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that was a good year for /tg/

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Why are you talking in past tense? It s still hours before new year's.

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Not here it's not

[Not OP]

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yeah..you ever heard of timezones? America isnt the entire world

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Good work getting in one last troll before the new year.

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Hours after, now. Good morning.

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I'm Yuropean and it's not midnight over here either.

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Found out my RL Morrigan clone not only looked like Morrigan, she also thinks like Morrigan.

I was not amused. Fuck this year, mates.

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Canadafag here, I have 8.5 hours to troll as hard as I can.

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pics pls

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Fuck you, go play DAO.

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Indeed this has been a fine year, yes we had are up's and down's, but here is hoping that the new year will new drawfreinds, new ways to trolll our GM and new game systems for us to enjoy!

Happy new year to all from England.

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And the idea of using those hours to make useful, helpful posts and to get shit done instead of trolling didn't cross your mind?

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that game is ruined for you now isn't it

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>implying you can ruin shit

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It's been interesting here, that's for sure. Think I'll hang around for a while longer.

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It's been a fine year /tg/, and I look forward to many more with you all.

Happy New Year to pic related.

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Yeah, well...whatever. Happy new year and stuff, /tg/.

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Been cool hanging with you guys these last few years. looking forward to doing it some more

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Same thing could be said to you, faggot.

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Four hours to go, but... yep.

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2 Hour left. But happy New Year to those that is in 2011. Don't forget to bring us news from the future.

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Let me guess, we are at war with the moon?

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heres to a year full of new fapfodder and awsome threads

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It's NOON where I am, I still have 12 hours.
But Happy New Year everybody!

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Stop living in the future faggots, I still got a little under ten hours to troll my heart out.

>fainsity McTeague
Name noted for future character.

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Four hours till midnight. I already have my sister nude and tied down, and my sacrificial knife sharpened.

Ai Ai Cthulhu Ph'Tagen. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu Rl'yeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Fhtang Shub-Niggurath! Fhtang Yog-Sothoth! Gorgo! Morgo! Thousand face moon! Accept my sacrifice!

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Damn this is embarrassing...

Um... Anyone needs a mildly used little sister? 15 years old.

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hé cat , idén én se nagyon mozdulok ki úgyhogy jöttem boldogítani téged

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How about you instead.

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I'll have it.

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>4 hours

Hello from the same timezone, then.

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I think you meant to post this instead.

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And now i must watch googlewhack.

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more like facepalm at the tv adaptation of genius am i rite

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You know what you must do. Burn down an orphanage to garner her approval.

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Happy new year's eve in advance.

Sold. Here its your. A bit carved out in more then one ways now but still.


Also sold~

Hah! Én kimozdulnék de a részeg rokonaim széttépnének amint kiteszem a lábam a szobámból. Nincs kedvem reggel 6-ig NYÓCC ÓRA MUNKA NYÓCC ÓRA PIHENÉS-t énekelni teli tüdőből...

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>Four hours till midnight. I already have my sister nude and tied down,
>and my sacrificial knife sharpened.

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You are wrong. I'm at R'lyeh, posting from my phone. The tomb-city is above sea level, cyclopean non-euclidean architecture makes my eyes bleed and my camera glitch. Fireworks are like stars and they are in the right places! Ia Cthulhu! Ia Yog-Sothoth! Aggur nug shog!

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So many stupid people... so many ideas gone to waste, e.g. the chicken dream machine.

Anyways, happy new year my loves.

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Double fuck, I already sold the whore to Foron... Tsk... And the only females left are either too old or too unappealing.

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It won't be New Years at R'lyeh for another 11 and a half hours. Why are they setting of fireworks in the daylight?

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Thank you, Blacky.

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ohh~ engem is elhívtak házibuliba meg valami klubnak nevezett slaaneshfészekbe , de nincs gyomrom hányásig inni magam a másik eshetőség meg felemésztené minden tartalékomat, rokonokban meg híján vagyok van egy nővérem még egy bátyám és kb ennyi , amúgy meg beatrice rulez

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Thank you /tg/, for saving me from the nonsense of moralfagging. I couldn't have done it without you.

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I knew those Moon Nazi are going to attack us.

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We can share, because sharing is caring.

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Heh. Engem is elhívtak vagy két házibuliba, de én+alkohol=hallot a gyógyszereim miatt. Bár jó lenne összekúrni valakivel. Meh.

