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There, porn goes there.

Pic unrelated. Hopefully.

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you'd be surprised how often any pic can be related to this topic

but your point still stands

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gelatinous cube thread?

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More like gelatinous cylinder thread.

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i thought that was gelatin at first... good of you for doing the proper thing!

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Acceptable to me.

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So do gelatinous cubes dissolve flesh?

What if you had protections on your dick and started fucking a restrained cube? Of course this raises questions about fantastic reproduction and cross-species contamination.

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you need water breathing at the least and depending on the type you may need damage resistance vs acid.

There are cubes that have no acidity properties what so ever, they are just squishy water oozing about that occasionally drown people that get stuck in them

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And rape. It raises questions of sapience/sentience, freedom of will, and a whole huge host of shit about consent.

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I think pretty much all oozes dissolve flesh. In a 3.0 book I think there's an amulet you can use to become immune to that and actually control the cube like a mount though

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Well, cubes aren't really sentient, are they?

Ah. Cube Waifu. One day.

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I want to play a gelatinous cube now.
Or if I can't do that become a paladin with a cube mount.

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u jelly?

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Black puddi?

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Could that be used as a spell?

Encasing someone in jelly?

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Combine it with a few ooze rider amulets and you can make yourself a team of cube riders for cohorts

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Cube mount is doable in Fantasy Craft. But then, what isn't?

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Derp, image forgotten.

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With a pet cube you can 'consort' all you like...

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and now i know that in a nuclear holocaust anyone from /tg who survived the blasts would end up dying because they thought plutonium was jello and tried to eat it

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