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Ok i wanted to discuss our different interpretations of Trolls, Orcs and Ogers.

To start, Trolls; to me they've always been big, tribal type creatures. Like how Everquest makes them out to be, no skinny or hiding under bridges like in World of Warcraft.

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>Like how Everquest makes them out to be, no skinny or hiding under bridges like in World of Warcraft.
So you like Tolkien cave trolls instead of old fashion myth trolls?

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Second, Orcs; I've always looked at Orcs as war like creates, more so then trolls Warhammer does a great job at presented Orcs

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WoW trolls don't hide under bridges.

They're cannabalistic, voodoo using, axe hurling, mystic druid trolls.

IMO, WoW trolls are top tier, if not god tier.

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I actually rather like Warcraft trolls. One of the better parts of the setting, I think.

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Tolkien's trolls are more like gaints living in caves

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No, no, no.

This is a troll.

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They all look and act similar, with the WoW Orcs being just a bit less "herp derp war"

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Honestly I like the LOTR Idea of trolls,

Games Workshop has really tainted my perception of both Orcs and Ogres, however Ogres can be anything depending on the setting, where as orcs I always imagine as the big lugging G.W guerrillas

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They're cool, but they don't scream troll to me.

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WoW's orcs are also pretty freaking awesome.

Smart but barbaric, capable of using magic as well as humans, and badass enough to take on 3 to 1 odds and come out ahead.

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Best trolls are old, pre-Tolkien trolls.
Sure, but they work better as Elves.

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>work better as elves
>implying elves in Warcraft aren't the worst kind of elves

You done goofed.

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Fianlly Ogers; I always looked at them as being the least intelligent of the three. Without the ability to possess any kind of magic unlike the Ogers in World of Warcraft.
The ones in Dungeons and Dragons makes the most since to me

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In my setting, orcs are drow, trolls are fairly close to the Warhammer variety, and ogres are basically tribal, huge, cannibalistic dark-colored humanoids.

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lets go a-trollin'!
good ol' asbjørnsen&Moe trolls FTW

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World of warcraft failed on elfs

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To me, the best interpretation of Orcs is bulkier, hairier, greener, and more aggressive Elves.

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Erm, that's not what I said. I said that the society and aesthetic of Warcraft TROLLS works better as a society of ELVES.

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they did? why?

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How? Theres no Drow.

That has to be a plus.

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I like the trolls from the LotR films. It has been so long since I read the books that I can't remember exactly how they were depicted there, but I can't imagine it would be too dissimilar.

I also like the LotR Orcs, Goblins, Uruk-Hai, etc.

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I like Warcraft Trolls a lot,though jungle trolls are a bit scrawny.

Forest and Frost trolls are a better bulk ratio.

Troll raids are also best raids (DAMN YOU BLIZZARD BRING BACK ZG)

I love the Loa-channeling transformation sequences and Voodoo creations like Dire Trolls (People that Raid more than they Lore may remember them as the big ones often called "Berserkers").

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Made me look up troll on wikipedia. Jötunn seem interesting.

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Jotun, you say?

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The best WoW trolls are Blizzard's staff.

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Another acceptable troll.

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Elves in Warcraft are basically directly responsible for every catastrophe that befalls Azeroth, and they are still arrogant secular douchebags.

And blood elves are basically drow with light colored skin and less overt evil.

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Berserk troll.

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>Orcs less "herpderp war"
Are you kidding me? The entirety of the Orcish presence in the Horde wants war. Varian had JUST made up with Thrall when Garrosh stepped in and even Varian's like "Hey dawg, you're a fucking psychopath."
Orcs under Thrall were less "herpderp war" but there was always the political element of Orcs that wanted to go to war that Thrall had to contend with - that was what made his rule interesting.

So yes, Orcs of Warcraft are still herp derp war.

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That isn't and Everquest troll brosef. That is an everquest 2 troll.

This is an Everquest troll>>13291698

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From where I stand;

My "default" ogre is usually an unintelligent brute; big, dumb, and with a love of smashing shit.

I tend to think of trolls as being more like ogres (usually more cunning and lankier, though), but I do agree that the WoW Trolls are a good interpretation.

I like Orcs being an intelligent species, warlike but noble (a la shamanistic Warcraft Orcs, or Elder Scrolls ones), but Warhammer Orks are the most hilarious and memorable.

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Just say you don't like WoW designs and be done with it.

The definition of what an orc, troll, dragon, or elf looks like has changed so much with time and culture that none of them could be wrong. Just look at it in the context of a given setting, no need for a standard.

