can tell, it's just them explaining how they are the town bicycle...
I know DLFG is one of the more known tripfags, and I kind of hoped she was above this sort of "discussion," but meh, I hardly knew her and so I guess I was wrong.

In conclusion, please take this to /b ;_;
Would you like me to start a thread there for you guys so you can make /tg/ look a little nicer? Hell, it's the new year almost, and it's like your New Year's Resolution was to make this board look awful, or something.

>> No.13353762



>> No.13353767


Yeah, but I don't like that name at all

>> No.13353773


Why do you do it anyway? Don't you see the effect it has on the board? :/

>> No.13353776

Threads like THIS are unseen these days.

Hmmm, why do you think so? Is it my fault? I tried to cut down on stuff you had problems with...

Haaa... I wish I could do that... (no one plays rpgs irl around here)

>> No.13353781


whoops, I meant /b/, not /b

>> No.13353787

or alternatively, its new years eve, and everyone who's on here's thinking "oh, fuckit, I'm single again. Arse. Goddamn I could do with a decent shag".

and tomorrow will be thinking "oh, shit, did I say *that* ?"

>> No.13353792
File: 27 KB, 210x335, cirno informative_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You could go and start it on /d/ or something, you know. Might be better since /b/ is.. well, /b/

>> No.13353793

Haha, true. Though there's physical tiredness as well.

Furry and Xenophilia are different things, really. Furry is a psuedo-lifestyle where you think you ARE a non-human creature. Xenophilia is just an attraction to monsters, aliens and whatnot. No PURE INNER LICTOR SPIRIT here.

Huh, fair enough.

>> No.13353799

that was years ago though

>> No.13353801
File: 41 KB, 435x571, Darken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No! For too long the warelves have taken from us! I, Jim Crackett, say no more!

>> No.13353809

>Furry is a psuedo-lifestyle where you think you ARE a non-human creature.
No it's not for fucks sake, it's a goddamn fetish. People on both sides who think it's a life style are fucking retarded.

>> No.13353813


I've only taken 3-4 photos and I don't spam anything with them. I even linked them off-board.

>> No.13353816

Have you tried hiding the thread? You even bumped this thread you'd like to see gone yourself. You're not helping /tg/ at all. Why don't you make a constructive thread instead! Like, make a good homebrew, or make a discussing thread about a setting.

>> No.13353818

rolled 8 = 8

These threads are rare nowadays ever since Herr Janitor came around. Just fucking hide/ignore the thread, bro, it's not *that* invasive when it's the only one.

>> No.13353822
File: 30 KB, 551x464, PLS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13353824


I don't think I understand what you just said, my friend. Was that an excuse for people to post "I'm foreveralone.jpg, pay attention to me, /tg/," or am I mistaken?

>captcha: fishen influence

I do not have a fishen influence, yet.

>> No.13353825
File: 77 KB, 850x796, alicefrustrated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a distinction in between the self-determined existence and the naturally determined existence, I admit. I always thought victory over human nature was the best one could achieve in their life, but that was a long ago. Today, I see happy couples and laughing children, and it eats at me inside. I see no dragons outside my own mind, and even science and literature are parts of an engine of mundane industry, just as banal as assembly lines or burger joints.

Well, crap. Now I'm out of booze as well.

>> No.13353834

So that was actually a really sloppy attempt at a hook-up?
Protip: talk is about timing as much as content, and right know you've got neither.
Happy holidays though.

>> No.13353835
File: 226 KB, 1000x1000, Kobold Rider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You have my bear, Jim Crackett

>> No.13353842

Nope. In fact, I would dare say you're the least of the issues. It just seems as though sentient conversation in it has slowly devoured itself by its own tail and now it's just sporadic greetings followed by inept prattling about a myriad of nonsense for a few minutes until it dies once more. A shame, really.
Man, I remember back when the roleplaying group actually hosted roleplaying games. Those were the days....

>> No.13353844

>Furry and Xenophilia are different things, really.

this is true. and knowing a furry or two, I should've known better.
I apologise to the furries, and xenophiles for the insult to you, lumping you all in together and making assumptions. I apologise for prejudiced comments without thought as to your sexuality and preferences...
.... you sick freaks.
(just kidding)

>> No.13353848

No, it wasn't. What are you doing, bro? What's your problem?

>> No.13353857

Hence why I said "psuedo". People genuinely believe they are something that they aren't - hence the whole fursona thing - and try to turn that into a lifestyle choice rather than a harmless, if weird, kink.

T'wasn't really insulting, just something I see a lot of people getting confused.

>> No.13353859
File: 10 KB, 153x237, 1273696751784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't want to be known as a terrible tripfag.
>Kind of a douche, fear for gaining a reputation.
>Read this thread.
Looks like I don't have much to worry about, then!

Ya'll are having fun, though, so have a polite sage, you kinky fucks.

>> No.13353868

She's asian because she likes animation.

>> No.13353871

>it's new year's eve
>I'm single and not feeling awesome about it
Yeah, pretty much. At least reading this thread I'm reminded that there are girls out there who share my interests and, while they will not ever personally sleep with me, are at least representative of a demographic that might.

So sure, the actual conversation isn't that interesting, but it's representative of something that is vaguely heartening.

>> No.13353886

>Was that an excuse for people to post "I'm foreveralone.jpg, pay attention to me, /tg/," or am I mistaken?

nah. mostly laughing at the absurdity of it.
(and at myself, more than any attention grabbing intention, since I'm being a miserable cunt tonight, hugging the cat.)

>> No.13353888


He is a frustrated virgin angry at reading people discussing sex on HIS board, obviously

[spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/] And that should mean something coming from another virgin, Iron. Just hide the thread and move on, man. No need to get all snippy [/spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/]

>> No.13353897

rolled 20 = 20

You are a tripfag. That means you are terrible no matter what you do. Sorry bro.

>> No.13353901

If you're alone, just find a waifu.

>> No.13353903
File: 52 KB, 898x348, 1276414319599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just realized it's been two years since I've kissed a girl.

Fuck you and your sex talk.

>> No.13353907

Well, a lot of people there lost interest in /tg/ these following months. That could be a reason...

>Man, I remember back when the roleplaying group actually hosted roleplaying games.

I remember it too, I also remember I could never play with you guys no-matter how I wanted because you guys are all 8 hours apart from me, and only WW seemed to manage games that fell barely into my schedule. As in, not start at 3-4am in the morning. But seriously, aren't there games hosted even now?

Also, that chat wasn't made singly for discussing currently running games, nor is there any force prohibiting you or anyone from talking about currently running games. (Though why would there be talk about running games? That happens more in the OOC subgroups.)

But seriously Var, I miss you from the chat, can I ask you to come back?

>> No.13353914


You two are right, I'm making a mountain out of a molehill, but in my defense, I'm not trying to be like "FUCKING SAGE YOU STUPID FUCKS STOP SHITTING UP MY /TG/ YEAH IT'S MINE SO GTFO STOP SHITTING UP WHAT BELONGS TO ME," I'm simply pointing out, "Hey, this doesn't belong here, I don't think."

Aw hell, I never get mad at this stuff, it's just an imageboard. Besides, it's simply one thread. It's New Year's. Let's make it our resolution to perhaps keep threads like these to a minimum? Just a thought. Or you guys could make like 10 different threads like these just to spite me, hahaha.

>> No.13353943

Nah mon, this is fun and stimulating.
Sagetrolls aside, anyway.
I don't get real bent out of shape about what's /tg/ and not, if I really had a problem I'd just hang out someplace else.
I don't get cranked over "omg stfu moralfags", the "rape is the new love", or whatever else the trollstrollingtrolls are recycling again, and this is far less unworthy of /tg/ then yet another thread about how much Ultramarines suck.

As for whatever Angryvirginsandmysognists there is Bro'ing me about, whatever.

