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When I realized that the lead goon under Clue was a brainwashed Tron, I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

and then his last line in the movie? Fucking jawesome.

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CLU dies in the first ninety seconds of the original Tron. It was kind of cool to see him brought back as the villain.

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Tron is cool.

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The soundtrack for Legacy might well be the greatest thing Daft Punk has ever produced. Solar Sailer and Outlands are great. Only bad thing is that the songs are too short, but this IS a movie soundtrack.

I'm afraid to see the movie because I don't want Daft Punk associated with anything not pure brilliance, and I don't know how good Legacy will be.

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you should go see it, it is an honest to goodness legacy for tron. They don't do anything stupidly bad and they don't do anything to try to play to certain crowds, they just show you the grid evolved.

Daft Punk is AMAZING in it too btw.

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I've heard good and bad things. I'll see it just because the effects look awesome. But I have a less than discerning taste when it comes to enjoying movies, so whatever.

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I have gone beyond the Animus into the Grid. Only there will I find the truth in the past to unlock our future.

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Second most bizzare crossover I have ever seen, after Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood fucking Kelly Chambers from Mass Effect 2 on the set of the video for the NIN song Closer.

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I really enjoy the sound track. That and now I really want a clothes with neon lights in them. How did they do that out of curiosity?

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No idea, but I know we're not the only two people trying to figure it out.

I want to live in a world where it's acceptable to have neon racing stripes on my leather jacket.

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I did enjoy the movie but was I the only one who felt like all the big 'surprises' were a bit late? Every time there was a revelation I already figured it out.

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they installed these strip light things on there, which were powered by batteries
they only lasted about 10-ish minutes before needing new batteries
somehow I think neon clothes are still a ways off

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I was surprised that a program can exist in the real world.

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not that i'm going to delve too deeply into the mechanics of how that shit works, but

it does not seem to be too much a stretch that if people can manifest in the computer programs' world, then vice versa

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I really liked the movie, just saw it today. I really liked Flynn's new feel, very alec guinness obi-wan ancient weapons and hokey religions.

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I think Alive 2007 is better, but not by a whole lot. And while Legacy isn't a prefect movie by any means, it's kinda like Avatar. Great visuals, not terrible story. But in this case, the setting doesn't suck, the characters don't suck, and it doesn't try to hammer Aesops on you.

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Well, from his perspective, he'd been there for a really long time.

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The 3D was a waste of time/money
But otherwise, the movie was good

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Well Quorra was actually alive being an isomorphic entity. Although CLU seemed to think he could survive in the real world I wonder if it would have been more like an intelligent virus that builds its own circutry. Making our world like the Grid.

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Firstly, go see it in IMAX 3D it is worth every cent. Having tried both I can conclusively say it is that big a difference.

Second, the movie is quite clever. It is actually about bigger concepts that are hinted at but not thrust in your face. Yes, every reveal comes half an hour too late but who cares. The plot structure is there, the effects are there, hell Daft Punk is there. Don't cheap yourself out of this because of some sort of false sense of nerdcore pride. Suck it up and go enjoy the hell out of a Disney film about impossible things like a man.

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Gotta say, Quorra reaches stupid-insane-oh-my-god hot levels.

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I find it funny that CLU thought he could take over the world with an army of men armed with like spears or staves or whatever the fuck. They didn't even use guns, they would have had their asses handed to them the moment any serious opposition woke up.

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I keep seeing Sam Flynn becoming something like Internet Batman who needs to yell "OPEN SOURCE!" every once in a while.

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Story was weak but who gives a shit, it looked amazing and had great action. I wasn't looking for anything more.

The fighters were cool.

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The whole Zen aspect of the film really makes the film that much better. The visuals really click with it and are expertly tied to characters.

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seeing it on the giant IMAX screen with TWELVE THOUSAND WATTS OF AUDIO was in fact FUCKING AWESOME

but I have to agree with >>13271160 here
the actual 3D was underwhelming

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In the sequel, they go to the internet, travel through a series of tubes and fight trolls.

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I wished the cycling portion was a bit longer. It was over pretty quickly and never really came out again. Not a major complaint, but I would have totally switched the flying portion at the end for a second bike battle.

