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last thread autosaged so lets keep it rolling

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Draw: an Eldar Farseer with an absolutely hideous frown.

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Resubmitting my request for a Cossack running down a Drow. >>13292861

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a communist slimegirl

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Draw a beeceratops. The evil wizard who created said godless abomination should be included. Email me the pic if you finish it too if you'd be so kind.

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Resubmitting my request for a Deep Crow

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A woman in her early twenties, with the kind of clothing that would cause anyone to rage as it all makes little to no sense in its overall structure. Miniskirts, those damned hand sock things, knee socks, leather belts, random skull tokens here and there, and Naval clothing added into the mix.

For she is a rogue trader, of all things.

Now, she has black hair, usually done up in many, many ponytails, yellow snake eyes, is utterly gorgeous, usually wearing an evil smirk on her face. The only thing wrong with her is she can't dress herself properly. Ever. It usually comes out like some mad mixture of anything.

Thanks in advance. :3

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I'm not very good at arting. Anyone wanna take a crack at this character with a little less shitting it up like myself? Is a long time bro's RT char.

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[Reposted from Christmas Drawthread #2 because I didn't notice it going into auto-sage]
Eh. It's not Christmas anymore, technically, but I'll throw a request to any willing drawfags.

Four characters - an elf male, and three human females - in Santa clothes (and for the females, the "Sexy Santa Dress" variant as described by TVTropes).

► Elf male - standing in front, wearing a typical Santa outfit (jacket, pants, Christmas hat over his dark hair) and an obviously fake white beard hanging far below his chin with a smug smile. Optional: holding a sack over his shoulder with the women's armor and weapons inside.
► Female #1 (bard) - dressed in a fur-lined sleeveless half-blouse (midriff showing, obviously) and miniskirt, accompanying evening gloves (the kind that come all the way up the arm), all with a fur trim. Shivering, covering(?) herself with a booklet of carols.
► Female #2 (warrior) - wearing a longer, less revealing dress, again with fur trim. Looking displeased, as her sword has been replaced with a candy cane. Optional: she's licking the candy cane's long end to a point to use as a weapon (seriously, there's no intentional innuendo here).
► Female #3 (cleric) - wearing a fur-trimmed vest and skirt over a white turtleneck, with optional stockings and garter belt; she looks confused, putting her hand up to a choker around her neck, wondering why it has mistletoe hanging from it.

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I always arrive late to these things.
I would be so happy if you could draw this guy doing something. Anything.

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Damn it you cunt, stop being on the internet while I'm on the internet.

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I granted >>13293868

The picture is here >>13294101

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you happen to remember the one with the tall elf bitch with tusks and a gator pelt dress?

i didnt save the details and FF crashed, causing the page to reload and 404

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I kindly request either of these two:

A SpecOps-looking IG trooper. His desert-style uniform is an eclectic mix of Cadian and Catachan. He's wearing a respirator (Cadian style, but only the mask, not the goggles/helmet) and is wielding a lasgun partially wrapped in cloth (to protect against the elements.

Or, a WHF Blood Dragon vampire wearing full Blood Knight plate armor with a full-face helm.

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fuck yar

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Do want!

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Repeating: Sexy, Slaanesh Sorcrerss.

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nevermind, found it thanks to bloodcri's link


no way im finishing that tonight, so if you are reading this requester guy, check back later

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here is the half dragon sorceroress >>13294015

sorry it was posted in the old thread and it wont let me repost due to "duplicate file"

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Can I get my character in an d&d3.5 evil campaign? He's a Gnoll Ranger. Two Humanbane scimitars, although one of them is flaming so should probably be on fire. He wears various scraps of leather armor, with the hide in question being human. Probably has a few human skulls and stuff hanging off his belt or something. May have a cloak. Largely up to you.
As for his fur and hide I imagine very dark brown, maybe mottled with black patches. He's rather high level and was always the alpha male in his pack, so he should be suitably badass.

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An Imperial Guard holding his hands above his head, gathering energy for a spirit bomb attack please

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Firefly setting gunslinger girl. Has more revolvers on her than the lobby scene from The Matrix. Bonus points for cocky expression and cowboy hat.

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A male elf wizard, turned into a woman (to protect from Amazons) inspecting his new body and exclaiming something along the way of "Sweet Jesus!". Golden skin, medium red hair, orange eyes, well built (as a battlemage) and has tattooed runes around his right arm. Wields a spear, wears only a long skirt/excessively large pants, topless.

Dude's a badass.

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okay folks imma turning in. ive got work in the morning, but ill be back for more tomorow evening

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I'm about to get massively ignored so hard that I spontaneously cease to exist, but...

Southern sergal, clothing that is loose and drab with brightly colored strips tied onto random points.
Iridescent paint in a feathery pattern around one eye.
Either leaning against some terrain feature in a vaguely threatening pose with hands in pockets or drawing an invisible bow while an arrow of fire appears.

And to everyone else; I lost a bet, if you must know.

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Yeah, >>13294097 here.
Unfortunately, I only recently got onto my computer... just in time to have to go to sleep for work tomorrow, so I have no idea what you were talking about there. I just needed to check a few e-mails and reply to a few messages. Honestly, I don't even think I'll be awake to see if my request gets done tonight, so to any other requesters out there, may your Christmas drawings be drawn well and quick.

>Captcha: Imencert says
Is this... 'Imencert' related to a man named Simon?

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Hmm. How about a Slime Daeomonette?

Captcha: >Buterend funding


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Could I get a Chaos Terminator staring down at a smiling guardsman, who's pointing at the meltabomb that was just planted on the Termie's armor?