>> No.13353945

rolled 16 = 16

And I thank you for not being OMFG SAGE, it makes /tg/ better for everyone.

Honestly, I'm surprised this thread has lasted as long as it has. Janitor's probably out getting crunk for NYE or something.

>> No.13353948

Things'll change. You've just got to keep an eye out, keep yourself reasonably well-groomed, and not let your ego get knocked or feel like you've somehow failed if you're turned down or it turns out she isn't single. Also it can be just as frustrating from the other side of the fence, trust me.

>> No.13353963

I find this thread scares me away from the prospects of ever having a girlfriend that isn't insane or a sex fiend.

Why are you all so fucked up?

>> No.13353969


Have a nice night, I'm just going to leave the thread be, it'll 404 on it's own.

>> No.13353971


Whatever makes you hot, I guess. Bondage, spanking, roleplaying, slave for a day, hot wax, feminization, all the classics are yours to choose from.

>> No.13353974

Try kissing Blackheart?

>/tg/: Surprisingly reasonable, even in threads that are kinked.

and isnt that a wonderful bright thought for the new year?

>> No.13353985


Why would you want any other kind?

>> No.13353987

Its not like there are multiple threads like this right now...

>> No.13353992

>Alpha Xeno
>276 posts and 51 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

Ca/tg/irls hammering their clits like there's no tomorrow ITT

>> No.13354003


You DON'T want a sex fiend?

>> No.13354029
File: 48 KB, 137x150, 1267550321498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, it's alright.
/tg/'s ok, at the end of the day.
We've got issues and problems, but ultimately this is a decent place to come and soak my brain when I'm looking for something interesting, and that's saying quite a bit.

>> No.13354030

Bite me. You don't even want to know.

>> No.13354041

>girl likes sex
Fuck you and everyone like you for ruining it for the rest of us, cockfalcon.

>> No.13354044




Just in a bad slump at the moment. Morale is low.
Damned new years.

I'd be happy with a gaming group. I really need a gaming group in my city.

>> No.13354045
File: 330 KB, 800x640, cirno grin_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If it makes you feel better bro, I'm a 100% pristine white-pantied virgin! Haven't sexed, haven't kissed, haven't so much as touched the opposite sex in a non-platonic way in my life

Give it a second, the schadenfreude is sure to kick in any minute now

>> No.13354053

>But seriously Var, I miss you from the chat, can I ask you to come back?
D'aaawww, if I had emotions, I'm sure they'd be there. Being all emotional. As emotions are wont to do.

>> No.13354061

PRO TIP: you don't "hammer" a clit. Generally, one works it in circular motions. It's not a button you push.

>> No.13354078
File: 41 KB, 404x550, fiend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

personally, I'd really rather not shag one of Alien Sex Fiend.
Mrs Fiend isnt too bad, but the rest are right ugly biffers.

good music, though.

>> No.13354101

Well, /tg/, thanks for making me feel even lonelier.

Damn you, damn you to hell.

Same here. People around me thinks I'm the most successful shit ever, they think I'm smart and that I look good, but I've never had a relationship of any kind, except friendships of course. It's like, a stigma, a wound that won't heal. I end up getting the feeling that I'm permanently ruined.

I just kinda :/

But hey, I have my gaming group at least. My DM's an old lady who's culled my dominant aspects very effectively. And my mom is a religious feminist.

>> No.13354106

Actually, I can understand that. It can be odd for a guy if his partner has a greater sex drive than he does. Some guys just don't have a huge libido and it can be awkward for them.

Bondage is good. Edging, as well, where she repeatedly gets you about to come, then stops. Or there's always pegging. Leaving you tied up with a vibe in the back door, maybe? There's petplay, but that's never appealed to me much.

Also, are we autosaging? It'd be handy not to have to keep manually saging myself.

>> No.13354107

I'm serious!

And I'm pretty sure the primarch, Red, the nurse, the bard and the rest are missing you too. And while we didn't chat a lot I liked reading you guys frolic amongst yourselves. Maybe we could organize a new game, DH, RT, or try out Deathwatch (haven't tried it yet)? I'd be willing to give up on sleep for it, and I'd love to play with you.

>> No.13354109

lol, fella....the internet isn't qualified to judge you period, never mind based on a single action you havent' taken yet.
It doesn't mean much at all, doesn't make you less of a being of worth.
In the end you decide. You won't go uninfluenced, but the cost and consequences are all yours to bear, so choose well.

That said, dignity. A groveling dog is worthy of pity far less often then it earns another kick.

Oh, and call your mother or appropriate trustworthy guardian. They care about you, still.

>> No.13354120

Eh, I know. Mostly it's my own fault; I moved a couple months ago for a new job, and it's pretty much been workworkwork since, with precious little exploring the place looking for a lady. But knowing that doesn't really cheer me on nights like this one.

As long as the insanity isn't too severe and she doesn't give me STDs, I don't think I'd care.

>> No.13354126

Do I get to be the Sanguinor?

>> No.13354135

>Some guys just don't have a huge libido and it can be awkward for them.
Yep. I don't even want sex, but I can masturbate all day so I definitely get horny as hell.

I really don't think a girl could satisfy my corruption fetish though :/

I love fapping to doujins/erotica of angels getting desecrated and corrupted.

>> No.13354136

>It can be odd for a guy if his partner has a greater sex drive than he does.
It can be odd for anyone. Other guys need to DEAL WITH IT, or at least stop bitching about not getting laid if they're going to say shit like that.

>Some guys just don't have a huge libido and it can be awkward for them.
Well then they can fucking DEAL WITH IT and not be insecure little fucks, much less try to slut-shame said girls.

Anyway this thread is totally offtopic and y'all should feel bad for bumping it, but not as bad as the retards bumping the NORDIC GIRLS LOOK LIKE ELVES thread

>> No.13354154

>manually saging myself
Oh, I'll bet you are.
... fuck.

>> No.13354155

>Edging, as well, where she repeatedly gets you about to come, then stops

did that to my ex by accident. I've got RSI in both hands, which means repeated actions for long periods of time makes things painful... and my hand seized up at just the wrong time, had to swap, and that lost the moment.

She nearly murdered me...

>> No.13354163

you need a girl with a degradation fetish.
we are out there.

>> No.13354165

Sure! If I can be your, and everyone else's spiritual liege, the great lord of Macragge, Roboute Guilliman.

>> No.13354178

my sex drive is way higher than my doms, so he just stuffs me with a vibrator and then comes back after a short break

>> No.13354180

What does a degradation fetish entail, good sir?

>> No.13354186


Alright, that's fair, but your libido will eventually move closer to your partner's level and vice-versa.
And yes, auto-sage is kicking it v-tec, ja.

>> No.13354187

I think its when your partner wants you to treat him/her as a toy, a slave, something that you can mold to your desires.

>> No.13354188


Wow DLFG. I had no idea you could be so... sexual. To be fair you always struck me as a sort of "not sure if want" about sex type.

>> No.13354199

No, that's not your fault. That's just life getting in the way and it's nothing to be ashamed off. If you were a huge, overweight, hairy jerk who didn't wash, then it would be your fault, but I get the feeling you're not.

Heh. There's always dressing up and bedroom-roleplaying. I dunno, a decent-quality costume and some decent acting on the part of your partner might do the trick? First acting shy and bashfull, then getting ever more assertive?

>> No.13354215

Of course she's fucked up. Did you really think there'd be a girl who'd be GOOD at /tg/ stuff that wasn't thoroughly deviant?

>> No.13354227

>fucked up
What is wrong with you

>> No.13354229

i mean, um, they. yes, they are out there. they.

but that is neither here nor there.

sounds like its time for.. Hitachi!

err.. stuff.
that i hesitate to even get into here. So, yeah.
>>13354187 is a good start

>> No.13354242

>293 posts and 53 image replies omitted
You can go ahead & stop.