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>Elves in Warcraft are basically directly responsible for every catastrophe that befalls Azeroth, and they are still arrogant secular douchebags.

I don't see how that makes them uninteresting, or any worse than any other elf

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Has Blizzard Explained the Ettin yet?

Some creation form Ogre stock akin to the Ogre Mage?

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Never use EQ2 as an example of EverQuest. EQ2 is such a shit compared to EQ.

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The Jotun are cool, the trolls are the degenerated tales of their mythological ancestors stature.

Poor trolls got depowered a lot in the tales as christianity got more powerful and the priests got upset about tales regarding gigantic pseudo divnites.

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Even Garrosh is can't compare to the inherent Warhammer Ork desire to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!! that he was talking about.

Please do not turn a tread about "smashy" races into a WoW faction pissing match.

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/tg/ I browse a lot of boards, and I must say, you guys know how to keep discussion classy.

I already responded, so I won't again, but I just felt I had to let you chaps know.

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They just added Ettin that match the standard description of Ettin from other works physically but haave no real lore.

I am NOT claiming they invented Ettin.

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I heartily agree, good sir.

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I like orcs the way they are in LotR and D&D. Evil, black-skinned, marauding, barbaric, evil creatures. Maybe an orc 'nation' of some sort but generally just smaller tribes that cause problems for local humans.

Warcraft orcs, and even Warhammer orcs, are a bit too organised and militaristic for my tastes. They're cool but not what I'd want in my ideal fantasy world. Orcs are monsters, not a race. (I hope that made sense..)

I like warcraft trolls a lot, especially since trolls in most fantasy fill the same niche as ogres. Big, scary, rawr. Having that separation is cool.

Everquest made trolls too civilised (by giving them towns and even a small city) while retaining their stupid/simplistic traits. It sort of contradicted itself, imo. They were still cool, but I think Warcraft trolls trump all because they're an entirely different and 'new' take on an old classic, with the voodoo jamaca type twist. Their goblins are similar.

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I like the solitary trolls, the ones that hide under bridges and attack people who pass by and are obsessed with shiny objects. I like to imagine them as hunchbacked and extremely skinny, possessing a very slow metabolism and generally being retard strong. Afraid of creatures that seem powerful, so they attack ones who look weak.

Orcs I've always thought of Tolkien's, because those were the first orcs I'd ever heard of. I imagine, somewhat like WoW, a barbaric tribal race that inhabits deserts. I always imagined orcs being the ones to go into killing frenzies.

Ogres I've always thought of being huge and stupid, possessing very little intelligence, only able to comprehend the most basic commands, if they can learn that much. They are ridiculously strong, but very slow, unless they are able to gain momentum, then they are almost impossible stop until they hit something. I like to think that lots of ogres are peaceful brutes, their evolution interrupted by weaker races that wanted to harness their power.

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The problem is that high elves/blood elves are like every elven RPG stereotype cranked up to eleven, with nothing to show for it. They fucked up at just about everything, and they're still arrogant assholes about it. They're pretty much Eldar.

Night Elves are definitely more interesting, but still retarded assholes. Their race is responsible for Illidan, the original Qiraji threat, the Burning Legion being attracted to Azeroth the first time, and the naga. And they're still arrogant and secular, and will kill you for cutting down trees.

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I agree on the Night Elf thing.

Its hilarious that all the problems with the Scourge could have been avoided if they'd let Illidan do what he needed to do.

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How were they responsible for the Qiraji?

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Trolls are made of rock, with silicone superconductive material for brains.

Discworld ftw.

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Dwarf Fortress has the best Elves.

Tall tree loving dudes, yes. But militaristic none-the-less, and they devour all their enemies.

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Guys, I've been thinking that "Elves" are actually Asuras. Those guys that are superhuman but are not quite divine yet

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the Ettin were basically thrown in by the art team because the design looked cool. They were originally just indiginous to Gilneas but they ended up using them a lot elsewhere.

the guys put a lot of them hanging out with ogres so they're probably related

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WoW gave me a Goblin fetish.

Actually, Twilight Princess started it.

But now every other setting's goblins don't do it for me. I need more short, naughty women with green skin, long ears, and wicked grins.

And dynamite curves, look at those hips.

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K, /tg/.

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Raji gave it to me with his DnD Gobblin art.

WoW DID get me into Dorfchicks.

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Yea, same here.

Pic related. warcraft ork warrior.

