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I love you /tg/ <3.

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We love you as well. Please continue with your art.

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This is too adorable.

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Seconded in every field.

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Aw great, now I'm sad.

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I've always thought that at some point, Lofn and Li'l E would team up and solve mysteries like Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew types.
If I knew more 40K fluff, I'd writefag it, but I'm not really that knowledgable of the universe.

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i hadn't seen this one before.
I wasn't ready.
I am now crying.
god damnit /tg/

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Made me tear up and feel like a faggot.

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Is the mom a sob or a eldar autarch I know this is extra heretical but I just can't tell.

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love blooms

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Eldar Farseer

Google Love Can Bloom, be acquainted with one of the best-known projects of /tg/ (mostly two people, but /tg/ was instrumental in its popularization).

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But wouldn't she be killed on the spot then? I mean being a half eldar would seem to be a pretty big fucking death sentence anywhere.
Also would she need a soul stone for protection or would she be save from that fate?

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There's an Ultramarine Librarian I think it is, who is half eldar. Don't remember if that his exact chapter though.

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"... Your father will return, Marshall.

"The Adeptus Mechanicus will make sure of it."

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no longer cannon

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Well, yes, as a Librarian Nastase would not wield a Plasma Cannon anymore.

I fail to see the impact on his heritage.

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...Where does the blood come from in this?

It's written by the kid, so unless he had a very GNARLY nosebleed, I'm not sure what happened.

Unless you want to be grimdark and have, like, Chaos or Orks kill him still as a child or something.

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Oh god Emprah. Can you make atleast one happy ending?!

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The father got the letter, then he's killed and the blood spatters on the letter.

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It's on the possession of the father, whom was bleeding and presumably dead or dying.

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Father got the drawings on the field.

Didn't make it.

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It's a letter to his father.

Think about it for second.

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Or Marshall's father is reading the note and dripping blood on it from a wound.

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Not in this universe heretic

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40K is not meant to be a happy place.

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Hivemind everywhere.

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Happy Endings.
You sure you have the right game?
(No green text because I don't know how and am not a faggot,)

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Read the FAQ, goddamn. Newfags qualify as faggots.

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>Crickets chrip.
>A wolf howls in the distance.
>You realize you have no audience.

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I know but goddammit all three that I've seen end in a horrible way and this is not a good way to start the day.
You greentext by add > in front of text
>like this
Also yes I'm sure I have the right game.

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Stalker started it!

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Fuck... we need a story of a Grown up Marshal going off to find out the true fate of his father, after becoming a storm trooper. I know /tg/ can do it.

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Well DOW2 and Chaos rising can have happy endings save a couple worlds destroy a demon uncover ancient heresy.

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As much as I hate to mention it, the Schola Progenium is an orphanage school, the kid wouldn't be 'studying hard to get into it.'

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That's the Spress Mahren. They always get happy ending. Chaos sometime get bad ending. Tau never seem to have an ending. Eldar is just as planned. Necron and Tyranids don't have emotion. And squat is gone.

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Now, see, that's true.

But Marshall doesn't know that.

For all we know, his dad is planning far ahead.

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Turns out he died. Horribly.

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Father and his regiment fell to chaos, truth was suppressed to help morale.

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Kasrkin aren't trained in the Schola Progenium, they're trained by the Cadian military.

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I thought the story about mashall was that his father saved up enough money for him to go to "commisar training" and when being assigned to a unit the ship he was on, after entering the warp spat him out on the planet his father was stationed on when his father was still alive. he is assigned to his fathers unit as the commissar, doesn't realize it and winds up summary executing him

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I not sure how you got that.

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You sometimes get happy endings in Gaunts Ghosts The reappearance of a Saint and all that jazz

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just somthing I read the last time one of these popped up.

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Doesn't work, *all* commissars are from the Schola Progenium.

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Actually, some of them are the last surviving members of cradle-to-grave Stormtrooper squads.

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Yes, and Stormtroopers are all Schola Progenium.

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Yo, OP -
13293443 here. I had no idea you had this beautiful story for us. I love you even more now.