>> No.13354243

I call 'not it' on carrying your stasis field trailer around. Make Russ do it.

>> No.13354244


Furry babyfur diaper transformation.

>> No.13354247
File: 194 KB, 758x585, sage_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bahaha, thanks for the vote of confidence mang, but being a virgin isn't exactly something that wounds me emotionally, so your kind words would be better spent on >>13354101

Actually, I'm kind of asexual anyway, so it doesn't really matter either way.

[spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/] But maybe I just haven't met the right person to get my sex drive into gear yet~ [/spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/]


Yup, we're past the 300 mark

[spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/] And actually, you can just stealth sage so you don't have to manually enter in "sage" with every post. "noko+sage" in the email field, without quotation marks obviously. themoreyouknow.png

>> No.13354263

>I mean, um, they. yes, they are out there. they.

dont think anyone noticed that one at all.


...Like a kraken.

>> No.13354281

You can polish my mighty gauntlets of power fisting instead. The glorious and sacred Gauntlets of Ultramar, the single most powerful weapon in the possession of the Imperium, made so powerful by the sheer fact that I, Roboute Guilliman, have worm then. It has been folded a thousand times in my hands to produce, indeed, the finest weapon in the Imperium.

>> No.13354284

Being into sexually deviant behavior constitutes being fucked up, bro. Shit like pegging, bondage, monster dildos, etc.

inb4 I get labeled a troll by progressive hippie liberals

>> No.13354286

I've only ever tried it once. It was...interesting. Not something I was a huge fan of, but not really unpleasent. I more prefer long periods of lazy teasing and foreplay, so you both get a nice, hot glow without becoming too desperate.

True. I know that nearer the end of your relationship, my last partner did get more sexual - the aforementioned bondage experiments, for example. He was always terribly romantic about it though, which I liked.

It's odd, and kinda contradictory. I'm very sexual, but terribly shy and nervous about actually expressing it, so it doesn't really come across other than in the rare thread like this.

I wouldn't say 'fucked up'. It's only fucked up if it impairs your ability to live a relatively normal life.

Huh. I didn't know noko+sage actually worked. Thanks!

>> No.13354293

Ah old style /tg/, I missed you so. This thread is proof we can all get along and have fun.

>> No.13354296

>Being into sexually deviant behavior constitutes being fucked up, bro. Shit like pegging, bondage, monster dildos, etc.
Sorry, that doesn't constitute being fucked up, any more than liking really spicy food constitutes being fucked up. Deal w/ it, prig.

>> No.13354305

European detected.

>> No.13354309

Can I pry them from Calgar's cold dead hands?

>> No.13354315

You don't have to be a troll, just stupid and narrow-minded.

>I've only ever tried it once. It was...interesting. Not something I was a huge fan of, but not really unpleasent. I more prefer long periods of lazy teasing and foreplay, so you both get a nice, hot glow without becoming too desperate.
Man orgasm control/denial is the best, but then I say that as someone who inflicts it rather than enduring it.

This. Often, it's the VERY SAME GUYS complaining that they can't get laid but then slut-shaming any girl with a healthy sex drive, and it's so facepalm-inducing.

>> No.13354318
File: 6 KB, 209x241, polar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well if you ever get to do what you said you wanted to and happen to post on another thread like this you gotta tell us how it went out ;)

>> No.13354326

Midwesterner detected. How are you guys coping with all your conservative political/church leaders being closetgay?

>> No.13354337

Only after Fulgrim shoves his poisonous... Sword... Down my mighty throat. It was a lucky shot, probably backed by the full power of all four chaos gods and the very warp itself, for indeed no other power could have ever harm even a single cell of my glorious self, that is, Roboute Guilliman.

>> No.13354348


Don't forget the other "training" she is doing!

>> No.13354353
File: 509 KB, 1047x677, kraken2_h1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no. no and fuck no. fuck you and fuck no.


ooh you..

wow. All those words at once.
>seconded, because i am nosy.

>> No.13354358
File: 23 KB, 400x450, cirno on the internet glance_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why are you trying to make people feel guilty about their sexual desires? This isn't the middle ages, bro

>> No.13354359




>Flamethrower fetish
>Weapon fetish
>Holy promethium fetish
>Once turned into a titan and thus into the sextoy of the whole Adeptus Mechanicus.

>> No.13354365

>I didn't know noko+sage actually worked.
I've tried that, before, and it appeared my post still bumped the thread. I do not believe it works. But that's, like, my opinion, man.
Oh God, stop. Before you accidentally summon a Greater Daemon of Matt Ward.

>> No.13354368

I'm rather happy with slut-shaming actually. I don't want girls fucking around.

If I have a gf I don't want her to have fucked a billion guys before getting to me. I want her decently pristine.

In fact, I think most guys want that.

>> No.13354377

...wait, THAT'S the reputation we've got in the midwest? That our politician's big secrets involve being closeted gays?

Shit, that's disappointing. You'd think everyone would focus more on the whole ridiculous levels of incompetence, corruption, and abuse of power end of our problems. Or maybe that's just Illinois.

Though our leaders here aren't terribly conservative in the first place, so you probably meant somewhere else anyway.

>> No.13354380

That would be the most hilarious game ever.

>> No.13354390

I wonder if the janitor is away or he aproved of this thread?

Either way, I'm happy.

>> No.13354394

>This. Often, it's the VERY SAME GUYS complaining that they can't get laid but then slut-shaming any girl with a healthy sex drive, and it's so facepalm-inducing.

at which point, the only solution is to accept that there is a proportion of the male population destined to celibacy, wether they want it or not.

every time I hear one of that sort make a mysogynistic rant, I just wonder how long it'll take for them to then go onto complaining because no-one will go out with them.


>Being into sexually deviant behavior constitutes being fucked up, bro. Shit like pegging, bondage, monster dildos, etc.

Actually, some of the women I've known who enjoy one or two raving deviant kinks have been the most level-headed and rational people I've ever met. Some of the people in edinburgh's fetish clubs if you did'nt now what they get up to, you'd assume were utterly vanilla, boring accountants.
though if you want to do *everything* with no limits, then yes, they're possibly a bit deranged. but that applies to men just as much.

>> No.13354405


DLFG is not single. She is the doomed bride of the lovecraftian entity that is /tg/.

We just need to put her in something skimpy and tie her to some unholy altar.

>> No.13354406

Tennessee fag here.
>enjoys all kinds of kink, engages in it often, more fetishes than one can shake a stick at.
You just jelly bro?
As someone that receives it, I can say with certainty that it really does add to the experience. I'd say that for anyone else, but not everyone knows how to express their desires.

>> No.13354414

Silence! Matt Ward is one of my most loyal disciples, who has the rare and virtuous talent of sorting out the dark and murky history of the Imperium of Man, with the sole purpose of revealing my, Roboute Guilliman, the Lord Commander of the Imperium, everlasting glory that is mirrored in the single most greatest, noblest and most successful Astartes chapter, that is the Ultramarines of blessed Macragge. Truly his works are the crowning achievement of this war torn world of forty thousand years. Overshadowed only by my, Roboute Guilliman's achievements, of couse.

>> No.13354418

Seriously. While I'm happy being married, monogamous and fairly vanilla, I am all for the rights of ladies to stick big knotted silicone dicks up their favorite holes.

Especially if they have a show and tell.

>> No.13354421


Since we are talking about this, do you ca/tg/irls enjoy more vanilla things?

Like sexy lingerie, skimpy swimwear and the like?

>> No.13354425
File: 212 KB, 1280x1024, New Bitmap Image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've tried that, before, and it appeared my post still bumped the thread. I do not believe it works. But that's, like, my opinion, man.