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I enjoyed the movie in a popcorn flick sense, but it didn't rock my world.

However throughout the whole thing I was thinking "has there been an RPG where characters exist purely digitally?" Shit could be awesome.

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Assuming of course that guns would work against them at all. If the only thing that could kill them was little spinning data disks mankind would be fucked 4 ways to tuesday.

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>implying bullets can harm data

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Yeah, but the great part of about The Grid is that CLU would have had a disastrous first round in the real world; but he would have immediately modified his soldiers to better perform.

You have to remember, The Grid is thousands of times faster than the real world. CLU could have just kept spitting out shitty clone troopers who would eventually overwhelm the world's armies.

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Waifu status?

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"You're really messing with my whole Zen thing!" was a rather clever nod to his old role, I thought. He even got the tone just right.

Personally, I would have liked more Tron though. And wish they wouldn't have made it so fucking obvious.

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This woman is MAI WAIFU
She fights for MY NUTBLADDER

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You're saying that he could have Zerg-rushed the planet?

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Plain old normal trama seemed to work just fine. I mean, falling, getting hit and such all seemed to do just as much damage.

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Unfortunately we already know what the sequel will be.

By the time whats-his-face-main-character and 13 return to the Tron world, years have passed. They were followed to the arcade by the guy who played Scarecrow in Batman Begins (he was in the executive meeting), he went into the Tron world after they left and began taking over, resulting in a civil war between him and the reawoken Tron.

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Whole party of Deckers.


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Didn't he copy the whole world over to a floppy and delete the world off the normal server?

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Pic related.
I preferred Gem, but Quorra seemed like she'd be fun to chill with.

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Actually he couldn't. It was said in the movie he can't create programs, only modify existing ones. He has a finite source of soldiers.

His greatest strength would be the fact he could electronically fuck over everything if he had access. Hook the Tron world up to wifi and suddenly Skynet is smalltime.

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PA did have a point though. Why was she there? Was that just a job or something? Seemed really weird.

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Power is still an issue, but it doesn't seem like an insurmountable one.
According to the wiki article "The efficiency of EL wire is very high, and thus a few hundred feet of EL wire can be driven by AA batteries for several hours." Ideally you'd want to have the clothes power themselves, but you probably won't be able to power all that much wire when the best you can do under ideal condition is 80 milliwatts per meter squared Still, if the EL can be made efficient enough you might be able to get something that'd work.

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Alrighty, when do we get started on the Tron campaign setting. I vote that CLU backed himself up and was able to send out a virus that starts taking over the arcade and then gets into the internet. Not only would he be able to infect real systems, people would get sucked into the Grid through their computers and cellphones. Also Flynn would be around as GridGod like Neo after he get his consciousness digitized.

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My personal theory is that Zeus put her in the gladiator equipper area as the equivilent of a keylogger. Small unobtrusive program that keeps tabs on everything

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I want to be an electronic zen master matrix jedi knight

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I for one am looking forward to it.

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that is bad and you should feel bad

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My one complaint is why the fuck did the two of them just stand there and let themselves be blown up.

I mean, he had a weapon.

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>CLU, a program from the 1980's, get's unleashed on the 2010 network
>millions of anthropomorphised antivirus programs worldwide laugh as they grind CLU and his minions into a fine powder and snort them

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You are now aware Albinowie was played by the head Werewolf from Underworlf.

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Man as soon as I saw Cillian Murphy in that meeting I was expecting him to do something dastardly. Ever since watching Red Eye he always creeped me out. Also he was awesome in Sunshine.

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that entire fucking scene, man.
9 year old me was shouting
and then he turned white, and I just was like

somehow the idea of David Bowie having Daft Punk in the palm of his hand to do whatever he commands is a really fucking great sounding idea to me

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Playing Tron 2.0 and I'm pretty sure they took ideas from it to make the movie. The game is entertaining if you like Tron.