Thank you. :3

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Doesn't /tg/ hate LCB now? I'm surprised this wasn't saged to oblivion.

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I'm pretty sure it's a love/hate relationship

But it must have done something right to have been remembered so long

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S'me again, OP.

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God damn it just got finished reading it. Does it really end with them trapped in the god damn chaos house? God damn it

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So.. Lofn Dump?

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I'm OP, and I approve of this message.

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There was an ending, never was saved, writer died, blah blah blah NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS.

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Yep, also the missing chapter was a flashback with LIIVI killing some bigwig, if you were interested. As for the ending Bloomwriter talked about how he should probably just have ended it with them heading into the blizzard.

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Not allowed to post that without the good end bit at the end.

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I don't like it. The writing itself was horrible to me

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Didn't have the good end pic. But I do now.

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Paedo Sisters are best Sisters

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Emprah protects.
inb4 Chink rape

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I... have not seen that one before

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I don't much care for Lofn, but I do save the pictures.

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May I ask where she got the whole tyranid connection to her?

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Lofn is cute
Some Nids are cute
That's about it I think

Also, that's about all I got
Though I think another anon is contributing too

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Miko actually drew this page, which is the closest we have to a 'canon' ending, since no one save the one Bloomwriter wrote.

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Jeanstealer created her and she is apparently a friend to all living things.


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Don't forget these, they're part of the final battle.

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You mean this?

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Part of it yeah.

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And then there's these sketches + description:


>Recovering from his wounds from both a grey knight and an eversor temple assassin, the renegade vindicare LIIVI spent the next few months wandering without any clear direction amongst the harsh Tyrea mountains. Although finally free from the influence of his officio assassinorium masters, his very reason for being, the farseer Taldeer, was feared dead and all that he had left now was his own survival.

>Remaining unseen whilst stealing supplies from a stranded imperial convoy one night in the Panrea lowlands, he overhears the routing of Governor Militant Lukas Alexander's forces by the Blood Ravens in Victory Bay. A series of infighting broke out across Kronus between the imperial guard under the new command of Davian Thule and those still loyal to the Kronus Liberator's 1st Regiment.

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>Those that had been captured by the Kronus Liberators, prior to their fall, were now under the custody of the Blood Ravens. Alien and heretic alike. Including a special containment cell for a reportedly powerful xenos witch that was awaiting transfer at the Pavonis Spaceport.

>Could it be that Taldeer was still alive? One chance remained, and hope grew in his heart. To mount a rescue he would need his tools, his equipment of death. But his rifle and spymask were long since gone. His stealthsuit irrepairable. All that remained was his exitus pistol and what little ammo he had left unspent.

>Another option remained - the other two vindicare assassins that were stationed on Kronus may yet still live. With the fall of General Lukas Alexander they would likely have gone into hiding, awaiting extraction once the conflict had settled. To find them would be an almost impossible task. It would take a vindicare to find another vindicare. And that's what he had to do.

>Find the vindicares. Take their equipment and inflitrate the Pavonis Spaceport before the containment cell is transfered to the Blood Raven's battle barge, the Litany of Fury.

>Should Taldeer be transfered, the chances of her rescue may be gone forever. To board the barge would be like walking into the heart of the lion's den. But then again, a man with nothing to lose has everything to gain.

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Hey /ic/, what's up? Why is the background blue today?

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Jeanstealer drew those. Jeanstealer was an old /tg/ drawfag. The tyranid you see there is Jeanstealer's avatar.

These days Jeanstealer spends most of her time ruling over part of SupTG

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sweet Emprah! that's a nice picture

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It's a real shame about the head and spine tho.

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The Adeptus Mechanicus are nice guys

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Why would the AM bother with a single guardsman?

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Maybe, maybe they're going to make a titan out of flesh and steel!

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Oh I totally forgot about the "My Daddy is an Eversor" That one got a happy ending (Atleast in the pictures)

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Heh. I like that pic.

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Hm. This, if there ever was one, is a thread for the Magpie King.

Haven't seen him since the janitorial debacle though.

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Since this is an assassin thread, what do you figure a Culexus assassin is like personally?