You did it wrong, then. See pic. I haven't bumped this thread once by doing this, and you can test it yourself. Go to some uber-slow board like /an/, find a thread on like the eighth page, then post and check the front page

If you simply have noko+sage in the email field, it will not bump. Doesn't matter if you post with a picture, with a comment, with a picture and a comment, it won't bump

>> No.13354433

Now you're just being presumptuous.
We once played a pseudo-Deathwatch game (effectively, before the actual book ever came out). It was fun as hell. Mostly due to Gnollbard (the Space Wolf) and me (the Ultramarine). That game had a lot of laughs... it's a shame the GM was as unreliable as an Ork firearm. >>13354414
Don't make me get the shotgun and Pepsi-box helmet.

>> No.13354436

I do believe this thread has been in autosage for a while now, incidentally.

>> No.13354442
File: 33 KB, 400x373, mohammed_cartoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup Bro.

>> No.13354448

>If I have a gf I don't want her to have fucked a billion guys before getting to me. I want her decently pristine.
>In fact, I think most guys want that.
I want my theoretical girlfriend to be someone cute, smart, and very into me. It doesn't sound like much, but it's actually a fairly stiff set of requirements; why should I cut down the pool of potentials even more by demanding that she be 'pristine' as well? No, anything else either doesn't matter or is something that I can probably get over.

>> No.13354460

Swimwear, not really - it's too public - but I'm a poor swimmer anyway so wouldn't have much chance to wear it. Lingerie I love, and have more than a bit of swanky black lace. Sometimes I wear it just because, for no real reason than I feel good in it even thou no-one sees.

>> No.13354465

Hypocritical sexist double-standard is hypocritical and sexist. It's a shitty attitude, a cultural relic that has no real place in the modern world, and it does a lot of damage. tl;dr your beliefs are bad and you should feel bad.

>at which point, the only solution is to accept that there is a proportion of the male population destined to celibacy, wether they want it or not.
Unfortunately, that attitude--like a lot of misogynistic BS--is mainstream enough it doesn't keep people from breeding.

I'm WELL aware there are people who enjoy receiving it. I have fun playing with them. I'm just not one of them.

>> No.13354473

Probably not, since ca/tg/irls are all either ugly or nocurves.

Nothing to hide in the lingerie. No mysterious, hot cleavage to be had. They paid the price for their geekiness in pounds of breast flesh at the altar of Gods.

Not saying I want them VIRGINAL. Fuck no, some experience is a necessity. But fucked out pussies are no fun bro, neither is the knowledge of them having had all those dicks in them. Unless you're a sicko.

Chances are, if she's had a billion guys, she won't be on the level with you. There'll be a huge disparity and it'll make it hard to keep the relationship intact. It's always best for someone with little or no sexual experience to get a partner that has the same.

>> No.13354477

You want your girlfriend to have a lot of sex... BUT ONLY WITH YOU. God forbid she actually enjoy herself before she meets you. Then she wouldn't be "pristine". because sex is somehow evil and dirty. But only if you have a vagina.

That's pretty fucked up. You're fucked up.

>> No.13354478

>We just need to put her in something skimpy and tie her to some unholy altar.

DLFG's said she's scottish. Which means there's a chance she's actualy a fifer - in which case that is her destiny already, as the glassy-eyed and gilled inhabitants of Kirkaldy and St Monans come up from the waters, clutching daggers, bottles of irn bru,and pie an' bridies, and flop and ooze towards the old hilltops when the Stars Are Right, and sacrifice the few humans in that godforsaken land...

>> No.13354482

>Don't make me get the shotgun and Pepsi-box helmet.

Hmph. I am not surprised at your foolishness and lack of faith. It was to be expected. As you are not one of the thousand sons of blessed Macragge whom share my divine geneseed, the geneseed which has spawned an army of invincible champions that have single-handedly defended this empire for many millennia, whom each are worth a thousand astarte from the other, lesser chapters that are not born from my, Roboute Guilliman's seed of glory. I pity you creature, for your faith is to be forever bereft of partaking in even the most minuscule but well deserved glory of my, Roboute Guilliman's, self, and destined to walk only in my huge shadow that spans world.

>> No.13354486

iirc sage and/or noko+sage fail when posting an image? that might no longer be true, but that could make things act up.

you don't want her to realize how bad you are in bed? that makes sense. Anyone with so much to be ashamed of would try and hide it.. or should i say so Little?

See, i just attacked you for no good reason, like you attacked every wonderfully kinked person in the world by calling them fucked up, etc. pointless in the end, isn't it?

...i'll bring the rope.
and popcorn.


somewhat yes 1, mostly no 2. public shyness combined with tendency to burn at the slightest exposure to the sun.

thanks for confirmation, i suppose.

>> No.13354500

Matt Ward is a fucking dick. Ultramarines are ok, but goddamn, they are not what "All chapters aspire to be". No, just. No.
My evidence? The Mentors. Just look as what he did to the Bro-Marines.
From badasses that re-purpose xenos tech that lend out their numbers to other chapters, to "a super secret chapter shrouded in mystery and shadowy blahblahblah"

Ward should have never been a GW writefag.

>> No.13354502

Perhaps I had the misfortune of someone posting along the same time I did. Which caused it to appear as if I'd bumped the thread.
I'll do it, Blackheart. I swear I will.

>> No.13354505

Someone get a drawfag in here.

>> No.13354512


Forgive me, I, Roboute Guilliman, am not used to speaking this dreadful lesser language which is far from the exquisite language of High Guillimus Macraggus.

>> No.13354513


I'm aware of that. I'm the dude who posted >>13353556, and I'm trying to say that since those posts onward, I haven't bumped the thread

>> No.13354530
File: 77 KB, 640x512, 69a510e881020bcbc1dba118e67b2ab91229906041_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll stop now, I have things to do. :3
Bye Varity.

Bye DLFG, stay sexy my friends.

>> No.13354532

>But fucked out pussies are no fun bro,
Having had sex with someone who's had over 100 partners...

It doesn't work that way, bro. Vaginas do not work that way.

>neither is the knowledge of them having had all those dicks in them. Unless you're a sicko.
That's just you being fucked up, bro. Something is wrong with you. Why should you care?

>> No.13354548

>you don't want her to realize how bad you are in bed? that makes sense. Anyone with so much to be ashamed of would try and hide it.. or should i say so Little?

Eh. He's entitled to his opinion. There's not a shred of me that agrees with any part of it, be he's entitled to think what he likes and not be jumped on.

I'm okay with this.

Laters Blackheart!

>> No.13354553

seconded by someone who's in the 50's or so... they dont work that way, and you have issues.

>> No.13354560

Make some more generalizations and keep telling yourself you're the only 'right' person in here, maybe in a few dozen years it'll be true.

>> No.13354586

Sorry to intrude on your... hmmm /discussions/ but it seems like there are more British /tg/ers than I'd like to believe, any advice on finding a good gaming group? Online doesn't cut it any more.

>> No.13354594

I don't think it's hard to believe you're good in bed.
That sounds weird and creepy but I mean it in a good non-creepy way.

>> No.13354602

You've just got to persevere. There's no real knack for it - keep looking and keep hoping. The winner is when you find people you want to meet up with other than Games Nights.

>> No.13354603

You haven't got the guts.

>> No.13354605

Your shitty generalizations are shitty.
Your ideas about vaginas are factually incorrect.
Your insecurities are showing.

Bible Belt political leaders have that reputation because so many of them are strongly anti-gay and yet so mnay of them have been caught with gay prostitutes &etc.

>> No.13354613

>Eh. He's entitled to his opinion. There's not a shred of me that agrees with any part of it, be he's entitled to think what he likes and not be jumped on.
He has the right to have his opinion, but like homophobia, it's shitty and actively harmful, and deserves to be jumped on.

>> No.13354614

eehhh.. welll.. ook.

i just really hate the entire attitude of shaming. It kills hearts and cripples souls. And since i have not discovered a way to slug someone really hard in the arm through the internets, verbal abuse had to step in.

that does sound a bit weird and creepy, so, well done!

anyhow, as this thread ages.. did anyone catch >>13352188 way back there?

anyone else read it as Necron Playing a girl?
anyone else have a hard time with that mental image?

