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Anyone able to explain to me where the extra ten hit points are coming from? I come up with 98 factoring con and a d10.

Pic related.

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Some item that gives +10 hp, maybe? Failing that, crazy awesome Bhaalspawn powers?

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Bhaals blood.

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at lvl 7?

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Vaguely remember there being a necklace that might boost HP in the starting dungeon. Maybe that?

I'm not sure how BG2 handles con gains per level either. IIRC if you have a high Con rating (like you do), you might get an extra '+ x' hp per level.

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EVERYBODY picks that face.


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I never did.

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I thought it might be plot related, however I have been unable to find anything about it via Google or otherwise.


I took that screenshot immediately after the first cutscene, so my character is not wearing any gear.

As to HP per level it would be 14 each level factoring con, hence my conundrum.

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Helmet of Balduran, nigger

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Do you have the "gain max hp per level" thing on? Failing that, are you sure the HP gain for Barb is 1d10 per level?

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Shit is so cash.

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When the rest of the faces look like madmen or are decidedly "sidekick-ish", or even blatantly belong to NPCs, of course people are going to pick the only heroic face.

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Yes I do. I don't believe that adds any additional HP beyond what your class/con would normally give you however.

Berserker is a fighter kit which uses a D10.

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HoB is +5.

I'm not wearing any gear either way, so that's not it.

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I only ever used that when I was playing Charname as a Paladin.

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You guys can really get past the bat-nipples?

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Considering those "nipples" would be up around his collarbone, they don't bother me.

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My best guess is that it's a bug conflicting with the "give max hp at level mod." You get the default max hp for the HD at level one, then the mod is just giving you an additional [max hp for the HD] for every level it sees you have.

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Those a hangers for a cape. Lots of real armor has them. Jeez.

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"Are hangers." Jeez, I don't know how I missed two letters in a three letter word.

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Let me give that a go and I'll report back

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Look at all those nipples

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thats gros

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Would appear the mod is not the issue. Still end up with 108.

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Imoen is mai waifu ^_^

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>Dick Magnum

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Ugh, that whiny bitch?

Every time I heard "HEY-A, it's me, Imoen!" I wanted to chuck my computer out the nearest window.

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You crack me up, little buddy

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The name alone slays most of my enemies.

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You'll LOVE the Imoen romance mod then!

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Then its a bug from BG2/Infinity Engine unless you have other mods that could potentially affect hp.

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If you are in a rage, you could potentially have a +10 HP bump I think. It's been a long time since I played BG or BG2 so I can't be 100% certain. Still, that would bump you to 108 hp or so.

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You forgot your picture.

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Barbs roll d12 for hp instead of d10.

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That's cool, because he's not a barb.

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It's +15 temporary hit points.

Cool, except he's a berserker, not a barbarian. Berserker is a fighter kit from AD&D 2nd Edition.

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Yeah, but that's a berserker which is a fighter kit and is different from the barbarian class

It's +15 HP when raged which would put him over 108 max HP.

The best thing I can come up with is that it's a bug. I saw a bug once that gave me +80 HP when importing a char from BG1, so it might be related to that.

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>strength 11

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How does 18/whatever strength work?

is 18/50 better than 18/75?

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Says the one with the most retarded proficiencies EVER.

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Why do I want to punch the creator of this abomination?

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The higher the second number the better (and 00 is 100, so it's best). It doesn't really matter as far as I can tell, though, since you'll be getting up to 19 strength fairly quickly in BG1, though.

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Fighter classes get a percentile roll to determine bonuses to their strength that land in the gap between 18 and 19. I don't have the list at hand, and remember hardly anything about the numbers either.

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Yeah, I was wondering about that. I typically played battleragers, which is why I was wondering about it. I knew that the Battlerager kit used to be +15 hp, and I thought the fighter kit was a bit weaker in comparison. Odd, now I have no idea where the hp is coming from.

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Why do I want to play that abomination? I don't even like touho.

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My poor understanding is at 18/50 and 18/00 there's a better modifyer, but really the manual from BG1 or the belts and various plot and side quest stuff from 2 completely sidestep that bullshit

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For chars with 18 strength there is a modifier after it between 18/01 and 18/00(18/100) which gives to hit and damage bonuses. There are 5 levels as far as bonuses are concerned : 18/01 - 18/25, 18/26 - 18/50, 18/51 - 18/75, 18/76 - 18/99 and 18/00 which gives the best bonuses.

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Oh god, ahahaha. That's 1st ed AD&D isn't it.

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18:01-18:50 was +1 to hit, +3 to damage
18:51 through 18:75 was +2 +3
76-90 was +2 +4
91-99 was +2 +5
100 or 00 was +3 +6

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Because it'd potentially offer more to explore in a game you've already gnawed to the bone and marrow.