Eversor: Batshit
Callidus: Socially adept
Vindicare: Cold
Culexus: lonely

...Did anyone else's mother and father recoil from your touch, only responding to you in the most distant manner possible before the black ships came and finally put you in a room where people were paid to pretend not to be repulsed by your existence?

...so lonely ;_;

Not to mention the unspeakable spiritual mutilations involved in going from pariah to Culexus.

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Lonely, hostile, and the least professional of the bunch probably. Due to the rareness of those with the pariah gene, the Imperium can't afford to screen their candidates to too great a degree. So, those that don't psychologically have what it takes won't be discarded like the other three temples, but repeatedly hammered and worked until they have the semblance of fitting in.

Obviously, they're still elites- but they'll be elites with psychological scarring that'll be evident, and personalities, unlike the machines that the rest of the temples produce. Callidus may be socially adept, but it's all a play, and nothing more.

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Part of my DH game involved rescuing and transporting a mute young boy pariah who had begun to manifest his horrible aura. His care taker was a porn star Acolyte working for the Ordo Sicarius. As she was a Blank, she was immune to him.

She'd been spending the downtime being the only friend he'd ever had... as well as molesting him over videolink for a mix of pleasure and profit. Anyway, PCs turn up to rescue the pair as Necrons and Chaos turn up to capture them. They go on a crazy adventure, which culminates in the PCs taking psychic Aztecs down. The boy even gets a pistol to finish the BBEG.

A Valkrie rolls up to collect them. Their Inquisitor wants boy for Culexus training, and the horrible mutilations of mind and spirit it involves. The players seem genuinely attached to him. The Cleric decided to give him a predicition thing, he got "ask not why you serve, but how".
Fitted well for a mute assassin.

I figure he'll grow up twisted by this one happy memory and utterly hate the Inquisitor that took this from him.

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Four assassins, in a pub crawl.

Who gets to be designated driver?
Who buys the drinks?
Who tries to take the keys from the eversor?

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Driver: Vindicare. Even when he go is fastest he still keep his calm.
Buy: Callidus. Also seduce to the bartender to get a discount.
Take key: What.

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yeah, nobody makes an attempt for the keys, the eversor runs down the street with them screaming/laughing and the vindicare has to hotwire the car

>> No.13295490

Eversor's got driving skills.

Really, I didn't know what other cliches to throw down.

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I'm just posting this here from ascension.

The question is, do we want the evesor to be the driver?

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Storytime? Storytime.

These beasts could hardly be called alive. They sat in mud, punched each other for fun and she was always hearing some gun going off or some explosion happening in the camp. It was chaos incarnate, and yet, how could her sworn sister, one who had been raised by her father after the unfortunate deaths of her own parents become the leader of this savages?
She yelped slightly as the felt the sharp prong of a sword into her back.
“Walk fastah you bloodeh El-da,” One towering seven foot brute commanded from behind her.
“Huh-huh, Boss iz gonna be real 'appy wit dis,” The other, practically identical looking Ork beside him commented, “She loiks gettin' new pleythinks.”
They chuckled and grunted together, even as they were hounded, or rather Taldeer was hounded, by shouts and jeers and insults from the quickly surrounding Ork horde. She realised now that this was possibly the most foolish thing she could have done, allowed herself to be captured just to gain an audience with Makka the Mad.
No, she wasn't Makka, she was Macha, the Eldar Farseer. This thing couldn't be her, it just... couldn't. She Macha she knew was too shy, too reserved and too proper to become a debased slaughterer like this creature.
“On ur knees!” Before Taldeer could even react, she felt the powerful blow of a boot against the back of her legs and she cried out, tumbling forward onto the floor, causing much laughter from the horde that now completely surrounded her. Slowly she picked herself up, but didn't rise to her feet, deciding it was safer to remain on her hands and knees for now.