My pleasure, I guess.

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They aren't setting fireworks at R'lyeh. Those are fungal seeding pods to make the world weep. And I meant fireworks all around the world. And it will be midninght here

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>Also sold~

Now put on the fishnets. Hurry up or no snoodling.

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Another year, another victory for the Imperium of Ma-



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I hear, bro.

Last night I did my first real chaotic evil thing and it felt good.

Pic related, gotta love when my roommate gets so drunk she passes out in the tv room.

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Funny thing, I was intending to put them on after everyone passed out and call a pair of boyfriends over for some private celebration.

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Happi nu 'ear!
>but they don;'t have ears. D:

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Én is itthon ülök. Öcsém áthívta 2 haverját és.... wowoznak. Be lett ígérve valami éjfél felé egy Catan.

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Hah! Did you have that dog rape her?


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That would have been awesome but I had to make sure she wouldn't wake up. I still had fun though.

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hát akkor csak ugorj át hozzám ~ , btw cat te mit szoktál csinálni a hangoddal meg az ádámcsutkáddal ? elég problémásnak tűnik álcázni

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>pair of boyfriends over for some private celebration.

I'd call you over to celebrate your privates.

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Metadata says: December 30, 2010 11:45:51PM (timezone not specified)
(11 hours, 52 minutes, 41 seconds ago, assuming an image timezone of US Pacific)

You sick fuck

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Wish people could play Triple Triad over the net...

Szilveszteri WoW nem hangzik valami izginek. A Catan már inkább.


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bonus honor jár ilyenkor vagy mi

>> No.13350929


She posts here sometimes, heh. I wonder if she will find out.

>> No.13350932


what if it's a chick doing that to her

oh yeah

>> No.13350934

It probably wouldn't be too difficult to set up a flash-based game connected to a central server to allow multiplayer.

>> No.13350935

Legend of Koizumi.

Heh. Mmm, töbnyire semmit. A hangom nem igazán fejezte be soha a mutálást, inkább megragadt a közepén és úgy is maradt, meg nincs valami nagy ádám csutkám se. Alúlfejletség for the win.

As long as we're celebrating~

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Still sick and possibly illegal.

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Ekkora kockákat még nem látott a világ. Faszom se érti hogy tud valaki ennyit grindelni.. már 3 napja nyomják, egyik srác nem is aludt még amióta itt van (én legalábbis nem láttam).

Catan meg jó lesz. Legalább nem Munchkin vagy Monopoli.

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Possibly illegal?

Taking pornographic images of someone without their consent and then distributing them also without consent? I think you mean very definitely a crime.

>> No.13350950


Just rape her already.


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The Legend of Koizumi.
Complete with little Nazi girls and blind Nazi boy.

>> No.13350969


I would have done the same. Most that likely she ignores me and dates Alphas instead, so being a passive agressive faggot is the only way to go.


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oohh , nekem a nyakam is állati vékony szóval könnyen kitűnik eddig a garbó és valami nyakörvszerűség tűnik a legjobb ötletnek

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Figy, nekem 3 évig szobatársam volt egy olyan kocka... hogy az már tetraéder. Ha láttad a South Park WoW részét, na kb onnan a kövér WoW disznó.Volt hogy elfelejtet elmenni órákra mert elkezdet WoW-ozni este, és olyan délután négykor vette észre hogy már 'reggel' van.

Judging from the fact that girl decided to go to sleep in anon's room, I'm pretty sure they're intimate already. Also, you can't prove its not fake.

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To be fair, they ARE playing next to each other. So, I'm guessing we switch to international mode now?

What'd be the rules though? There were a fuckload of them. Half the game was figuring out what the game is.

Also, the game isn't really all that good at all. While there's a high level of player interaction, even with most rules it is basically random and comes down to what you two have packed (or worse, depending on the rules solvable like tic tac toe). It's like turns of RPS stretched really long.

>> No.13350995

>pornographic images

I don't think you know what pornography is. It's really just "taking images without her consent" which is not illegal in any country that I know of.

>> No.13350996


Nah, I am not that bad. I am happy with getting her naked and taking pics. And the occassinal grope.

>sunews maliceful

why thank you captcha

>> No.13350998


>As long as we're celebrating~

At least twice. You wouldn't happen to experience that pesky post-coital refractory period, would you?

