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I'm sort of Evangelion-ed out artistically, so I'm taking a break from being AdEva's perma-drunk artslave and felt like coming to /tg/ to show some love.

Picture posted is a bunch of stuff drawn in my own style, about an hour or two each. (so if i keep this line-art only, i should be able to knock out quite a bit)

Requests go here (FUCK YEAH CHARACTER PORTRAITS?), artstream will be at livestream.com/adeptusevangelion if you're curious.

Oh yeah, and uh...Adeptus Evangelion is pretty cool and you should check it out?

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I request an adventurer dreadnought, preferably a Mark IV type (they have heads). He has a huge walking stick and a huge backpack, and a little girl on his shoulder pointing into the distance.

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And here's a reference image for a Mark IV dreadnought.

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Okay, imagine a girl, late teens, who can't figure out for the life of her how she is supposed to dress.Gang leathers, miniskirts, those fucking hand socks, knee socks, what have you, basically everything that makes you cringe upon seeing a teenaged girl who is still trying to rebel.

Now, imagine that she's a rogue trader.

She has black hair, set up in a ridiculous amount of ponytails, yellow eyes, snake-slit contacts, and is absolutely gorgeous. If not for the lack of ability to dress herself properly, she would be stunning. Now.

You could either do this, or stick her in power armour that would be similar to her interests in style. Snakes everywhere, gold, and black.

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startin on the dreadnaught.

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Dude punching out a droid geared towards assassination.

The dude...
-Is human
-Is on fire and it's burning through his clothes and doesn't seem to notice or care.
-Short, dark hair
-Jacket, trousers, & boots.


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Copypasta, isn't it? I swear I've seen that before.

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Creed finding out that Eldra has replace dhis cigars with prank exploding ones. Ever shee the cartoons where someone gets an exploding cigar? Like that.

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you have, and its been drawn multiple times. the fag reposts that description to every new/returning/unrecognized artists he sees.

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Reference for assassin droid.

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How about an androgynous looking character (gender could go either way),
Missing the left eye, but no patch- just a gaping hole where the eye belongs, possibly still bleeding.
The character looks way to cheerful to have that sort of injury.
Face only, the rest is up to your terrifying and chaotic whims.

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Here's the reference for her, this is the hairstyle I liked the best.

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Female goat girl in winter clothes. Redhead, shorter, not a huge bust.

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Have a Golden-Age inspired superhero I've played. Dressed in worn GI fatigues and his steelpot helmet, he's a WWII supersoldier along the same vein as Captain America, but with less patriotism and more grit. Between his attitude and his dirty clothes, he's pretty gritty. Always has a cigarette stuck in his lips. He likes to let his fists do the talking, especially when it comes to taking down the Nazi warmachine.

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A ship tan for a 40k version of the Millennium Falcon. It's very fast. It has rebellious machine spirits, and goes around setting stuff on fire when it works. It also has an archaeotech drive and an eldar runecaster, if those would factor into the drawing. Sort of similar in concept to the OS-tans someone did a while back.

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How about a young human wizard?

He is white, has medium-length brown hair, and his eyes glow blue. He is rather self-conscious but hides it by acting arrogant.

He wears rather fancy blue wizard robes with a golden circle with four triangles (one on top, bottom, left and right) sewn on the front. He has an impressive cape that covers his shoulders and the top of his arms. He wears silk gloves and generic boots. He has a blue headband over his forehead. He wields a long staff topped with an oval sapphire.

Please and thank you!

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adventuring dreadnaught is a-go

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A Cannoness NPC for my Rogue Trader Game.

She is tall, with slightly longer hair than the usual pageboy style that the sisters favor. She has very extencive cybernetics for a Sister. One arm of her power armour is a fair bit bulkier than the other due to a heavy cybernetic arm tha has an internal inferno pistol built into it. She is weilding a spear with both the Adepta Sororitus Fluer-de-lys and the Mechanicus Cog.

The Cannoness NPC from my Rogue Trader game. Member of the Order of the Iron Heart, an order with good mechanicus relations that in turn makes the Eccesiarchy a little suspicious of them.

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Mario and Luigi as commissars.

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You are awesome and I want to have your babies.

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did this one. derp derp

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Alrighty then.

Arch-Militant. Long, Skinny, with brown hair with bangs, blue eyes, wears a blue cadet's cap with the Imperial Aquila on it. Uses two bolt pistols, has a blue greatcoat and wears Kasrkin armor. Slinged around her shoulder is an Astartes Scout Sniper Rifle, modified to be used by human hands.

Personality-wise, she believes, rather naively, that every Imperial citizen is a hero waiting to be born, and that the galaxy would right itself if only everyone would stand up and fight as one.

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Hey, Siege, do you do commissions?

>> No.13345437

not too hot on the fire, but i think i got the punch right.


>> No.13345456


indeedly. if you need something, send an email to me and i'll do something for you. most full color stuff is about 20-25 dollars.

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slender build
dark leather outfit
brown medium length hair
playing a guitar or other similarly shaped stringed instrument.

thank you ahead of time, this is my first request ever for a character portrait.

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Bueno, sir. Bueno.

And thanks again.

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Could I get a bunny girl wearing a skirt stockings rocking out a sweet guitar solo on top of the destroyed remains of a tank?

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How about a guy that is, essentially, what's in this image but without the sideburns & gloves but wearing a dress jacket/coat & fedora?

>> No.13345638

>dress jacket/coat
Meant for this and, preferrably, his eyes to be open.

I know it may seem stupid but I've had need to clarify the eye thing previously.

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Humbly requestin' a character portrait for a Dark Heresy character.