And because the portraits wouldn't make you wince anymore.

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Oh boy. I'm a raging BG fanboy, and even I can't deny that some things could have been done a little better...

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A lot of things would benefit from complete overhauling, given the advances in user interface concepts that have taken place over the years.

A total conversion to, say, NWN2's engine would be something I'd pay money for.

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Just finished my second playthrough, ready to use some mods.

Grabbed Valen NPC so far. Thinking of Acension. Any other recommendations?

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You know, I'd like to see the game either with NWN or ToEE combat. In both cases the challenge would be recreating the atmosphere of BG, which benefited from the "hand-made" texturing, surfaces and whatnot. To me, it seems the more technologically advanced graphical engines become, the more clinical and cold they turn.

Fucking bloom.

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I think it's just a matter of approach. People seem to think that the handcrafted feel is unnecessary, since you can get a great looking game anyway.
If you miss that, look at Guild Wars 2, for example.
Now a BG game recreated in this style would be NICE.

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If you created your character in BG2, your HP stats get wonky and you get an extra bonus HP. If you imported a character from BG1 to BG2, somehow your base HP max gets nerfed.

Also, he has low strength due to the many strength setting items in BG2. In this game, belts of <adjective> giant's strength sets your STR to a 19, 20, 21, etc. They don't add to your strength like in 3.0+ edition.

As for the bad proficiencies on the weeabo player, there's a warhammer that you can make that sets your STR to 25 (max). Dual wielders usually offhand it. And in the expansion, you can get an axe that has HP regen, +CON, and vorpal effect, so dual wielding those two is popular option. So is using the Flail of Ages (acid, fire, cold, lightning, slow), or Celestial Fury (+3 which is the only poor part, chance of stunning when attack).

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I didn't, he has a yucky man face, not a pretty woman or boy face.

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>Grabbed Valen NPC so far. Thinking of Acension. Any other recommendations?

Banter packs, one or more of the tweak packs (some of them overlap IIRC), Unfinished Business, Quest pack. Pocketplane.net has a modlist for you to sift through. IIRC Pocketplane, Gibberlings3.net, and spellholdstudios.net probably have the best reputations for quality mods, but I'd be careful of ANY NPC mod. Most are badly written and will have you turning back to the vanilla companions quickly enough. However, it's all down to opinions. I'm sure someone out there liked Chloe.

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>In this game, belts of <adjective> giant's strength sets your STR to a 19, 20, 21, etc. They don't add to your strength like in 3.0+ edition.

I always it found more sensible this way.

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>Most are badly written

Oh man, I managed to forget about that bitch, why did you have to remind me. T_T

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In ToB, character and item power levels go so far through the roof that details like what weapon to use start to become completely irrelevant.

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Does the name Saerileth ring any unpleasant bells? For those that don't know, she's a a character made by some creepy couple. Here are some of the atrocities of this character:
- Speaks in thou's and thee's.
- Voice actress is the from the woman in the relationship and sounds terrible.
- Looks like a 13 year old.
- Looks vaguely asian (co-related?).
- Is a cavalier (paladin subclass).
- Blessed by Tyr (paladin god).
- Comes from Celestia (plane of lawful good).
- Only shows up if you're good aligned.
- Falls in love with you, but only if you have a naturally high charisma score.
- Argues with the original characters and ends up winning their arguments.
- Will destroy evil weapons if you hand them to her.
- And what really bothers me the most is that she has shitty stats.

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Those pictures wouldn't make me rage more if they contained furries.

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I wish I could hate you to death. (well, actually no, happy holidays and all that)
I once insisted that anon tell me who Saerileth iseth so I caneth telleth if I wanteth to installeth it. Eth.
It's amusingly horrible.

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I had her in my party because I wanted a different good aligned character. When I got you-know-who in ToB, I had him hit her until I got a Deathbringer critical and gib her.

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Whats game is this...

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Chloe is still worse.

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Human Village 2: Shadows of Gensokyo!

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Gurps: the Vidya.

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I checked, but everybody is using acronyms, so I won't rage at you for not reading the thread.

This is Baldur's Gate.
(One of) the best RPG's ever.

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From what I can remember, Cloe is:
- From a tribe of kensai, which she herself is one.
- One of parent, forget which one is a god/dess of air or something, so she has 25 (max) DEX.
- 13 STR.
- Voice is kinda meh.
- Lesbian.

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- Kills Anomen because he annoys her.
- Scares Renal Bloodscalp into submission.

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I'd yell "Sue", but for the whole "killing Anomen" thing I have to forgive.

Besides, she has insane biceps.