>> No.13354617

I'll enjoy being hypocritical and sexist then, bro.

And yeah, it might be a double standard, but the genders aren't equal man, and they never will be. This is one of the privileges of the male gender. There will always be the slut stigma for females. Always. You can hope and cry and whine about how things should change, but they never will, because this is built into us. Gender differences and roles are perfectly natural, just look at the animal kingdom. We're animals too. And we will never stop being animals.

She doesn't need to have "lots of sex with me". I never said that. I just said I don't want a girl who's had tons and tons of sex with loads of guys.

I think that's reasonable. I've always believed in monogamous relationships, I've never cheated on any of the girls I've had relationships with, and even then I feel I have had fairly little sex. And the girl I'd actually go for a serious relationship with, at this point, I would not want her to be such a sexual person. Yes, *that* kind of person. A normal girl, even in these liberal times, hasn't had dozens and dozens of guys. I just don't approve of that. I don't approve of guys fucking tons of bitches either, to be honest. STDs are a grave threat.

At the very least 99% of ca/tg/irls are going to be ugly/plain-looking nerds, just like the males are. Don't kid yourself.

Exceptions prove the rule, dood.

>> No.13354640


>I'm okay with this.

We need references/descriptions! and preferences too, of outfit and monster

>> No.13354674

>the genders aren't equal man, and they never will be.

Aaaand I take back what I just said. Bollocks to that.

>that does sound a bit weird and creepy, so, well done!

I j ust take things like that as a compliment, really. It doesn't bother me.

>> No.13354699

and off i go.
been an interesting thread!

Off to go to a pub i don't care to visit, to be around too many people just to make family happy. yay family!

yay /tg/

the stars Are right!

and i honestly meant weird and creepy in the most complimentary way. :)

be well, citizens.

>> No.13354709

It's the truth.

The best one could hope for is equal salary and opportunities for equal talent/dedication.

That's about it for equality.

I know it's an unpopular standpoint to have, but really, there is no basis you could possibly have for thinking that human society would ever change that much.

>> No.13354723

It's okay, I toss out stuff like that all the time. Also; How's the sewing going?
Still working on Boardchan?

>> No.13354755

>Bible Belt political leaders have that reputation because so many of them are strongly anti-gay and yet so mnay of them have been caught with gay prostitutes &etc.
I know, but Bible Belt is an entirely different region than the midwest. Maybe you could argue that, say, Kentucky or Missouri are part of both, but 'midwest' is places like Wisconsin and Iowa. The impression I got from that post was that apparently we were tarred here with the same brush.

>> No.13354756


Night, Teka. Have a good one.

>> No.13354762

you really dont want references or descriptions of fifers.

think Lovecraftian Deep ones. now make them ginger.
the horror is too much to handle.

what's the difference between a Walrus, and a girl from Keith?

one has whiskers and smells of fish. the other lives in the sea.

There are some things mankind was Not Meant To Know.

>> No.13354771

>I'll enjoy being hypocritical and sexist then, bro.
PRO TIP: you shouldn't. It's a bad thing to be.

>And yeah, it might be a double standard, but the genders aren't equal man, and they never will be.
Compare now to the 1940s. A lot of the difference is... eliminating shitty double standards.

>This is one of the privileges of the male gender.
Which is unfair and shitty, and not caring means you aren't just privileged, you're a privileged asshole.

>There will always be the slut stigma for females. Always. You can hope and cry and whine about how things should change, but they never will, because this is built into us.
*Bullshit*. In my social sircle, there is no slut stigma for females. Obviously, it's not hardwired into us. You're just using that as a lazy justification for your shitty beliefs.

>I think that's reasonable. I've always believed in monogamous relationships, I've never cheated on any of the girls I've had relationships with
Having a high sex drive and enjoying sex doesn't mean a girl has cheated or even that she's had dozens of guys. So stop fucking slut-shaming girls for having high sex drives, or fuckbuddies, and being open about it.

If you have a low sex drive and want a partner with an equally low sex drive, that's fine. But slut-shaming, especially for perfectly healthy behaviors high sex drive people indulge in? That's not fine.

P.S. there is no practical difference between having sex with 1 person 365 times and having (safe) sex with 365 people 1 time each, physically.

>> No.13354783

>I know it's an unpopular standpoint to have, but really, there is no basis you could possibly have for thinking that human society would ever change that much.
Compare society now to society even a hundred years ago, asshole.

>> No.13354793

Sign of Privileged Assholery #1: confusing current social norms with absolute unchanging biological norms.

>> No.13354805

>In my social sircle, there is no slut stigma for females
Well that's nice, but I meant humanity at large.

I could, and society has remained the same basically. The things that have changed are superficial, man. Women get to vote. Women get to burn their bras. Women get to be feminists. Big whoop.

Does this actually mean anything? No.

>> No.13354809

Hell, compare American society with, say, Dutch society.

>> No.13354833

This thread is becoming worse.
It's like a train wreck. You just can't look away until it's done.

>> No.13354835

Man, he ain't going to change his mind. Especially over the internet. It'd be like trying to argue with a rock.

>> No.13354842
File: 44 KB, 645x511, internet white knight.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13354862

Alright, that was fun, it's one of my best trolls too, because I got raised with that shit, so I know it inside and out. Too bad the way I was raised also ruined me mentally so I can't ever have a stable relationship without being a fucking jerk.

Have fun brothers.

No one ever changes their standpoint based on an internet argument.

No one. Ever.

It's always like that. Of course, you can be more or less reasonable and polite.

>> No.13354886

I'd suggest ignoring the arsehole till he gets dragged into the 20th century.

personally, I rather appreciate that partners nowadays are'nt some simpering sheep perceived to be unable to think for themselves.

though I'm afraid I cant help but laugh at this, as I imagine the mysogynist nodding and agreeing to it...


>> No.13354888
File: 20 KB, 400x450, cirno on the internet takataka_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


See >>13354835. Why argue with someone about such an emotional issue over the internet? Just keep believing in sexual equality. His painfully outdated and hypocritical thinking is doomed to die eventually. There's no point in arguing over it, not just because you won't get him to budge on his position, but also because you simply don't *need* to

Anyway whatever, time to go to my family dinner. Stay classy /tg/

>> No.13354898

>No one. Ever.

Not true. Soon after the new Dark Eldar models were shown, one guy started really raising hell about them - hating every aspect of their new designs. Full-on CAPSLOCK rage. I'm pretty sure he wasn't trolling either, as he wasn't being particularly insulting or offensive about it, just really, really angry. As the thread went on I managed to explain the reasoning behind the various new designs, highlight the positives of the new range and suggest ways to convert away the things he liked the least. By the end of it he was far more rational, didn't entirely hate them, and apologised for his earlier behavior.

>> No.13354901

>Well that's nice, but I meant humanity at large.
We'll never get rid of murder either. That's no excuse for murder, or for cutting murderers slack.

>I could, and society has remained the same basically. The things that have changed are superficial, man.
That is the stupidest fucking thing I've read on 4chan all week. Aside from things like CAREERS THAT AREN'T SECRETARY and EQUAL ACCESS TO EDUCATION and the ability to leave husbands who rape or abuse them and basically getting to be human beings, how about women considered sexually "deviant" (by those days's standards, having an active sex drive, masturbating, etc) no longer being forced to have hysterectomies in large numbers? That's a pretty big fucking improvement.

>Women get to vote.
Do you not understand how fucking important this is? What is wrong with you?

>Women get to burn their bras. Women get to be feminists. Big whoop.
The bra-burning thing never actually happened, bro.

>> No.13354911
File: 77 KB, 400x400, 1218930465364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here we go?

Actually I want to move and live in Korea, apparently Korean women are very submissive. Which is win. I want her to churn out a whole bunch of kids for me.