He's a Imperial Psyker, 'cept without all the weird tubes and a normal head. Shoulder length hair, random facial hair, and wears a draping robe. Wields a Longsword in his left, and a Revolver in his right. Danke, herr Drawfag. <3

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Mutant enemy for my upcoming Gamma World game, which will also be my first shot at GMing anything- a tall, thin man with straight, oily, shoulder-length black hair partially covering one of his eyes. The non-obscured one is normal, while the other is a hideous, bulging thing. Sprouting from his palm is a thin longsword blade made of black bone. He wears road-sign armor and guards a hulking Jabba the Hutt-like woman atop a pedestal.

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Requesting a bipedal mech with a skull and crossbones paint pattern on its torso, missing a leg and generally battle-damaged. It's leaping through the air at a hovering enemy mech, (feel free to design it however you want) and is set to cleave straight through with the appropriately scaled cutlass in its hand.

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-Playing a lute
-Smiling cheekily as though he has just told a good joke
-Brown hair (medium-short length, kempt)
-Brown eyes
-Medium build
-Green and brown outfit, preferably

Pic semi-related lol

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Draw a girl rugby player with a wide grin and a few missing teeth!

>> No.13345890


ok, admittedly i was playing with styles since i wanted super creepy, but i feel like this is weaker in comparison to some of the other stuff...

if its not up to snuff sir, just repost and i'll try again. im only 15 minutes into my 30 minutes o' drawing for this one, so yeah...

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Cripes that's fucking terrifying

Not requester, but I love it

>> No.13346038

Jesus. That's...something. I'm not sure what, exactly, but I'm sure it involves the word 'creepy' somewhere in it.

>> No.13346097


she stole jayne's hat. she's looking over her shoulder because she knows she's a dead mutant.

>> No.13346142

An ogryn with a goofy smile on his face and a slightly bloody bandage covering his arm hugging an Imperial Guard medic. The Medic looks like he's choking or being crushed.

>> No.13346164

so ive never asked for anything to be drawfagged before, but on a whim i looked at my dorf cpt of the guard's descriptor and must have him illustrated. Thanks in advance if you can get to him.

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An Aasimar bard (dancer). Golden skin, white hair, white eyes. Wears halter top, slitted skirt, coins strung about the waist, ankles and hair. Uses longsword and dagger to fight during her dances.

>> No.13346212

I'm about to turn in so, in case you get around to this one, can you e-mail it to the above address? Thank you.

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The purpose of this one is actually as a bit of background for my DH character, who was a medic during his time with the guard. For the purposes of this picture he looks young, and in terms of appearance looks pretty generic for a guardsman, wearing Cadian style uniform and armor and using standard weapons. The only thing that might mark him apart from any other guardsman is a white armband with a red cross on it on his left sleeve.

>> No.13346335

Down-on-her-luck shadowrunner. Her arms and legs are outdated robotic prosthetics, just bare servos and pistons, and her hands are three large fingers, wall-e style. Her lower legs are hook-shaped running feet. She wears a skin-tight torso suit with multiple logo patches stitched on, and her left eye is a simple cybernetic disk.

Despite the bad luck she's seen, she seems determined and a bit cheery.

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Thank you very much ^_^

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Fuck it. Can't sleep, guess I'll wait & read.

>> No.13346660


Sup bro, me again. adding some more details before I turn in.

Humbly requestin' a character portrait for a Dark Heresy character.

He's a Imperial Psyker, 'cept without all the weird tubes and a normal-shaped head. Shoulder length hair reddish blonde hair, randomly-styled facial hair (be creative bro!), and wears some sort of stylish clothing. (Trenchcoat, or robe, or armor? Idk.) Wields an ornate Power Sword in his left hand, and a Revolver in his right. If you really get into detail, some sort of psychic or energy aura around him would be FANTASTIC, as though he were actively channelling the Warp.

Danke again Sir Drawfriend. <3

>> No.13346710


he's in the livestream chat. he knows it's going up. :P

curious people should join, its a P A R T Y.

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>> No.13346748

You know, I'd really like to see some "sexy" dwarf girls. Just because it's pretty much never done.

>> No.13346836

Could I get a death cult assassin, dresses in black carapace with a high collar sleeveless coat overtop. Looks sort of like pic related in the face. Char I played for years, could never get him to look right/agile enough whenever I tried to draw him. He liked cutty weapons.

>> No.13346941

Ogryn didn't turn out as good as I wanted. Back to solid black and white.
>Hiatorn Lurking Yes Captcha, I'm torn between lurking and not lurking.

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>> No.13347087


Holy Crap that is gorgeous.


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>> No.13347136

Imperial Astropath.

Dressed in patchwork IG flak armour with a hood and veil obscuring most of her features. Both hands resting on an ornate power saber planted firmly into the ground.


>> No.13347144


I love that huge arm. It's a lot bigger than I imagined but it looks better that way. And considering the list of cybernetics she has is longer than her list of faith powers it fits.

>> No.13347151

I miss Heavy-chan, guys.

Someone draw some Heavy-chan doing...Heavy-chan things?

C'mon. C'mon look at those tits.

>> No.13347201

Any of the following, I've always wanted to see SOB done drawing from other faiths than just western gothic culture.

-Egyptian SOB with power axe and shield
-Japanese Repentia with Miko Robes and a Chain-Naginata
-Western SOB with a longrifle and cowboy hat.

>> No.13347249

I could live with DIFFERENT western themes, even.
It would also be neat to see an incarnation that had decoration that didn't focus on icons, but instead on abstract geometric patterns, and text. (and not Latin characters either.) Even a more elegant and well designed take on the general Imperial Motifs would be welcome. Let's not kid ourselves, some of the standard stuff, even for the Sisters, could be better. (I do like the direction they generally lean in though. It's more appealing that SKUL SKUL SKUL all the time.)

