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citizens the drawfag is in and ready for requests. those containing: ladies, monsters, and monsters loving ladies are gonna get the preferred treatment.

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What I desire is Luka, restyled as a Noise Marine!

>> No.13309075

A Halfing rogue fighting a Tentacle monster over a pile of loots and moneys. You may define "Fighting" however you want.

>> No.13309082

A Khorne Berzerker laying on the ground, Necron Lord kneeling over him, holding him with one hand, raising his staff with the other, ready to impale him. Berzerker has struck his chainaxe to the back of the Lords head, and now weaponless, he attempts to rip the Lord's head off. The berzerker is bloody, and the Lord's head is nearly torn off, the battle is soon over.

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a communist slimegirl sitting on a skull throne

>> No.13309090

A band of heroes facing down a room full of succibi.

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Could I get a short cute monk girl doing an awesome pose over the broken body of a giant?

>> No.13309097

Draw a female human monk...
...and a kobold samurai, wearing a scarf and some robes...
>and monster loving ladies

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NPC Portrait: A vengeful, undying guerilla warrior from a long-dead culture, fighting a one-man war against a crumbling empire in the frigid North. Fantasy setting.

Not expecting anything to come of this, jusut figured I'd let it out there.

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A slaaneshi cultists humping a pile of dismembered and disemboweled corpses. Khorne marine yelling "Shoo!" to him and spraying him with water.

>> No.13309142

Papa Nurgle dressed up as Santa with a follower sitting on his lap.

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/r/ing a scene set in the frozen landscape of Maccragge; a few ultramarines, shitting their pants (metaphorically, though this might not always be the case) as the old wandering Swarmlord emerges from the snowy fog, ready to slap their shit, towering over them. If possible, give him an old-school look.

Also, Macha getting raped by the Doom of Malan'tai. It should hurt, says captcha >pains addect

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Badass Elven woman, clad only in long skirts and wields a spectral bastard sword. Bronze skin, dark hair, orange eyes.

Has a reputation for using severed heads as secondary weapons.

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Im on it, I love drawing halflings - male or female?

>> No.13309159

from another drawthread. it got picked but then the drwfag had to go do something and couldn't finish it

A young (18-ish looking) and lithe female elven warlock and her adventuring companion, a 20-ish muscular female human fighter both sunbathing nude on a beach.

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I'll draw this next.

>> No.13309177

Which one?

Thanks, btw!

>> No.13309181


almost done with this one

>> No.13309198

A sexy female commissar in nought but a great coat and santa hat.

>> No.13309206

A goat girl in winter clothes. The classic deal; elf ears, goat legs, horns.

Preferably a red-head.

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Seeing as how technomancer is here, changing this one to a techpriestess in nought but a santa hat.

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>> No.13309250


im on this one

>> No.13309257


Sorry for the Delay, Im on a mix of having to shovel snow and warding off not sleeping since yesterday morning.

Female, Because In your first post I just assumed that you were only taking female requests.

If you are taking male ones however, my current halfling is male and has a bowl-cut, after a bad running joke due to a hilarious token on Fantasygrounds.

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I desire a self-portrait, draw a heroic looking Commissar from Krieg!

>> No.13309277

The macragge one, not much experience drawing tyranids though so it might be shitty.

>> No.13309282

Slaanesh looking at a letter from the free clinic in horror and screaming "Damn it, Nurgle!" while Papa Nurgle stands behind him with a troll face.

>> No.13309284

Requesting a female gunslinger. Firefly fashion. Has an absurd amount of revolvers on her, wears a cowboy hat and has a "doesn't afraid of anything" expression.

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A seraphim angel being attacked by 21st century crusaders screaming ''death to the fake angels!''

>> No.13309320

A muscular female human with long, glossy black hair and pale skin, with tattoos of saints and such on her arms. She's got a red bandana on her head, a black tank top, grey fatigue leggings and black boots. She has Carapace armour on her torso along with a sleeveless Vostroyan-style crimson fur-trimmed greatcoat and a gas mask hanging around her neck. She wields a massive rotary assault cannon with ammo belts disappearing into a big lumpy backpack, and she has a large knife strapped to her leg along with a sword hanging from the backpack. A short-barreled combat shotgun is strapped to her other leg.

>> No.13309347

Draw a Kirby SHODAN, please.

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>> No.13309420

Super cute Eldar in super decked out eldar armor having the whole cute witch theme about her with her ridiculous staff and other magical girl accessories.

Thank you

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Callidus Assassin dressed up as a sexy elf.

>> No.13309431


Can i get some Lolicron/Xeno clanging, if you don't mind? Or maybe just a dem hips high-five.

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>> No.13309444

A young missionary boy having to either kiss the ass or kiss the crotch of a Sister of battle while she asks him to continue his ministrations or something along those lines.

>> No.13309445

mite b cool...

if I have nuff time.

>> No.13309448

A sexy elf dressed as a Callidus.

>> No.13309450


xeno? as in a alien or is that a character?

>> No.13309467

A character, from the famous tau quest. maybe you can find some at tg booru; she's a tau girl who got transformed into a necron lord.

>> No.13309490

also: small frame, shortish messy dark hair, vaguely curly. Always has a scarab with her.

>> No.13309492

Draw MechGyver, techpriest extrodinare! Able to build a lascannon out of a laspistol, duct tape, paperclip and prayers.

>> No.13309503


ohhhhhhhhhhhhh okay. i know who that is. i never knew her name. okay sure.

>> No.13309505


Just so you know, a few of your drawings are ending up on wall. Yours sincerely, Raptor Heretek powered by nailed baby.

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Pic related, it's Xeno.

>> No.13309516

Valkia the Bloody and Living Saint being naughty.

>> No.13309517

Ho ho ho!