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whats a good place to DL these games? I feel llike playing them on christmas

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Didn't get too far with her with her.
Also, I remember her having a unique scimitar (?) and unique short sword exclusive to her. And at Spellhold, the ghost of her parent comes and bless/enhance the weapons.

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Buy them you fuck. Stop trying to get everything for free.

>but-ends quoloot

Oh CAPTCHA you so crazy.

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Meh. That means I don't get to kill Anomen.

Whenever a party member started to get on my nerves, I usually went and disarmed my whole party, group-beat said member unconscious, strip the victim from all equipment, and casually toss him into a ditch along the way for kobolds to eat.

Or when an interesting new character comes up, and there's no room in the party?


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Good Old Games. They're cheap. And they have Planescape: Torment up. They're even nice enough to have an article listing the mods you should install for Torment, and the order to install them in.

>> No.13286794

so the fact that I bought them once before means nothing to you huh

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Nigga what?

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Good Old Games, paysite. Has a bunch of old games for download. $10 for BG2 and its expansion and another $10 for BG1 and its expansion.

Of course, if you don't feel like shelling out the moohlah, Pirate Bay probably has it. Or even or own lovely /rs/ board.
Don't know if the links work, or if the whole set is complete.

You never mentioned that. No one knew, and I assume no one really cares. They just like to spout their morality.

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>Hating on Anomen

Have you ever had him in your party for longer than a few minutes? It takes time but he's actually a lot less annoying and far more interesting than he first appears, he also gets a huge stat buff if you finish his personal story arc.

Cernd is the butt monkey.

>> No.13286818


I never bother with Cernd, and I usually finish the game with Anomen in-party.

I still dislike him.

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What about the NPC mods that bring BG1 NPCs who didn't originally make the cut into BG2?

And on an unrelated note, is there any way to keep Keldorn and Viconia in the same party without them killing each other? I'm doing a GO TEAM JUSTICE run with an Inquisitor Pally, so I'd like to be able to brofist with Keldorn while redeeming Viconia with Lawful Hot Dickings.

>> No.13286821

Then why can't you just play it from there? Why don't you have it anymore?

If you just lost it or scratched it or something, then sure, I suppose you could just download the game. But if you sold them away, then you should buy a new one.

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>- Kills Anomen because he annoys her.

All is forgiven.

What. You bought it once and don't even know what it is?

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Quicksave a lot and reload whenever shit starts happening.

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If I remember correctly wisdom doesn't do shit in the BG series. Maybe it's a stat check in a couple of conversations, but really. It's bugged or they didn't feel like adding it or whatever, so wisdom doesn't give you extra spell slots (not sure) and it definitely doesn't affect will/etc saves.

>> No.13286841

Thank you.

Also, any problems likely to show up importing from a Tutu-mod heavy install of BG1 to BG2?

>> No.13286844

Looks like buffed up main character from Sliders

>> No.13286848


Won't work, the scripts are on a timer and will set off quick save or no.

>> No.13286849

There's a mod/fix on Gibberlings3. One of the components of the thing adds "Happy Companions" or something like that. Companions won't leave due to reputation or fight one another I believe.

>> No.13286857


High wisdom gives you better save vs spells, more spell slots for clerics/druids and allows to talk the beholder in the Sahuigan (I think that's how you spell it) City into letting you look into the chest.

>> No.13286860


Didn't know any of that, only thing I'm certain wisdom is used for is casting limited wish where it gives you more options to pick from.

>> No.13286861

There was some bug - when you import char with items that give bonus to health - this healthchange is left permanent.

>> No.13286891

I was under the impression that the timer was in real time, not gametime and can be somewhat random (as in banter "X vs Y 1" will always happen before "X vs Y 2" but "X & Z" banter might happen instead the next time you reload). While I admit that it's been years since I played the games, I certainly remember being annoyed in my first playthrough when I reloaded a save specifically to reread a banter only for it not to show up, and this happened multiple times.

>> No.13286983

I was wrong.
Wisdom will give you bonus spells and affect lore stat. Wisdom won't affect spell defense or spell failure. But you need an insanely high wisdom to get bonuses to level 5+. What I was thinking about was that, paladins won't get bonuses to spells due to wisdom.

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There's both ingame and real timers. Some events run on both.

I just want a Viconia epilogue where she isn't killed.

>> No.13287018

Don't bone her.

>> No.13287032

But how can I convert her to the cause of JUSTICE without lawful sexy dickings?

>> No.13287037

>You forgot about the bar full of all the chat, damage, and other stuff going on in the, "world".

Unless you're playing without the HUD on. In which case, my bad bro.

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No, guys, use Saerileth.

See, if you romance her and get to the end of ToB, she'll tell you not to become a god, so if you do, she immediately dies of a broken heart as her soul is crushed.

>> No.13287047


Oh my god, I want to do this now.