>> No.13347284


Yeah, you can at least say the SOB stuff is decently stylish. More so than marines.

And I would LOVE to see someone do an animated movie with Seraphim fighting Howling Banshees. It needs no plot, it just needs to be a team of each looking awesome and wonderfully agile. Maybe 'suddenly chaos' at some point for awesome turnaround as they beat down the common foe. Pity the Dead Fantasy guy does not appear to have an interest in 40k.

>> No.13347331

Fine, fuck. I guess it's really important to have an idea or at least a pic of my dude.

Right, I'm in the same game as the Arch-Militant you're currently drawing in the stream.

My guy is male, tall-ish. The only concept I have of him is that he has a bionic left arm. When I imagine his bionic arm, I imagine it look like an Automail looking thing from Full Metal Alchemist. Or something.

He has short messy red hair, perma-five o'clock shadow and watery blue eyes. He's lean and has some definition to his muscles, but he's not bulky or body-builder esque. He's wearing a flight suit, something similar to pic related. Pale blues and grays. He IS a pilot, so if you could put something like this
behind him, that'd be super. Or not. I don't care either way. But that'd portray his pilot nature right off the bat.

He should be holding a W40K-ified jolly roger flag: Skull and crossed lasguns.

And there you go, quite possibly the worst character description I've ever done.

>> No.13347348

>>13346748 You know, I'd really like to see some "sexy" dwarf girls. Just because it's pretty much never done.

There's Midna... Midna is sexy...

>> No.13347356

Midna's more of Gobbo, I think.

He means female dorfs with beards.

>> No.13347364

Requesting a cheerful little girl wearing a red coat, picking flowers in a field, or perhaps petting a rabbit, with a big, friendly smile on her face.

She's the avatar of an unspeakable Eldritch God. The environment should be altered accordingly.

>> No.13347365

...that dwarf.jpg is obviously a goblin, sir.

>> No.13347371

Jed, the Senile Wizard.

-Fire Elf, lineage of Lightning Elementals
-Long hair
-Longer beard
-Crooked white cone hat with smiley on it
-Open robe with hood
-Satchel of spell components
-Rod (not quite a staff) topped by a green gem.
-Crazy fucker

>> No.13347384


oops, forgot to crop it.

>> No.13347390


fun fact, i've been drawing for 6 hours straight! :D

>> No.13347397

If you're still conscious after all this and feel up to it, here's the Inquisitor picture.

captcha: scarcely Raddics ..heh

>> No.13347408

Two VERY happy Ogryns peeling potatoes and shouting FOR THE EMPRA

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>> No.13347449

Crap I fell asleep after requesting this. Many thanks Siege, he looks amazing. Going to put him to use right away.

>> No.13347467

man these always start right as I am going to bed

I'll second that guy asking for Dwarf girls just because.

>> No.13347482 [DELETED] 

>>13347356 He means female dorfs with beards.

No I didn't. While all dwarves have beards in some settings, that's not the case in all.

>> No.13347490


Damn. If you want to take a break man, do so. You are a hell of a drawfag,

>> No.13347493

>>13347356 He means female dorfs with beards.

No I didn't. While all dwarves have beards in some settings, that's not the case in all.

It's all I had handy. Like I said, hard to find anything with a dwarf gal drawn sexy.

>> No.13347521

hold onto your butt

>> No.13347554

dwarf womyn

>> No.13347556

It's held.

>> No.13347568

inb4 404

>> No.13347569


>> No.13347591

...aaaaand I ran out of worksafe ones.

>> No.13347617

Have a video of a kitty riding a turtle.


And a pic of a Korean Street gang fight.

>> No.13347620



>> No.13347629


Can you draw a blackguard unicorn? Preferably not My Little Pony styled. And no, not a blackguard on an unicorn, an unicorn that is a blackguard.

>> No.13347640


>> No.13347645

I'd like to request a 3.5 teifling with shoulder length red hair, two small horns above her forehead and a youngish face. She wears a leather corset with leather gloves up to her mid bicep, a black cape, and holding two kukris.

Please and thank you, love your stuff.

>> No.13347649

thanks so much, I'd just about given up hope and gone to sleep.

>> No.13347650

dammit. seconding the dwarf request. you guys have me in a dwarf mood now.

>> No.13347657


fellow classmate and artist tried to tackle the bard at my urging. this is the result.

>> No.13347696


>> No.13347701



>> No.13347710

Don't think that's necessary. He's going through them in order. Only Cthuhlu knows when he'll stop.

>> No.13347719

Doesn't seem to be in order, broski.

>> No.13347744

Allow me to rephrase then: all the ones he picks are in order.

He has skipped a couple.
That's it. 12/14 requests made completed. In order.

>> No.13347772

And now he appears to be doing >>13344881

>> No.13347790



>> No.13347794


>> No.13347796

If anyone is still taking requests I'd like to make 2 requests, I really don't care which one.

The first is a beeceratops, an evil magic cross of a bee and a triceratops. Being mounted by an evil wizard is optional.

The second is a Roman cavalryman riding on a giant shrimp. His attire covered in shrimpy things.

Email provided for the very likely occasion I pass out before anyone can finish these request, should they be taken.