>> No.13309518

Pic related, one of the top three best Xeno pics there is.

>> No.13309520


Thanks, may Slaanesh please you in a thousand heretical ways!

>> No.13309526


could you post some full body pics of her?

>> No.13309534

Already done in another thread.

>> No.13309538

In a previous drawthread, someone asked for a necron christmas. I started as soon as I saw the request, but the thread 404´ed on me. Anyway, I´m still working on it, if anyone is still interested

>> No.13309541

More Xeno.

>> No.13309544

there >>13309518

Nothing canon about that. in sme others, she looks more organic, or more mechanical.

Preferably, more mechanical, but still hot, plox.

>> No.13309547

Slaanesh as a 70's era hippy

>> No.13309558

In this pic she came scarabs

>> No.13309575

A lot of people seem to neglect that she's rocking the Lance of Longinus look, too.

>> No.13309581

scarabs in pooper? I'm okay with this!

There was also this macro pic of her with cumface...

>> No.13309591

Busty short-haired redhead, clothes tattered, riding on the back of an aboleth?

Can do?

>> No.13309595

What? No! Don't be gross. Xeno is a robot she doesn't even have a pooper.

>> No.13309602

If your willing, I would like my Sister matriarch done please.
Around 30, black hair,crazed look in her eye.
has 2 sigmarite hammers, heavy armour (though not necessarily sigmarite) and holy relic, a horse with barding and a dog rescued from a alhemists lab
>captcha the Unnyangs
the Unnyangs you say? Never heard of them.

>> No.13309613


im keeping this smexy but clean. no penetrating table rolls are gonna be needed

>> No.13309617

Techpriestess taking care of a Penitent Engine (holy oil involved)

>> No.13309622

U telling me those two are incompatible?


>ITT Xeno Imagedump
>I drew a fuckton of Xeno pics
>none gets posted

But mine are less good and rarely worksafe, of course.

>> No.13309631

Stomach bulge would be appreciated.

>> No.13309633

Thank you.

>> No.13309648

Not by me!

>> No.13309650

A squad of Ultramarine 1st Company Sternguard Veterans fighting a Hive Fleet Behemoth Carnifex. One of their number is being ripped in half by it while the rest shoot the fuck out of it.

Fuck. Yeah.

>> No.13309656

Done and upped to Rule34

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>> No.13309704

Will do it too, but later!

>> No.13309717

howabout a carnifex eating pudding?

>> No.13309719

Hey, Techno! Requester of >>13300889

Just letting you know I'm still around!

>> No.13309726

Eldar Warlock and Space marine captain having a dance off.

>> No.13309727

I was going to draw this but then I accidentally drew two cowgirls fucking for 40 minutes. nevermind.

>> No.13309734


Link? :3

>> No.13309740

I asked about this in another thread, but if it was done I didn't see it:

A young dark Eldar woman polishing a skyboard much larger than she is. She's daydreaming of leading a Hellion gang. She looks hungry and poor.

>> No.13309743

What the hell here is a pile of ideas I have come up with at some point or another.

1. A Female Eldar Bonesinger being fucked by a Wraithguard (bonesingers shape the wraithboner and it makes them sing)


2. A dwarf warrior grudge fucking a female elf mage. (use your imagination)


3. A female halfling giveing a blowjob to a surprised male elf (both of them standing)


4. A female dwarf fucking a male elf with a look on her face like she is afraid she will break him.


5. A female wyche and a Banshee in the throes of hot lesbian sex both of them covered with scratches made by the other.

>> No.13309746

Here to make my request, please draw Fulrim (either pre-heresy or current one, I like both) and a Slaaneshi Sister of Battle together.

>> No.13309753

will do, but after the penitence engine.

>> No.13309765

can't find it either, LINK IT, dammit!

>> No.13309770

I see a pattern forming here...

>> No.13309786

you requested a halfling riding a dire lion a while ago, did you ever see my drawing?

>> No.13309795

Prolly removed because it wasn't porn enough. But it's done and colored so...maybe in suptg?

>> No.13309812

tg booru, plox.

>> No.13309850

I drew an aboleth and some breasts but now I have to go, it is png so some anon can finish it maybe.

>> No.13309957


I'm starting the engine.

>> No.13309973

Please do, there are plenty of requests to fulfill.

>> No.13309989

I mean, i'm starting to draw this >>13309617

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>> No.13310075


This is seriously awesome! I love lil' Xeno's face! Hope it is even more awwright when it's finished! Thank you, drawfriend of Slaanesh!

>> No.13310134

I'm back after almost dieing several times in the snow drifts outside (Hurray for East Cost blizzard out of fucking nowhere.)

Was that picture of the Halfling ever done?

>Claus Lckboly

Very Festive Captcha, even though im not sure you got the name right.

>> No.13310164

No. Everyone is still masterbating over that stupid fucking tau necron abomination to get anything else done.

>> No.13310198


Sweet, must've missed it the first time.

>> No.13310203

A Sister of Bi-curiosity, please.

>> No.13310211

Would tender lovin's between a (female) elven mage and a (male) cambion/half demon suit your whims, oh mighty drawfag?

>> No.13310243

This guy armed with a heavy bolter and going "come at me bro" at a incredibly huge horde of Carnifixes.

>> No.13310263

Also quickly! Dear Drawfags, I was given an unknown brand of E-tablet for Christmas and I need to know a good like, photoshop program to torrent.

What do y'all use?

>> No.13310283

Photoshop CS5 is a great program to use, assuming they fixed the pen-pressure bug.

Paint Tool Sai is also great for all your needs.

>> No.13310295



>not samefag

>> No.13310306

Your generic randomrogue never got drawn?

Deal with it. And join the dark side.

The engine is progressing.