With the words "Merry Emperor's Day!" Over the top of the two?

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It's good to be back folks, a quick sketch to play with the new tablet and see what it can do.

>> No.13294261

Pelor the burning hate

>> No.13294264

I got a little something for everyone, including Slaanesh's Drawfag.

Thanks for drawing.

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now someone send this to stalker

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A chaos Squat sacrificing a Zoat on an altar of Malal.

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>chaos squats

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>> No.13294347

male pirate leaning against a wall trying to charm a female fighter with two swords who is uninterested.

if not santa vs ork verison of santa

>> No.13294403

For Dantalaeon,
Merry belated Christmas, ill finish it later.

Wulfric The Gallant

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Requesting a woman with long white hair, hanging down over her face Sadako-style. Wearing either a skintight combat suit or a swimsuit. Her right eye is cyborged up, and her entire right arm has been replaced with a railgun that's almost as long as she is tall. Any pose you want. If you can see her back, she should have two metal plates below her shoulder blades which extend out into supports when she fires the railgun.

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A knight in scary black armour cradling the little matchstick girl.

>> No.13294571

yay, i'm not even late!

Will maybe do this one, if I can add a few bionics.

otherwise, this one:

Can I request a few things?

A guy that looks like a necron lord, except all organic-looking, including the clothing. Not like a necrontyr, but with shapes that resemble a cron's. try to make it look lovecraftian, and/or a bit gigeresque.


A trollfacing but "good looking" Haemonculus (let's say, young, with hair and not too much wrinkles) taking "care" of Macha's anus (RIPANDTEARMENGELEGOATSE), who's bawwwing that it is not what she was expecting.


Baron sathonyx. NOT looking like the codex illustration, but rather like some sort of Batman/Baron Samedi mixture, with a badass cloak and bones all over his suit. Bonus points if dreadlocks and corpse paints.

>> No.13294623

whew, is my colouring hand tired. feel like the finished product is something i can put into a portfolio, though.

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guess i'll finally go for this one.
Are there still people in this thread?

>> No.13294677

I'm here! Could someone draw my namefagsake?

>> No.13294678

Don't be so sure.

>> No.13294679

I'm here but nobody ever draws what I requests so I'm just lurking

>> No.13294687

Can you please draw me a 6ft'7 , 200lb, black eyes, green hair, red skin, human male barbarian?

>> No.13294691


Well, since the guy whorequested chaos squats isn't here anymore, maybe I'll do him. I hope you don't mind if I draw him like this:>>13294571

>> No.13294692

ah, actually, that's stupid and I've had a better idea.

A Dark Eldar child polishing a hellboard far bigger than she is and daydreaming of someday ruling the skies.

>> No.13294698

> Batman/Baron Samedi mixture
Yeah, this'll do.

>> No.13294701

Parsed your typo as 'whore quested,' thought I missed an interesting quest thread.

>> No.13294708

He has nothing on but a loin cloth and he has a great sword,.

>> No.13294714

I requested this yesterday but I don't think anyone drew it.

Chun li (from streetfighter) in a 40k setting.

Or better yet. A few of them in 40k setting. Like blanka as an ork, chun lii as an eldar/sob, ryu and ken as marines/inquisitors.

>> No.13294723

Ack, was in the shower. Sure you can add a few more cyborg bits, within reason, of course. After all, the character did willingly have her own arm and eye removed just to make her a better sniper. What's one or two more fleshy bits?

>> No.13294724

A Cannoness NPC for my Rogue Trader Game.

She is tall, with slightly longer hair than the usual pageboy style that the sisters favor. She has very extencive cybernetics for a Sister. One arm of her power armour is a fair bit bulkier than the other due to a heavy cybernetic arm tha has an internal inferno pistol built into it. She is weilding a spear with both the Adepta Sororitus Fluer-de-lys and the Mechanicus Cog.

The Cannoness NPC from my Rogue Trader game. Member of the Order of the Iron Heart, an order with good mechanicus relations than in turn makes the Eccesiarchy a little suspicious of them.

>> No.13294740

Gothchick Succubus in a see through mesh shirt drinking a cup of coffee. She looks really tired, but is smiling wistfully about something.

>> No.13294769

Toshop is being gay, fulfilling requests might take more time.

Will perhaps upload em at tg booru if it really is too long.

>> No.13294772

The two pictured. Perhaps with some santa elements in the outfits. Making out like awkward first-timers, but with the one to the left being visibly on top. It will be a magnificent troll pic.

>> No.13294781

Who is it on the left and where can you buy it?

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>> No.13294865

requesting male pirate making out with a female fighter

>> No.13294880

Requesting a Psyker/Wizard attempting to fight off a lovecraftian sort of tentacle demon while his back is to the wall. He's losing fyi

>> No.13294882

Asura, only availible in Aleph Starter set for now (for Infinity)

>> No.13294902

Requesting a female mage, standing at a lecturn like she should be teaching a class, but is instead sleeping propped up on the lecturn.

>> No.13294910

Every single one of cei's drawn characters look like the same person. :(

>> No.13294945

ya caught me, i'm a bad artist.

>> No.13294973

And that is why you keep drawing, so you can get better. Like this one for instance... >>13294055

>> No.13294980

Thanks man.

>> No.13294994

better artist than most of us

>> No.13295001

Bullshit. You have the most valuable asset an artist can possess: persistence. You've been here for a long time and improving all the time. Sure, there are those better than you, but at this rate, you'll catch up sooner than you think. If you're really worried, then look up some tutorials or exercises to practice... And then integrate them with drawfaggotry.

There's an idea! Start a thread and state what you're focusing on, asking for requests that will help you with that theme/skill!