>> No.13347800

Crossposting this from the other drawthread.
Can I get the right-hand henchwench of my campaign's Big Bad? She's a absurdly ancient and powerful Succubus who is considered a slut and a psychopath even by Demon standards. She basically flips between "fuck everything" and "fuck everything up" as her only two personalities. No subtlety, everything is 11. Likes to wear trashy leather clothes made fromm sapient creatures, and often wears bracelets of teeth. Attached is one pic a drawfag in our group did.
Physically the idea we all got was basically Adiane from Gurren Lagaan. Probably the exaggerated mannerisms, expressions, and general look. I'd rather you base your interpretation on Adiane a bit more than the reference, even, get a fresher take going from the "original source" as it were. Dem Tits manadatory, of course.
As far as her demonic features go No tail or wings, she only ever normally has her horns and claws on display unless she's flying.course. Succubi so shapeshifting, anyway.
Was wondering if you could draw her? Pose and exact nature of her outfit up to you, although I'd prefer worksafe and, like I said, going more off the Adiane inspiration than the prior drawing. With Dem Tits, of course.
As your the artist for AdEva, I assume you are familiar with Gurren Lagann but in case you're not, here's some adiane.

>> No.13347801

...You're pretty godlike Siege...

>> No.13347803


nope. i got it.

>> No.13347836

I stand corrected although that would explain my brain screaming 'More booze!' & 'The fuck IS that?!". At least one of those anyway.

>> No.13347842

Helps if I remember the pic. Derp.

>> No.13347893

Such lovely doodles.

I've got one, a STALKER staring down a Librarian, saying "What the fuck are you looking at?"

>> No.13347911


very film noir...

>> No.13348024


think I'm gonna retract this request, and if you'd be cool with it, i'd replace it with a different and a little more simple one

>> No.13348114


8 hours. :D

>> No.13348125

Dear God, it's beautiful.

>> No.13348127

in place of that one, the other I think would be easier and cooler is my former guard lieutenant.

Former guard Lieutenant Maro Wolfe wears a stylish maroon Malfian bolero jacket and a black cape of Dusk nightsilk over one shoulder affixed with the crest of a noble house. Upon his hips rests a finely tooled leather belt with elegant holsters for his matched Sollex Pattern-VII "Steel Burner" laspistols. Across the back of the belt, the Bilani groxleather sheath holds a Malfian Bolo knife. He has a vulpine grin and the swagger of an confident fighter. He carries a copy of the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer which has been hollowed out to function as a case for his treasured lho-sticks and other narcotics.

>> No.13348137


>> No.13348145

Wow, Siege, you're something else.

>> No.13348164

I'm hitting the hay. If you get around to doing mine, could you email it to me? Email in the email field.

This is where I got the concept for his hair and eye colour, as well as general hair style.

>> No.13348179


i'll probably be around tomorrow to finish up the rest, just cuz...but i'm probably going to hit the hay after the next few. i'm starting to finally get tired. :P

>> No.13348191

Sounds cool, Siege.
That's my request. Both bumping in hopes of awesome art, and also supplying my email in case you finish up the request tomorrow or something and I somehow miss it.

>> No.13348210

Valkia The Bloody, consort of Khorne, fighting against a Living Saint

>> No.13348212

Why does Khorne have a whore? Is she some sort of regenerating virgin or something? Because that's the only reason why would you call her Khorne's "consort".

>> No.13348218

awesome stuff in there.

Just coming in to request the same ol' shit I request to every damn drawfag. hot xeno/anima/lolicron/heavy-chan robo-lesbian action go!

that's all I wanted to say.

>> No.13348220

A consort is a spouse or companion, often of royalty or a deity, sometimes slightly inferior in function/status.

>> No.13348228

she's his biatch, just so that the other gods think he's a fag because even that Slaanesh pussy has more hoes than him.

>> No.13348229

She's the most badass of all of Khorne's champions in WHFB. She's so good, her death got Khorne so mad his RAGE brought her back to life.

>> No.13348234

>hot xeno/anima/lolicron/heavy-chan robo-lesbian action

>> No.13348239


>> No.13348240



>> No.13348248

As long as it's not...


>> No.13348250

Don't I????

>> No.13348253


startin to get tired, so the next one will probably be the last one for me toni--.....this morning.

>> No.13348258


you get regular ole humie lesbians instead. im too tired to get to that tonight.

(old pic from my HDD)

>> No.13348279


captcha: judgment Kilsiong

judgement indeed... i think i'm too tired to pull off this next one right now. overall, 8 hours and 37 minutes of drawfagging.

it was good, and i'll be back tomorrow if this thread is still around to try and complete everything before i drink myself into a stupor.

thanks to everyone in the livestream for the music choices/references, and to /tg/ for being a bunch of great guys despite their obession with fat chicks and xenos. :P

oh and AdEva is cool, etc etc plug plug plug have a pic of a beserking eva.

>> No.13348306

not tonight... but eventually, right?

>> No.13348320

Kakihara from Ichi the Killer as a Slaaneshi Marine.

If you don't know the guy, skip the request.

>> No.13348444

Hey, OP. I didn't request anything, but lurked the livestream and checked out your works and I have to say: You're awesome. That's all.

>> No.13349108

Bump as part of an effort to keep alive until tomorrow

>> No.13349164

Hey. If you're around deviantart be sure to drop by our group there, drawfriend.

>> No.13349306

Need a Cacaelia monk (Male) for an upcoming game. I've got no reference pics--else i'd no need to ask in one of these threads--unfortunately.

Athletic human build for the top half, with streamlined features and bluish-green mottled skin with darker spots on the shoulders, back, neck, and forearms. Eyes are the standard octopus yellow/gold/rectangular pupils, and the tentacled half should be a little shorter and thicker.

>> No.13349631

I'm movin this gear up!

>> No.13350157


I think I'm going to watch the recorded live stream just to see how you made this, meng. Also, me love you long time Siege, yer the first drawfriend to actually make something for me. =D

>> No.13351562


>> No.13351942



gimme a second to set up the stream/put some clothes on.

>> No.13351954

Can you draw a female STALKER attempting to seduce a group of bloodsuckers so she can escape from them

>> No.13352075

bumpan dis.