>> No.13310315

opencanvas is great aside from its lack of transform functions, probably a good program to start out on due to its simplicity.

>> No.13310318

almost done with scribble. imma not dead

>> No.13310335


>Your generic randomrogue never got drawn?
>I've been drawing the same damn Tau from a fapfic that /tg/ spawned that literally every other drawfag has drawn multiple times.
>Doing what everyone else is doing makes me so original guys
>Hurr Durr I was asking if it ever got drawn, because I attempted to sift through everything and though asking would be easier
>By the way thank you everyone who suggested programs to me. c:

>> No.13310342

Pic related.

>> No.13310359



>> No.13310388

I just realized I have no idea where to find the description.

>> No.13310397


What are you talking about?

Take a Halfling, Take some food. Put him in some Rogue's clothes, and voila! Halfling Rogue. Bonus points if he back stabs with a chicken bone.

>> No.13310412

Eh I might as well try this a few times. Hey Imric, I never got around to finishing that Slaaneshi Defiler, but GW basically made on with the soul grinder anyway.

Anyway here is my request and Boobies as payment.

A Goth Succubus sitting at a coffee shop: She is sitting at a high table, holding a long stemmed cigarette holder in one hand, and a black coffee mug in the other. She has Shoulder length black hair with flat bangs just above her pierced eye brows. The Succubus has just finished being at a late night concert and she still has her Egyptian style eyeliner, and other makeup on. She is wearing a mesh top through which her ample bosoms and crucifix nipple piercings can be easily seen. Around her waist is a shiny black leather underbust corset with four polished silver buckles. The Succubus’s long Morticia Adams style skirt is slit up the side and you can see her fishnet stocking and part of her garter belt. She has the heels of her stilettos hooked over the bottom rail of the chair and her elbows propped up on the table. The Succubus has a bemused and slightly wistful look on her face, as if she is remembering good times in the past.

>> No.13310414

Well, everything went better than expected.

And here is MOAR.

and it is LOLWORKSAFE!

>> No.13310425

What happened to ADVENTURE NOW!?

>> No.13310426

Here is the pic. I'm not quite satisfied with the composition and pose.

>> No.13310431

I would do such nice things to that girl.

>> No.13310442

Is the techpriestress requester still here? If he is, I'll start.

>> No.13310445



>> No.13310450


I'm not the original requester, but I want the techpriestess roo. Do it, faggot!

>> No.13310452


>> No.13310459

Sure I'm enjoying it!

May Slaanesh guide my arm!

>> No.13310469

Only if you call me "Master".

Otherwise, I'll resume fapping.

>> No.13310479


>> No.13310509

A Cannoness NPC for my Rogue Trader Game.

She is tall, with slightly longer hair than the usual pageboy style that the sisters favor. She has very extencive cybernetics for a Sister. One arm of her power armour is a fair bit bulkier than the other due to a heavy cybernetic arm tha has an internal inferno pistol built into it. She is weilding a spear with both the Adepta Sororitus Fluer-de-lys and the Mechanicus Cog.

The Cannoness NPC from my Rogue Trader game. Member of the Order of the Iron Heart, an order with good mechanicus relations that in turn makes the Eccesiarchy a little suspicious of them.

>> No.13310520

And I guess that apart from her skirt, she won't be wearing much clothing, right?

Any weapons?

>> No.13310610


touched up some mroe

>> No.13310617

okay ive got some errands to run. ill be back in a few hours

>> No.13310619

Now it's downright perfect.

>> No.13310621

Sorry. Got too lazy to draw the chicken bone stab victim.

>> No.13310626

Nobody requested it but here is a sexy female commissar sketch.

>> No.13310657


I'll take that!

Also, silly request for anyone, Cultist in dead space armour and armed with the plasma cutter.

>> No.13310665

Well, nobody requested it, but have this.

>Beset menwalls
Captcha's aware of the levels of testosterone ITT

>> No.13310705


Many thanks my good man, Just when I thought I'd be forgotten.

>> No.13310743

This thread (and internet) need more sexy Seraphim.

>> No.13310760

Forgive my patchy knowledge of 40k but don't cultists just look like regular humans?

>> No.13310776

I'll take that as a request.

>> No.13310780

Any chance one can draw a Techpriestess bending at the waist to pick up a wrench, and a Sororitas doing the same to pick up a bolter? Add plenty of DAT ASS.

In the middle a priest is horrified at the Techpriestess ass, and a Techpriest is horrified at the Sororitas ass.

>bousboy power
Yes Captcha, this is fueled with busboy power.

>> No.13310792


When i mean cultist, i mean Cultist-chan.

>> No.13310795

Haha, kinda like that one.

>likely pripitym
My thought exactly captcha

>> No.13310803


I'll have a take on this.

>> No.13310814

So, where have you posted it mate?

>> No.13310827

Requesting Venerable Dreanought, equipped with a twin-linked autocannon and power fist.

>> No.13310986


>> No.13311031

I request a mind flayer leading a chain of scantily clad slaves. Preferably they'd have some kind of zonked out, or "mind-controlled" look about them.

>> No.13311046

Have a sexy, kinda impractical Seraphim.

>> No.13311060

stupid sexy seraphim...

>> No.13311069

Draw us the Emperor as a Teenager growing up in Soviet Russia

>> No.13311129

I like her, thank you :)
PS: Nice panties

>> No.13311136

Could you draw a Repentias ?

>> No.13311156

>scantily clad slaves. Preferably they'd have some kind of zonked out, or "mind-controlled" look about them
Well I got a boner...

>> No.13311168


Make it... hardcore.

>> No.13311177

Later. I need to go be a real life faggot.

>> No.13311178

Female Tau wearing skimpy clothing

>> No.13311194

Could someone draw a sexy, busty elven sorceress in a 50s pn-up style picture? She's got long auburn hair, wears a rather skimpy green/purple bikini top and nothing else.