>> No.13295030

From last thread:

Something cute: a mechanicus kitten stretching out on the corpse of a chaos cultist :3

Something sexy: a deva royaly and with devine grace getting it in the pooper. Alternative stretching and arching her body on her bed.

Something generic: DH assassin, 2.1m tall, 120kg heavy, wielding a greatsword almost as long as he is tall, perhaps with Leikr etched onto the blade in Norse rune'ish lettering. He is bald, got a blond beard, fair skin, blue eyes, is very scarred (indeed, his skin is blackened on the back of his head after an encounter with a flamer a few sessions ago) but is in good spirits.
Also, he is wearing guard flak armor with no particular regiment markins. It is dented and scarred and have a few kill markings (simple scratches).

>> No.13295155

What are these models from? The upper back armor is pretty sweet on the model on the left

>> No.13295196

ha, thanks guys.

i was being semi sarcastic, i know i'm terribad, but i'm not insecure about it

still, i'll take encouragement where i can get it

>> No.13295198

You're not a bad artist.
You may be stuck in a rut, art-wise, using familiar technique shortcuts and thus producing samey characters.
But you're not a bad artist.

>> No.13295207

I want to thank you first off for Doodling my Goth Succubus, I asked a long time ago but I am sure I was too precise in what I was looking for. If any artist is feeling masochistic, here is the full character description.

A Goth Succubus sitting at a coffee shop: She is sitting at a high table, holding a long stemmed cigarette holder in one hand, and a black coffee mug in the other. She has Shoulder length black hair with flat bangs just above her pierced eye brows. The Succubus has just finished being at a late night concert and she still has her Egyptian style eyeliner, and other makeup on. She is wearing a mesh top through which her ample bosoms and crucifix nipple piercings can be easily seen. Around her waist is a shiny black leather underbust corset with four polished silver buckles. The Succubus’s long Morticia Adams style skirt is slit up the side and you can see her fishnet stocking and part of her garter belt. She has the heels of her stilettos hooked over the bottom rail of the chair and her elbows propped up on the table. The Succubus has a bemused and slightly wistful look on her face, as if she is remembering good times in the past.

>> No.13295287

your not terrabad

>> No.13295412

if youre still here...
if i could get a picture of a shepherd with a large bug chilling out with him, that would be pretty sweet, i got this in the last thread but i would like to see more peoples takes on it.

>> No.13295439

Here is the goddamn Sathonyx.

>> No.13295447

forgot to use my name.

Baron, you still there?

>> No.13295456

Requesting a Dunmer warrior girl fighting with a doublesword while wearing a red tango dress.
Do not forget DEM HIPS.

>> No.13295463

Thanks alot man.
I've been asking since forever for one of these

>> No.13295464


>> No.13295492


Not her, but would you consider doing this:

A Night Lord Raptor [pre heresy or post heresy; doesn't matter they look exactly the same], standing on top of a cathedral, his clawed feet grabing, breaking into the metal roof of the highest bell-tower; one hand is an efficient ender of lives, the lightning claw; the claw holds a head of a loyalist Marine [helmet is still on], blood still driping from its severed end, whelp who had known nothing of the Great Betrayal that was the Crusade ten long millenia ago. The Raptor's visage is hidden by his helmet, the death-mask a substitute for a face, glaring ruby lenses showing only hatred and imminent death. The other hand hold a bolt-pistol, decorated with the wings of the Legion, lightning-streaks covering most of it.
He now knows his mission once more, his goals clearer than before: terrorize the weak Imperium of Man and death to the False Emperor!

Also, he could be shrieking/howling a cry, his head tilted upwards. Your choice really.

Use pics from my previous posts as a reference:

>> No.13295514

Resubmitting my request for my DH character.>>13291618

>> No.13295530


>> No.13295555

I like you, your a cool guy you know that right

>> No.13295559


By Sean Connery rules of reality a "maybe" is a "yesh". So pretty pleaaaaaase?

>> No.13295570

I woke up to a nice thing! :D Thanks!

>> No.13295574

Awright, I'll do it nicely, but it might take time, it ain't a simple one.

Also, learn the difference between "your" and "you're".

Also, from now on, you'll have to second my requests.

>> No.13295581

...if I second your requests will you do mine?

>> No.13295583


This isn't me >>13295555. I know how to spell. Second your requests? You ask people to draw you something when you're this good by yourself? Sure, it's the least I can do. And thank you.

>> No.13295585

Perhaps, it has to be interesting.

I haven't got much time, I'm painting other stuff.

>> No.13295588

It's the Cossack. So, probably not. >>13294055

>> No.13295590

No, indeed.

>> No.13295592 [DELETED] 

A necron lord pinning a Khorne Berzerker down, ready to impale him with his staff. Berzerker tries to rip the lords head off. There's a chainaxe stuck to the back of the Lord's head.

>> No.13295594

Pity. Thanks for the service you provide anyways,

>> No.13295613

I apologise, also not the requester just someone who enjoys viewing your works

>> No.13295627

A Khorne Berzerker laying on the ground, Necron Lord kneeling over him, holding him with one hand, raising his staff with the other, ready to impale him. Berzerker has struck his chainaxe to the back of the Lords head, and now weaponless, he attempts to rip the Lord's head off. The berzerker is bloody, and the Lord's head is nearly torn off, the battle is soon over.

>> No.13295668

Request; can I get a daemon prince of nugrle, with like some sort of plague doctor/vulture theme?

>> No.13295714

Bloodcri, you still here?

>> No.13295726

Re-requesting one of Chem-chan passed out under a severely ugly Christmas tree (wearing only her undergarments and mask), surrounded by empty bottles of booze, with a shoddily wrapped present resting on her stomach labeled "From Miffgrod".