>> No.13351003

Amíg működik~

>> No.13351009


Are you guys talking seriously? this is borderline rape.

And you >>13350996
you are a sick, sick fuck and I hope she finds out and lands you in jail.

>> No.13351011

aszittem cata már kijött egyik haverom is azt tolja vagy 2 hete

>> No.13351022


If he actually did grope her, then yes it's pretty much rape. Otherwise... no, not really.

>> No.13351026

Hordj egy olyan nyakpánt cuccot. Choker vagy mi. Franc se tudja hogy hívják magyarul.


A fenéért adok tippeket, ez nem is az én fétisem. Mármint a "csapdák". A nyakpánt cucc az igen.

>> No.13351033

ah~ nem mintha akkor már számítana

>> No.13351039

We can be international if you want to. Vagy nem, nekem mindegy. De hagy értsék az angolok is. Nem illik olyan nyelven beszélni amit a többség nem ért.

My memories of coitus, especially post are flimsy at best, especially with these two. Mostly because I pass out by the end of it.

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>> No.13351056


>Mostly because I pass out by the end of it

Oral sex makes you faint?

>> No.13351061

Van benne valami.

Oh lawldy.

>> No.13351063

oh , arra gondoltam , mondjuk abból is sokféle van például a szegecselt sima meg fene tudja

>> No.13351072

Probably do some choking as well. The sick fuck.

International it is! Let every /tg/-er know that only a mere 66,6% of hungarians on here are traps.

>> No.13351076


If you are doing it right.


Thank you for these, if she dose find out, my bad man.

>> No.13351083

No, because they can screw like crazy.

Miért beszélsz kűlfőldiűl! Beszélj magyarúl!

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>> No.13351094

Relax, she knows he is doing it and gets off on it.

>> No.13351096

>Sick fuck

Hehe~ Nah, I meant that I'm easily tired and all fragile, and one of the two is a fucking machine. By the end of it I'm usually a ruin. In a good way. In that eyes rolled up I can see forever kind of way.

Mmm... spikes~

Oh Foron~

>> No.13351105


See? Lots of styles to choose of. While all turtlenecks make you look like, well, someone in a turtleneck.

Mmmmmm, foods ready. I can smell the pork from here...

>> No.13351106


Love ya too.

Now for dinner. Be back soon ladys and gents.

>> No.13351112


Well she posts here all the time so I hope she foinds out. That's the thrill bro

>> No.13351129

well , something like a cat collar would be kinda cute ~

>> No.13351133

Everyone running off for food... Hmmm, wieners, mustard, baguette...


>> No.13351146

Hey, that's traditional new years food that it is. I'm going to eat some AFTER the pork. Like, 3 hours after but still...

>> No.13351148


>eyes rolled up

my dream is to have a trap that gets like this during sex

it keeps me going in dark times

>> No.13351165

egyébként meg SÓLYOM - PADLIZSÁN , mostmár mindenkinek szerencsés új éve lesz

>> No.13351203

The core rules of Othello + Stats doesn't change.

The host gets a prompt at the beginning of the best 2/3 match that has these and a few other options:

The Rules For This Match:
[_] Goes to the card being set
[_] Goes to the card already set

[_] Revealed
[_] Concealed

Will the board have Elemental Tiles?
[_] Yes
[_] No

>> No.13351221


Horray for grilled chicken sandvich with a bit of cheese and bacon.

And less then 4 hours till shit blows up! And im watching YOU Luton!

And did i hear "Eyes rolling back?"

>> No.13351267

huh , noones get it ? i guess /tg/ isn't familiar with anime memes

>> No.13351285

No. It's because most of /tg/ doesn't speak POLISH

>> No.13351292

I am, I just never thought of translating Azumanga to hungarian.

Also, I was eating.

>> No.13351296


>rolling back

seriously bro I have yet to see this shit in irl poonos and you'd think they'd at least fake that shit in together with the other retarded faces they do make

>> No.13351302

polish ?

>> No.13351323


>> No.13351340

I've made it happen a lot back when my gf and I first got together, lately our sex life has been dull and spars though. Feels bad man.

>> No.13351361


>> No.13351363

I wish the Pierre Wodman castings/"insert amateur porn here" had a cam aimed right at the face of the girl. They come so hard that just by averages, there has to be SOMEONE making that face.

>> No.13351368

Spoilers: She was putting on an act.

>> No.13351375

Did someone say SATA ANDAGI ?!