Would love to have a pic of her standing on a beach of some exotic world.

>> No.13311257

Please draw Rasputin as a khador warcaster

pic related. It's the great motherland army of Khador

>> No.13311285

Could someone draw a drow in a pin-stripe suite with a fedora and a Tommy Gun?

Captcha: the Usubman
I guess a Drow is kind of a Sub-man.

>> No.13311392


oh its on good anom. also IMMA BACK

>> No.13311435

are you using a mouse or a tablet? wacom, possibly?

>> No.13311470


Btw, Can I ask a picture of a sista from the order of the Ebony Chalice?

Captcha: >dreamed objere
Fo' sho' !

>> No.13311474


wacom tablet. but im not very good with it yet. i normally have to draw it on paper before hand, but these are all tablet only

>> No.13311502


order of the ebony chalice? is there somethign specific about them?

>> No.13311506

oh cool. just wanted to know.
does your tablet work well? i got mine hooked up but photoshop doesnt recognize it.

>> No.13311529

Wooo! I thought that request had been lost in the 404 void.

>> No.13311552

Well, the true name is Order of the Ebon Chalice.

Not of the Ebony chalice.



Thanks in advance.

>> No.13311578

Requesting woman with her hair in a bun and a bullet scar on her temple. She's wearing a cowboy hat, suit top, matching mini-skirt, torn tights, and boots.

I'd like her sitting in the wilderness, a cigarette in one hand and a pistol in the other.

>> No.13311581

Techno, I've got one more for your draw queue here.

A techpriestess with only a single, simple servo arm coming out of her back, maybe a bionic eye or two, the rest of her upper torso is normal. However her legs have been replaced by four large spider-like ones, sorta like a defiler's legs only without the chaos-y aspects.

>> No.13311588


>> No.13311616


well i gotta do teh midnflayer and slaves one first then ill do getto sista booty

>> No.13311639

Nay, It ain't got neither dem hips nor dat ass not dem thighs, and neither robotits nor robocunt.

No, sorry, but no, I've gotta finish the other one.

speaking of which, here's one.

>> No.13311648


>> No.13311669

She could be wearing nothing but her robe, and her hips could be intact D:. It could have everything *but* the legs.

>> No.13311690


>> No.13311695

perhaps, then. If I have nuff tiem.

>> No.13311707

I don't mind waiting for tomorrow's drawthread, no rush bro.

>> No.13311743

Ha ha, oh god man, exactly how I pictured it!

Excellent work man, excellent work.

>> No.13311788

is this going to be finished? :)

>> No.13311792

That's all kind of awesome.
Many internets to you.

btw, is your nick a shadowrun reference?

>> No.13311799

Sorry for late reply, had to leave.

Yeah, other than the long half-skirt no real clothing. That's mostly to show off the physique and the cyber-heart.


Hadn't thought of any, but feel free to add anything you think looks good.

Hm. Maybe just a pair of laspistols. One black and one white.

>> No.13311819

Requesting one of Chem-chan passed out under a severely ugly Christmas tree (wearing only her undergarments and mask), surrounded by empty bottles of booze, with a shoddily wrapped present resting on her stomach labeled "From Miffgrod".

Please and thanks, anyone that does this!

>> No.13311889

Any chance we can get a panty/robo-chastity-belt-less version, please?

>> No.13311897

Nope, I just came up with it during a supervillain creation thread on /co/. I ended up having informatic manipulation powers and an intense fear of vampires. At random.

It has nothing to do with Shadowrun or my fetish(es).

>> No.13311928


enjoy some sista booty

>> No.13311976

Reasonable Daemonette in the pantry and eating all of the chocolate . There is knocking on the door and someone saying 'Are you in there?' RD looks guilty.

>> No.13311978

I'd like to see an actual Dark Heresy party made up of some of /tg/'s Guard-chans. Like, one that's actually survived for a bit and has collected some noteworthy items along the way.

Cata-chan as an Assassin. (Sneaking/ Close Combat focus probably)

Krieg-chan as the Adept (she always struck me as the type who would be the "face", even if she was wearing the characteristic mask. I just feel almost like she has more personality than the others for some reason).

Kasrkin-chan as the Conscript. (Obvious)

Chem-chan as the Scum (Even more bvious).

>> No.13312079

I had to draw a new reaction image just for this.

>> No.13312093


wait for the color version hekekeke

>> No.13312138

No techpriest? Shitty party

How about, Jubblowski as the techpriest?

>> No.13312167


>> No.13312206 [DELETED] 


and here is color

>> No.13312238

Speaking of the /tg/ Guardswomen, could someone put this skull emblem on Krieg-chan's gasmask? The image can just be of her head, I don't care.

>> No.13312300

Can I get a piece of character art done? It's for a homebrew cyberpunk game, I'm not sure how much detail you guys want so I'll keep it relatively simple.

Character started as joke with the DM so I could walk through character creation but I ended up liking it and keeping it, concept was "cyber-ninja-bunnygirl-stripper".

So if I could get a bunnygirl (just the ears and tail if applicable pose) posing on a stripper pole, wearing a skirt and lifting it up with one hand slightly to reveal a band of knives/daggers around one thigh, while balacing a knife on the tip of a finger with her other hand. She should be wearing a top that shows off her midriff and dem girl abs. Also should be generally "dat everything" but well muscled as well.

Playing this character seriously for a while now made me forget how absolutely ridiculous it was until I typed it out.

>> No.13312314

Oh god...

I'd take a bite off dat ass.

Now if there are still guys willing to take /r/, I'd gladly appreciate a pic of Macha and other famous eldar girls (taldeer, etc) working out in an aerobic class; with the appropriate clothing. High-cut, plox. In a corner, an old-school eldar (DAVID BOWIE IN SPAAACE!) is enjoying the delightful display of female bodies.