Please and thanks, anyone that does this!

>> No.13295796


Priority to this.

WFVB or 40K?

Skinny type of guy or bloated?

>> No.13295805

LIIVI and Taldeer, sitting on the couch in tired but happy parent mode, watching as Lofn tears through presents under the tree.

Gifts from Doomrider, Emperor, Jeanstealer, Jubblowski, Crazy Hassan, basically any /tg/ reference that you can think of thrown in, would be awesome. If you don't feel like it of course, don't draw it.

>> No.13295812

40k, and I would prefer skinny, though the choice is up to you.

>> No.13295903


>> No.13296031

Sister of Battle receiving a 20 pack of pudding with a bow on it, looking overjoyed.

>> No.13296093

A redhead sister of battle with a ponytail. I'm getting bored of the cookie-cutter Lady Gaga do on every SoB

>> No.13296111


So I'm guessing the Raptor is on hold now? Ok, I can wait.

>> No.13296134


I picture this one lighting a 40K cigarette-equivalent with her flamer.

>> No.13296150

>I'm getting bored of the cookie-cutter Lady Gaga do on every SoB
>SoBs are all Lady Gaga


>> No.13296230

Bumping this request. I was actually asking, if any drawfags feel like being silly.

>> No.13296237

A female monk, wearing only a tabard and a belt, kicking the head off a skeleton

>> No.13296370


>> No.13296393

Okay, sorry, I'm back, I had to paint a fuckhuge portrait of Cpt Ahab for other dudes, so I'm here again, drawing stuff.

>> No.13296411


Thank you.

>> No.13296416

>All the first posts are ignored
>Only like 3-4 pictures in the whole thread

>> No.13296451

This is not the requested daemon prince, but something similar, just to keep this guy's mouth shut.

Deamonprince soon.

>> No.13296487


>> No.13296495

Barbearians anyone?

>> No.13296501

Not if they look like furries.

>> No.13296545

Re-requestin' either:

>First request...

(Pic is reference for this request) This woman (a Dark Heresy Metallican Gunslinger Assassin, Rank 1), wearing the bodyglove shown but not the assassin robe. She is firing a single shot from the ornate revolver(pictured) held in her left hand at a very large(especially because she's quite petite) Ork Boy who's charging her, slaying it instantly with a bullet to the solar plexus. She has a hollow, emotionless (If you want, faintly sad/depressing) look on her face.

>Or, second request...

A large, heavy-duty, adamant-plate-bodied warforged cleric with a very large adamant great maul held over his shoulder with one hand. The head of the hammer is like a large rectangular brick of adamant with a small sculpture of a drunken, disheveled, cross-legged angel-woman emptying a jug of moonshine, sculpted atop it in adamant. The warforged is dressed like a catholic priest, but the clothes are far too tight for his heavy metal body, and it looks like the buttons on his shirt are about to burst at any second.

Standing behind him is a clearly annoyed, dignified, serious-businesswoman-type lady wearing glasses, with her brown hair in a bun and wearing a chainmail dirndl dress (like a german barmaid, but with the leather sections also covered in chain) She has clearly had quite enough of Father Crash's antics.

>> No.13296556



>> No.13296560

Re-requesting >>13294432

>> No.13296569

A techpriest confused by Christmas (Candlemas? Emperormas?) and/or pissed because he got a gift that is totally pointless (Silverware, boots, another fucking hat).

>> No.13296621


>> No.13296643

>another fucking hat

My Metal sense is tingling...

>> No.13296644

Also eldar chun-li because i am not sure if you got it last time.

>> No.13296655


It was awesome, bro, that's why I requested a completely different scene. Read the request. Chill out, I love it. Thanks man. Didn't mean to insult your drawing skill.

Also, I can't draw worth shit and will never be able to, that's why i make requests in draw threads.

>> No.13296665

Thighs aren't THUNDER enough, but it IS pretty well-drawn, so I'm conflicted.

>> No.13296694

I wish to request fucking ghosts

>> No.13296702

I didn't want to hurt your feeling ;-;
Now I feel like a douche. Get out of here you rascal!

>> No.13296723


I would say that you can make me feel better by drawing my two latest requests, but since you draw like Michael J. Fox with a spirograph, that'd be just awful.

>> No.13296751

Who's willing to draw me a cool elf bard, noble origins, scimitar and longbow as weapons, no armour just trousers and shirt, with black curly hair?

>> No.13296776

Requesting eldar Cammy.

So, basically, Macha in a leotard?



deamonprince here

>> No.13296802


>> No.13296821

My god...

>eldar Cammy


>> No.13296865

Hey, if bloodcri every shows up again, can you have her post the link for the new Sister of Battle quest?
Old one 404'd and I can't find the new one

>> No.13296880

an old drawing, just for the fun.

>> No.13296922

irst sketching, not finished, had hard time finding a nice angle. Do you like the pose?

>> No.13296933

Can I get another pic of that tiefling maid girl you did, greenmarine?

In whatever posture you want

>> No.13296934

fuck, forgot pic

>> No.13296936

Technomancer, could I get your take on this Shadowrun character that Sirbriggz drew?

Here be the description, since I can't post the image.
She's a down-on-her-luck shadowrunner wearing a skin-tight torso suit with logo patches stitched on. Her legs and arms have been replaced by kinda old, out-dated robotic prosthetics that are basically just bare gears, pistons, that sort of thing. Her hands end in three fingers, wall-e style, and she has two pairs of legs she swaps out, one a hook-shaped running leg, the other a three-toed sort of bird-feet style leg. Her left eye is an old disc style cybernetic, and her hair is tied back in a high pony-tail.