...no, really. I can't tell since it's in another language and all.

>> No.13351386

oh the pics are from Katanagatari ep 10

>> No.13351424

Oh look, it's the catchall Polish insult.


It's like calling someone "baka".
Seriously. Diversify your language and it might have more effect.

>> No.13351445

Defenestrate yourself you peevish nitwit.

>> No.13351453


It's amazing how insecure humans are, to the point they think their mate is just pretending to orgasm/enjoy it in general.

>> No.13351472

See, that's classy.

>> No.13351475

considering this is the truth I do not see why are humans are insecure about this.

>> No.13351483

I once used a Land Raider model to pleasure my g/f.

Had to make it a Nurglish Raider when we were done.

>> No.13351492

I have Storytimed, ran a succcesful if short campaign, and played multiple /tg/ related things this year.

It was a good year. But I fear I may have to stop doing /tg/ related things as I must practice more. And practice is important.

>> No.13351591


There's always the Witchhunt DLC, mate. Max that persuasion bro.

>> No.13351716

What is Witchhunt about?

Aside from obviously witch hunting.

>> No.13351775


3 more hours to go.

>> No.13351787

It's about hunting down morrigan.

>> No.13351794

Adds some sort of closure for people who romanced Morrigan.

Can't tell more. Haven't played it yet.

>> No.13351796

Just two for me, also these weiners are delicious.

>> No.13351823


I see what you did there, and i giggled.

>> No.13351824


>> No.13351844

Sleep well Stalker! Don't let the bloodsucker bite you in your sleep!

>> No.13351882


Good hunting stalker.

>> No.13351885

I always wondered how that was spelled.


>> No.13351887


>> No.13351971

I'd stab that Bloodsucker if you know what I mean.

>> No.13351989

Next year, it will be STALKER, everyday, all the time.

>> No.13352010

oh btw is anyone familiar with ukagaka ? with a guy we're trying to make balloons english but we have no clue about it

>> No.13352018


No, i dont, care to explain?

>> No.13352071


Not me.

Also Blacky, in the nicest way possible, have anymore of that fine lady? or of your self?

I Have a cold and feeling a little randy now.

>> No.13352096


I've been wanting more of blackheart and IT NEVER HAPPENS! Get those boyfriends of yours to buy a camera or something dammit!

>> No.13352145

umm i dunno if you didn't reply it to a different post , but i'm not "blacky" , thats a guy on the pics and my webcam is screwed up for some reason , but when i buy a new one i'll post some pics for you ;)

>> No.13352158

This is the year i met you elegan/tg/entlemen.

It was a good year indeed.

>> No.13352191

I got to play oWoD demon which had been on my list of games I would never get to play.
Haven't gotten to play Scion yet but here is too hoping this year I can.

>> No.13352197


I know, and that would be nice *Wink*.


And i hope you enjoy your stay.

>> No.13352219

Here, another picture of my sister, lezing out with her best friend, since I don't have new pictures of myself.

I wonder if she know where those lips were just a hour before that picure was made. I do. Fufufufu~

>> No.13352223

Guess what I forgot.


>> No.13352235

Is that a picture of the girl from Silent Hill 3? Heater or whats her name.

>> No.13352241


Thank you kindly for both images. If there is anything from me you need, feel free to ask.

>> No.13352244

Heather, and yea, I think it is. Possibly Ashley Graham from Resi4, but I'm pretty sure it's Heather.

>> No.13352253


Yep, I had that saved from /v/ along time ago, never used it.

>> No.13352261

>Anything from me you need

I want.

Your heart~

>> No.13352269

Oh, hi! I love your art dumps! I hope you have the best New Year's Eve ever.

>> No.13352271


I've only got dice in there but, sure.

also another image i made long ago.

>> No.13352283


Happy new year Leaper, i know you live up in Scotland, so have fun up there.

>> No.13352298

silly cat , you have to ask Kubo for The Heart

>> No.13352316


Thanks. Hope you all have a good New Years as well.

New Years is going to be me, /tg/, the computer, and three bottles of Cider. So not the greatest, but hey, better than nothing.

>> No.13352319


not sure if want

>> No.13352326


I have seven hours to go still.

Silly east coast -5 GMT shenanigans. . .

>> No.13352343

everyone rocking the new year already? man, US Central time sucks.

still lookin' at hours and hours.
well, an early or late Happy New Year /tg/
Even if your dice are depleted, here is hoping they never fail you!

