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Well guys? Can you help her find her friends?

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No, people with self-respect don't do facebook

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Here's a great friend for her. Look at how much fun they're having!

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>he still doesn't have a FB in this day and age.

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>No, people with no friends don't do facebook

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Yes, I don't either, which is why I'm not getting spammed and still have privacy.

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I kan be yer friend

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I have a facebook and I don't get spammed.

You filthy unwashed introvert. Give me a hug.

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Come on now children, I know all of you love our dear little Kuhlteest.

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No I don't.

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Cultist-chan, you have one (1) new friend request

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Why doesn't this meme die already? Even her creator has abandoned her and only DD writers pay attention to her.

And no, I don't go to fecesbook. Keep your cancer.

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>implying Cultist-chan is a meme and not one of /tg/'s most beloved characters

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Go away.

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By the way, what happened to Cultist chan?

The last thing i knew from her is that she was a kid riding a carboard box with his pet.

Did she had any adventure?

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I wish I had more pictures on this computer

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Getting defensive are we?

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>someone doesnt like my shitty forced character NEWFAAAAAAAAAGGG!!!!!!!
You are really disillusioned.

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I think her most recent adventure left her in a packing crate aboard some Chaos ship.


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Samefag. Anyway, he's right.

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>Shitty forced character

Ahahaha, either genuine newfag or imaginitve troll, either way I lol'd. Keep on truckin', anon.

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I think I'm going to wait for the cancer to friend the account, get their real names and then report the account for not being a real person.

Sounds like fun, no?

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She has friend already.

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Holy crap, I searched on facebook and someone actually did do it.

Also found another pic of IRL Cultist-chan :3

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>Insecure neckbeards upset over their waifus

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Why so angry? Coolteest does nothing to you.

I do nothing to you as well.

Go in peace, my less transgendered brethren.

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OK a different IRL Cultist-chan

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BroDog strikes this from the record.

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I'm not the one being defensive here.

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I like your wife, Patrick. She's pretty. Very pretty.

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I have a different opinion! I'm a troll!
Look at me guys! He was right all along!

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I declare this nullified!

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I confused the situation.

I just wanted there to be no needless aggression.

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Oh god, what

Call Hassan, because that is a LEGENDARY CAMELTOE

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I fail to see the relevance of Protoman to Cultist-Chan.

Unless there is relevant fanart.

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Ah, alright then

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I intended no such relevance.

Merely spreading images for the sake of the enhancement of the collective knowledge.

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If you occasionally went to /b/ you might notice how it's not a very good to have a facebook account.

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Dammit. Cultist-Chan and Protoman is a match made in heaven!

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there is comic for that?

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You ever think Mr. Culexus cries when he thinks of the things done with his character?

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I'd cry more about that fucking ugly ass cosplayer.

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That still falls under "things done with character."

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No, that's not a 'thing'.

That's an atrocity.

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Wouldn't have been so bad, except she kept her glasses on and did the teeth ACCURATELY.

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Now with less silly eyes,

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Haaa! to you too.

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Hah, I was lookking for the uneditted version but couldn't find it.

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Christ, /tg/.

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Best sound effect ever.

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Bad neckbeard. Bad. Blathering idiots are always part of any fanbase.

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I'm so tired of seeing that. Fairly well drawn exaggerated female bodies with super derpy faces.

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You love it really.

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>>boxing glove tits
Cultist-chan is the worst thing to happen to /tg/.

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Im an Imperium of Mankind fan, but Cultist-chan is so cute and adorable, but at the same time MUST BE PURGED! Its so neccesary and SAD at the same time.

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But she won her way into Sister-chan's heart...so, maybe she's not impure after all?

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I dont know if thats heresy or potentiality.

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It's the sister that went corrupt not the other way around you heretic scum!

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Yes hwee dooo.

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Please, a drawfag, cultist-chan with teeth.

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Dem teef.

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Maybe with a huge ass?

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You guys want Cultist? Give me 5 minutes or less.
I'll give you 404 Cultist pictures. Including the '34.

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Including the one with the 14 inch penis and banana yellow skin?

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>Implying you don't want em.

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Y... wait no. What the hell? I could have sworn I had that one. The ONLY Picture I've ever out-right refused to save was the Flair Cultist.
Huh... I know I've seen that one, so why didn't I... hmmm.