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CLU is the least-t-t o̘̪̒f̥̮̭̲͙͇ͨ̀̾̽̇̀ͯͅ ̘̱̺̯̭͈ͩͅy̪̖͎̭͡ơ̑̿ͧU̻̯̳̱ͭͭ̚r͎̣̠̱̳̫̋̆̎̇͐̉ͭ͜ͅ ̬̞̒̇͜ͅpͬͨ̄ͦr̝͇̞̘͑́ͭ̊o̯̤͈B̺̭̝͊̾L̹̺͉̩̏͢3̙m̼͚̺ͧͨͦ̂͐s͕̘ͭ̍ͤ
̈ͧ̅,̹̙ͥ ͚̯̠̖͇̠̘̋́ͮ̑̽h͛͆̇͊ͪ̀a͉͇̜͇̫̼͕C͈̜̄́̅ͨͨͣ͘k̎̄ͯ3̊̍͂̈́̌ͦ҉̫̹̼

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I'd love to run a Tron game. I just have no idea what I'd do in it.

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Same. I saw him and thought, "Well. I know who the villain is now.

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The David Bowie style guy was the best part.

Was he ACTUALLY David Bowie? I thought someone else was credited.

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Well, everybody has the discs as a weapon, which can instagib a person regardless. So it'd have to be a really lethal system.

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If I was running a Tron game it would be a dual kind of thing with players making an Isomophic for playing on the Grid and a normal dude for playing outside. At some point in the game they would merge and the Grid would start meshing with the real world. Basically it would be augmented reality everywhere. Shadowrun would be great for this.

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It was Micheal Sheen.

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god this to infinity. I've been waiting for someone to say this forever.

I'm sure coming up with a plan would be easy though, you'd just have to think hard about it. We're all computer nerds, we could invent something.

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SUPER lethality? Can anyone say EXALTED?! Even wiht perfect defenses, if you use another charm that turn, you're boned when the discs come a flyin'.

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Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

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Quorra survived getting disc-ed with just her code getting corrupted. Isomorphic entities probably have the ability to adapt and rewrite their digital code perhaps with help from Users or even hackers outside the Grid entirely.

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Naw, Isos probably can't be insta-killed like programs.

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I'm actually not a computer nerd. But I may give it a go with my players. I like the two worlds merge idea.

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I think it's more like... and I'm no programmer... but I'm thinking it's sort of like vocational memory and virtual memory. I'm thinking Quorra and other ISOs "back up" to their ID disks, while programs can't. That's why one blow can fuck them up completely, but she can grow a new arm and not completely derez.

man, what are the social implications now if the ISOs end up popping up again? Programs(with higher vulnerability but with greater physical power) and ISOs(lower vulnerability/regeneration but less physical power) are extremely different, but I suppose they don't look too different so long as you hide your little tattoo thingy right?

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Once the Grid merges with our reality we will have to deal with the fact that all our technology will start having personalities that have to be placated before working.
Of course the vice versa is that the Grid would start getting attacked by foreign programs like viruses and even programs made by the Chinese to destroy it cause obviously its an American invention to destroy their techno superiority.
Hell I bet countries start developing their own version of the Grid so they can run simulations in super fast time, train techno-soldiers and model new crazy inventions.
At some point someone is gonna lightcycle from the Grid into reality down a skyscraper or something and it will be fucking sweet.

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when CLU said to Quorra the sterotypical "I have big plans for you" with that even more standard Lustful Villain Glare i got a definite vibe that he had both
1) reason to believe they would be fleshy in the fleshy world
2) the capability to merge program and iso life

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the grid can't merge with our world. Clu was mistaken. Only Users and ISOs can escape it. They are doomed to the grid forever, which is probably why he was so super-butthurt about it.

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>Once the Grid merges with our reality we will have to deal with the fact that all our technology will start having personalities that have to be placated before working.

someone go get the damn techpriests

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>Once the Grid merges with our reality we will have to deal with the fact that all our technology will start having personalities that have to be placated before working.

We must please the Machine Spirit.

Praise the Omnissiah!

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>The Basics
You take a ride on a laser and end up inside a computer. The computer is having some problems on the inside, such as rampant viruses or a totalitarian revolution. In order to get home, you will need to somehow address these problems.