>> No.13295620

She was covered in mud and dirt, and at that moment, felt completely humilated. She didn't know it was about to get much worse.
A familiar voice suddenly rang out, “What's all this about? Move you grots! Out of my way or I'll slice you down to size!”
The crowd parted an Taldeer looked up, again, her jaw dropping in shock.
There was Macha. She was still dressed in the same 'looted farseer' outfit that she'd seen her in before, but her powerclaw was gone, she was now holding a long and jagged looking wytchblade and had a slugga attached to her belt. She had no helmet on, so her ragged, crazed hair flowed down to her shoulders and her eyes bore into Taldeer.
In an instant she could tell something had happened to her, something inside her mind had... snapped, but it was strange, it was not like their Dark Eldar cousins who's madness was based upon torture, hedonistic pleasure and bloodlust, this was something different entirely. This was primitive, barbaric, a simple brutality and cunning... much like the Orks she now commanded.
“Well, well, well,” She grinned, stopping just short of Taldeer, “It looks like we have a visitor, boyz,” She laughed, and the Ork's laughed with her.
“Macha, please,” Taldeer asked softly, trying to appeal to whatever sanity was left in her bond-sister, “Let me at least stand to talk to you.”
She was answered with a boot to the mouth and she felt some teeth crack at the impact, it seemed Mecha's new boots were lined with hard steel. Blood flowered through her teeth and she fell onto her side, holding a hand to her mouth, shutting her eyes tightly, trying to block out the pain.
“You can stay on your knees, whore,” Macha commanded loudly and with a sharp growl, “I'm da biggest and da strongest here, so I get to say who does what! Geddit?!”
“Ur not da biggest,” An Ork suddenly pointed out from the crowd.

>> No.13295623

Apparently this wasn't the thing to say, and instantly the other Orks shoved him forward in front of Macha. Taldeer opened her eyes to see Macha stare up into the face of the Ork, looking not just fearless, but utterly filled with rage.
“What was that? Grot?” She spoke almost calmly, but amazingly, the Slugga Boy she was addressing seemed to almost cower at her presence, “I wuz just sayin dat I'm bigga den you.”
There was a moment of silence, than, in an instant, the Slugga Boyz legs seemed to have been divided in two, and Macha's wytchblade was now covered in green blood. The Slugga Boy went to fall over backwards, screaming in pain, but Macha's eyes flashed a terrible green and the runes on her armour glowed brightly, a terrible ethereal wind whipping up around her. The Slugga Boy landed onto his stumps, his legs falling away, blood pooling around him, the only way he was being kept up was by the raw power of Macha's mind.
Taldeer could almost feel the raw psychic energy flowing through her fellow Eldar and with their expanded spectrum of sigh, Macha was now exploding in a violent green light. It was... incredible. Her power seemed to have grown tremendously, she was almost like a Seer Council on her own, but from what source Taldeer still couldn't tell. It certainly wasn't chaotic, or from the hated Great Enemy of their race, it was as if she'd tapped into some new source, some kind of undiscovered well of power that no Eldar had ever thought of using.
She should have been like a bonfire in the warp, but amazingly, Taldeer could feel no demonic presence, as if something very powerful, more powerful than any mortal being, was protecting the mind and soul of her bond-sister.
The Orks around them had become silent, almost reverent of Macha now, some even backing away from her.

>> No.13295630

“Now you're not so big, are you?” Macha's voice rang out in every mind in the horde, “Now you're just a pathetic, weak little snotling who can't even walk. What good are you when we get stuck in, hum? You can only stay at the back, shooting at the enemy like a coward.”
“I's sorry!” The poor Ork cried out, now being forced to look up at his unusual Warboss, “You's iz da biggest and da strongest, boss!”
Macha seemed to smile slowly, “I know you're sorry, sweety,” She raised a gentle hand to the Ork's massive chin, holding him almost like a lover before she smiled more, “Boyz? Take him to the Squiggoths, chop him up and let them have a little treat. I'm feeling generous.”
“Wha? NO! BOSS!” He couldn't talk anymore as the rest of the mob grabbed him and hauled him away, chopped apart legs and all.
The wind died down and Macha turned her gaze back to her sister, “Oh yes, almost forgot about you. I take it you're here to try and convince me to not destroy everything on this stupid planet?”
“You've gone mad!” Taldeer exclaimed loudly, “Your mind and soul are lost to chaos! It's the only way you could have done this to yourself!”
“HA!” Macha laughed loudly at the statement, finding genuine amusement from it, “You think this is the work of chaos? Of Slaanesh?”
Taldeer gasped as her bond-sister spoke the name of the hated one, and yet... nothing happened. No ripple in the warp, no sign of any corruption, nothing. Macha watched with more amusement at Taldeer's completely lost expression.
“Oh, you expected big pinky to show up and take my soul?” She giggled like a schoolgirl, “So silly, Taldeer I don't fear Slaanesh anymore, my soul ain't his to have.”
“Stop saying his name!” Taldeer urged, “For my sakes at least!”