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Yes please!

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Yes, Anon.

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Well, you're wrong and should feel bad. Tolkein invented the orc tobe smaller and weaker than a human; savage by nature; and very intelligent.

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Heh, reminds me of a recent SRA (http://monsterlicenses.com/) social RP thread where some dude posing as a vampire told about a deal he made with a Jewish goblin and how he was still in debt 2000 years later.
Made me lol hard.

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I never even use Orcs any more, I can easily supplement them with Bugbears. I LOVE Bugbears

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It always has to be WoW doesn't it? We can never look back at the races as they were in Warcraft 1-3.

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Irrelevant, 40k orks are great.

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Goblinoids are a good Orc alternative for various reasons. Bugbears are much stronger, sneakier and scarier than Orcs. Hobgoblins have a society that is textbook LE, like a microcosm of the Nine Hells, and tons of plot hooks. Plain old goblins are excellent slaughterfodder and good for trivial opponents, Napoleon syndrome villains or comedic moments.

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Me neither, I have one goon in my group who thinks 'there is always room for orcs/orks' in any setting. He is wrong and should be punished. Too many other more interesting races get far less attention.

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You don't get to say what ogres are if you can't even spell the word.

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Ogres are a race of intelligent, short, and civilized gentlemen. Note the correct spelling.

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There may not always be room for orcs. But there's always room for Orkz.




Dat's right, dere's gonna be some manic-depressed Orkz in dere too.

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To be fair, DnD Orcs are shit tier anyway.

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Fandral Staghelm snapped the Scepter of the Shifting Sands because his son died in the first war and he was all BOO HOO DEPRESSION.

So to be fair, I can't really say it's all the night elves fault, but on the other hand I can, because none of the other dense purple fucks tried to stop him, or even keep the scepter together.

So the Qiraji got centuries to build their war machine, and if it wasn't for the player, they just would have came out of AQ when they were ready and streamrolled the world.

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>Red wunz doth travel wit more 'aste.

>> No.13292508

With a 100% percent awake and empowered old god behind them, for LOL I TROLL U flavour.

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Speaking of ogres..

Does anyone really, really like WoW's Lunk?

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Probably one of the best new characters I've found, next to the knight in Un'Goro.

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Yes, the new Searing Gorge is awesome.

I need someone to do the Pillow quest so I can get the Slow-fall pillow I missed on my first time through.

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This is what trolls will look like in my next campaign.

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Op I don't have anything on this praticular subject that has not already beed said but I commend you for posting a something origonal and interesting. I'm saving your images as templates.

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The only correct trolls are Discworld trolls. Big rocky, and with intelligence inversely proportional to the temperature outside.

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Tolken trolls were kind of inconsistent weren't they? Or maybe a better way to put that is why did they stop turning to stone in the day after the Hobbit?

>> No.13292739

They didn't. The only case of trolls out during 'day' is in the endbattle, and by then Sauron has shrouded the lands in eternal night.

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My take:

Trolls - Their personality is mostly derived from the fact that they are nigh-unkillable, even by each other. Stupid because they don't need to really learn anything, curious because they're bored and don't need to understand consequences, and solitary because the only way to resolve a conflict between two trolls is for one to get the fuck away.

Orcs are nomadic Viking/Mongol types. They steal all their weapons and other supplies from other races because they never got past a Stone Age level of culture on their own and don't know how to produce many of the things they enjoy. Ogres are giant, retarded orcs, complete with tard rage and not knowing their own strength.

Goblinoids, unlike orcs, live in cities and have organized armies and stuff. Developed enough to produce treasures worth stealing, but evil enough for PCs to not feel too bad about stealing said treasures. I like to make each goblinoid city a different kind of weird political dystopia.

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For trolls I just like to think of them as the worlds oldest, dumbest landowners that on occasion like to eat people. Their actual physical build I like to leave fairly diverse though

For orcs... they're pretty much cannon fodder. I kind of like the shamanistic/mongol kind of warcraft thing over a lot of the versions, but I don't really like orcs themselves enough to really bother with the details

For goblins I can't decide between simply being pygmy orcs or being the odd goblinoid out by being the ones that can put a civilization together

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needs more big hipped goblin chicks.

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9/10 troll thread

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...took me a second. Clever.

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If you need to figure out the best way to handle goblins, may I suggest city-dwelling pranksters ruled by a timeless pop star with an enormous bulge in his pantaloons.