Personally, I'd avoid the usual problems of "this computer has been taken over by an infohitler" and make the grid the happy normal place that it's supposed to be when the system is running well.

Unfortunately from all that porn the owning user was tormenting has unleashed some fairly heinous viruses on the system. These manifest as regions of general processing slowdown and urban decay that spreads like a plague (wasted system resources?), which the local programs treat kinda like the black death, setting up guarded firewalls and trying to enforce quarantine. You can get scrubbed of the corrupted data, but its an intensive process and the infection covers large sections of the grid.

Even more unfortunately, some of the virus infected programs have been modified into things like data-werewolves (a fact that that many of the infected might not even be aware of, leading to the further spread of the infection) and containment is increasingly hard to maintain. To get the players involved, the I/O tower they need to get to in order to get home could be inside one of the more heavily quarantined sectors. Even running a lightcycle blitz, most of the party would get picked off by datawolves before they even got close, so they need to hold off the system's infection long enough to create a usable anti-virus and clean up the grid.

>system tancels
Yeah, that'd be a problem too, Captcha

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fuck, I gotta learn to program.

>> No.13271542

come on /tg/ we can get a jump on the inevitable Tron RPG so we can claim they are stealing our ideas when some company does make it

We neez more ideas

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Ironically enough, the first ones to be sent to Mars are being selected now. Will they establish the Priesthood of the Omnissiah before the rise of the Iron Men? Only time will tell.

>> No.13271570

There needs to be a real-life component to this. All those quantum teleporting lasers will go to waste otherwise.
Crazy idea, they put those lasers on satellites and start zapping criminals into special prison grids. The players are those guys and are forced to participate in games to win their freedom.
Except there is no freedom and its all a lie to placate the digitally enslaved humans. Cue hijinks!

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Well, what were they going to do? CLU was in the elevator, so he'd just disc them, and they were at one of the highest points on the Grid.
Nothing else to do, really.
Course, I knew he was dead as soon as he started fucking with CLU about Matrix-Dude's disc.

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May the Machine God grant you the privilege of becoming among the first of his disciples, Doomrider.

>> No.13271594

holy fuck, I love the idea that a Program can be infected with some sort of adware virus that alters how they behave, how they think and act, without them noticing until their friends are like
>dude, what's the matter with you, why do you suddenly want me to go to that sketchy side of town? I thought you hated it here.
until it ends up manifesting as disgusting oozing boils, and eventually the program's data can be so corrupted that he just can't function anymore and lays there like a disgusting infectious heap that has to be quarantined.

Maybe the Antivirus Scan is like some sort of.. literal screening process that has been implemented and all programs are forced to walk through it, picking out those who are "suspicious" and letting everyone else go through, and part of the quest is to get to one of these. I'd be a hell of a moral conundrum if you saw a giant tank full of these seemingly healthy programs that you just don't know if they're infected or not, you want to set them free but if you do and they ARE, you're risking infecting more innocents... etc.

until the exact encryption code the virus uses to disguise itself and to be incurable is cracked, it's just going to keep infecting the program population until only the ISOs remain.

seriously though only a few players would ever be Users. Far more would be programs, or more rarely, ISOs, which I'm sure are eventually self-propagating and will pop up again.

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>> No.13271625

the Government has deemed that human transport via digitizer is unhealthy and too risky and as such has banned all human use. It is to be strictly used only for shipping inanimate objects from place to place at zero costs, as a 5-day on the Inside is almost instantaneous on the Outside.

Cue our poor hero, maybe a grunt who works in a packing company that uses one of these for cheap transport, gets sucked in. There are programs on the inside that help with moving along stuff to it's destination to be un-digitized at other I/O towers, and the poor fucker falls off or something and plummets into the real City, in which there are actual programs totally seperate and nigh unaware of the transport going on far above their heads, to them, Users are still a "government conspiracy theory" that nutjobs use to explain the constant traffic between I/O towers which just could be ANYTHING.

>> No.13271638

It's a pity we never saw a Church of Lain inside the grid.
Then again, I don't know how the Wired, Grid and Internet interface with each other.

>> No.13271679


I believe that it was directly said that The Grid evolved completely detached to the internet. The Wired is the Internet on drugs, so it's probably detached from The Grid too.