>> No.13295637

“Fine,” She pouted before crossing her arms, “Besides, I'm a servant to a much greater power now, one to which the future of this galaxy belongs. Well, I say power, I mean powers, there are two of them after all.”
“Two of them?” Taldeer frowned suddenly then, her eyes widened, “No. No. It's impossible, it can't be done.”
“Oh yes dear sister,” Macha grinned and pointed to a sign on her armour, “I am Makka the Mad! Priestess and Herald of the word of Gork and Mork!”
That was it, Taldeer was no longer under any suspicion of her bond-sister's madness. She had completely flipped, and how she had gained her power was no longer under any superstition either.
“... you've somehow tapped into the Waagh, haven't you?” Taldeer gasped suddenly, the realisation dawning on her, “That's how you've become so powerful, the more Orks in your army, the more power you can draw from them.”
“Don't sound so disappointed, dear sister,” Macha continued, striding around the muddied, dirty farseer, “It was destiny, fate, Gork and Mork have spoken to me and told me so.” She looked up into the sky and smiled, “You see, daddy dearest never wanted me on the Craftworld, so he kept sending me out on silly, pointless missions. One of those missions involved attacking a small Ork threat, but he got his way I guess and I was captured. They did... horrible things to me, sister,” Her voice darkened considerably, “They never touched me like an imperial would, but they forced me to do humiliating tasks and eventually they made me fight with them, hoping I could act as a meat shield. Well, turns out I'm more than that.”

>> No.13295640

She stopped her pacing and looking out over her massive horde, her eyes still hard and cold, “I fought so well in fact that I became respected by them, they called me a 'wyrdgurl'. It was at that point I began to... feel them, to feel their minds around mine, their anger and massed psychic potential...” she raised a hand slowly, “When we charged into battle, I could feel their Waagh, it's like... it's like a giant psychic sword being swung wildly through all their minds, but with me, well, I could control it, I could grab the sword and use it for my own.” Macha chuckled and raised her own sword, looking to it's jagged blade, “It was only a matter of leading the old Warboss into a trap he couldn't get out of, and in the chaos of a leaderless horde, I took command.”
She grinned and looked back to her bond-sister, “It's incredible. Like an unopened infinity circuit of power and the greatest thing? It's completely untouchable by Chaos! Not even the Great Enemy can reach my soul now I've become one with the Waagh!”
“But, what of your soul? How can you do this to yourself?” Taldeer asked quietly, amazing by the terrible fall of her fellow farseer.
Macha only shook her head, “You don't understand, Taldeer, these Orks, they're... just like us, but better, stronger, more resilient. No they don't have the pomp and pretentiousness of our race, but they are what we should be.” She looked back over to her army, “They will survive after all else is dead, they will never stop fighting and I know my destiny now, why I've yet to feel the touch of a man.”
She raised her arms slowly, looking up, “I am to bare the child of the greatest Ork, Ghazghkull, the prophet himself!”

>> No.13295644

I'm going to get around to writing the next part... sometime in the future.
Lots of things going on right now.

Thanks for reading fa/tg/uys.

Oh, this is the pic that inspired me.

>> No.13295654

I like it but somehow I can't imagine how this:
>“I am to bare the child of the greatest Ork, Ghazghkull, the prophet himself!”
will look like.

>> No.13295665

Oh, she's in for a BIIIIG disappointment.

Orks are about as anatomically correct as a ken doll.