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To me...
Trolls: Somewhere between Elder Scrolls and Age of Mythology.
Orcs: DnD all the way.
Ogres: Large person, not quite a giant. May be green skinned.

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Your grammar is atrocious.
Are you fucking 4 years old or something?

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Oh yeah, Goblins: MtG all the way also.

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Trolls, for me, shall forever be WC2 trolls. Punkrockers who we're badass and then threw axes at you. Dem jamaicanniggertrolls are ok, though not nearly as good. IMO

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D&D figured this all out in their Monster Manual. Go there for the best depictions based on several different sources.

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I would go with either the elder scrolls or everquest version of the Trolls, since I have heard stories where trolls are hairy monster or just greenish ones.
Honestly I go with the warhammer Orks or the LotR's orcs since one is a good example of Orks being their own threat and the other is a good example of Orcs being used as enemies by a higher force.
I go with the dungeons and dragons, with WoW coming in at a distant second, and look at that travesty in EQ2 I mean its an ogre wearing what looks like high quality chain mail... what?

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MTG goblins are boring. They're trying to be funny like Orkz and failing

>> No.13293171

They seem to be a good croww between Warcraft Warhammeer and DnD as far as things go.

Tech and explosions coupled with a tribal life and silliness.

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For me.

Goblins: Live in caves, bravery is proportionally related to their numbers. Only have basic Bronze Age technology, steal everything else.
Orcs: Basically the LoTR Uruk-Hai. They are breed underground by evil to do evil.
Trolls: LoTR trolls mixed with the actual mythology. Slow, stupid and big. Weak to fire and turn to stone in the day.

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I prefer my trolls berserking lunatics that will eat your flesh.
I don't want them to have a culture or tribal life they should be savage apes that beat people to death with clubs.

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This. This forever.

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I rather like the WoW version of ogres. Their trolls are also interesting, but would work better as a new race rather than as trolls.
WoW orcs are okay i guess, but generally the others are better.

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clearly this is a troll

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I didn't know /tg/ appreciated Warcraftverse's take on standard fantasy races.

Actually I was under impression /tg/ hated Warcraft.

>> No.13293833

Some do, i mean i've seen some huge rage about it before.
After a thread about sylvanas here some asshole went on /v/ and complained "NEVER LET WARCRAFT INTO /TG/ AGAIN"

>> No.13293870

Sylvanas is bit bit touchy. Retcons have not fared well for her.

>> No.13293952

Like the fluff for the games from 1-3, like bits of wow.

I'd say that most of /tg/ likes wow as a game, because it does what it does fairly well... the only thing that really keeps them away from it is the fucking insufferable playerbase, and inconsistencies in fluff... also all the terrible terrible things they've done with the plot since wow came out.

Vanilla wow was fucking amazing... everything since that was kinda retarded.

>> No.13294074

The writing and voice acting are pretty fucking atrocious too. Every single villain is so generic and hammy you can pretty much take the in-game dialogue of any one villain and swap it with another.

and as for the voice acting, it's pretty inexcusable. If Blizz can afford to have Shatner and Ozzy do a commercial, they can afford to hire someone who can voice act.

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>implying Budd did not have the best voice acting ever

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All three races were god tier in WC2. Couldn't stand the orcs or trolls in WC3, and ogres were put down to creep status, but pretty much stayed the same, so they were still cool. Also, goblins have been the best race in WarCraft since their introduction. Pic most definitely related.

>> No.13294169

Don't forget the constant retconning

>> No.13294180

Yeah, I'm not quite sure what happened to Blizzard after 2004. They used to be able to write, if not amazing, perfectly serviceable and entertaining stories that provided a good framework for the setting. Now, we get horseshit like SCII and the constant retcons of WoW. I think Metzen just stopped caring once the money started pouring in.

>> No.13294204

It seems like ever since Blizzard North closed that Blizzard, as a whole, has sucked.

You might even say they went south.

>> No.13294212

I don't mind all the retconning in wow because it's not like they are ruining anything that good. They are taking a shit story and making it, at worse, slightly worse. Really it's just taking a shit story and changing it but with no appreciable gain or loss in quality. It's not a step up or down, it's an awkward shuffle sideways.

>> No.13294225

This thread reminds me that I hate my so called'friends'.

I stopped playing Warcrack four years ago. About two weeks ago a friend told me he had started playing warcraft and that I needed to come back.

Only after my relapse does the smug motherfucker decide to tell me that he only had a trial account, and couldn't afford the actual game. Fucker.