Thanks for checkin' it out.

>> No.13296955

Since the raptor requester seems not to be here anymore, perhaps, but you'll have to do everything you can so that Sar'a gets converted into a taucron in the next dronequest thread.


>Two pair of legs

Two pairs? Man, that's four.

>> No.13296988

Meant "a pair" :U.

I am *totally* in favor of some Taucron, techno.

>> No.13297017

Awright, I'll draw her.

And we'll show those filthy chitinfags that there is no hotness in mere flesh.

>> No.13297034


>> No.13297044

do what i asked him >>13296955

and I might give it a try. Otherwise, NO.

>> No.13297069


>> No.13297090


A lyre, he's mainly a poet.

>> No.13297092

Eh? No, I just hated that description. I don't want that gayery drawn.

>> No.13297123

same here.

>> No.13297131

peppy? persnickety? playful?

(i just wanted to use those words, whats his personality?)

>> No.13297221

no answer.
heres a little something, considering i have no clue what exactly you want, seeing as how personality makes a major difference in how hes posed

>> No.13297236

He plays cool and arrogant, it's a setting with a close-to-no magic at all, so a bard is a genius. He's a real artist, an actor, and a playboy. He's intelligent and cocky about it, and quite sees the others as his tools.

>> No.13297252

Yeah I do like him that way

>> No.13297327

Gonna eat, back within 30 min

>> No.13297344

gonna start working again in a bit, right now im sitting down to some bangers and mash

>> No.13297350


Raptor reporting. Was away, watching Jurassic Park. And your preliminary drawing looks awesome.

>> No.13297610

ah right, now that's a fucklot of things to do.


>> No.13297709

Slow thread is slow.

Why no more posts?

Damn, neither circlejerking nor haet.

>> No.13297757

Middle of a Sunday, a bit slow I guess.

>> No.13297783

Requesting a battered Iron Warrior space marine, in MKIII armor and his left arm being a mean-looking augmetic.

>> No.13297798


Also, Raptor seconding this, as it's my duty to. God fucking damn the weather ruining my connection.

>> No.13297875

I want to request a Sister of Bi-curiosity.

Do with this request as you wish, I'm only here to be happy with what I get and look and what the other requesters get.

>> No.13297883

Here goes

A sister in this style of armor, no helmet but with a respirator. She has a flamer and is looking around a corner, which might have some form of heretic or abomination around it.

>> No.13297884

Shadowrunner a bit meh. Shortish arms. that's a recurring problem with me.

Good boy.

>> No.13297891

a 2 minute sketch.

>> No.13297898

aw, shit, nigga!

>> No.13297907

If you'd like, you can do either or both of my original requests. I think Slants is gonna get em, but I'd love to have two artists! ;)

Request 1:
A male human bard with a pseudodragon on his shoulder. He is dressed in an simple outfit, but a chain shirt is obviously under the clothing as well. A whip is very prominently at his side. Books are scattered all over the place on the table in front of him, and he has a pair of reading glasses on the tip of his nose.

Strong Scholarly Tone.

Request 2:

A human female rogue with slightly longer than shoulder-length black hair crouches low to a corner of a wall, obviously listening in to enemies on the other side. Poison drips menacingly from her kukri, and another vial of poison lays ready in her other hand. She wears a chain shirt underneath a traveling cloak.

This is contrasted strongly by her face. She appears to be the paragon of innocence. She is very very youthful looking, bordering on a teenager's frame.

>> No.13297982

Bah, it's excellent sir! Thanks for the work.

>> No.13297986

Ah, now that I think about it, I could perhaps go for something really monstrous and creepy, but I would have to draw it under a less epic angle.

>> No.13297987

Number 2 due to tits.

Have another christmas dorf.

>> No.13298014

Oh shit, how could I forget about dorfs this christmas? We require more holiday dorfs!

>> No.13298039


Well I'm ok with that, so long as I get my Raptor. And maybe some other time, you'd have to urge to draw it under that original epic angle that you envisioned. Or not. Really, it's up to you to determine what is most feasible and awesome looking at the same time.

>> No.13298083

Sister of Battle dressed up as Cammy.

>> No.13298277


>> No.13298329

Young sister of battle happily opening her only gift under a tree topped with a miniature of the Emperor instead of a star. Her gift is a chastity belt.


>> No.13298364

Could you draw this scene for me?

An elven woman sits next to a bed where a shriveled old man lies dead. He appears almost serene, his face is calm and his hands neatly folded in front of him. She's clutching the sheets, her eyes filled with tears her face contorted with anguish. She might be reaching out to touch the old man's face, but I'll leave that up the artist. Behind them, a young half-elf man rests a comforting hand on the woman's shoulder. Concern for his mother written across his face.

>> No.13298445

Im gonna be totally honest here...

i go bored with this one. i dunno, i dont think it was working with me, so i have to give up here, if i cant draw it, then i just cant.

probably doesnt help that i cant draw for shit on a tablet, the disconnect kills me.

anyways, ive got two versions, this, and one where he shows a bit of belly, however, ill only upload the other by request, because i think its drawfag law to not show any skin that isnt female.

>> No.13298690

Le bump.

>> No.13298953

A Mouse Wizard. Specifically, a Beguiler Wizard.

Pic related, it's a Beguiler.

>> No.13298962

Whoops, forgot the picture. Beguiler!

>> No.13299191


You still here?

>> No.13299223

I just came back, sorry for being late, but I had stuff to do.

Anyway, it's progressing. And if I don't finish t today, i'll upload it on tg booru.

