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Nord here, try to siege my shit and see what happens.

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Khanate here.


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Nord here, about to fuck up your castles and towns

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Rhodoks here, feels bad man

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Christ what are we doing so many dead peasants god damn why don't balanced armies worrrrrkkkkk fuck there goes my lone mamluk.

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Playing a Warhammer Fantasy Mod. I'm surprise /tg/ doesn't talk about it.

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Khanate here.

u jelly my fuckhuge cavalry horde?

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I must know name

>efenved exchanging

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The only problem I have with this mod is that anything that isn't human is listed as female.
Even Orks.

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Nords here. My entire army is Huscarls. 100 Huscarls. INFINITE SUPPLY OF PAIN BY HUSCARL AAARGH

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Time for some hot ork on ork action!

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Many thanks

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>no Warband

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Glad I could contribute.
Just reinstall normal M&B.

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Thanks STALKER, stay classy you crazy Ukrainian

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>female orks
Not sure if want

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Any good mod with guns?

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Mount & Blade? More like Mount > Blade

Swadian Knights > Everything.

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The Eagle and the Radiant Cross. There's an entire WWI German faction in there that focus mainly on firearms.
You don't.

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As a Swadian Lord I wiped out the Nords and Rhodoks almost single-handedly.

The Khergits though have no cities left, never seem to show up on the map, but still aren't marked as faction destroyed. WHAT DO?

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>have huge army capacity
>fill your army with Swadian Knights
>win every battle with ease

really, this game could've been great, why is it so fucking imbalanced?

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Wait it out. Just wait until the announcement show up.

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Rhodoks here, we have guns now.

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Pendor here. Our nobles rock and also I am lost, what is this kingdom, where am I.

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There might be a Khergit lord still active. Either wait it out or Search&Destroy.

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Really, that's it? It's been months of game time now, and those khergit cities have been conquered, then lost to other factions because of King Harlaus being a dick and not getting off his ass.

Well, ok. What about the Rhodok lords I've got in my dungeon, I've got their king and six or seven lords in there and I don't think I'm going to get a ransom for them now.

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Oh god this. Swadian Knights just rape everything without fail. I can go into sieges outnumbered 4 to 1 and still win with ten or twenty casualties at most.

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You could try Prophesy of Pendor, which is more balanced in my opinion.

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Khergit Lancers seem to have little problem with them, but then again, the AI is completely fucktarded so it might be it. Vaegirs, too.

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Try search around the map. If you're lazy just turn on cheat and use Ctrl+T to see everything on the map.
Also just keep the Rhodok lord in there. If you let them go they might just go join other faction and reattack you.

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Installed, started a game, got buttfucked instantly. Apparently, one of the bandits I attacked had a pistol.
Back to square one.

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I'm a minor Sarranid lord with the small village of Mazigh as my only fief, as I'm bringing some cattle to my town, I get a message that my fief is under attack....by the Rodoks. Who crossed two entire nations just to waste my little village.

Fuck you Rhodeks or Rodeks or however you spell your damn name.

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They don't need to cross two countries, they're right over the effing border. Then again, this happens occasionally, especially if you raid some caravans or villages early on.

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Retarded AI. Wjole army of archers and horseman hero to distract enemies. Any battle - no casualties.
Playing with 'balanced' armies just for fann.

Also all knights armies - how do you get so much money? What is knights upkep in vanilla?

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Pillage a village from time to time. That's about it, really.
'from time to time' meaning ALL DAY EVERY DAY, of course.

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I have never pillage a village before. Never. Most I ever do is raid Caravan just to get that faction to hate me and I can create my own faction.
They must really hate you.

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Try. What I usually do is burn villages to get money and raid caravans to train soldiers. Works like a charm, as long as you pick one faction to troll and stick with it. Nords and Rhodoks are prime candidates, having no cavalry and thus slow armies, unable to catch up to you as you escape with a metric fuckton of goods.

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>Looting defenseless peasants.

That sir, is entirely unchivalrous, and unbecoming my Sarranid lord.

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Oh, but it serves a vital role in reminding their lords of their duty, thus helping those lazy fags to uphold the ideal. Also, what better way to goad the enemy into a glorious battle?

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But I don't want to hurt innocent farmers and villagers. I also have enough money through trading and doing quest.
Oh also what are the limit of Lord quest giving a day? Or is it random?

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Brigand: TOTAL WAR.

>> No.13251376

Depends on available tasks, your relation with the lord and what's happening in the world.

>> No.13251393

Problem or you just grew restless?