>> No.13352085

streams up, whiskey is at hand; i'm drawing until friends get me for new years.

with no pants on.

enjoy a drunken master and his dwarven sensei in the meantime.

>> No.13352112

Here you go. Female STALKER seducing a group of Bloodsuckers. The Bloodsuckers are off-screen. Enjoy!

>> No.13352131

Siege it's not like you actually produce much AdEva stuff on a schedule anyway, you did that Angel that some other guy was doing anyway but beyond that have you really done much even

>> No.13352144


They are in the background, they have white eyes... Enjoy the rape.

>> No.13352161

Dwarf centerfold or bellydancer or something would be cool.

How about a dwarf harem girl?

>> No.13352167

Bumping this in hopes because you are amazing, Siege.

>> No.13352183

A drawfag who understands trigger discipline!
Good show, sir. Good show indeed.

>> No.13352233

I request a pic of a baby Navigator in outlandish Navigator robes, playing with his little baby Navigator staff.

>> No.13352270

An ogre, wearing bits of scrap metal strapped together with mismatched chain and rope to form some sort of crude body armor. He wields what appears to be the barrel of a cannon strapped to a wooden stock to make a very crude, but very very large, rifle. He carries a canvas bag slung over his shoulder full of cannonballs. This often doubles as a melee weapon, so there is blood splattered on it.

The largest piece of armor is a large round oak tabletop lashed around his midsection. it has been painted burgundy, with a gold colored oak tree in the center. This was not painted by him, so it looks oddly well done. There is an iron stud in the middle of this.

He has a broadsword strapped to his thigh like a dagger would be to a human.

>> No.13352274


yeah, because after my burst of art i was swapped with school work. dont hate.

i'll make it up to you guys by doing the conventional forces this week.


>> No.13352307

I would like to request a drawing of a warrior, attired like a roman centurion, riding a chariot. However, I do not want this chariot pulled by simple land beasts. The chariot should be drawn by a pair of whales. It would be awesome if the whales could also somehow be armored. If not, it doesn't matter.

>> No.13352333

-long hair, styled like a girls, think asymmetrical layers with a ponytail at the back
-sorta baggy light blue jeans
-chain from a wallet on right side
-longsleeve white vneck (slightly baggier around the hands) with light blue shirt at the v part
-balisong/butterfly knife in left hand as if he was doing a trick and just completed

>> No.13352370


bump. dosnt have to be fancy, was considering basing my next pathfinder character around him.

>> No.13352373

Draw Xan Kriegor ripping a man apart with his hands.

>> No.13352424


>> No.13352440


>> No.13352459

Hello sir drawfag, can I get a character art request please?

Currently I'm playing a catfolk Rogue and I did find an absolutely perfect pic, but of a character who's butt naked. Here's the reference.


Could you please draw this character with some clothes on? She wears studded leather armor, tight pants and a cloak and weilds a short sword.

I would be ever so grateful if you could fulfil my request.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.13352520

Please could you draw me a bioluminescent (appears to be shining like an angel), humanoid? It has a slightly elongated skull, longer fingers than humans, longer limbs, a very short torso, and it sports huge wings.

It could also have some wolves or some kind of ferocious animal standing by it's feet, as if they were it's pets.

Many thanks.

>> No.13352541

Fucking captcha.

>> No.13352598

Siege is still going?

I see no one did dwarves. I'll try if anyone wants.

>> No.13352611

Go for it mang.

>> No.13352626


too cute?

>> No.13352653


To be honest the stare is a bit frightening.

>> No.13352656

someone already got the ogryn, so i'll be doing this dwarf cap' next.

also, horrah, more drawfags. :D

>> No.13352682

Hey, can I make a request?

I'd like a succubus made out of stone, please. Want it as a visual for a caryatid column in an upcoming game.

>> No.13352816


>> No.13352819


I like it, personally.

>> No.13352832


Two thumbs way, WAY up. Grassy ass senor drawfag

>> No.13352842

That is amazing. Please tell me you can get around to this. <3 Because you are awesome.

>> No.13352859

I guess Foron hasn't gotten here yet.

I'd like a succubus sleeping in a dryer, as cutely as possible.

>> No.13352984

Bumps for this awesome thread.

>> No.13353035


>> No.13353052

This is not what I requested. This is better! Thanks mate!

>> No.13353054

Love dat pic. Not completely accurate, though. Ahab's supposed to have a badass white scar that runs on his skin from the top of his head down to his foot.

Nice concept album, but if you want some real serious stuff that really conveys the book's atmosphere, listen to the Call of the Wretched Sea, by Ahab. Moby-Dick concept album as well, but really, really darker, bleak and awe-inspiring.

Which reminds me of a previous request:

Can anyone here draw me Ahab as a crazy Sephss Wolf lone wolf, on a fenrisian drakkar full of natives, hunting the lengendary Kraken?

>> No.13353057


Original requester here, thanks a million siege!

>> No.13353082


/rs/ of the album? or are we on our own?

>> No.13353087

hey now, this one was done by another drawfag. awesome :D so i guess i'll see which is ne--


....hrm. :|

>> No.13353091

Ashlander woman in Tango-esq red dress, long black hair in multiple braids, facial tatoos, piercings all over.
Dress slitted on the sides really high, revealing DEM HIPS, muscular but not +4 str.

>> No.13353102

just type it in filestube, it's easy to find.

>> No.13353131

of course, mine's not in.

>> No.13353177

Thanks random drawfriend!

You can take a shot at it too if that's okay. After the other requests, of course. I don't mind waiting a day or so.

>> No.13353182


im just pointing out everyone's fixation with short, chubby girls. and hammers.

regardless, im doing a pin-up style pic for them all now.