>> No.13312329

color got deleted could you link to it from somewhere?

>> No.13312343

No, get back on here, you stupid sexy image.

>> No.13312368


there's a half-nipple showing!

>> No.13312510

That's no nipple...

It's a space station!

>> No.13312546


>> No.13312562

You know what would be great? Something that has never been seen before. Suggested, yes. But actually done? No. This is why we need some rule 34 of Commissar Rage being humiliated, bent over and taken by a gleeful ork with a sausage squig. Just sayin'

>> No.13312569

Oh, something I wanted to add that completely slipped my mind!

Do you think you could make her arm/leg bionics have "hands" and "feet" that end in clawlike fingers and toes?

>> No.13312587

Ya won't get it from me, you feminazi!

>> No.13312610

There's a surprising lack of Raege porn in general. It's odd, considering /tg/'s thing for domineering women.

>> No.13312641

Oh, Wait! I thought you were talking about Fuklaw!

My most sincere apologies.

I deeply approve of this, and I might even draw it.

Yeah, one of the last shards of faggotry in /tg/'s foot.

>> No.13312678

Tight uniform+suspenders+miniskirt = GLORIOUS.

Many, many blessings of Chaos to whoever captures her once-formal, now shattered image writhing and gasping on the end of a mighty cock. Bonus sacrifices for a three image breaking-blowjob-fucking combo!

>> No.13312752

Techno, sorry to bug you with this, but did you see my posts here >>13311799 and here >>13312569?

I somehow managed to mislink that second one... it was meant to go to you.

Totally don't mean to be pushy or anything, just I mislinked it and I was all like "damn it"!

Incidentally, are you available for commissioned work or do you maybe have a Deviantart page? I really like your artstyle and I'm wondering if you'd be available for paid work in the future and such.

>> No.13312785

Sororitas in Lingerie having a pillowfight with stuffed, plushie chainswords and eviscerators...

Alternately, a trio of those 4armed monstergirls (see pic) as bandits surrounding a captured priestess/nun.

>> No.13312802

Man, if it's about humiliation, i could even draw her held on leash by an ork runtherd who pokes her ass with his staff, while she's sucking a squig, which makes her piss herself with pain and humiliation.

or even worse, if you want.

>> No.13312836

That's...maybe a bit much.

>> No.13312857

I haven't got a DA page, i don't like this circlejerkers-ridden, weeaboo-infected pile of crap.

Man, she's almost finished, and the way I draw her, I don't think that claws would even be noticeable.

As for paid works, not this year, I've already got a lot of stuff to do. But who knows, maybe i'll create an account or somthing similar on a forum/site.

>> No.13312859

speak for yourself,
i could stand to hear more.

>> No.13312869

Alright, that's cool. It was a little thing anyway.

>> No.13312873


>> No.13312913

second, humiliation is fine but piss/shit is a turn-off for me

>> No.13312932


What about a good old fashioned gang rape? Everyone can appreciate one of those.

>> No.13312962


Awright, now, who's in favor of some piss/shit, and who's not?

Also, i could add scratches, wounds, amputation and tears.

Btw, here's the techpriestress

>> No.13312971

Awesome! Thanks, man! It is, quite frankly, amazing.

>> No.13312980

Has to be orks.Orks are her most usual foe. How about a series of images where she's proceedingly more broken into being an orkish pleasure slave, much to the horror of a recently captured Boone, as the orks realize there is more to life than fighting and building.

>> No.13312991

Minor scratches are fine, so long as they look uncomfortable and not agonising. Maybe some bondage as well, her arms tied out of the way? No piss or shit.

I'd go for sexual humiliation and forced submission, rather than outright mutilation and torture or something as...niche, shall we say, as scat.

>> No.13312999

Well, Chaos dudes are also very frequent, and they are far more likely to do that kind of stuff.

Would take much time, btw

>> No.13313001

No piss/shit please, just delicious tears, juices and sweat from the desperate Commissar as the orks flood her womb and throat with their filthy xenos seed.

>> No.13313014

>Chaos dudes are also very frequent

On all fours, being railed by a Daemonic beast of some kind, maybe? Knotted by a Flesh Hound, or mounted by a Steed of Slaanesh? Those things the Daemonettes ride.

>> No.13313019

>no piss/shit
>desperate commissar


>> No.13313036

mounted by a mount? sounds nice!

Again, i'm really not in favor of orks. Pretty much anything but orks, I'd have to draw weird squigdicks that would not look nice on orks.

>> No.13313093

Slaanesh marines then (and their daemon beasts of course)

>> No.13313126

Working on it, here's the preliminary sketch to tide you over for an hour.

>> No.13313128

They're also kinda large. Might be hard to get more than one or two without blocking shots of the action.

Mount-ed from behind, while a couple of cultists work her mouth?

>> No.13313144

God damn, forgot my trip AND the picture this time. Would probably forget to even put words in if it let me...

>> No.13313157

With bonus Cultist-Chan, who cheerily endures the ravaging that she now has another friend in Chaos. "Hwee zhall milk Zhee dicks, for Cum and Khay-ooss!"

>> No.13313162


I'm not gonna draw it todya, though, I really need to rest.

Then what about:
1 tied up and getting fucked by a dark eldar
2 still tied up, being sold to Slaaneshi marines; on leash, with a DA whipping her.
3 sucking a marine's cock while an other one is sodomizing her+ass slap.
4 tentacle-raped in public, crying and bruised.

>> No.13313173

im still working on the mindflayer image

>> No.13313190

awesome, maybe add the other wimmin getting the same treatment?

>> No.13313200

>1 tied up and getting fucked by a dark eldar

Do want. Very much.

