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Well /tg/

What do you think this sister of battle is asking for this Christmas?

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What the fuck do you think?

"Emperor, please please PLEASE grant me a new codex. One that is untouched by Matt Ward. Ave Imperator."

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Why wouldn't they want a codex made by a good rule writer who sometimes write stupid fluff?

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Nekkid Blood Angels.

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Dear Emperor, please let Matt Ward get eaten by a Hive Fleet. I don't even care which one.

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>my face

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Plastic minis and different haircuts

captcha: which Ninced

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"Dear Emperor, please make somebody write Sororitas fanfic where we're not a bunch of BDSM lesbians."

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That she was in the loving arms of a Space Marine.

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And that she was a filthy xeno whore.

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Badly done but...well.

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"Dear Emperor, I want a pony"

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an Inquisition Codex so they can be with their ideal matches on tabletop: The Grey Knights.

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I know that's supposed to be a kissy face, but the first thing I saw was an Emprah blow-up doll.

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Either way the result is a happy sister of battle.

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It's so obvious.

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