>> No.13353242


This guy here, I'm going out in a bit for some new years' eve shenanigans, but if you get around to doing mine could you send it to this email? I might not be back until like tomorrow afternoon

>> No.13353300

Could I get my tiefling rogue drawn? Pic related, that's what he looks like, I'd just like a more relaxed pose, maybe leaning against a wall, with his arms crossed?

>> No.13353318

Can you draw my DnD character in your style? He's a sorcerer who enjoys imbibing very strong drinks.

>> No.13353336

Looking for a drawfag to take a crack at this one. I'm not good a drawing faces at all.

>> No.13353354

inb4 bawwitor deletes thread for not being /tg/-related.

>> No.13353364


enjoy your dwarf women /tg/. this was the least opportune time for my girlfriend to show her friend my artstream ever. :<

>> No.13353378


god damn i love me some zeon.

>> No.13353389


also: fixed for accuracy as per the livestream viewers. :P

>> No.13353417

pic related.

>> No.13353420

Where is this livestream? Did I miss something?

>> No.13353429


Also, lrn2read OP post

>> No.13353456


>> No.13353494


>> No.13353513


kay so far w/o clothes maybe a little nsfw but not really

>> No.13353594

Could you draw Gay Link and Magneto having a tea-party.

>> No.13353683

Awesome, thanks drawfag.

>> No.13353716

or FABULOUS Bile and Vect the Pimpmaster smacking each other's hoes.

Or, as requested earlier, Konrad Curze and Baron Sathonyx trying to out-batman each other.

>> No.13353730

Hey, friendly Drawfag, think you could give me some art for this character?


Is a rank 5 sister of battle/seraphim I made with the Blood of Martyrs book. Spent all day trying to come up with a more sensible sheet than the one on the books, which I dont like all that much

>> No.13353739

Aztec Space Marine

>> No.13353800

Nigga, I already drew some!

Do you want me to draw more or what?

>> No.13353821

How about aztec orcs instead?

>> No.13353823


needed a few more skulls. :<

>> No.13353831


Oh man, that's sick. Keeping fingers crossed that you can draw >>13353300

>> No.13353849

Necris rubbing herself against the chains in her hands.

>> No.13353852


macuahuitl chainsword=fucking sweet

>> No.13353856


>> No.13353869

A Khorne Berzerker lying on the ground, Necron Lord kneeling over him, holding him with one hand, raising his staff with the other, ready to impale him. Berzerker has struck his chainaxe to the back of the Lords head, and now weaponless, he attempts to rip the Lord's head off. The berzerker is bloody, and the Lord's head is nearly torn off, the battle is soon over.

>> No.13353875

Viola from Timesplitters 2 as a Callidus Assasin?

>> No.13353876

Psst. Someone mind drawing this?


>> No.13353884

Will you draw a flint lock pistol toting Dwarf with a mechanical arm and mechanical eyes (stylised to look like reverse funnels if possible and if that makes sense), please oh kind sir?

>> No.13353891

ok there's a lot of requests popping up. :< any other drawfags around for spreading the love?

>> No.13353900

oh god...


>> No.13353918

How about...

Midna as a techpriestess, complete with tech-ified headdress.

Search your hearts. You know it will be d'awww.

>> No.13353929

can you do a disabled tau devilfish with the crew bailing out and a lascannon hit that's still glowing around the edges and smoking

>> No.13353947

Hey Seige if you get the time I'd like a character that looks a bit like this just with more armor added and a two handed sword on his back. IT would make what's left of my year.

>kanive for

Yes I am kaniving for this

>> No.13353990



>> No.13353998

If it's not too much trouble, I'd like my face-punching, brawling Gangrel. I'm not too good at describing, or even imagining, what he looks like, so I'll just give a few details, and you can let loose with whatever looks cool.

- Messy, long, dark hair down to the shoulders (think Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, or the guy on the cover of M&B)
- no mustache, but maybe some chin stubble
- around 5'11. Not stick-skinny, but not Kenshiro huge either.
- Attire consists of jeans, hiking boots, and a jacket. Denim or leather jacket, don't care which.
- large hunting knife on belt.
- claws optional. If you can't draw em, no biggie.

>> No.13354032

i might not be able to get to everything since i might head downtown for new years soon...then i've got a wedding tomorrow. :<

and im stupid and do shit in order.

>> No.13354105

I would if I--

>> No.13354141



>> No.13354170




>> No.13354205

Oh, th-- damnit.

ABSO-- fuck, I'm getting hoarse. Absolutely seconding this one!

>> No.13354238

awww-right, then, i'm starting dat Midna.

>> No.13354279


>> No.13354282


Here's a quickie, I might fix it one day, once I am more used to 40k proportions. And feel like doing a fuckton of scales

>> No.13354287

If requests are still open, may i possibly request a picture of a humanoid robot.

Simmilar in design to the Hammer Drones from Iron Man 2 (pic related), especially with the slim head with nothing but a glowwy eye on it, but with a police paintjob (with PCPD on there somewhere) and sirens on its shoulders. Also it should have the missile pods shown on the types shown in the foreground of the pic. If you can see one of the hands, it should have electricity arcing between the knuckles where the built-in tazer is turned on.


>> No.13354382


I could try more but its all shitty scanner quality. no pen tablet where I am at right now. :[

>> No.13354393

I apologize if this is outside your preferred genre.

Might I get this guy drawn in the form of a Tiefling Rogue? Excluding the extra arms there, and with the addition of horns and a long tail. Basic traits of a Tiefling. I can provide an additional image if that helps any.

Almost forgot, a cloak with baggy shirt and pants.

Appreciate it.

>> No.13354466

dumping some aztecmarines while i'm drawing.