>> No.13352350

There we go. DU dice.. just don't lick'em

>> No.13352352


Well your new years is better then mine, fuckin man flu.

>> No.13352388

2 more hours!

>> No.13352455

10 hours here.

>> No.13352479

Just to go back a week. What did people get for christmas?

Got some vidya geams, a few shirts, socks (Horray) and zombie-land.

>> No.13352508

Mostly just Xbox stuff and baked goods. Everything a growing boy needs.

>> No.13352524

cold weather running gear
lotto scratch tickets (won $50)
EB games gift card
serenity on DVD
various clothes and socks

>> No.13352526


Where the fuck do you live?

>> No.13352535

45 minutes left.

I got nothing yet since I' m far away from friends and family until January, but I will bake cakes for them.

>> No.13352548

i would think that a belt between your butt cheeks would be quite uncomfortable

>> No.13352560



Aww, iou one hug.

>> No.13352563

west coast USA

>> No.13352565

west coast?

>> No.13352566

Fuck 2010. 2011 would be better if it began with a stout kicking in my balls.

>> No.13352604


Well, enjoy the wait.

>> No.13352620

/tg/ became a shithole this year. Then the janitor came and now its nofun.jpg.

Fuck this, I'm moving to /co/. At least their mod isn't a complete tosser. Hear good things about those ponies as well.

>If the mod deletes this worksafe pic you owe me a drink at the bar tonight.

>> No.13352642


Nofun.jpg is still a damn sight better than all the shitspamming that went on. Besides, as soon as the janitor leaves for a few hours /tg/ goes apeshit and basically ruins itself without his supervision. It's kinda depressing, actually.

>> No.13352669

shirts from my sister , and some money

>> No.13352678


How issit over there?

>> No.13352708

If this new year's first half is as bad as this one, I'm going Chaotic Evil. True Neutral/Neutral Good has so far been too mixed a blessing.

>> No.13352714

Well, now there's an active culture of teenager-grade rebellion. Porn on /tg/ now has the forbidden fruit aspect to it so of course there's going to be more attempts to post it.

>> No.13352727

And as we wait, enjoy a story.

>> No.13352729

It's dark and scary.... or is that the present?

>> No.13352749

Any place for an interested anon to find the old ones?

>> No.13352765

>teenager-grade rebellion

What do you want them to do? Posting porn is pretty damn harmless. Only reason its even done nowadays is to spite the Rruuruuus. If somebody really wanted to get malicious they would start up that shit with the autospamming colored blocks again. Posting porn is pretty tame in comparison.

>> No.13352770

Also a silly thread.

>> No.13352824


>> No.13352841

Twelve minutes~

>> No.13352847 [DELETED] 

Sex hours and Ten Minutes~

>> No.13352857

Sex hour is best hour.

>> No.13352868

panda panda pandaneko~ és már kevesebb mint 10

>> No.13352874


Yay sex o'clock.

>> No.13352904


>sex hours

Thanks for reminding me what I don't have this NYE that I did last NYE.

: (

Chick I was counting on getting somewhere with just ended up in the hospital with flu, too, so that's game set and match.

>> No.13352917


The fucking Hungarian in this thread isn't helping with the memories of the ex either. Fuck.

>> No.13352922

Yeah, poor you. God, she is such a selfish whore for being hospitalized when you could be pawing at her.

>> No.13352931

fireworks are annoying

>> No.13352933

>I cannot into hospital sneaking mission/rape.

I feel sorry for you.

>> No.13352935

1 more hour.

>> No.13352937


I spent Christmas and Boxing Day in the hospital, I feel for her, believe me.

>> No.13352943

Wait, she was in the hospital during christmas too? Good god, what a fucking selfish cunt.

>> No.13352945

2.Look nice.

>> No.13352949

lol, New Years was 12 hours ago here.

>> No.13352956


Nah, that was me sick. She just came down with it last night. She was up in Whistler that whole time, though, so she can hardly blame it on me.

>> No.13352968

He didn't seem to be blaming her.
And that seems to be someone else.

>> No.13352969

huh ? what business have i with your ex

>> No.13352980

that's an adorable radiation hellcrow.

~7 hours for me.

>> No.13352982


Bit farther along than things are. I've only hung out with her a couple of times before, but things were going well, and I was counting on us having a blast out at a kegger or two tonight.