>> No.13299235


Ok ok, just wanted to know. What's the tag you had in mind for the pic on the /tg/ booru?

>> No.13299251

Sorta passed out, then had work. This is excellent, though!

Now to figure out how to model the damn thing.

>> No.13299253

night lord
plus my name, of course.

>> No.13299320


One more question: what time is it where you live?

>> No.13299460

1 AM

>> No.13299544


Ok, just wanted to get a time reference. Here the time is 00:40. Once again thanks for the effort of making the visions in my head a reality [ok not a irl reality, but you know what I mean].

>> No.13299581


Thanks for the effort man. Yes if you happen to have it why not showing the other drawing aswell. I do like how you draw, anyway. Thanks again.

>> No.13299659

You're welcome, I find it surprisingly entertaining.

nearly finished.

>> No.13299758

excellent material to work on... i don't know if I have time right now, but i'm definitely going to attempt both of these drawings...

>> No.13299833

annnd... done.

Kinda fucked up the skies, though.

>> No.13299857

O' mighty drawfriends, paint me a picture, of the Dark Eldar engaged in their christmas festivities!

>> No.13299899

doin it

>> No.13299921


I love it! You made him really terrifying. The nailed baby [I presume it's alive] is really a nice add-on and the clawed feet fit so perfectly with how I usually imagine Raptors. Oh and great job with the winged helmet, most people just point them upwards and make him more like a cartoon character with that [GW models, I'm looking at you].
From now on I second your every request when I see it, and if I can somehow help you in whatever you may need I'll give it my best.

Oh and if you ever do decide to do the original epic angle design, I'd probably have to hand over my soul then in gratitude as nothing else would suffice.

>> No.13300008


Not really a drawing of Cammy as a Sister of Battle, but I decided to take 5 minutes to mix and match bits from two pictures.

Also, never realized how much she looked kinda like a hot female commissar! Between her, Guile, and M. Bison, I'm getting an idea for a command squadron!

>> No.13300098

She does look like a commissar. Now if someone were to draw her....

>> No.13300180


>> No.13300206

don't do this again. Ever.

Heh, t'was a pleasure.

>> No.13300226

Could someone do this? The more I think about it, the more I like it.

>> No.13300253


Fine, I'll butcher it if you so demand...

>> No.13300462


>> No.13300559

Never mind, i'm doing it.

>> No.13300643


>> No.13300874


Are you faggots satisfied?

>> No.13300887


Meh, already working on it, I might as well finish mine.

>> No.13300889

Request for Technomancer, if he's still taking them, since I feel only he can do this request any justice...

I'd like one of a muscular/fit female techpriest wearing a hood and full-face mask in a style similar to this image, and a half-skirt that only covers most of one of her legs.

Her arms and legs should all have bionic replacements ending at the bicep and thigh, respectively, to kind of make them resemble opera-gloves or thigh-high stocking/boots.

A heart that's part mechanical/ part natural organ should be visible through a glass "viewport" directly in her chest. This of course means her left breast would have to be removed.

Ideally, pose should be *similar* to this: http://www.consolemonster.com/images/news/Ezio_full_shot_1%281%29.jpg though if you want to try something else I'm all for it.

If you could do this for me, Technomancer, I'd really appreciate it!

>> No.13300950

Hey slaanesh's drawfag-

You started on this awesome drawing right before you left the last thread; any progress? I love the pose and expressions, would love o see how it turns out.

>> No.13300956

I gotta sleep, maybe tomorow, it sounds nice.

>> No.13300957


>> No.13301027


Whoops, found it. Nevermind. Looks awesome, thanks!

>> No.13301089

Thanks, Techno! I'll look forward to it!

>> No.13301119


I'm glad you think so! It appears no one else does given how it keeps getting passed over.

>> No.13301127

Freddie Mercury as the Emperor of Mankind.

>> No.13301147


I shall do that one.

>> No.13301196

But, you just posted the image of your request.

>> No.13301257



I've been asking for this for a week and a half with no takers, despite at least one or two other people bumping it each time.

Thank you.

>> No.13301327

draw a ndcron dressed as a guardsmen with a mischievous grin on his face

>> No.13301558

Well I haven't been around for quite a while so I didn't see it.

Might have to wait a bit tho coz I'm rusty.

>> No.13301725


I'm fine with any time before Dec. 21, 2012.

>> No.13301845

if one of you would make this happen, i would give you a piece of my heart

>> No.13301912

im feeling more up to it now, but i think il do it on paper first, (im more comfortable there)

anyways, hope youre still here, i know ive been away for a while

>> No.13301916

oh, and thanks for the compliment.

>> No.13301944

you sound suprised

>> No.13302159

hey, i'm done with request 2 from this person's post here: >>13297907
And this was earlier when I said I would eventually get around to it... >>13299758

So, you see... I was busy earlier today, and now I'm starting on request 1 for the post; the human scholar-bard... I am a shitty artist, but I enjoy what I do... oh my shitty drawings..

>> No.13302271


Hey! Thanks! Your kukris turn out quite nicely, in fact most of the equipment looks good. The face is the only thing standing in the way of this being truly great.

Also, is she armored on her torso and in a thong only from the waist down?

>> No.13302345

Hahaha... now that you mention it, it does kinda look like she's in nothing but a thong... they're supposed to be pants, but I should touch it up.. sorry about the face; like i said, i am not the best artist around by far, and I struggle with people-drawing.. I'll see if I can't touch it up tho..
(it's a small drawing too, she's about 1x2 inches drawn)

>> No.13302420

I have a request.

Ya know Brawl In The Family?