Plus I love Asians and Korea seems to have a decent enough culture. Not elitist douchebaggery like grorious nippon.

>> No.13354919
File: 113 KB, 790x1229, joke's on them_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Alright, that was fun, it's one of my best trolls too, because I got raised with that shit, so I know it inside and out. Too bad the way I was raised also ruined me mentally so I can't ever have a stable relationship without being a fucking jerk.

Before I do, though, I've been needing to justify having this comic

Thanks for providing a good target

>> No.13354921

I have seen a few arguments end with people coming around

Just none on this kind of topic.

>> No.13354925
File: 49 KB, 349x642, HowTrollingWorks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13354936
File: 6 KB, 383x262, 1212232792583.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright then, have a pic I never get to use in return then.

I find the mental image hilarious

>> No.13354937

duly saved for future use.

>> No.13354940

>His painfully outdated and hypocritical thinking is doomed to die eventually.

Not him, but no, it isn't. The only thing that might change is that overt slut shaming may become more unacceptable. The underlying attitudes will not change because what is being addressed is a symptom and nothing more; the root cause being that female sexuality is granted far greater worth than male sexuality, and therefore any woman that sleeps around will be perceived to have made a damaging and potentially even immoral choice.

Right now, that part isn't budging. There is no indication that it will, either.

>> No.13354947

>The underlying attitudes will not change because what is being addressed is a symptom and nothing more
Someone doesn't understand how society works! It's not just a symptom, it's reinforcement for the mental processes. As these things become less acceptable to believe, *fewer people believe them*.

>> No.13354958

I'm quite willing to bet that there was no indication that people would have an equal right to vote several centuries ago, but that got turned around. As will attitudes towards sexuality. It just takes time and a reason for overwhelming social pressure to build. There's no guarantee it'll happen in our lifetimes, but I've no doubt that eventually it will.

>> No.13354963

Urban Europe is miles ahead of America in that respect. Except for the UK.

>> No.13354968
File: 21 KB, 411x334, 1273529095955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a point where this needs to stop, and we've clearly passed. Sweet Jesus.

>> No.13354981
File: 11 KB, 451x269, 1195494565063.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool, you saged a thread at 409 posts.

Would you like a medal?

Also, another pic I never get to use.

>> No.13354983

the UK might not be as progressive as the dutch or swedes, but its lightyears ahead of the US there - particularly in subcultures like the alternative scenes.

>> No.13355000

And that recent argument about Goosebumps.

>> No.13355002


We're quite traditional bro!

Also blondes errywher sadly, needs more black haired chicks :(((

>> No.13355018

>Also blondes errywher sadly, needs more black haired chicks :(((

I thought that was what dating finns was for... :P

(yes, I know of the rivalry between you two)

>> No.13355037

True. The UK isn't terrible for it - so long as you keep yourself to yourself, you're unlikely top get harassed on the street unless you run into a pack of Neds. I know when I went through my Goth period I never got more than the odd funny look and occasional disapproving comment from an older person. Tempted to kinda go back to that look a little bit. Jazz myself up a bit.

>> No.13355050

We have a stronger rivalry with Norway I think.

Today, our greatest ski guy, Hellner, beat their greatest, Northugg. #1 and #3 respectively.

Tomorrow they will battle again.

For justice and honor!

As for black haired chicks, I'm glad there are Asians in Sweden these days! I just need to fucking figure out how to date one. I'm not good with just walking up to people and introducing myself/hitting on them.

>> No.13355056

Monogamous consentual sex in the missionary position enthusiast here. I dislike the idea of casual sex outside of a dedicated relationship, but I think it's utterly stupid to dislike one gender for it, but not the other.

We're not living in the 14th century where sex means children who have nothing to live on, Female sexuality is no different then male sexuality.

>> No.13355064


Eventually? It's possible. I don't see it happening within current Western (or otherwise) civilization. Societies typically become more liberal as they age and develop while (and this is key,) they live in positions of relative affluence. However, I do not consider it likely that the level of change we're looking at will occur before such a position of affluence is shattered and attittudes trend towards the more conservative again.

It's also worth noting that it is conductive both to a stable society in general and to the interests of the wealthy & the powerful speifically to have universal suffrage, as it invests all groups in to the society they live within, thereby increasing productivity and workforce participation. Plus, it lets the general populace think they have more choice than they actually do if they can all vote. I don't see the same motivation in regards to sexuality (especially since we're talking about what is a much smaller issue for most people.)

>> No.13355072

Less slutshaming = more getting laid.

that's pretty strong motivation bro

>> No.13355074
File: 349 KB, 135x101, 1266423035719.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm going to keep bumping a terrible thread instead of reporting and saging.
Please choke on the dick nearest to you.

>> No.13355075


Hey DLFG, maybe we are past the kinky part of the thread but I've sometimes wondered. Have you ever shown your Bad Dragon to anyone IRL? used it for someone or with someone?

>> No.13355086
File: 56 KB, 500x343, disappointed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Newfag doesn't know about autosaging

>> No.13355093


Ah... Fond memories of many of the St Andrean goths. and the glasgoths in Bedlam. and edinburgh's Absynth, PerMission and Gigantor...

excuse me while I go to a happy place and leave my brain to letch.

(we will now resume normal service, and stop perving. thankyou for your patience.)

>> No.13355097

What are Neds?
I've heard Chavs before.

>> No.13355102

Also more STD's!

I can't help but think that if this goes on our civilization will eventually become just like the Eldar's before the fall. Fat and ripe on constant pleasures, jumping from partner to partner, indulging every sense to its maximum capacity.

>421 posts
Maybe you're the one that should choke, good sir.

>> No.13355109

While I disagree with the me being a newfag part, I did indeed forget about the autosage. Thank you for pointing out my faggotry, and I retract my dick comment. Carry on.

>> No.13355117

>Also more STD's!
Are you retarded? People who have occasional unsafe sex = MUCH bigger STD vectors than giant sluts that always have safe sexs.

"Slut-shaming" does nothing to stop STDs from spreading. EDUCATION does.

>> No.13355124

Once. We needed an objective marker in a campaign game, something to represent a spore tower. I couldn't find my Forge World Capillary Towers, and it had been freshly cleaned, so I grabbed the thing and passed it off as a bit of junk I found at a car boot sale and grabbed in the hope of turning it into terrain. So we ended up fighting a game to try and capture the thing plonked in the middle of the table. I don't think any of the other people there realised what it was, or at least if they did, they didn't show it.

>> No.13355130

>Are you retarded?
Yes, actually I am. Any questions you'd like to ask?

>> No.13355135

neds are like chavs, but slightly less burberry and more Kappa.

and more into fighting for the sake of it.

chav as a word originated in newcastle area as "charva", while Ned is an older term in scotland. I remember it being used at the end of the 80's, while chav did'nt appear till the late 90's

>> No.13355146

They're basically the same thing. Just different terms.

I've heard some people say "Ned" originates from the term "Non-educated Delinquent", but I'm not sure how true that is.

>> No.13355147


Within Europe, at least, overall attitudes towards sexuality will be fairly rapidly trending towards the restrictive side of things, what with the large-scale demographic change caused by Muslim immigration/fertility rates.

Eminently possible that amongst whites it will keep being more liberal in the near future though.

>> No.13355155

>h the large-scale demographic change caused by Muslim immigration/fertility rates.
Uh, that's not a "large-scale" demographic change, bro. p.s. by the third generation birth rates &etc have evened out.

>> No.13355161


God damn, that would have been awesome! Lmao.

>> No.13355177

I don't think the whole "muslim threat" exists, so many people are afraid of them.

No, Europe won't be 80% muslim a hundred years from now.

>shepow sprinkled
A sweet delicacy, shepow sprinkled muslims. Mmm, yum.