>> No.13271684


Nah, Clu's thought process towards Quorra went something like this:

"What do you do with an .iso?

*Digital sunglasses*

You mount it."


>> No.13271697

Terrible, sir. Terrible.

>> No.13271710

Grid = normal world. towns, cities, manufacturing districts, etc
Internet = oceans, highways, air currents
Wired = spirit world

>> No.13271725


Oh you know you'd make her spend long, long hours in daemonttools.

>> No.13271766

I just saw the movie

Quorra is waifu tier, that is all

>> No.13271771

it deserves Daft Punk. It was in and of itself pure brilliance.

3d? yes. But it doesn't beat you over the head with it. No crazy explosions or shrapnel flying at your face. It's done so subtly that there are many scenes that you can't tell were done in 3d at all, as if they simply used the 3d as an enhancement to the texture of the scene rather than the main medium.

The plot? wonderful. the character development? Amazing. The acting? Brilliant. The dialog? Believable. The cinematography? I don't have an adjective to express the amount of Win. This is, quite frankly, the best movie of the last decade, bar none.

>> No.13271788


Duuuuuuuude. I loved the 3D in Tron! God damn, man, some parts I wanted to walk along the shoreline.

>> No.13271816

god it's impossible to fist bump you any more than I want to right now

everyone's shitting on it and saying it's bad, but I think it's because those people no longer can sit down and immerse themselves in a film anymore. You can't just sit, suspend disbelief and thoroughly enjoy a movie anymore apparently, the new Tron was so fucking amazing it sucked you and you were part of the adventure the entire time. I have trouble taking people who didn't like the movie seriously.

And the 3D, the best I can liken it to is the colour in the Wizard of Oz. The first part of the movie makes you used to the 2D which it is presented in and then BAM, FUCKING 3D FROM NOWHERE, HOLY SHIT AAAA when he gets digitized, see, that was incredible. THAT is how 3D should be used.

>> No.13271825


Agreed. Movie Makers, THIS is how you do 3D. It is subtle enough to be barely noticed but enhances everything. Things jumping out of the screen is childs play, this is it's proper use.

>> No.13271829

the 3d was ho-hum
but the actual movie was pretty good

>> No.13271834

it makes me so sad that when I buy this Blu-Ray I won't be able to experience the 3D since I don't have one of the TVs for it :(

>> No.13271842

Hey, Doomie. saw you on the grid the other day. Hit me up the next time you're in my server, I'll hit you up with some copies of my cocaine.zip files.

>> No.13271854

I want more than fucking anything to go to that fucking night club.

>> No.13271904

interesting fact, they cut a scene with tron's body washing up on the shore because they were afraid people would forget that programs disappear when they died and their intention was to leave his fate open ended.

>> No.13271931

if they wanted a real "he might not come back" sort of ending, they fucked it up
he's gonna be back

>> No.13271942

I was a bit startled when the Black Trooper shot that launcher thing to grab Flynn's disc in End of line, since it shot directly into the center of the camera.
Other then that though, yeah, the 3D was more to make it look more "real" then mess with you.

>> No.13271972

>Flashbacj Tron beats the shit out of Clu and his cronies
>slowly picks up second ID Disk...
>my reaction

>> No.13272030


this would actually be hilarious.

And agreed, the movie was fucking amazing, fuck all of the critics who were like "baaaaaaw it's about VIDEO GAEMZ so clearly it's not a serious film".

Like, seriously, fuck them.

>> No.13272068

Ok, so, we doin' this /tg/? Making a Tron game?

>> No.13272098

if we do, can it wait 'til after christmas? I want so fucking bad to get into this, but I just would be too busy and miss it all.

>> No.13272151

Already had a thread earlier about it. 404'd hours ago. Engine heart was suggested as a system but shot down.

A reflavored Exalted: alchemicals campaign would be optimal, or so it was decided. Just the Alchemical rules for the users. Programs are Godbloods. Viruses are Demons or, for high-end viruses and some hackers, Infernal Exalts. Most Users and some Programs use Scripts (Charms), but the truly computer literate (enlightened) use Command Line Interfaces (sorcery) to directly alter the Grid. Many users establish Macros (Combos) to trigger multiple Scripts simultaneously. Special Utilities (artifacts) are not uncommon for many programs, especially system processes, and users.