>> No.13313213

You realize the heart is on the left side of the body, yes? It should be her left breast that's missing.

>> No.13313237


drew too much weird anatomy, can't do it right anymore.

just flip it, man!

>> No.13313275


Awright. When she gets sold, Cultist-chan and other girls are already getting it in the pooper from marines.

And at the end, she gets mounted by a steed, which causes the marines' hilarity. Delicious tears ensue.

>> No.13313292

This one's kinda big...

Calling any Drawfriend willing...

Requesting a pic of our Dark Heresy Acolyte cell posing as a team because shit just got real. My gaming group would rove you rong time for this.

>Team Member 1: Joseph Evans
>5'8" - Very plain and unassuming. Pic related.
Take a stereotypical Hardboiled, Noir film Private Investigator and make him an Arbites. No helmet, short brown hair, wearing a trenchcoat and reaching into it with a calm but severe look on his face, about to pull out something.

>Team Member 2: Rip
>5'7" - Jesus Christ what the fuck.
16-y/o Techpriestess with long cobalt blue hair and G size breasts wearing the standard red robes with gold cog-pattern trim. She has no visible body modifications except for her machinator array and the fact that her right forearm has been replaced by a breacher(drill) and, with the aid of a manipulator mechadendrite, she is wielding a full-sized autocannon in her left hand. Her hair has two of those wierd anime-ish stray locks that hang down in front of her face and sort of look like antennae sticking out of the hairline. (Called "Ahoge" I think.) She should have a cutesy but confident and determined smile and have her weapons at the ready.


>> No.13313305

Approved! Go forth, with /tg/'s (and hopefully Mr Culexus'es) blessings!

>> No.13313318


>Team Member 3: Cú Airúath Siblaid
>7'6" - Guardsman. This reference pic is of him, although he's actually a great deal thinner than in the pic.
Although a freakish seven-and-a-half feet tall, he weighs only 180 pounds and, even with the added bulk of subskin armor plating, cranial armor, and black-bodyglove-looking guard flak armor, is still obviously inhumanly proportioned. His long white hair reaches just past his waist and is in a single large braid bound with an iron ring. The hiltless greatsword in the picture is 6'6" long from pommel to blade-tip, but, as in the pic, a full 2'6" of that length is haft. The armor, as in the pic, includes a short black flak-plating gorget and his mask is closed down over his face. He should be standing tall, with his his sword readied like the man on the right side in this pic: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/36/MS_44_A_8_1v.jpg except in a slightly more upright/forward posture that seems slightly protective of the techpriestess.

>Team Member 4: Lupus Thaddeus
>6'0" - Lean build, long black hair, sunken black eyes.
A Moritat reaper assassin with a two-handed, mono-edged long sabre. (I -think- it looks like a much straighter two-handed katana with a more European, and possibly basket-hilted, design, but i'm not sure.) He's fast and agile as all fuck so any sort of pose with the feel of a coiled viper about to strike works perfectly. He is either wearing black xenomesh armor or light-weight, form-fitting, chameleolined carapace armor, your choice.


>> No.13313322

I don't mind, really. In my mind it could have just been moved or could simply be a redundant organ that was installed.

Techno, would it be terribly forward of me to assume you'd be open to doing more art of this character in the future?

>> No.13313325


>Team Member 5: Uriel Christ
>6'5" - Psyker.
Pale bluish skin, long vivid orange-red hair that flows slightly and eerily all the time, even without wind or when in a vacuum. She has a modestly attractive figure, and is likely wearing xenomesh armor with long robes over it. She is wielding a very long, highly modified and very sleek-looking Armageddon-pattern assault rifle and has a serene, faintly psychotic smile on her face. She should be standing somewhere near(possibly behind/above) the Moritat assassin and possibly be standing in a pose somewhat akin to the crane stance.

>> No.13313335

>16-y/o Techpriestess with long cobalt blue hair and G size breasts

>> No.13313345

>Techpriestess with long cobalt blue hair and G size breasts


>She has no visible body modifications


>> No.13313366

hate to break it to you but no way in hell will Culexus agree with this

>> No.13313370

meh, only if it's really original or fap-worthy.


OÏ! Didn't I request ya a cyborg elf girl?

>> No.13313374


>No visible body mods

>EXCEPT for the machinator array and her right forearm having been amputated and replaced by a breacher drill.

>> No.13313410


Derp, almost forgot.

Also related to that request, Joseph Evans, The Arbites in the trenchcoat, he's the leader of our group and should be standing in front.

>> No.13313432

That's not enough, dude. I need some thighs, chests, plugs and cables everywhere... The problem's not that a techpriest should have bionics, but that knowing that such a hot TECHPRIESTRESS lacks them turns me off.

Therefore, request declined. Sorry.

Like I care.

>> No.13313482


>> No.13313483


I didn't say there weren't any others at all lol. There's plenty of internals and in multiple places along her torso and thighs, she's got cables snaking out of and back into her skin. They're placements have all been carefully chosen to be nice and semi-symmetrical and, as she said. "Some of them, I think, are actually kind of cute."

For the record, there was enough machination intermingling with flesh and whatnot to cause Joseph, the arbites, to take (and fail) a fear test when he accidentally saw her naked.

Plenty to work with. If you want to have lots of visible ones, then maybe her robe is a little too wide open and she doesn't notice it. ;)

>> No.13313504

Ah, fine, then.

If I find the time after fulfilling other requests, then I'll give it a try. All of your party, of course.

>> No.13313513

This guy again.

>> No.13313532



You are truly a king among obsessed, fetishistic, transhumanist technophiles.

>> No.13313537

That's a pretty long 'except' list there, buddy boy. I get your meaning but there's better ways to phrase that.