I might see if she'd want me to stop by, but she's probably recuperating at home with the family now anyways.

>> No.13352988


She was Hungarian. I have enormous respect for the ability of your race to produce amazingly hot women.

>> No.13352996


say Blackheart, where you the same Blackheart the evil paladin artist that worked with Drew the Lich?

I miss those adventures :<

>> No.13353007

0:00. Happy New Year's Eve and a productive Year of the Rabbit for all of you, /tg/.

>> No.13353008

i see , thanks ... i guess

>> No.13353021



damn my grammar is fail today...

>> No.13353024

Probably another Blackheart. There are tons of us. But mark my words. There can be only one.

>> No.13353028


Happy new year! Hope you have fun later.

>> No.13353030



>> No.13353037

huh ? is my hour lates 10 minutes ? well whatever

>> No.13353038

It's New year here too.

Happy New year /tg/

>> No.13353040

Happy new year, dude.

47-odd minutes to go here.

>> No.13353044



>> No.13353055

Any presents for us?'

(Preferably pics f you somewhere.)

>> No.13353062

Merry 2011, /tg/. 2010 was terrible, and this one's propably going to be even worse, but you can always hope.

>> No.13353109

Hope dies last, and I hope me.


Here you go, though I think I need a shave.

Fun is guaranteed, they're already here playing Splatterhouse infront of me, we're waiting for the family to die/all unconscious/leave. 1-2 hours at the most.

Thank you everyone for the kind responses.

>> No.13353121

Well Happy new year in about fourty or so minutes!
Still got a ways to go on the easy coast.

>> No.13353166

34 moments till show blows up.

>> No.13353186



Fuck my brain.

>> No.13353191



>> No.13353208

I think it came out okay.

>> No.13353234

A little something form my conscience.


>> No.13353266


>> No.13353276

what the fuck are you guys speaking?

>> No.13353296


Translate this with google translate: Szeretlek.

>> No.13353297

Dear god, that would be so cold.

>> No.13353303


We may never know.

>> No.13353328

This year had a lot of ups and downs for me.
Lost my virginity (inb4 lies)
The first anniversary of Tarrasquemas (which was loads of fun).
Got my associate's degree, moved on to big boy school

Financial troubles everywhere.
Dumped despite doing nothing wrong.
And, slipping in just under the wire, my dog died today.

this fucking year, man.

>> No.13353339


Or we will.

15min's, get to the bunkers!

>> No.13353359

>And, slipping in just under the wire, my dog died today.

Ouch. My condolences.

>> No.13353372


Fuck man, have some tuna tits.

>> No.13353373


i keep forgetting you're a trap, with a large penis.

while i'm not gay, kudos to your penis!

>> No.13353375


>lost virginity

>dumped despite doing nothing wrong

Are you me?

>> No.13353381

She went to the hospital 2 days ago to have bladder stones removed. Came back yesterday, seemed tired but healthy. Woke up this morning and she was gone.
I cried like a baby.

>> No.13353397


I know your pain, bro. But i dont wanna go into it.

Hedgehog grenade!

>> No.13353401


Fucking brutal. You've got my sympathies.

This is why I've never owned a dog, because I know I'd be far too broken up when they finally kicked the bucket. It's enough worrying about family members

>> No.13353403

I've had 2 pets die. I always make it to the point where I have to dig the grave, then I baww like a babe.

>> No.13353438


>> No.13353451

Digging the grave was actually the easiest part for me. The physical labor made me feel better.

But later I realized I should have gotten a lock of her hair or something before I filled in the grave and I cried all over again.

>> No.13353452

Two now!

>> No.13353453


Sup doom.


>> No.13353458



>> No.13353461


>> No.13353465

Less than one!

Happy new year, everyone!

>> No.13353467

happy new year /tg/
you are the best

>> No.13353472


>> No.13353480

Happy new year!

>> No.13353484

six hours left woo

>> No.13353498

If this continues, I'll be forced to ask one of the guys playing on my xbox to give me a helping hand/mouth...

>> No.13353501

hey, CST brofist!

>> No.13353502

Happy new year Europeans!
Have some Fireworks!

>> No.13353512

>Mfw I'll be stuck in because there's nothing going on anywhere tonight that isn't in either a bar or a church

>And I don't drink

>> No.13353515

Dude, sweet. Now it's a party. 3.5 hours until the years of dubs, /tg/. Is your body ready?

