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IG of Various Cultures thread?

inb4 that Datasheet of Various Guard armies across the imperium, I would prefer art/minifgures

pic related, Imperial Army units during the Great Crusade/Horus Heresy

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Elysian Drop Troops.

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Hussar Colonel of some French Grand Armee themed IG

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I bet theres an IG that are basically reincarnated versions of the Japanese army in WW2
It would fit so much it would hurt

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...is there more? Because that is one of more original and awesome themes for IG that I've heard of.

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Who're the top ones?
I think middle is Cadians and bottom is Vostroyans.

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OP here, Nope

The top ones are Imperial Army Regiments from the Realm of Ultramar. Cadia was yet to be colonized, the Middle are generic army units. The bottom are men from the world of Urslava

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>Realm of Ultramar
Is it just me or Ultramar seem to be even more develop than Segmentum Solar itself.

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sorry, just saw that one.

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Well, under Girlyman's rule, it was a shiny Rome-in-its-peak kinda culture.

Unlike Terra's craggy industrial look

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Does this mean all road lead to Ultramar?

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Personally, I'd like to see that datasheet of various guard armies. Does anyone have it?

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OP here, I second this since I forgot to save it :P

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I was just about to post it but... I cant find it!

Sorry.>>13285495 >>13285503

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Does anyone have the larger version of this artwork?

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Actually the Old Imperial Army looked a lot worse for wear...

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40k needs cowboy/mexican guard regiment, shit would be so cash.

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general mukorin

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Meet the Desperados

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Thanks a lot.

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Elysian Drop Troops have been raped so many times in the fluff, they should just defect to the Tau, being fellow reasonablefags and all that.

We need another moronic spear chucking Zulu regiment that dies in droves but has invincible plot armour. That would fit in IG perfectly.

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If it consoles you, heres a larger pic

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Fuck yes I want Mexican Bandido Guard.

>Must you fight against the Greater Good? Have you no logic?

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Thank you. It most certainly does. Now I have a theme for a new IG army.

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>In here, Farseer! These accursed Mon-Keigh surely can't infiltrate a tank!

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Personally I find the idea of a Servitor-Horse awesome

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If Abbadon knew that motherfucker would be his opponent, he'd keep his bitch ass in the Eye of Terror.

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Hell, those are standard issue on Forge World planets. What better way to roll a cavalry regiment off an assembly line?

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>Spider Cult

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Tanith aint got nuthin on us

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they are basicaly smurf guards, also they have a fucking commisar.

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I'm getting a strong PARANOIA vibe from that.

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>Children born on the planet of Jopall incur a massive debt for their own care to the government, that they cannot even begin to pay until their adolescence. One of the most popular ways of paying off that debt is by enlistment into the Indentured Squadrons. The Jopall are unique in that they encourage individuality and ingenuity, which is rewarded with a small financial recompense, which of course helps in paying off their debts.

>The Jopall Indentured Squadrons Imperial Guard regiment are known for their marksmanship and their concern for money. Jopall is a peacefull agri world, whose citizens are born in debt to their government. Jopall citizens spend most of their adult life working to pay this debt. One way to fast track repayment is to join the Jopall Indentured Squadrons, and as such it is considered vitally important by members of the Jopall Indentured to keep an accurate tally of every foe killed, to be used later to argue the value they have given to the regiment.

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>The Indentured squadrons fight defensively, conserving resources until the last minute. Even so, the underhanded tactics they employ can end up being rather expensive in the end. Squads may take it upon themselves to sabotage enemy units and supplies, and Jopall snipers will strike at targets of opportunity at any given moment. In one infamous incident during the 3rd War for Armageddon, a group of Jopall officers posed as traitors and delivered three Basilisk artillery pieces and a great deal of shells to an Ork Big Mek who had already captured several Imperial troop transports. As the proud Mek was parading the weapons to his Warlord, the Officers detonated explosives hidden on the guns, with just enough force to cook off the artillery shells, which wiped out a sixth of the Orks' artillery. The officers were stripped of their rank for the voluntary destruction of the three Basilisks, but they were very popular among the rest of the company.

The Jopall Indentured: An entire army of Han Solos.

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why can i see an Empire state troop with a gun in that pic.

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I always wonder why IG Generals are on the FUCKING FIELD in battles

He could be obliterated there, Theres a titan battle going nearby

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They represent a bygone era. (well, that and GW wants to emphasize the BADASS vibe)
Also vostroyans specially wouldn't respect any commander who hides in orbit.

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Then what are those Armageddon dudes doing holding the scroll?

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It's one of them merged regiments.

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It might have been a joint operation.

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Why is that bolt pistol so tiny? Is that just a miniaturized space marine bolter?

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Maybe because it's a more realistically proportioned miniature and he's using a hand crafted human sized bolt pistol.

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back in teh days boltpistols were smaller too.

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More Vostroya!

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Of course, sorry.

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Meh, I'm spent.
Not many vostroyan artwork floating around.

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Poor space asian

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Yeeeah, I deliberately avoided posting that.

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That's what you get when you're a midget going up against a crazed space cossack wielding a power sabre.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Vostroyans have a tight relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus, right?

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>crazed space cossack wielding a power sabre.

Goddammit, I love you, IG.