So my post won't be just me bitching, I will say that I loved the semi-new takes on all the Horde races at launch, and mostly liked the way the Alliance handled other clasic races.

Whichever chucklefuck over at Bilzzard thinks it's funny to keep teasing us with Panderians can chocke on a cock in hell. Make them playable already, we wanted that shit at launch.

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Gloranthan (King of the Dragon Pass setting) trolls are the best.

They even do the "dying race" thing much better than most elves/spess elves due to the Trollkin Curse.

>> No.13294241


I played WoW since it came out... well, mostly, since I took breaks, but well, the playerbase was fucktons better back in ye olde classice dayes.

I'm cool with everything else, but the raving, screaming, bullshit-spouting, grammar-raping horde of immature lvl 80 fucktarded manchildren crowding the streets of Dalaran makes me RRRRAGE.

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File: 227 KB, 642x600, Troll mother and sons - John_Bauer_1915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'know I like original nordic folklore trolls.

Males are your typical hideous creatures. The females are practically indistinguishable from female humans, except for their tails, and apparently spend a lot of their time trying to hit on human men who go out alone.


Actually I think I just like the female trolls.

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Goblins: Smartest in the group. May construct cities but far more likely to just scavenge or squat in the ruins of others. Sneaky guys, always looking to cheat others, will never fights a fair fight if its avoidable. Bicker all the time

Orcs: Waver between Warhammer Orcs are best.

Trolls: Big, Hungry, Adaptable, VERY hard to kill, not very bright, use makeshift or found weapons if they're gonna use any weapons at all. They regenerate, are naturally tough, and have stony hides. Some kind of tie to the mountains and dark damp places, some kind of love of shiny things, and some kind of weakness to the sun. Honestly I like almost every interpretation of trolls.

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Or is the huldra a different creature?


>Here is a story from Denmark about the abduction of a young man:

>Not far from Ebeltoft in Jutland a farmer boy was guarding the cattle. Then a beautiful girl appeared, asking him if he was hungry or thirsty. But he noticed that she took great care that he could not see her back, so he understood it must be an elf girl as their backs are hollow. He therefore decided to avoid her. But as she saw this, she offered him her breast to make him drink. She made everything seem so enthralling that he could not resist her. Having given in, he lost his powers and it was therefore very easy for her to abduct him. For three days he was gone.
Meanwhile the parents were grieving at home as they understood what had happened to their son. But on the fourth day the father saw his son reappearing in the horizon and immediately bid his wife to cook some meat. Soon after the son came through the door and sat down at the table without a word. The father also stayed silent but pretended everything was as usual. Then the boy became hungry and when he had tasted the meat he ate greedily and then fell in a deep sleep. He now slept for as many days as the enchantment had lasted, but never regained his senses.


>> No.13296439

>But as she saw this, she offered him her breast to make him drink.

Two things:

>> No.13296481

So, he was gone for 4 days, and then slept for 4 days?

Man. Being fucked by hot troll/elf chicks for 4 days straight must REALLY tire you out.

>> No.13296489

>Orcs are monsters, not a race. (I hope that made sense..)
I understand what you're saying, but I don't agree with it. I really don't like orcs in D&D because it makes no sense for them to be uncivilised tribals with little to no society. I mean I'd understand if orcs were isolated for a long time and suddenly came in contact with other races/nations, but they were around for a pretty long time next to everybody else weren't they? (Not very confident in my D&D lore, so correct me if I'm wrong.)

Warhammer orcs on the other hand do make sense in a twisted and comical sense.

>> No.13296509

Breastmilk, yo. Nothing like sucking on troll tits!

>> No.13296513

Roll a Troll hunter


>> No.13296521
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you forgot elder scrolls orcs

like most things in the elder scrolls they are more realistic and 'human'-like than in most fantasy settings, and like most things in the elder scrolls they are actually elves

>> No.13296524

Keep in mind it also says he never regained his senses - so apparently it was so good he was left dumbstruck for the rest of his life.

>> No.13296589

I like the Trolls Have Endless Variety model. Sometimes they're skinny tribal fuckers with cannibalism and such, and sometimes they're a brutally disciplined military empire hellbent on world domination. I do like that WoW basically made them the First Ones and turned all elves into mutant trolls.

Orcs usually don't do much for me. They're always too WAAAAAAAAGH or too HONOR and never very intimidating or anything at all. I either try to reinvent them or just leave 'em out. Some of D&D's derivatives (Spelljammer, Shadowrun) did a good job reinventing them though.