It's like the whole Alchemical setting/system was made for this and they just made a mistake and named everything wrong.

>> No.13272187

Ah shit. I love homebrewing and I missed it.

>> No.13272197

oh god I want to play this more than anything.

do you choose if you are an ISO or a program, or is it just luck of the draw?

>> No.13272206

Like I said, almost nothing needs to be changed except for some names if you're going with Exalted.

>> No.13272221

I'd let you choose.

ISO would use the faeblood template, program would use Godblood, unless directly created by a user in the grid (clu would have used the Half Caste template).

>> No.13272244

let's pretend that I'm actually sort of new to that sort of thing and have no idea what faeblood and Godblood mean. I mean I can sort of pick it up, but considering all the other fantastic parallels I want to see how similar they are to the real thing if you know what I mean.

>> No.13272312

If you're using Exalted, just be careful to stay away from the batshit crazy combat moves; Users can manipulate the system but they aren't going to fight like 9000 programs at once Neo-style while backflipping and frontflipping simultaneously.

>> No.13272324

Sadly I'm on Dialup right now (at parents) so a bunch of random thoughts. ...but I kept thinking Tron.. Daft Punk.... The Stig?
I know I know... horrible.

Also I had the realization that if you crossed this with Reboot then the Guardians were possibly evil
- or at least Bob.
I mean.. Bob was there for the system "to Mend and Defend" and *defeat* the user in the games.

I also had some wonders about swapping discs.
if I was a normal program and got ahold of a user disc it would possibly give me all the powers of said user.
Also, can users use "simple " computer commands while the grid - like "copy"?
they had beds.. thus they had "sleep" cycles.
did they undress?
did sex create macro viruses?

Roger Zelazny' wrote about the virtual/reality conflict with Gods trying to cross over in Donnerjack.

>> No.13272339

well, in core exalted, the Faeblood rules are used to create characters who were spawned from chaos, but have stable enough forms to exist within the rules of 'reality', which is often described in a very similar way to a computer's OS. ISOs would use those rules. They're not as powerful as Exalts(users), but that have many unusual powers that regular programs and users lack.

Godbloods are the spawn of the overall Gods (which are like the OS system processes that keep reality working). they have some interesting powers, but many of them are static or continual, not actively activated, so they don't think much of them. These would be the Programs that inhabit the Grid.

Users would use the rules for Alchemical Exalts. they're more durable than Programs/godbloods and ISOs/faebloods, and they're capable of amazing feats, eventually. The Alchemical Exalts have a very limited Charm (special power)/Script selection, and almost all of it very focused on one specific task, unlike the other types of Exalts in regular exalted, who have much broader powers. Alchemical charms (scripts) are also fluffed as being very mechanical in nature, and integrating into the being using them.

>> No.13272342


The way Sorcery is described in core exalted is almost identical to using a command line. You're literally opening a direct link to the OS of reality and inputting a command in the OS's language to change something. Very powerful, but very difficult, time consuming, and draining. You can only use the spells (commands) that you actually know the code for, limiting (somewhat) the power of sorcerers/hackers.

Artifacts in regular exalted are items that possess a modicum of power and can be used to achieve various effects. Hence my comparison of them to utilities.

Infernal exalts and demons in regular exalted seek to destroy as much of creation as possible, or corrupt it to serve their own ends. Hence my suggestion that they simply be renamed and called viruses (and the occasional hacker).

Does that clear anything up?

>> No.13272355

thtt's why we're going with just Alchemical and the 'half ortal' rules, since they don't have much in the way of crazy neo-bullshittery powers, ompared to Solars or Lunars or Sidereals (all other forms of exalts that have no place in this revamp and should be ignored for now)

>> No.13272392

So really all it's missing are rules for light cycle battles and disc combat?

Although disc combat, from what I can see, is just a ranged attack followed by some kind of check to see if you catch the disc cleanly, all taken in turns. That sounds a bit boring, something new would have to be added to make it more challenging and engaging.