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Also I love painting them. (picture is not mine sadly)

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Looky him, the Little bastard never had a chance to defend himself

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Dammit, of course I have another piece...

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No datasheet?


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Data sheet?
I'd post it if I'd have it.

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What do you mean by datasheet?

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How had no-one posted Geno Five-Two Chiliad?


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I guess it's that.

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Well, post the artworks/minis of them then.
I'll be waiting.

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The 'classified' entries are traitor regiments, right?

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Jaguars are fur-suiters.


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Perhaps, they may also have been inducted for Inquisition work.

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Hell, there's loads of reasons.
Fuck year, gladiatorial Guardsmen.
And that Desert Fox tank crewman is a fucking boss.

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That's unfortunately all I've been able to find for art. As for minis, it looks like a few people have used Vossys and they've worked out okay.

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>written on the picture it's clearly pre heresy

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>That's unfortunately all I've been able to find for art.

I already knew that, silly anon.
Though I wouldn't mind if someone would start dumping decent arts of them.

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Holy shit, there's even a special Rad-war regiment. AWESOME!

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Mother of fuck, I can't unsee Reznov in this pic.

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>Amerigo secundus
>Overthrow of Jyokori Tyranny
>Wolverine Regiment exalted
>Amerigo, Wolverines


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Yeah, me too. :\

Maybe someone should commission some devarts?

>Capcha: One proogy

My god, it's learning...SHUT IT DOWN! SHUT IT ALL DOWN!

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They are led by teenage girls.
This will only end in porn and you know it.

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Praetorians here, Ready to serve Emporer and Imperium!

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Woah, I didn't have this one.

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>Emporer and Imperium

You mean emporium, right?

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They're led by ALPHARIUS...and teenage girls. Sure, you could have pics of the Uxor's aides sleeping around, but you could have an equal amount of pics fighting the Nurthene, kicking ass with the Alphas, etc, etc.

Still one of the more interesting regiments out there. And I wouldn't mind converting Lucifer Blacks as IG bodyguards.

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Or, you know, massive penises ravaging their nubile bodies.
Don't tell me this will not happen.

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>woad warrior of xymox clan
>"Belief will conquer bullets"
>completely nude except for woad

Confirmed for most retarded IG regiment.

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Posting on 4chan through a phone is hard.

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It's not like Guardsmen wear any noticeable armour anway.

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Do you have this this with Cadians?

>spacetime waatal
What the hell watal Catcaha? Is that how orks call portals? In that case spacetime orkish portal sonds like really bad news.

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this is one of my favorite IG picture

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I remember seeing fantasy version or two of that picture (definitely remember Bretonian one), can someone post it.

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...OR Creed/Kell yaoi rapefests. Like most things, it all depends upon how you want to use your resources.

>> No.13287085

I can work with that.

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Thanks. What's the origin of this picture is anyway?

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Praetorian Guard needs some love

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>PORN on the flag no matter what
Made me smile.

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next army will be an IG that's french foreign legion themed, cape blancs everywhere.

>thewah all

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That's... I don't even...

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Sorry I see Born...

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Excellent. The speculum is sitting on top of the fridge and the cat's asleep. Have fun.

Later, bros. Need some sleep before work today.

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A better version.

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No one knows what it's like to be the sad man behind this post.

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But his version makes more sense, since they are called Vostroyan Firstborn/s.

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Yes, it's not like the poor sod's shoulder obscures half of that B and only when you totally zoom in can you see a little bit of the lower part of it - and even that in only one shot.

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That's the whole point.
It clearly is "first born" but it also reads "porn" in all shots.

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It's good she has those purity seals else I'd have impure thoughts.

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Drookian Fenguard

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>> No.13287982

For Praetoria and Emporium!

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I love the tallarn, but unfortunately theres none out there and if there is, you'll get the inevitable DURKA DURKA JIHADIST WHY YOU HATE AMERICA?

There was a cool concept for a WW2 Japanese army themed IG. They would have fluff where entire units end up fighting in the jungles long after a world has been taken over and eventually securing victory.

Waves of waves of conscripts attempting battle charges and power katanas.

And a core of deranged, malnourished but cunningly dangerous veterans

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You'll love this than

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Somewhere in the Imperium theres an Earth that Kane took over and finally defeated the GDI, he was the lost primarch.

>> No.13288730

I'd serve on her firing line ifyouknowwhatimean

>> No.13288866

I'm thinking of taking my praetorians to adepticon, as well as cosplaying, just to troll irl

protip helps to be welsh

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>I love the tallarn, but unfortunately theres none out there and if there is, you'll get the inevitable DURKA DURKA JIHADIST WHY YOU HATE AMERICA?
There's none of this in their original stories that used to be on GW's site. And the Imperial Armour 3 makes them T.E. Lawrence's troops and SAS Long Range Groups they should be.

>There was a cool concept for a WW2 Japanese army themed IG. They would have fluff where entire units end up fighting in the jungles long after a world has been taken over and eventually securing victory.

>Waves of waves of conscripts attempting battle charges and power katanas.

>And a core of deranged, malnourished but cunningly dangerous veterans

Look here: >>13286530
second row, second from the left.

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I lol'd.

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Model them on Dark Elf Cold Ones from WHFB and then you have
>crazed space cossack wielding a power sabre ON A DINOSAUR

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