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hey /tg/ I was walking through my BX this afternoon and noticed that krylon now makes a Golden yellow spray paint, it's a gloss but a wash and a matte varnish should clear that up...anyway what I was wondering was could you guys help me build an Imperial fists list?
Just 2000-2500 points I wan't to play tournys with them but not anything more complex than that.

normal mode: vanilla marines, throw in lysander
Hard mode: only stuff from the black reach box set (and lysander)
Nightmare mode: Black reach, not allowed to use terminators.

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the trolls are out in force tonight huh?

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Okay seriously. Is Imperial Fists Pauldron Trim Red or Black!?

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Black's the more popular I think, but it might be like the Blood Angels where black trim was acceptable even although most of their recent depictions have them with red trim.

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can be either I remember canon being black but they paint them with red alot as well.

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Both. Rather, it depends on the company. They do follow the codex. So, 2nd would be Yellow, 3rd would be Red, 4th would be black, 5th would be Green....etc.

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what color is 1st company?
also lol @ 5th company "sprite" or "7-up" marines

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oh, neat, I learned somthing new today.....though when I paint mine I'll probably go with black trim.

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If it helps I want to try and make this a mixed assault and shooting army.

and even though I'm gonna try to take lysander I'm entirely sure what he brings to the table, would someone mind filling me in?

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The squad he's with can reroll missed bolter, storm bolter, bolt pistol and heavy bolter shots. All marines are stubborn instead of combat tactics and he has a Strength 10 thnderhammer with +1 against vehicles. Oh and eternal warrior.

Might be good to field him with some sternguard

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so he's actually really good for shooting huh?
how many space marines can be in a tactical squad now? does it cap out at 10 or can it be in the neighborhood of 20?

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10 but transport for them might be annoying. You'll probably need a land raider since Lysander has terminator armour.

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booo, I was thinking about taking 20 of them as a Mobile shooting platform and have Lysander there for CC deterrence.

but hmmm.... you might be on to somthing there, 10 dudes + lysander, in a crusader or redeemer might be a ton of fun.

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Sternguard in a Land Raider is pretty wasteful. Remember that the LR has no fire points, so to actually use all that firepower, you have to jump out, which leaves the squad no more durable than tac marines. If you really want to run Lysander with Sternguard, do it in a drop pod. Instant placement pretty much wherever you need with all that rerolling ap3 goodness. Save your LR's for assault terminators

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doesn't he do something with terrain that makes camo-cloaks worth taking on scouts?

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I was talking about him in with a regular squad of tacticals, but sternguard do have AP3 shots so that might be the weapon of choice for that ability.

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That's Bolster Defences, the techmarine special rule (which Lysander also has). Basically you pick one ruin in your deployment zone, and that ruin gets a +1 to cover saves (so that's 3+ cover normally, 2+ for a squad with camo cloaks or that goes to ground). It's a bit situational, in that using it optimally relies on A) having a ruin in your deployment zone and B) your opponent not having flamers.

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Running Lysander with tac marines is a waste of his ability. You should be running him with big sternguard squads or TH/SS Terminators for extra CC punch.

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ah well I suppose that fucks that Idea....oh well.

so if I have lysander as my 1st Hq what should I take as my second? a librarian?

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Librarian sounds good. Brings lots of handy tools to the army, like Null Zone to help your sternguard deal with Termies and other invulnerable terrors.

You could also spring for a terminator chaplain to run in your LR with some assault termies for a nice CC hammer unit.

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Pedro Kantors brother Bob Kantor of the Imperial Fists to make your sternguard scoring haha

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so terminator librarian yay or nay?

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Terminator libby sounds good. Put him in the LR with your TH/SS termies and run em at the big nasty stuff in your opponent's army. Null Zone for taking out enemies with invulnerable saves and Avenger for dealing with hordes before you charge them. Be sure to give him a storm shield of his own for Perils.

Alternately, you can take Pedro for scoring sternguard with Lysander to get more scoring units. I'd consider that unnecessary unless we're talking an optimized 2k+ list where slots are tight.

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also as far as landraiders go which do you consider to be the best? regular, crusader or redeemer?

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well as I said I might take this to tourneys but it's mosty for fun.

so how large can a sternguard squad get or rather how big do you recommend them if I stick lysander in with them?

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Lots of people like the crusader because it has the biggest transport capacity, as well as being able to move 6" and fire all its guns thanks to Hurricane Bolters being defensive weapons.

Personally I'm more a fan of redeemers because they're cheaper, a bigger threat, and honestly you're taking an LR for mobility and defense, not just to keep your terminators moving forward at the same speed they would be on foot normally.

Best thing to do would be to get a Redeemer/Crusader kit and magnetize the damn thing so you can have all three as needed (Those TL lascannons come in damn handy sometimes).

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ah hadn't thought about that...that is a rather good Idea. (unless I can just find a cheap one on ebay you know?)

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