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Dear Diary,
I think I may have feelings for one of my fellow Sisters...

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If I was a Sister, I would too.

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Too bad the entire chapter or whatever sisters have will be destroyed by some random encounter and no one else will care.

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We will care, Anon... We will care.

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Dear Writer,
So what? It's the 41st Emperor damned millennium. Homosexuality is not a big deal any more. Go talk to one of the other Sisters about it and see if she feels the same way. If not, there are always more around. You're bound to find at least one who feels the way you do.

Oh by the way, take me with you just in case you do hit it off and you feel the need to write down all the details.

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rolled 22, 1 = 23

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Bump beavers FOR THE EMPEROR!

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OP: how come you erased the dickbutt?

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I now know what Exterminatus means.

It means that the masses of the faithful, when they are caught between a large-scale xenos invasion, their government profiteering from the occult properties of their world to crash and plunder the vessels of His Navy, so as to cheat on the sacred duty of Imperial tithes ; that this government trafficks with sorcerous mutants –who also traffick with xenos- and sell as slaves good Imperial citizens lost in their deadly deserts, to officials, as subjects in abominable experiments splicing human and xenos flesh.

We destroyed ten Orks and a hundred twists and a thousand abominations for the blood of each and every martyr who died with a prayer on their lips to Him on Earth for deliverance from the weight of such a present and its inescapable consequence. Whosoever realizes it knows one has no right to refuse them this mercy, if in His Name, one is invested of such an authority.

May the Emperor grant us the wisdom to dispensate a justice so pure that zeal might stay its own excuse.

Thought for the day : Conscience of duty done is its own reward.
>mfw OP's picture was one I'd requested from /tg/ to accompany the above, written in-game by my Sororita
>pic related

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I did. Thanx again for the pic, but it was not appropriate to illustrate the writeup, so I modified it a little.

U mad? Sorry. I wasn't when I got my late, best-loved character's portrait with a dickbutt before her face.

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Giiiiivvvve iiiinnntoo teeeemmmmptaaaatiiioooonnnnn...

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Don't listen to him/her, Sister! Stay pure for Emperor!

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Yes, listen to this guy.

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>implying I'm the drawfag and not just some anon who remembered what it looked like

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It has been ten years since I read something in English that I was confident wasn't wrong, but that I still couldn't understand. What the fuck is wrong with this language?

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It's written above a 3rd grade level, for one thing.

Seriously, it's a combination of poetic license and slightly archaic phrasing. It's perfectly fine.

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He's French.

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Are you there, God-Emperor? It's me, Margaritta. Sister Agnes purged her first heretic today. I'm so jealous. I know I shouldn't be, but I just am. Sister Helena is sure she'll purge her first soon too, and then I'll be the only one who hasn't.

Are you there, God-Emperor? It's me, Margaritta. I asked the Canoness for my first set of power armour today. Help me to grow, God-Emperor. You know where. I want to be just like everyone else!

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Margaritta if you like you could practice purging with me. I'm not a real heretic but we could play a game of pretend, so that you will be ready then...
Just let me know if you feel like it.

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Purge Practice! Purge Practice!

We'll have to ditch the power armour though... and use soft practice weapons... dress ourselves in holy silk raiment of the Emperor....

Lingerie Pillow Fight is basically what I'm saying. C'mon, who's up for it!

Captcha: Dirties Silk. That's just freaky, Captcha.

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You win the Internets. All of them.

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What I find funny is that If anyone has read the Ciaphas Cain novels, then you know the Sisters technically don’t have to be Celibate... they are generally just too busy Purging Heretics all the time to get it on.

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It's called Word Salad.

>fables o-grade

Is that all, Captcha? I thought it was better than that.

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That was fun!
But what if you get ambushed by cultists and mutants, with all their slimy tentacles, they try to overwhelm you! They are touching you all over, long, thick, hot, wet tentacles...don't you feel excited, don't you want to do some purging right now?

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Belgian, actually. But yeah, in a country this tiny we have two languages; one is French and the other is a sore throat.

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You should be proud that your language makes German sound like French.
Your French has a funny accent anyway.

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I'm from the French-speaking part. But, I find Dutch sounds softer than German... I can speak German, btw, and must translate to and from that one if I want to use Dutch (it's really a German dialect with a couple rules ignored or added to/from each). Doing so gets me a headache to go with the sore throat though.

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