>> No.13313552


Hey, at least this time I'm not totally fagging it up, I'm just making a request for my awesome-as-fuck group.

>> No.13313564


I wish I was at my laptop so I could use my reaction folder.

Suppose I'll settle for a "you son of a bitch..."

>> No.13313593

>You now realize that you know not what you are talking about, lungs are on either side of the heart, which is in the center of the chest cavity.

>> No.13313596

Oh hey cool a drawthread!

Care to take a request from a fellow drawfag?

A Daemonette and a Desire Demon (from Dragon Age) talking. The daemonette is either confused or making fun of the desire demon and the desire demon is being all huffy.

Because, as we all know, Desire Demons are just Daemonettes with bigger horns. hee

>> No.13313598

Never said you should care, just that >>13313305
shouldn't get his hopes up that Culexus will show up ITT and go "You know I absolutely hated it the last time someone made porn of my characters but now it's awwwright!"

Any other girls from the same group (Boone, Cuddles, that Kasrkin?) would probably get captured at the same time. That would mean more work though, so I understand if you don't want to draw it.

>> No.13313600

>16-y/o Techpriestess with long cobalt blue hair and G size breasts wearing the standard red robes with gold cog-pattern trim. She has no visible body modifications except for her machinator array and the fact that her right forearm has been replaced by a breacher(drill) and, with the aid of a manipulator mechadendrite, she is wielding a full-sized autocannon in her left hand. Her hair has two of those wierd anime-ish stray locks that hang down in front of her face and sort of look like antennae sticking out of the hairline. (Called "Ahoge" I think.) She should have a cutesy but confident and determined smile and have her weapons at the ready.

I'm ok with japanese things, watching anime and stuffs, but...

>> No.13313612


oh its on

>> No.13313625

I'll take it as a compliment.

Though I am not a transhumanist in the way you migh think it: I want to overcome myself, thtough artistic efforts, that's all; the perspective of actual cybernetic enhancement kinda freaks me out; it's just that I find it hot on girls. Probably the whole "de-humanized sex-doll" thing.

>> No.13313661


Y u so mad? Calm down.Character concept is intentionally lulzy

>Jailbait Giant tits.
>TTGL reference (Drill arm)
>Blue animu hair

Her concept is that she literally has the full archives of 4chan for her brain.

>> No.13313671

Did you just fucking diss Rip?

>> No.13313694


Ahh, I see.

>> No.13313703

Please tell me you and your group are very young.

>> No.13313737

ski bunny slime girl.

>> No.13313738

any idea when you'll get around to the Raege series?

>> No.13313745


All between 21-24.

Our sessions aren't as lolrandumb as you'd think by the character descriptions. Hell, Rip never acted lolrandumb even once, only worked little touches of that quirkiness into due course of serious roleplay.

>> No.13313753

Nice samefagging

>> No.13313756

Dude, calm down and have a cookie.

If U mad cos your request hasn't been fulfilled by other guys, whereas this one will simply because of my fetish (not only) then deal with it.

If U mad cos you just find it retarded, then put your monocle and top-hat on, as well as a disdainful look on you face, and walk away like an elenga/tg/entleman would.

Now, gonna sleep.

>> No.13313771

We don't need a picture of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in a skibunny outfit.

>> No.13313773


Lol nice faulty assumptions.

I just thought that was Rip's player or Maybe Lupus', cause he can be like that.

I'm fairly sure there's no mini-fanclub for any of our characters just because of Duskwood Hearts.

>> No.13313775

startin tomorrow. will maybe take 2 good days.

>> No.13313841

Hmm.. Ok. SoB done in the style of Seiken no Qwaser(That lactating, nippile sucking anime) WSoB in the middle looking all orgasmic while two other SoB's suck on a breast each. Perhaps a caption of " Overdosing on lactation supplements has been a recurring problem with the Hospitalers'

>> No.13313850

Damn Technomancer, you're a machine.

Pun intended, of course.

>> No.13314037

A one-eyed female landschneckt.

>> No.13314145

Oh hey guys, another drawfag in.

>> No.13314171


Hey, maybe you can fulfil this request.

A girl, maybe 10 years old, picks up a Plasma Pistol that misfires, horribly burning her and busting her forearm to a crisp.

If you feel like being fancy, have some SoB's fighting [Insert preferred enemy to draw] and the little girl just wants to help the SoB's out.

Thanks in advance, even if you don't take up my request.

>> No.13314175

An inquisitor, like this one, but sexy

>> No.13314176


>> No.13314189


MacGuyver as a techpriest on some manner of hoverboard/flying disc, posed in corny 80's skateboarder fashion, saying "I'm a Magos, I don't have to explain shit."

>> No.13314220

It works bitches! (although we have no idea how)

>> No.13314222

For the record: Fuck mechano legs.

>> No.13314232

Wh-why would you want such an image? D:

>> No.13314242

I'll try this.

>> No.13314290

It's great! I appreciate the effort, drawfriend.

>> No.13314310


It's a character back story for a friend of mine that I am introducing into 40K in general. She needed a character with scars, so this'll have to do.

And the Sisters save her, and she just lorfs them hard enough to join the Guard when she grows up and pay back to the Emperor 'n' stuff.

>> No.13314418

I don't have a single mechanical pencil that works and no sharpeners worth a damn... oh well, tablet only it seems.

Anyway, I just remembered it said small monk, didn't really notice cute and female until I was done. Still, I got an idea of how to add that detail without redrawing, so lets see if I stay focused.

>> No.13314479

Progress so far.
Tell me what you think and what changes you might want.

>> No.13314498



Now I almost don't want my horribly burnt little girl any more.

Almost. But damn, that looks sweet

>> No.13314530


More muscular

>> No.13314538

Will do.