>> No.13272402

>>go to rule 34
>>look for pron of Quorra
>>my face

>> No.13272426

>virgenemi Teniff

>> No.13272427

wow, holy shit.
...it's perfect.

yeah uh, please continue, guys, whatever you make of this I REALLY want to see.

>> No.13272431

Take solace in rule 35. It's only a matter of time for something that unbelievably hot.

>> No.13272438

I have three words for you. Infinite. Jade. Chakram.

>> No.13272440

here have this behind-the-scenes picture made of awesome.

Quorra is just too innocent and well put together, I can't view her as a sex object nomatter how I try :(

>> No.13272449

You don't have to view her that way, Sam is the one who gets to mount that ISO.

>> No.13272451

I'll just leave this here,

>> No.13272486


>implying data doesn't exist physically

Modern physics just called, your wrong.

>> No.13272494


> your wrong.

>> No.13272524

Alchemicals already have rules for 'gyroscopic chakram' combat. Just make that artifact standard issue.

Light cycles.... i think somewhere there's a rule for a mechanical steed artifact. Just need to refluff that and house-rule the light wall.

Like I said, the designers might have well just designed Tron:The RPG.

>> No.13272541

So. Could a human theoretically be re-programmed if it were to become data?

Would that basically work like a mind-control effect or what?

>> No.13272557

I was under the impression that ISOs and Users were just too complex to be reprogrammed.
Only Flynn could mess with Quorra's disk or DNA.

>> No.13272586

You're totally wrong, binary manifests itself in a physical form.

>> No.13272605

Way to miss his point.

>> No.13272624

How am I missing the point?

>> No.13272627

now i will be the first to admit that the movie had its plot holes and errors, but it was still an awesome movie. one that i will definitely buy when the special edition is released

>> No.13272641

grammar mistake.
Your is a possessive. "Your mistake."
You should have used 'You're", the contraction which means "you are". "You're mistaken."
He's expressing extreme displeasure over your grammatical inaccuracy.

>> No.13272751

I have to say, Rinzler's Capoeira moves were awesome.

>> No.13272793

No, Bridges turns red in the first movie and it doesn't do shit to him.

>> No.13272801


I forget. Who was he?

>> No.13272804

I think that was more of a 'subsuming system resources to masquerade as a native process' than an actual 'reprogram'.

>> No.13272890

Jeff Bridges, you know, The Dude. The main character... I forget his character's name. But he punches out a red guy and turns red and it doesn't do shit otherwise.

>> No.13272906


As said before. He was probably mimicking his code to pass as an alternate kind of program.

From a programming sense that doesn't even make sense. One program temporarily negates another and then is... turned into a similar program after touching it?

Either way I'm pretty sure that was his wacky user powers in effect.

>> No.13272913

You may as well ask for 34 of Yotsuba.

>> No.13272918

Can you list any plot holes that you spotted in the movie? I watched Tron Legacy without putting any serious thought into it.

>> No.13272961

not 'turned in to'. I've seen viruses on RL computers terminate a native program, usually Norton, then make themselves look like norton and run using the resources Norton used to use, with similar permissions so that you can't shut them down or delete them. I do a lot of tech support work, I've seen some tricky shit.

>> No.13273031

He didn't turn white/blue/good color again until he touched tron or something shit how long has it been since I've seen tron

>> No.13273185

Just watched it on youtube half an hour ago.

He seemed surprised when it happened, like a subconscious reaction or something. But it didn't influence any of his actions, really.

>> No.13275838

Tron sucks.

>> No.13275908


>> No.13276624

CLU was ungodly tough. He tanked a disc hit to the chest in the flashback without flinching much.

>> No.13276650

Suck my disc.

>> No.13276819

Well, he is a user, and he did sort of create the entire grid afterwards, so he has some crazy powers going for him. It might be because he's the first user in the grid, and the programs hadn't adapted to his abilities yet.

Could sophisticated programs on the Grid "evolve" to be able to resist ultimate plane-warping ability over time? Or maybe he just recreated the grid to limit both his and other users power?

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