I like ogres as a barbaric slave race. Whenever left to their own devices, they should default to something violent, simple, and pragmatic. Not necessarily stupid, but the idea of an educated ogre is downright blasphemous. Magic should be an absurdly rare phenomenon for them. Pathfinder's ogres (I think it's Pathfinder) are the best spin on them I've seen in ages -- hyperviolent inbred hillbilly rape clans. Yes.

>> No.13296645

Glorantha also has the best dwarfs. The last time we had an Orcs thread, I saved some stuff some guy was saying about his favourite orcs:

>"I like classic orcs, where they're the undead-esque embodiment of champions and soldiers that died in a way the lef ttheir spirits in torment. They lurked in the mires and bogs and killed everytone the saw within. They travelled in either a small group or a band of twenty or thirty, never meant to be a civilisation."

He also said that they weren't human (so they were faeries?) and that this was Scottish folklore, which it isn't as far as I can tell. But it's a neat twist.

Hugh Cook's orks are neat too. Some are small and weak, others human-sized but incredibly fat with blubber, and humans hunt them for the oil in the blubber. They also cry really easily. Ogres are famous for their glasses and lenses.

>> No.13296659

It bears resemblance to some things in Scottish, Irish/Scottish or Borders folklore but none of these things would have been Orcs.

>> No.13296660

I was more befuddled by the idea that she could just whip them out and lactate right there.

Is that like, some kind of troll ability or something?

>> No.13296676


>> No.13296684
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For me, the Ogre in the Time Bandits is physically what I think of when I think of Ogres. Basically large Humanoid (somewhere between Human and the height of a single-story house), with horns, and animal skin clothing.

>> No.13296695

If you are sexually attracted to goblins, you are basically into nigger midgets.

Prove me wrong.

>> No.13296708
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I'd rather not, seeing as how you are a troll.

>> No.13296713

I only find WoW goblins attractive.

They are New Jersey Jews.

You are wrong.

>> No.13296724

Got a link or a name I can search with? It's intriguing me.

>> No.13296749


Well, there's another waifu to pine for. Magnificent.

>> No.13296769
File: 192 KB, 636x900, Day_of_the_Bond.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have the continuation to that pic, then.

>> No.13296787

That group really needed a actual name.
You forgot your shades Caruso.

>> No.13296798

I keep seeing a Darth Vader Helmet made out of her hair in the thumb.

>> No.13296814

never forget the pre-WoW days of Warcraft. I loved Warcraft 2 orcs so much.

>> No.13296815

That's not a real WoW Orc, there aren't any fuckhueg pauldrons .

>> No.13296827

An amazing discussion, I'm going to bump this thread.

>> No.13296829

There's no one concrete thing that resembles that, but Scottish folklore is filled with water spirits, Norse and Celtic influence, fairies and fey. 'Wraith' is a word of Scottish origin.

Honestly, Scottish mythology crops up all the fucking time once you know about it. Drow? Scottish derived. Cait Sith? Scottish derived. Slaugh? Scottish derived. See 'Trow', 'Cat Sith' and 'Sluagh' respectively for where these names came from.

>> No.13296837
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He's farming SM for that big single pauldron, H already has Ravager.

Captcha Wants it's Burd

>> No.13296862
File: 9 KB, 138x114, Orc Grunt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me not that kind of orc!

>> No.13296875

Herods Shoulder was never fuckhueg enough, he should have just waited for Z'F and gotten the MANS shoulders "Big Bad Pauldrons"

>> No.13297302

Herod's was plenty fuchueg and that was alone.

The Ravager is reminding me of how desperate I am to get that damn [Dark Iron Sunderer] axe commissioned.

Ravager with Blue runes has always been something I wanted since Vanilla.

>> No.13297412
File: 231 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2010-08-28-17h20m06s255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer to enjoy different interpretations of a particular fantasy type.

Consider Dark Elves.

Traditional D&D and FR: Underground servants of the spider goddess Lolth

In Morrowind: Volcanic islanders who were cursed with dark skin (need to recheck my Elder scrolls lore)

Lords of Magic & Age of Wonder: Necromantic and dark-skinned

Warhammer & Arcanum: Necromantic, pale-skinned

HOMM 5: Basically a mixture of the D&D type and the "Dungeon" faction from HOMM 3

and last but not least

Tolkien: A bunch of elves who were called that because they did something.

In short, there are so many different interpretations that even our own personal interpretation can't really set the bar.

Oh, and my favourite dark elves are the Dunmer.

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