Well, Luigi as an Imperial Guard running from a pack of Orks with the face of Waluigi (BITF version very specifically) going "WAAAA-"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BtuPZwQVXE This should give you a good idea of what I'm talking about

>> No.13302557

OK, here is the touch-up for ya... pants are more distinct, face is much better, and clarified a few areas.. hope you like it..

>> No.13302577

now here's both together for comparison purposes...

I'm going to start on your bard with the dragon(pseudo-) now... thanks for the good ideas once again.

>> No.13302685


Very nice! That looks much better!

>> No.13302727

Is this the real life? Is this just heresy?

>> No.13302775


MEIN GOTT... Emperor of Mankind!

That is absolutely beautiful, truly you are amazing.

It... it brings tears to my eyes.

>> No.13302791


>> No.13302794


total win.. hilarious line..

>> No.13302800

caught in a throne-room, no escape from reality

>> No.13302829


>> No.13302830


Can't open my eyes,
but nobody cries... for meeeeeeee

>> No.13302855

im just the lord, boy
i need no sympathy

>> No.13302858


Quick, someone go get The Collector!

This will be the prize of his... collection

>> No.13302904


something something someting...

Mama, just sitting here
Like a useless lump of lead
some would even say I'm dead

>> No.13302916

...holy shit that's awesome.

>> No.13302983

Freddie Mercury: Most awesome gay man ever.

>> No.13302995

mama, life had just begun.
but now i sit in a coma every day
mama, oooh
didnt mean to almost die
if im not back again this time next century
carry on, carry on, bringing me more psychers

>> No.13303019



We do need to fill in the "something something something" though...

>> No.13303094

alright... where did we leave off...
Because I'm emperor, of mankind
when i die, men will cry (this could definitely use some adjusting)
Any way the warp blows
Doesn't really matter to me, to me

>> No.13303169


Men will fry?

>> No.13303183

oh that is certainly better

>> No.13303231


Too late, my Star Child has come
Sent shivers down the Warp
Guilliman aching all the time
Goodbye, my sons
It's time to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, oooooooh (Anyway the Warp-Storm blows)
I don't want to die
Sometimes wish I'd never been willed into existence at all

>> No.13303310


I see a little silhouetto of a man
Horus, Horus, will you do the Heresy
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very my first symbol of the army
(Guilliman) Guilliman (Guilliman) Guilliman, Guilliman Roboutto
I'm just an Emperor, nobody better worship me
He's just a poor Emperor from a BC Anatolia
Spare him his life from this Golden Throne monstrosity

>> No.13303374


>> No.13303433

GM, how about some cheesecake of my mage for...uh, Mage, here?

>> No.13303513

oh greenmarine! i didnt know you were here. if you would be really awesome and draw me a shepherd with a large bug just sorta chilling, that would be awesome. and he has a wife if you want to put tits in it

>> No.13303581

Badass Elven woman, clad only in long skirts and wields a spectral bastard sword. Bronze skin, dark hair, orange eyes.

Has a reputation for using severed heads as secondary weapons.

>> No.13303665

Hey Greenmarine.
Requesting an NPC from my campaign, a Female Paladin of Heironeous.
She's got long dark brown/black hair - about to the middle of her back or so, and it's worn loose. Gorgeous face and breasts in the big C to small or medium D range. She wears the holy symbol of Heironeous around her neck on a necklace and wears chainmail armor. Probably has a blue and gold tabard with the holy symbol of Heironeous on it, as well. She's a Lawful Good paladin, not Lawful Stupid. "The law exists to help the innocent and redeem or punish the wicked. When it fails to do this it has failed to be a law at all." not "HURRR LAAAAW." She wields a lightning enchanted greatsword.
She should be sexy, so feel free to go for form fitting illogical chainmail. Pic related.
I leave it up to you if we want a posed pic of her chilling out, all happy and smiling, or a more determined battle pose. She's 20th level, so if the latter it ought to be suitably badass.

>> No.13303724

ok, finally, request 1 done from earlier post... I kinda gave up a little... sorry, it's tiring to draw with such skill like I have.... :) enjoy; i hope..?

>> No.13304000

Now draw her and Eldar Chun-Li having sex.

>> No.13304024

Requesting Tall lanky man in a black trenchcoat,meduim length black hair, blood on his hands, massive grin on his face, goggles and wearing a Flat Cap(Irish hat)

>> No.13304202

Can I get a belated christmas gift for a friend, Greenmarine? It's his DnD character. She's a Human fighter that, physically speaking and in basic concept is basically a Yoko (Gurren Lagann) expy. Huge tits, slutty fashion, long red hair, and a crossbow that's bigger than she is. Attached is his own two drawings of her. She has a scar over her face and at the start of the campaign often wore masks, usually skull-ones. You can see the scar in the second pic, a bit, on the left (our right) side of her face.
He's obviously a huge TTGL fan so I was wondering if you could draw his character in Yoko's timeskip ouftit (http://img228.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=datyoko1.jpg). Without the mask. If you choose to not include her crossbow, that's fine, and if you choose to not include her scar that's fine, just then leaveout the crossbow since she got the crossbow in the same adventure as her scar. Also maybe replace the stars with stylized skulls (almost like the ones in Yoko's hairpin, really) since his character has a bit of a skull motif about her.
I'd really appreciate it, and I know he'd love it. Thanks.

As for the pose, nothing special. She's got a gorgeous face, enormous tits, and a revealing outfit. I'm sure something will suggest itself.

>> No.13304351

I'd like a dark elf(drow colouration) with red hair, wearing a conquistador tyle breastplate with a crescent moon symbol on, a dark blue robe under the breastplate, and wielding longsword and kite shield. Her expression should be somewhere between irritation, exasperation and resignation.