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Hey collector, I love what you do, and I don't want to intrude on your holiday, but can I request your cata-chan folder?

I'm doing new fanart of her and I need the ref, (Using real world ref is nessesary but problematic; while some musclegirls are hot, so many ARE TERRIFYING OH GOD WHY ARE THEY ORANGE).

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Well my lunch break is over, so I have to get back to work, but I'll tell you what.
When I get home I'll make a thread. I'll let you guys pick one of my collections, and I'll do a full dump. Maybe even a couple collections depending on how long it takes. My Christmas gift to you guys.

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well, i guess this would be my vote.

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I'd love to! Unfortunately I have to go back to work. I should be getting home in roughly 4 or 5 hours though, so if you can wait that long I'll lay it on ya. I'd upload my Cata-chan for you, but I'm already late as is.

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Yay collector! Merry christmas man.

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no prob. I'll keep this thread alive. godspeed sir, and happy holidays.

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Horse cock for you.

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Slaanesh is generous!

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And with /tg/ edit.

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I would have thought the /tg/ edit would have been to make it bitter. And knobbed.

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*bigger. derp.

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And the other side of the pillow.

>Abraham Brosenn

Best, name, ever.

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>make it bitter.

Brb, patenting flavoured dakimakuras.

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I thought the /tg/ edit involved a woman in sensible plate armor?

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Being fucked by a trap mantis-woman.

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Is there some drawfaggotry to go with that?

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Dakimakura thread?

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None that i know of.

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Fuck yeah Cultist.

Heroine of /tg/.

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>implying Rapeguard isn't the hero of /tg/

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Can't have more than one?

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Cultist-chan has a facebook account? Well fine, I suppose stranger things have happened. Although I'm surprised she's even able to use a computer.

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Reported for metathread

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What is a metathread?

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once more for collect

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Reported for faggotry.

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And I'm back! I believe I said I would help >>13279457 >>13279420
There's all the Ca-chan I'll start a new thread with a Cata-chan picture and start from there.

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And here the thread is. >>13281887

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This one's great. Who did this?

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Hmmm...I just realized that with the new wordbearers book and her eye color Cultist is Cadian by birth.

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You don't fucking -lose- privacy by making a facebook, the goddamn site doesn't sift through your shit the moment you make an account. You put up what you put up, no privacy is violated unless you're posting shit you don't want people to find online.
And if you're doing that you're fucking asking for it anyway.

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Bots do and stupid people who have no life outside facebook do. Enjoy!

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As a private dick, I LOVE facebook. Most people will add damn near anyone who makes a friend request, especially if you tailor your dummy account to look like a member of their peers. From there, based on who they talk to, who they're friends with, etc etc, you use the info they thought was innocuous and harmless to try to predict where they'll hangout, what they'll do next, when they'll leave the house etc. Sure, I could find that info without FB, but it makes it a whole lot easier.

It's a job that gets easier every day.

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Violet eyes have been established as a predominantly Cadian trait since Codex: Cadian Shock Troopers.

Why so slow?

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He probably hasn't read it, and has only just read The First Heretic in which the Word Bearers [pre-heresy] land on Cadia and find the natives worshiping Chaos.

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>Most people will add damn near anyone who makes a friend request, especially if you tailor your dummy account to look like a member of their peers.
Are people really this dumb? I'm only friends with people on facebook that I actually know.

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Yes, yes they are. I got on FB only because an ex wanted me to be there, and even know, almost four years later, I've got maybe fifteen actual friends added there, but continue to be added by people who don't know me.

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I miss the days when facebook was college only. That was the reason I was okay for signing up for it back in the day, and the only reason I haven't deleted my profile now is because of social inertia.

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>calls himself a private dick
total badass.

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Yup, especially if you want to be a total asshole and search his co-workers or other acquaintances he only knows slightly well, see if they have a facebook under their name, and if not, get or take a picture(s) of them and make one yourself under their name.

Ultimate bastard mode; if it's an infidelity case, use the stripper he likes to see.

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H-trs re gonna 8

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Is it me or does she look way too male-ish?

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Chubby gender-bender

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No sir, I don't like it.

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She was only trolling.

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i double approve of this

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That image... Not something i was hopping to see this christmas...

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z my deed faddher...

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