>> No.13353523

This year sucks

>> No.13353529

I fucked up my scheduling. I'm busy dog-housesitting some rat-dogs while everyone I know is out at the bar.

>> No.13353539

Go designated drive for some of your friends? surely you have at least one tard friend who's all "I AM BETTAR DRIVAR WHEN I AM DRANK"

>> No.13353542



>> No.13353549

Happy new year to you all, now we wait for the US turn.

>> No.13353561

How long 'till new year in the US, anyway? Like three or four hours?

Also /tg/ new years is best new years.

>> No.13353564

Happy New Years from your Radical Inquisitor!

>> No.13353566


Hey lair, hows it going?

>> No.13353569

On the Left Coast (rainy home sweet home) it's about 8 hours.
EST it'll be about 5.

>> No.13353572

Four hours and fifty minutes until New years just hits the east coast.
Just on the edge of Massachusetts here.

>> No.13353574

Depends on where in the US you're talking.

http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/multicountdown.html has the countdown for every timezone if anybody wants it.

>> No.13353576

4 Hours for EST and 7 for PST
Merica is big ya know.

>> No.13353578

Happy new year, my fellow lonely housebound eurofags.

Welp, time to get back to crying alone.

>> No.13353579

6 hours for a new year deep in the heart of texas.

The yankees get one first, but theirs is meh.
ive been to times square new years.. and unless you got there yesterday you can't even see the ball drop.

>> No.13353580

Happy new years to you all, you glorious bastards.

>> No.13353581



>> No.13353585

Happy new year, /tg/! May 2011 be filled with good times and favorable dice rolls for you all!

>> No.13353586

What they said

>> No.13353587


S'good, high on codeine after a rather brutal tooth extraction.

New years in Central is in 5 hours 47 minutes

>> No.13353588

Postan awesome gif.

>> No.13353592

i still have 5 hours left.
I'll be toastin' some champagne to you in some hours.

>> No.13353600

> west coast
> rainy
omg r u liek a twilight i went to froks onse bcuz edwid is so dremy

>> No.13353609

New years troll!

>> No.13353621

How deep in the heart? Fellow texasfag. I'm just north of Dallas.

>> No.13353636

Happy New Year, dudes and dudettes!

>> No.13353641

What's up? We're up.


>> No.13353653

It, like any year in any time, in any place... had it's ups and downs. But I am glad I was here to see them.

I was moving all today, so this is actually the first time in... many many years that I have just been chilling for new years. Not out with friends, or a woman, or something. Just gonna sit here, smoke, eat, and chill with /tg/

All in all, a pretty damn good way to end the year. Happy new year /tg/, all around the world.

>> No.13353656

Happy new year from England, thank you for a wonderful year /tg/!

>> No.13353670

Whatever mang-o.

Enjoy the goodwill, 2011 incoming soon enough.

>> No.13353676

An awesome year is awesome becuase i got new freinds on /tg/ and hope to get somemore in this year.

Good night all.

>> No.13353688

Happy new years, beer fairy!

>> No.13353710

I have all that too.

Except my grandfather is going to die within the next few days, so no family.

>> No.13353715


>> No.13353720

Eh don't have long till friends get here to pick me up.
Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy new year. Enjoy yourselves, we have another year of gaming coming. Let it be better than the last.

>> No.13353774

Honestly trying to decide between going out to a party with friends that I know I won't enjoy or staying here and greeting the new year with /tg/

>> No.13353878

down and to the left, but not far.

>> No.13354014

Damn it's only 16:51 here on the west coast USA.

Love you, /tg/. This year I explored the wider pastures of 4chan after posting exclusively on /tg/ for a year, but you're still my favorite.

>> No.13354157


Now with less trap and more tits.

>> No.13354200

Oh shit, is it actually year of the rabbit?

>> No.13354204

I'm pretty sure rabbit-girls are easy to find, but I appreciate your effort all the same.

>> No.13354233

My grandfather lies in a coma in the other room of my grandmas' flat (which is across the street). My other grandfather died a week ago.
In mourning we make jolly, for life is but a wink in existence, and it is NOT a vale of tears.

>> No.13354301

>In mourning we make jolly, for life is but a wink in existence, and it is NOT a vale of tears.

>> No.13355112

I <3 /tg/

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