>> No.13304397


What? Does your GM has a problem with rifles or something?

Also how about drawing Solid Snake in a steampunk-ish setting?

>> No.13304437

DnD. Ye Olde Fantasy. The DM felt that rifles didn't quite fit. Plus my friend in question kind of likes this idea more, anyway. A girl walking around with what amounts to a portable one-woman ballista.

Detritus and the Piecemaker, only sexy.

>> No.13304521


I didn't mean a futuristic rifle like the one she uses but one of those flintlock rifles.

>> No.13304542

I suppose she could have had a portable cannon, but the DM didn't think of it, neither did my friend. This is what we got.

>> No.13304605

Hey, it's >>13294097 again.
Just wondering of any drawfags out there have considered taking a stab at my request. If not... well, I didn't really expect anything from the start, but it'd be awesome if you did. I'll try to keep optimistic.

>> No.13305018

I'm a bit tired so i owe you the coloring.

>> No.13305087

Awesome! Thanks! I'm going to bed soon, myself, so no rush on the colors, although they'd be much appreciated when you have the time.

>> No.13305125

Bah, fuck it. I like how the lineart came out so i might as well just finish the damn thing.

>> No.13305177

Requesting a Deathwatch Assault Marine standing in front of a bullet-riddled Tyranid Warrior, yelling "Oh, COME ON!" A Tactical Marine is standing quite a ways away, trollfacing.

This happened to me. Repeatedly.

>> No.13305230

Sweet. :3

>> No.13305249

I made a little changes to the outfit. I hope you don't mind.

>> No.13305271

GreenMarine, do you have a gallery somewhere? I'd rather enjoy seeing some more from you.

>> No.13305335

Holy shit! Thanks! :D I'm sure he'll love it. It's not even my character and I do :O

>> No.13305337

He's said before that he doesn't have one.

He really should set one up, though. I think I'm speaking for many here when I say I'd really appreciate seeing one.

>> No.13305524

He does have a lot of his pics on /tg/booru. Thats the closest thing to a gallery he has.

Bumping this.

>> No.13305818

GeeM uses this thread for his porn posts


>> No.13305993

I believe there was a request for a Cammyssar? I'm debating putting a coat on her, either way a finished (colored, neatened) version will go up to the Drawfags of /tg/ group on dA in a couple days.

>> No.13306065


I'm back now. It was the European night here, I slept through it. Maybe I'll try copying your style and draw something on my own, see how drawfags are born..

>> No.13306323

I'm not sure which version I like better. If anyone cares to comment on which they'd prefer...

>> No.13306327

Of course, it helps to post the damn picture.

>> No.13306434


This version is definitely better.

>> No.13306454

haha, nice. i havent done anything new yet though, i got tired, then watched a movie with family, then got tired, then drew some porn for some reason, then got tired, and now im back here checking up before bed.

>> No.13306469


>> No.13306580


Porn "for some reason", yeah. Sleep thights then!

>> No.13306898

And with that, bed.

>> No.13306994

Well this was not requested or anything Just giggles and shits.


>> No.13307100


Sorry for being late, this is beyond awesome. In a big way.

Thanks, GM. Hard.

>> No.13307170

Thank you very much good sir

>> No.13307235


any drawfags left?

>> No.13307289


>Stupid comp had to die on me on christmas, I still have to finish a comission!

>> No.13307323

Hey Slants. Goblin request guy here. Good to see you're alright! I'm still here :D I never lost faith!

>> No.13307325

right, I won't disturb you, then.

>> No.13307370

requesting a recruitment poster for either the Gorkers or Morkers for a upcoming GorkaMorka campaign.

>> No.13307372


>> No.13307386

rolled 17, 100 = 117

Have no mouth;Must Shout.

>> No.13307680

Can I request something? To any of you, really.

Cthulhu. Just him, but not as a mere big fat green monster; something more than that; try to make him really alien-looking, majestic and god-like, but still scary as fuck. Not just a space/sea monster, but an awe-inspiring god.


A fenrisian drakkar with a Space Wolf Lone Wolf onboard, hunting the Kraken. The marine should look half-crazy and have a long vertical white scar running down his face.

Thanks already.

>> No.13307826


>> No.13307866


>> No.13307874

Any interesting requests? Preferably some sort voluptuous woman in a fantasy setting.

>> No.13307908

A young (18-ish looking) and lithe female elven warlock and her adventuring companion, a 20-ish muscular female human fighter both sunbathing nude on a beach.

>> No.13307915


>> No.13307941

Working on it.

>> No.13307955

>Oh nice, some dudes seconding my /r/


Just kidding, more tits are always welcome.

>> No.13308052

Oh shit, something came up and I have to go for an hour or so - probably cant finish your request.
sorry bro

>> No.13308067

Your request is kind of intimidating to be honest, not exactly a 15 minute job.

>> No.13308070

okey. guess it'll have to waint for some other time

>> No.13308101

I can wait. Indefinately. Of course it's intimidating, I hoped you'd see this as a challenge.

>> No.13308215

Requester here. Going to bed. I'll be back in 7 hours or so. If the thread dies before then would you mind uploading the finished thing to tg/booru? Or putting her in the op of a new thread if you make a fourth x-mas drawthread.
Thanks again.

>> No.13308422

A last question: Is NSFW allowed on tg booru?

>> No.13308467


>> No.13308550

but you are already a far better drawfag than me, most things I draw look like the work of chris-chan :(

>> No.13308702

> draws like Chris-chan
> monstrous, alien-looking abominations

I'm okay with this.

>> No.13309202

new thread here >>13309061

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