>> No.13354489


>> No.13354499

Holy fuck, this thread is still going? I had a good night's sleep, went to work, and I come back to see this Art Machine still cranking out drawings. I am in awe.

>> No.13354518


Apparently. Not on the front page though?

>> No.13354528


I'm collecting these so I can make an aztec ba or sw army. Still havent quite decided which codex fits it better.

>> No.13354573

blood angels, apparently. strikes faster than wolves, and fluff-wise, blood-drinking, tearing people's heart out and all that weird stuff sounds like Blood Angels if they had balls.

>> No.13354629


But space wolves have:

Frostblades (uber maquahuitl?)
Bloodclaws for ragey goodness
Same goes for Ragnar
Wolf Priests are probably appropriate
Sagas that kinda add some character.

>> No.13354650

also, this.

>> No.13354672

Yeah, but you don't have eagle warriors=sanguine guard, sanguine blades (if those are the right names, English ain't my first language) and the motherfucking death company.

>> No.13354679


>> No.13354704

hey thanks man, that's awesome. Not exactly the armour I'd see him in, but damn cool anyway, I didn't specify too well.

>> No.13354708



unfortunately, im breaking order to draw SKREEEEEEE's, because he's been around since last night or so and is only a few away.

then i'm out for the night guys. :<

>> No.13354730


im in!

>> No.13354841


You, sir, are awesome. Credit to you for fulfilling stuff as promised. My firstborn will bear your name.

>> No.13354910

Siege Anonysson.
Not a bad name

>> No.13354914


>> No.13354920

It will be awesome, "Siege" means "glory".

>> No.13355032

Hay Siege! I know you got to me before but while you're still around and truckin, I thought I'd make a quickie request.

This Arch-Militant Luna you drew, drawn as a cute loli playing with an Ultramarine's action figure. She should be yelling some battle cry with a cute lisp like "FA THE EMPEWA!"

>> No.13355044

rolled 61, 28 = 89


>> No.13355054

Midna's finally done. Hope you like it.

>> No.13355061


bam! i'm off to a shindig /tg/...get drunk with me in spirit. o7

i'll be back...

>> No.13355067

Could I get your take on this? Feel free to email it if this autosages.

>> No.13355071


Speaking of that pic, is Skulljack around?

Yo, Skulljack! Get over here!

>> No.13355073

This is kinda AdEva-related, but still... draw your face when you finished reading the Boneyard chapter?

>> No.13355084


Hey Tech where did you learn to draw like that? Do you just slap down some big, black blob-lines and then pick out the details in white?

>> No.13355088

Oh my god. That is indescribably awesome.
Or are we not yelling anymore? Still, extremely neat.
Thank you!

>> No.13355090


holy shit, share your brushes with me next time. i'll...i'll love you. <3

but srsly, awesome to get a few more drawfags in here. art is awesome.

night, for real.

>> No.13355098


Ah right. The Arch-Militant in question is the one over here: >>13347422

>> No.13355110


If any other drawfag is reading this thread, feel free to do this.

>ficarats filed

And how exactly is a ficarat filed captcha?

>> No.13355123

Often, yeah, or the opposite. what fits best. It's really dumb, when you think about it, so I'm trying to exploit it deeper by working on shadows and suggesting different textures this way.

Also, have the WIP of the slave market.

>> No.13355168


>> No.13355175


its all CS5 basic brushes bro

>> No.13355190


Its p. cool dude. Lets your construction lines work for the picture instead of making it look messy.

I despise making clean lineart so I'm gonna dry this one day. Maybe painting in gray scale.

>> No.13355211

Hey Techno, have you decided if you want to do the torture scene I laid out? I mean, is it on your list?

>> No.13355227

drawfag still around?
can i get an australian imperial guard?, possibly with a kangaroo skin on, and a pet cyber-koala servitor?
pleasee 0.0

>> No.13355240

thanks, I'll try to make it nice.

btw, I hope you don't mind me drawing most of my rapists/molesters with long hair? It kinda helps me self-project into the scene when it comes to fapping, but I can understand that some of you might find it not creative enough.

>> No.13355262

yes, it is, but perhaps behind another, long one. The long one being somewhat boring, I might skip to yours when I'm finished with Raege.

>> No.13355269


>> No.13355281


CS5 has some lovely brushes. I've been doing kludgy base lines in SAI then porting it to CS5 and doing proper line art/brush work in that. So far I've liked the results.

>> No.13355297

What else do you have planned with Raege? Just the slave market, or anything after that?

>> No.13355314

two other pics: gang-banged by marines, and then fucked by a Seeker of Slaanesh in front of the whole squad.

>> No.13355316



That's awesome, I love what you did with the eyes. They look very mistrustful, which happens to totally be in character for him.

>> No.13355354

dumping this. Old request, I don't remember having posted it on time.

>> No.13355358

Very nice. Can't wait to see them done.

>> No.13355362

can i atleast get one of those flying baby things in 40k but a koala?

>> No.13355363

derp forgot pic

>> No.13355367

If you guys are up for more could I get a request done of a Warrior Queen sort of Daemonette? A hardcore, badass looking one with hodge-podge armor (still shows the T&A, its Slaneesh after all) with sweet ass (daemon) sword. It is suppose to be an ironic twist.

Maybe they partake in excess RAGE? or the release that follows tension ... when you carve your enemies into pieces and hear the lamentation of their womenfolk.

>> No.13355374

Man, you're weird.

And they're called cherubs. Like the angels.

>> No.13355381


>> No.13355392


>> No.13355396

I checked back in on a whim, and I am am very grateful. Thanks a ton!