>> No.13355185

>what with the large-scale demographic change caused by Muslim immigration/fertility rates.

may I suggest you stop reading the Daily Mail, and look at reality?

muslim population of most of europe is around 6%. not 60. the screaming tabaloid headlines of sharia law in london etc are little more than the Daily Mail's standard "ban this sick filth" line tailored for conservative voters in middle england aged 68 and over. they, and americans, lap up that shite.

>> No.13355186


Since when a girl like DLFG is a slut? she sounds like a very normal girl (I assume she is on her 20's at least) with a normal sex life. Is not like she picked up strangers for sex.

>> No.13355194
File: 22 KB, 696x552, 1293679863369.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She wants to be double penetrated, loves to suck cock, has a monster dildo and is slowly getting her ass used to take cocks.

how would you call that?

Simple answer: DO WANT

>> No.13355199

I sill can't believe your friends have not figured you out, how many scrawny Scottish ca/tg/irls that play Nids+DEldar can there be?

>> No.13355202

>She wants to be double penetrated, loves to suck cock, has a monster dildo and is slowly getting her ass used to take cocks.
>how would you call that?
A healthy sex drive? Duh?

>> No.13355213


Indeed, that is what I was trying to point out. Fuck the haters, I'd date a girl like DLFG in a blink.

>> No.13355222

Who would of guessed it? Ca/tg/irls are huge sluts.
inb4 virgin

>> No.13355224



etc., just an example.

Yes, the Daily Mail/Express do intend to exaggerate and spread fear. That doesn't stop the demographic change being significant. And if you're looking at attitudes towards a certain practice as a whole, across society, you don't need some kind of ultraconservative majority for society to lean towards the intolerant.

>> No.13355228

Simple answer: WILL NEVER HAVE.

You consider that a healthy sex drive? Whoa. Guess most people have unhealthy sex drives then.

Not saying it's bad, just saying, it's pretty rare that girls do all that stuff. At least where I'm from. My country isn't super liberal. None of the girlfriends I've had have been into anything like that. Some roleplay is the kinkiest shit I've seen. But then it was hot too.

>> No.13355234

>Yes, the Daily Mail/Express do intend to exaggerate and spread fear. That doesn't stop the demographic change being significant
But it's NOT significant. It's a couple of percentage points, christ.

>had sex with a few guys
Does slut mean as little as Mary Sue now?

>> No.13355236

>You consider that a healthy sex drive? Whoa. Guess most people have unhealthy sex drives then.
>Not saying it's bad, just saying, it's pretty rare that girls do all that stuff.
It's kinkier than average, but liking sex and experimenting sexually is normal.

>> No.13355241
File: 67 KB, 640x338, BFHeroesObviousTroll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, not virgin. Although that is an option too

>> No.13355250

The Scots and Northern English call chavs "neds", we call them Spides in Northern Ireland.

>> No.13355254

22, only ever had proper sex with three people, two of which I was in committed relationships with and the other is sorely regretted. I don't really consider that slutty. Adventurous and imaginative, yes, but not like whoreish or anything.

Eh. Most of them aren't particularly well-traveled, so the odds of them being greatly aware of the populations of other gaming stores is pretty low.

>> No.13355264


>Adventurous and imaginative, yes

Exactly. I'd love to meet a girl like you. And I know I am not the only one.

>> No.13355274

>She wants to be double penetrated, loves to suck cock, has a monster dildo and is slowly getting her ass used to take cocks.

sounds perfectly healthy to me. my ex was the most normal-acting, sensible lady of quiet dignified middle age you could imagine, and discovered she *loved* being pinned down, fisted and half-strangled. and afterwards would laugh and comment that that was a bit weird and I'd corrupted her..

people like kink. get over it.

I can thik of 3 girls who all played 'nids in scotland.
2 now, one married and moved to england. she used to feign innocence, and turn up to GW stores in busty tops, playing with ribbons, and call the nids "spikey aliens, what're they called?" lean over the table to look at models, and let gamers get a look down her cleavage... and then when they'd dropped their guard, woould absolutely and utterly thrash them using tactical thinking and a complete memory of the rulebook in minute detail.

evil girl.

>> No.13355291

>It's kinkier than average, but liking sex and experimenting sexually is normal.
Alright, I'm with you on that one.

But yeah, DLFG is an exceptional case. I've never met or heard of any girl like that, really. At least not ones that also happen to know anything about nerd stuff.

But I suppose nerd girls are plenty kinky. So it's not that surprising. It's just that they're so rare.

DLFG must have a heavy accent. Don't know if want. Not that fond of British accents personally - I prefer French ones. Oh god they're so hot. Like having sex with your ears.

Sounds very evil, yes. I'd be mush to her. Feels bad man.

>> No.13355300


Seconded. I'd feel jealous of whatever guy catches you attention.

>> No.13355315
File: 8 KB, 570x533, 1289527813049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thirded that! I'd sell my soul for a playful girl who is also a total 40K buff

>> No.13355322

>But I suppose nerd girls are plenty kinky
Like non-nerd girls... some are, some aren't. That's a dumb thing to say.

>> No.13355325

40k is dumb. I feel bad for having enjoyed it and don't want a girl who does.

>> No.13355326

Well no, I just phrased it poorly. Sorry bout that.

>> No.13355329

>Oh god they're so hot. Like having sex with your ears.

you're into aural, then?


and yes, she's evil, and damn cool. used to have a side job as an actress for BDSM spanking films.

I was the photographer for her wedding. I nearly choked when one of the groom's family complimented me that I was a "discreet" photographer, and did'nt get in the way. Did'nt have the heart to tell him that, "yes, it was a skill I learnt while working as a photographer on porn shoots with your new daughter-in-law...."

>> No.13355333

Hah, thanks.

Oh god, seriously? That's just cruel. Funny as fuck, but cruel.

>DLFG is an exceptional case

You'd be surprised. Of all the female friends I've talked to about stuff like this, most them have had at least some sort of closet kink they don't let a lot of people know about. Also, remember that there were three other chicks in the thread with similar desires. It's not that women are less sexual than men, I don't think, just that they don't show it as much because female sexuality is still looked down upon by a large body of the public.

>> No.13355334

Maybe we'll all convert though, as it seems like such an improvement over laissez-faire commercialism. But then again, we'll likely opt for atheistic socialism over such regression. We've been going for a new form of even distribution of wealth for a while now, afterall.

>> No.13355341


Don't forget DLFG has said she is pretty shy in RL, and nowhere as outgoing as she is here. Chances are her friends (the non intimate ones) wouldn't know she can post this sort of stuff.

>> No.13355359


Most chicks I know are into more stuff or have done more things. And I won't talk about the ones that are furry artists. I'd say DLFG is a girl with a healthy sex drive and a playful side

>> No.13355364

It's true, 40k is garish, dumb, it's a mish mash that makes less than no sense, it's over the top, retardedly grimdark, and yeah. Why do people like it?

Taste is a dumb thing.

Actually, Europe has been moving away from socialism. All over, middle/right blocs have won elections.

Even in Sweden, home of "the Swedish model", which is a combination of capitalism with communism. Of sorts. The socialists had their worst election in 100 years a couple months ago.

It might be partly caused by the Muslim immigration, but I don't mind it, the Muslims make tasty pizzas!

>> No.13355378

Shy but kinky is definitely the best, I think. It's hot.

>> No.13355393


knowing the girls I do, I'd actually say that it may be the case that women are kinkier than men.

its just in different areas. women are aroused by contextual situations far more than actions, while men are aroused by actions.

so if you were to say that a guy's going take you hard on the bonnet of a car, in a park where there's the risk of being caught, women are likely to get off on the image of the circumstances, the environment, the risk of being found, while the guy's likely to get off on the idea of the sight of her on the bonnet of the car, her biting her lip trying not to make a noise, the look of her being taken, etc.

same event, but two very different reaction/response type stimuli. its why a good male dom in BDSM play is like a GM, telling a story, a narrative of context and buildup to get her mind running fullspeed.