>> No.13314550

Bumping this request. I pray that a drawfag will indulge me.

>> No.13314573

I'd drawfag something I guess if I wasn't so terrible at faces, and too slow.

>> No.13314598


Also it might just be the perspective but she seems quite wide?

Thanks a lot by the way!

>> No.13314612

There, now it's finished.

>> No.13314690


>>13313671 here

I guess I might be a one-man fan club...

>amudigi the

Can't sleep, the Amudigi will eat me...

>> No.13314709

Sorry, I just like drawing women with delicious wide hips. Hopefully that's not too much of a bump in your character idea.
Progress shot. Gotta work on the abs more. They look like crap.

>> No.13314721


Bumping this, I really shouldn't stay up much longer, and the post number alone makes me fear that the thread won't be alive in the morning.

>> No.13314731


Wide hips are good

>> No.13314768

Can someone draw a female STALKER attempting to seduce two bloodsuckers.

>> No.13314777


I hope you're planning on giving her ridiculous heels.

>> No.13314818

Thanks for the idea.
I would've maybe tried that, but the thing is I can't draw children to save my life. Good luck with it.

>> No.13314831

Don't go to bed just yet, friend. Working on this and chose a rather complicated (for my skill level) compilation.

>> No.13314849


Might try making the abs thinner. Everyones abs are shaped differently so you have a lot of leeway on making them look good. Never actually seen a girl with wide hips and abs though o.o

>> No.13314852

/tg/.... does a picture of a lady getting fucked by a dragon count as bestiality?

>> No.13314877


Hey, I'm glad that you threw me some thought at least.

>> No.13314936


You can't spell "bestiality" without "best"!

And no.

>> No.13315063

Progress shot again. Almost done with this. Might need some higlights but that's no biggie.

>> No.13315141


Not requester but I think it'd look better with a shorter skirt.

>> No.13315198

Keep thinking. Thinking is good.
Not going to change that anymore though.

>> No.13315412

And done.
Hopefully you like it.
The bigger image is here. http://i54.tinypic.com/x3ejps.jpg

Think I'm done for today.
Sidenote: I might be intrested in making some more character sheet art in return of a few bucks. You'll find me from turisas.deviantart.com

>> No.13315418

I got it done, just want to see if the thread is in autosage and if I should post it... oh, fuck it. here it is. I really should have said "yo, working on this" at least by the time I had lettering on there.

Will someone start a new thread? I might not do anymore tonight, but tomorrow I hope to be active.

>> No.13315423



>> No.13315443

Can you do this? >>13314768

>> No.13315458

Haven't played Stalker and I think I'm done for tonight. Better luck whenever I happen to stumble in a drawfag thred here.

>> No.13315486

*gasp* Someone who uses the Þ correctly! :P
I was expecting it to be "purisas" or something.

>> No.13315503


>> No.13315517

No prob, nice to actually have the energy to hop in a thread like this. Here is a version where I remember there is a 'p' in orphanarium... or however you spell the full word.

>> No.13315550


Hey, thanks! I almost missed it!

She'll like this.

... And I'm not sure if that's so much of a good thing.

>> No.13315551

lol check who was thanked before posting

>> No.13315562

I like you.


>> No.13315585

Not where I first took my alias. Found out about the band a few days after choosing my new nickname. But that'll do.

>> No.13315626

Did you know that the band Dimmu Borgir is actually named after a region of volcanic rock in Iceland? It's named Dimmuborgir, one word, and means "Black Castles" after the weird parapets-and-crenellations shapes the lava takes in places.

>> No.13315631

Hehe, no promises!

I am curious if >>13309095 will be by to get the pic I did. I have a pretty odd habit of already just doing down from the top of these threads, no matter how old they are. I'll give it one last scan, see if there is one more I can do before bed. If a new thread starts before this one disappears though, toss a link to it so I won't miss it.

>> No.13315706


attempting this.
Keep the requests coming /tg/
you guys give me so much practice drawing tits.

>> No.13315707

Did you know that Abath and Demonaz from Immortal won the WWf tag team champhionship once? True story.

>> No.13315844

So much more to do... Going to leave this as a sketch for now but I do plan on making a prettyfied version later.

>> No.13315857

When will I learn?

>> No.13316077

Tall lanky man with black hair wear an open trenchcoat with chainmail armour, reflector like sunglasses, Flat cap(Irish cap), splashes of blood on his clothing. Holding a mind blade and he's grinning like an insane man.

>> No.13316169

Sounds familar. I'll take another crack at this guy if you don't mind.

>> No.13316411


>> No.13316480

Can you draw a female Voidmaster with an augmented arm? Voidmasters are pretty much pilots in Rogue Trader.

>> No.13316530

GM, can you draw this Adeptus Arbite on the cover, but a little more on the sexy side.

>> No.13316541

Hmm I need to start trying to emulate how you draw faces, they seem quick and well done. I need training wheels to get back on my feet :(

>> No.13316641


Well, she's wearing less clothes than before now, anyway.

>> No.13316781


>>Captcha Comes Elytlan
Is that the new Zalgo?

>> No.13316788

Hell Yeah, I knew shooting a nerf gun around the house like a retard for hours on end would bring good luck and get the /tg/'s back.

>> No.13316832

Is it just me, or has the site been down for a day?

Anyway, can we start a new thread?

>> No.13316846


We're recovering from an amateurish DDoS.

I don't know if we're in autosage, but if you make a new thread, just post link to it here.

>> No.13316952

Stupid DDoS during my precious drawing time.

>> No.13316957

Ah, thank you very much. Damn the DDoS.

>> No.13317028

Yep, looks like we're sageing.

Need new thread, but I ain't got a proper pic for that.

>> No.13317249

Awesome, thank you both of you!

>> No.13317381

He's probably not here but done

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