>> No.13287464


Does not just look.

Bitch is like...15 or so. Really.

>> No.13287480


She actually is. Its stated so.

I mean, she's by far the youngest. The canon female romance options are Nalia (like, 23 or something) and Aerie and Viconia (elves, so they're probably ancient)

>> No.13287486

Thou aresth correct'eth. Saerilith doth be'eth 15eth ofth ageth.

>> No.13287497


Oh god, I just acquired the sound files


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The character I'm running through the series right now with. Took me an hour to get ability scores like that.

>> No.13287537

How many hours did it take to get that incredibly stoned look?

>> No.13287546


That one is my favorite charname portrait.

It just reeks of smug asshole.

>> No.13287556


Nalia isn't a canon romance option, you're thinking Aerie, Jaheirea, Viconia, and Anomen.

>> No.13287560

About four hours of doing straight opium.

That's why I'm being the biggest douche I can while still keeping chaotic good.

Just killed 7 Black Talon Mercenaries, shit was SO CASH...and I just realized I forgot to loot all the magic arrows. FUCK.

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I don't think there should be any problem. The only time I could guess that something might go wrong is something like you're playing with a modded class/kit in BGtutu and try to import it into BG2 without installing the class/kit into BG2. Even then, that's just speculation on my part.

However, no guarantees. Using a TON of mods will sometimes create some pretty bad bugs.

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You could probably have just saved time and Shadowkeepered yourself the same thing I mean, what's the max possible points you can get? All 18s, right? Keep it mostly honest and only give yourself 18 in 3 or 4. But wasting your time clicking over and over is ridiculous.

>> No.13287571


Ah, right. I was thinking of the Fighter stronghold quest. Derp.

Still, though, that leaves you three elf ladies. This Saerileth... thing... is so much younger, even proportionally, it's not even funny.

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>Ways how to gain new appreciation for a vanilla NPC you hate.
>Look up the modlist
>Go to NPCs
>Try to go with an NPC with the opposite alignment to the chosen vanilla one.
>Download it.
>Read throw the dialogue.
>Facepalm at strawmen everywhere.
>Unfortunately, does not work with Cernd.

>> No.13287586

Feels too much like cheating for me. I'm kind of butthurt about that sort of thing, and would rather have stats that I earned by clicking obnoxiously for an hour.

>> No.13287588

Yeah...Why are they all elves?

>> No.13287593

Bioware has a serious elf fetish.

>> No.13287597

I don't really have a grudge against any of the NPCs in Baldur's Gate, because I could never bring myself not to play with the same party, every time.

>> No.13287609

But it's like proving something by induction. If you know what you're shooting for is possible, and you know you're not going to quit until you get it, then you can say you're definitely going to get it eventually. So the end result of either is the stats you got. The only difference is one allowed you to get going quicker than the other.

>> No.13287611


Because Nalia is annoying and Imoen is your sister?

>> No.13287617


>> No.13287620

Y'know, sometime they need to make a romance for a character that's outside of the party. Like some sweet barmaid or something that you go back to after your adventures are over to settle down with.

>> No.13287642


If this does happen, it will happen for the sole reason GMs let you romance an NPC.

BBEG swings into town and kills everyone.

>> No.13287643

Well, there's the Romantic Encounters mod where you can have meaningless sex with some some sweet barmaid and forget about her an hour later.

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Baby, why you make me hurt you?

>> No.13287651

>BBEG swings into town and kills everyone.
I knew falling for that prostitute in Saradush was a bad idea but NOOO the penis must have what the penis wants.

>> No.13287706


Well, you can do that to Aerie, too.

>> No.13289319



>> No.13289398

So where the nads is that Touhou mod, anyway?

>> No.13289486

Are you
that is not the way Saerilith talks?

>> No.13289526

Apparently there's a fine line between sounding like you're at a renaissance fair and sounding drunk

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What, are you big enough a man to admit that you'd actually like to try it?

>> No.13289646

I don't like what this implies about those of us who are simply not interested of the mod.

>> No.13289730


This kind of weeabooism makes me consider suicide.

>> No.13289808


Seeing that dialogue and that portrait makes me want to kill myself.

Aerie is a JRPG character, why didn't I see it?

>> No.13289818

Is there a download of this with sound somewhere?

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You sound strangely surprised.

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Baldur's Gate thread?

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File: 92 KB, 407x405, Success-Nerd-quest-to-save-your-half-sister-shut-up-imoen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Don't you talk to my sister like that.

>> No.13290148


You ragin?

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>rayger drablil


>> No.13290205

Drablil will be the name of my next barbarian.

>> No.13290388



>> No.13290408


Drablil the Undefeatable?

>> No.13290943



>Raynger Drablil

>for Clurnened

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