>> No.13295708

I can see Ghazghkull being hilariously pursued by Makka The Mad. "Waaugh! Git dis Crazy Dame Away From Me!" As he flees from the overly affectionate wyrdgurl.

I rather like Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter, i wonder if /tg's ever done any fanfiction for him.

>> No.13295850

I remember this, we decided that if the birth ever happened, as it would be an impossible conception, the end result would be orky jesus.

>> No.13296374

Whoa, shit, I helped inspire writefaggotry? That's badass!

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On it

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No Merry Christmas for traitors, and their half breed spawn.

>> No.13298540

Write faggotry, ahoy!

I always have the same dream. In my dream there is a forest full of trees; simply millions upon millions of proud pine trees, coated with beautiful emerald needles. No animals live in the forest and no insects disrupt the silence with chirping. Nothing shatters this haven of tranquility; the needles on the trees stay completely benign and motionless. Across this expanse in stasis, I stand completely still. Yet there persists a disturbance in my nepenthe, for above me a man flies. I cannot see him for my entire body is frozen in place, but I know he looks like me, or rather, I look like him. How I wish to turn my head and call to him, to show him how strong I have grown, to tell him all that I have done for the Imperium, and to have him watch as I fly.

>> No.13298632

"Unit 13-1-18-19-8-1-12 cannot respond to you for he is hybernating in cryostasis."

"Listen, Jericho, I am trying to have a conversation with my good friend Al."

"I do not believe that talking to an unresponsive body constitutes a conversation."

"Shouldn't you be pressing buttons or something? I need to prep Al for his big day."

Sergeant Zimmerman, one fo the elite Kasrkin soldiers from planet Cadia, experts in infiltration and recon begins a redundant briefing session. I respect this man and all that he does for the Imperium.

>> No.13298686

"Alright, Al, you are in for some real nasty shit. We got a planetary governor who decided to turn coats on us and it is your holy duty to fry that fat fuck."

As the sergeant spoke my vision is flooded by images of the target and various maps of the planet's surface. Sergeant Zimmerman would always talk to me before each mission. Working for an Inquisitor is a stressful job and Zimmerman would come into my chamber to be alone. After all, no one wants to be in the same room as an Eversor Assassin, one fo the EMpire's most horrific killing machines. Even though we will never be able to really talk, I enjoy his company. His uniform reminds me of the man in my dreams.

The servitor chimed in. "Eversor Assassin prepared for deployment."

>> No.13299147

Klaxons sound as my chamber begins to move towards the drop pod. As I begin to move, Zimmerman calls out to me.

"Now don't you dawdle down there! Get the job done and then signal for pickup. Watch your ass!"

With every ounce of strength, I try and force my head to nod.

Once inside the pod, I become encased in complete darkness. There is a stillness and I begin to crave my combat drugs; I have been conscious far too long. I feel my stomach rise as the pod begins its descent towards the planet, but I quickly drift off into sleep. I want him to see me fly, just like he does, but I cannot more nor gain his attention.

>> No.13300235

Keep in mind that everything is possible in W40K if enough people believe it. This counts double as much for the orcs. Their vehicles go faster when they are painted red because red ones go faster. And red ones go faster because many orks BELIEVE that red ones go faster.

Therefore, it is very possible that Macha can get pregnant with "Ork Jesus" without any sex at all. Pretty much like holy mary received jesus from ana ngel or god without any sex. She was called a virgin even after getting pregnant.

The same thing could happen with macha. She just stays around Ghazkull and convinces many orks, as well as him, that she will have his child.

And then, suddenly, BAMF, the WHAAAGH stands silently before a crib on a lonely feral planet, with three Whaabosses bringing gifts to baby ork jesus in his red crib.

A shoota, a slugga and a little bike. The bike can be made bigger once the child grows by adding more bitz to it, of course.

We need a drawfag and a writefag in here to both write and paint this marvellous picture.

>> No.13301302

fear not, we will embrace you and punish this world for shunning you

>> No.13301336

I have to say, I was pleased to see this thread.

Good to know I've had some kind of impact, and it's turned into an assassin thread!


>> No.13301688


You. You write more.


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