>> No.13355502


>> No.13355507


bumping request

>> No.13355518

A young, spry female warrior wearing a leather chest-piece over with a simple silhouette of a bears head embossed on the front. She's wearing simple cloth pants and a skirt of mail that goes down to her knees, parted in the center, with thick leather boots. She carries a silver, ornate spiked buckler in her left hand, and her right hand is missing just below the wrist, replaced by a short(think gladius length), wicked looking blade attached to a glove that runs up the length of her forearm, which is covered in short spikes. A long scar runs from the right of her mouth, across her face and over the spot where her left eye used to be, and her red hair is tied up in a ponytail.

>> No.13355524

Bumping request because Anon is insanely talented and I am insanely eager to see his(?) take.

>> No.13355602


>> No.13355635

This is certainly an awesome picture. Originally I just thought it would be a nice pic to have, but with this, I think I know what I am playing in my next campaign.

>> No.13355723


i love detailed description, makes the work easier

for those who hasnt been granted their request, be patient :)

>> No.13355729

I'm off to bed. If any kindly drawfag does this, please e-mail it to me since I have doubts about this thread surviving all night. It's already probably close to autosaging, if not saging already.

>> No.13355872


>> No.13355899


well I tried my best. fucking scanner cut it off. also lol proportions.

not very well armored but eh I think Slaneesh can dwi

>> No.13355908


its ok i got your back


>> No.13355922

A little late to the party, but hopefully you'll be able to illustrate my character.

I'm playing a powerfully built Guardsman(woman) that has a short mohawk and facewrap (think Raziel from Soul Reaver... it's basically more like a poncho or something that she also uses to wrap her face) and carapace armor.

Originally comes from a Deathworld so some faux Maui warrior style tattoos on her face would be a plus!

Typically carries a heavy stubber, but favors a telescoping spear for melee, so she could be drawn with either.

>> No.13355931


forgot my picture

>> No.13355967

Any interest in drawing a male half orc alchemist, tall robe wearing potion tossing pony-tailed sophisticate. Pic unrelated.

>> No.13355968

If I can finally get this drawn, my year will have been filled to its very end with win.

Black fey wolf, roughly the size of a human man. Upright and walking hunched over, with a rucksack slung over its shoulder, containing kidnapped children. The major detail, for all four paws, it has human hands.

>> No.13355971

holy shit guys, ive had way too much to drink

its time to drawfag.

>> No.13355998


>> No.13356060

A rendition of my Lancae Sanctum Gangrel would be much appreciated. He is dresed in a priest's cassock, with long and matted hair. His face has the look of a madman, helped by a crooked, beaklike nose. His hands are stained with blood and sport several-inch long nails, cracked and broken.

>> No.13356069

seriously, nobody?

>> No.13356083

haha, i just realized i forgot something in that post

okay, i meant to say in the first one "request something, i dont want to go sifting through the thread for an open request"

or something along those lines

>> No.13356098


How about a Frazetta style lamia chick; some sort of priestess with an elaborate head dress, pasties and 6-8 arms. Somewhat Hindu lookin'.

>> No.13356110

>Lancae Sanctum Gangrel
what does that mean?
is he human?
cause im making him human

>> No.13356142

> Frazetta style
>heavy drinking

youre fucking with me, arent you?

well, either way, youre second on the waiting list, comin right up

>> No.13356148

Got one for you mang.

Draw these two sitting and drinking whiskey together.

>> No.13356170


Yea. It just means he's sort of a Super Catholic vampire based around the more feral and nature-based properties of vampires. Named Dominicanis, Latin pun on Hound of God and also the main Inquisitorial branch of the Church.

>> No.13356172


>> No.13356191


hahaha meant more 'shapely girls with little on posed against ancient world backdrops'.

Only its some kind of Hindu-lookin' lamia goddess thing.

.. ok so that might be a little complicated after all.

>> No.13356227

Bumping for this one.

>> No.13356253

This is awesome, many thanks drawfriend!

>> No.13356287


>> No.13356308


do i suppose to draw all of em?

elaborate more please

>> No.13356375

how strange, the more i drink in preparation for the new year, the more difficult drawing this priest bastard becomes.

>> No.13356407

Awesome, though the feet are supposed to be hands, too. >.>. Not complaining, I still love it.

>> No.13356421

Each of the characters where their corresponding number is with the skull helmet in the background. So I guess yeah all of them please.

>> No.13356429

I have faith in you, Mighty Wulfric.

>> No.13356434


i think ill go sleep for now, see if the thread is alive tomorrow

>> No.13356483

Space Marine Captain
-very black templar iconography
-give him a combat shield (like a buckler size -but shield style)
-cape (pinned over shoulder like the sword brethren)
-Crusade Helm with Roman Crest (back to front length)
-Greatsword with lighter swordguard like pic

>> No.13356539

Dude, we're auto-saging now. No way will this still be here tomorrow.

>> No.13356621

If you want a try at this, you can go ahead. Would be grateful if you did.
>preach saitan

Nono, captcha. No hailing saitan.

>> No.13356682

im getting stupid tired, but its almost midnight, ill post this before finishing off my drinks

sorry if its unsatisfactory, ill try and save all the requests and start a new thread tomorrow, when im on the ball.

>> No.13356760


If you catch this, Wulf, the pic is pretty great as is. Black hair that should be shorter, though I didn't specify that. His hair's only barely to his shoulders. Top it off with a crucifix necklace, and it's golden.

>> No.13357230


Original requester here. That, sir, is fuckin' awesome, and you are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.13357702 [DELETED] 

I have a bit of a request. I suck at photoshop, and was wondering if someone with skill could easily edit this so that the guardsman is moving through thick knee high brownish poison gas with some sort of backdrop, even a basic one. Any other finishing touches or effects to make it look awesome are welcome too.

>> No.13359472

anybody fancy doing this?

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