>> No.13355405

I go nuts for a good, clean, properly pronounced dose of the Queen's English. Also, Stephen Fry's voice. Listening to Reaver's lines in Fable three was just bliss.

Man, she does sound awesome. Has she moved out of that line of work, or does she still do it?

Yea. I'd never dream of being so open with people I know IRL. Even when I'm drunk I'm pretty careful about what I say.


I've been meaning to actually compose a decently-sized explanation, actually, as it's a question I see tossed around quite a bit.

Taste is a wonderful thing either way.

This is very true. Women get off on ideas, men get off on things. A simple, though kinda crude, way of summing it up.

>> No.13355408

Didn't you even list all your FW seems so... simple to figure out.

They have to have suspicions at least if they are on /tg/.

>> No.13355417


I have an impregnation fetish, and few things are as hot as imagining just letting loose inside a girl. I can fap and just ejaculate EVERYWHERE to that shit. I get crazy turned on.

It's just the act of doing it, feeling it, that does it.

Feels kinda sick but at the same time, as the most natural thing in the world.

>> No.13355445

>Has she moved out of that line of work, or does she still do it?

she had to give up, lost a kidney, had stents and the likes in the other for a long time, and a few other things. cant really wear corsetry with that sort of internal injury.

shame, as she had the er, ass-ets for that line of stuff. and did'nt do it for the money, but for the love of taking part in the events.

>Stephen Fry

you have taste. but the important question is, do you have to run to the bathroom if you hear Alan Rickman, reciting a sonnet?


>> No.13355447

I'll agree that was a bit dense. It's why I never really post a lot of stories of things from my gaming group or tabletop experiences, other than in the vaguest of terms. But they've never said anything or started acting differently, so I guess I'm okay.

>> No.13355465


>inb4 DLFG plays with Alpharius, Salamander's Fanbro and Zhakuvan

>> No.13355466

That's a shame she had to give it up, especially if she really loved it. No chance she could have moved into solo modeling, or something?

And yea, Alan Rickman's voice is really nice. A bit too deep to really hit the spot, but certainly entirely pleasent on the ear.

>> No.13355475


This. A nerd friend of mine just got accepted into SuicideGirls. If she was into fetishy stuff she could have joined there.

>> No.13355488

I'd say its pretty natural. its not like its a fetish for... oh, watching girls knit socks, or the likes.

Know an ex of mine who's got an implant who is absolutely turned on (ie to the point of "time to change your underwear") by the idea of being come into by two guys at once, and generally the idea of it being safe, but unsafe at the same time.

what makes it funnier is she's married nowadays, and neither of the people she was fantasising about this with is her husband....

>> No.13355495

Don't worry I all I remember is that you have a set of Cap towers and I think two other thingies but I forgot the *What* the others were, so you are safe on that count.

By the way, get IRC it's great fun.

>> No.13355508

An implant?

And yeah, not like kinks define us as human beings.

Hopefully. That would be bad.

>> No.13355520

I can totally get the attraction in being completely flooded, so much and so quickly you can actually feel it gooshing around inside you. That would be really, really fucking hot. The other bit...I guess it's just a danger kink, really? Getting off on the heady mix of emotions, the obvious arousal and excitement combined with the sudden rush of fear.

How exactly do you do so?

>> No.13355526

You say that like Alpharius is a discrete entity.

>> No.13355538

Look up the Chatzilla addon for firefox.

>> No.13355547


Easiest way is through Mibbit http://www.mibbit.com/

>> No.13355549

Where would one go for good ERP on IRC, anyway? I have IRC but rarely use it...

>> No.13355557

Ugh, I hate ERP because I feel so guilty after doing it. And I hate it when other people do it because it's so pathetic. :/

But then I've written and published erotica myself.

Keep falling back into such behavior ;_;

>> No.13355561

contraceptive implant - ie, she could'nt have conceived with it in, and hence was able to a) avoid rubber all the time, and b) fantasise about conceiving when she was come into.

and yes, kinks do not define us as people. I like gothy intellectual types and dodgy play, but it does'nt drive me.

on the other hand, I know a woman who has a full-on BDSM submissive fetish. she gets nothing out of straight sex, it does'nt do a thing for her. she gets physically stimulated, but rarely comes. her house has a dungeon. she talks about BDSM virtually all the time, she goes glassy-eyed at the mention of ropes. telling her she'd better behave or you'll give her a spanking is a massive turnon for her, even though she and I have never, and probably never will play together. and that, a fetish, does define a person, moulding who they are as a human.

>> No.13355567


/join channel #tyrantlulz

>> No.13355571

Do be careful about things, I believe a code linked to IP is displayed to people on with you, As suchyou may want to keep your IRC dealings as "You" and "Slightly more embarrassing you." seperated via proxy or something.

>> No.13355573

Dear God...

>> No.13355593

It's weird cause I'm probably very dominant, but I was raised to be submissive (no male raw model among other things), and as a result I'm constantly unhappy with life and nothing's really ever worked for me. Rock bottom self confidence.

>> No.13355595

>Ugh, I hate ERP because I feel so guilty after doing it.

I just cant help but think of the words "I put on my robe and wizard hat"

(and if that does'nt make you laugh, go search google for "bloodninja chronicles", and it will. )

>I guess it's just a danger kink, really?

partly danger kink, partly she's aware her body clock's hitting 30 and screaming "babies! I want babies!" while the rational brain is screamingin horror at the idea.

>> No.13355596


Exactly. So is better to use Mibbit since people only get the Mibbit server IP, not your real one

>> No.13355612

Hmm. I'll try and play around with Mibbit a bit then tommorow.

>> No.13355621

Yeah, of course I know about bloodninja.

The worst part was when I ERP'd in a certain online game. God I felt so dirty. And then the other guy would grow reaaaallly fond of me and I'd get scared and run off.

>> No.13355626

Chatzilla gives a unique code to each unique "hit" but it isn't the IP itself.

Use both one for friends one foe the "Internet ID"

>> No.13355627


Is easy. You just select the server from a list, type in the channel and chose a nick. It is not like MSN where you have to register or anything. Also with Mibbit your real IP is safe

>> No.13355634


why not switch to mibbit now? the thread is auto saging anyways

>> No.13355639

it'll be autosaging for hours, surely.

>> No.13355655


also in Mibbit there are no logs left or anything. Is more private than here

>> No.13355675


patience, young apprentice.

"yeah, yeah, patience, how long'll that take?"

>> No.13355684

Sure is desperate to ERP with DLFG.

>polludge glibly
Ahyup, captcha dear.

>> No.13355716

That could make gaming with it tricky.

>> No.13355773

I'm not sure impatientanon is wanting to do gaming with DLFG...
well, I suppose its the world's oldest game in some sense of the word...

>> No.13355801

I'm kinda tired and want to have a good play around with the program, try and learn all the ins-and-outs and what to do should it go wrong, before starting to use it properly. I'm a bit paranoid about just diving into stuff I've never used before.

>> No.13355810


wait, are you actually willing to ERP with these anons?

>> No.13355826


well it would a way to have a gangbang without troubles...

>> No.13355832

/tg/ i am disapoint

>> No.13355838

if its 4channers, there's likely a D to add to the front of that acronym....

>> No.13355850

I didn't say that. Wait, when was that mentioned? I thought it was just to continue chatting about random stuff?

>> No.13355857


It is. ERP is creepy

>> No.13355959

In the channel right now, it's basically just chat. Join in, it's pretty quiet right now.

>> No.13356304

Yeah, it was mentioned a few times, but not by you DLFG, someone just made a IRC room for you waiting, and waiting. Really Classy if you ask me.
I think he was going to try to impress you with his Pure Lictor Spirit.
Well have a nice night and happy new year anyway Fangirl.

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