>> No.13251402

Pish posh! Villainy for expediency's sake is villainy nonetheless! Glorious battle holds not a candle compared to the infinite blessings of peace!

...So bored. Don't want to have the guilt of changing a bunch of pixels to mean that I've done something judged as abstractly "bad" with no real world consequence in a game. I dunno why. I just can't pick the 'evil' path if I can make the choice to make someone's life better in video games. I'm a massive pussy I guess.

By consequence, of course, Calradia is at peace, the Sarranids never go to war, and I grow tired hewing bandits all day.

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Oh ok. Because I've been following a lord for days now and he still don't have anything for me to do.
You're not the only one and my friend mock me for that.
>the Sarranids never go to war, and I grow tired hewing bandits all day.
Wait they NEVER go to war? How? I thought there's a war trigger every few month?

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Well, you could help that lady with a just claim to the Sarranid throne get there.

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My town is Mazigh. On the border with the Khergit Khanate. The Rhodoks attacked from the NORTH! That means they must have crossed both Swadia and the Khergit to swing in from the north, completely leaving their border with the Sarranid unused.


Well, I did kinda sorta play a pivotal role in the previous war, helping to capture a castle and capturing one of their nobles for ransom. But does the AI really record that in its war plans?

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Maybe I just haven't stuck it out long enough. I just know that I spent an entire six weeks riding around, waiting. Going to feasts. Escorting caravans. Hunting out bandit hideouts. Checking on my fief to confirm, yes, they still haven't built a school. Winning tournaments for money to pay my soldiers.

On the other hand, I've got a pretty small, elite group at the ready. So, if a war is due to trigger, I guess I'll stick it out. Just so ruddy bored at the moment.

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War plans, no. Individual movements of lords, yes. If your relations are absymal, the guy WILL go out of his way to raid you, even endangering the war effort.

>> No.13251470


I never play evil in games either. I tried going dark side once in Kotor2 and I just couldn't do it. I felt sorry for nearly every NPC :(

So I just let my brothers play the game because they always go full evil with consummate ease

>> No.13251472

Hrm. Tempting.

Too bad I've got good relations with the sultan at the moment. Though, I might as well ask the question then- can I install Pearl or whatever on the throne and marry her? All the ladies in the Sarranid lands are spoken for, and I might as well try to go for Sultan (Or being 'leading masseur' of the Sultana I guess) in the process of la revolucion.

>> No.13251498

Yes, but you do need to install her in a fief first and then go through courtship as normal.

>> No.13251502

Not that I know of. A lord or leader cannot be married.
Try exploring? Not much to explore but it'll be fun to fight new enemies.
They remember what you did to Lords but not the war. So if you really make one of the Lord angry then he will hunt you down.

>> No.13251513


I prefer the Haelmar Union for that. Every single unit barring your elite Halbediers has a firearm of some sort. Also, the Eagle and Radiant Cross probably has the best tactical UI and tactical precision of any Warband mod.

>> No.13251518

That's pretty awesome.

What, setting her up on the throne of a kingdom wasn't enough?

"Well, milady, now that I've single handedly over thrown one of the five greatest military powers in the area I was thinking..."

Do you at least get anything special out of it? I could never give enough of a shit to actually court any of the harpies in the game.

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Every Australian in the room is now laughing his head off, thank you.

>> No.13251534

Hrm. Eh, whatever, I'll do it. Sounds like something to break up the monotony.

But what if someone attacks my poor peasants while I'm away?

Actually, you bring up a good idea for a mod. Exploration/colonization. Have no idea how to incorporate it, but it seems like a cool idea to marry to my half assed independent lords prototype.

>> No.13251541

Nope. You're already allied with her. Norally marriage nets you support of your wife's relatives, meaning more and better fiefs and more leverage to go for marshal.
In this case, you already have that leverage at max, and it is you who assignes the fiefs.

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>> No.13251556

Most accurate romance in this game ever.
Maybe return to the place you left in the character making?

>> No.13251588

How much money you get from raiding village?

>> No.13251596

THAT would be quite awesome- but also, quite a bit of work.

I'd have to come up with at least one new faction, a way to tie character origin to the Old World (Being born a steppe nomad or a fallen from grace nobleman would have to have some kind of effect), something of a storyline (It'd be very disappointing to come back home with an elite army and legendary companions and just get a mere glance before they announce that you have to collect taxes from their villages), boat travel or something similar...

It'd be a lot of work. Relatively speaking, independent lords and more continent tacked on to Calradia would be a lot less. This is a hobby of mine, and I don't I'm even getting that humble goal done.

But it's an awesome idea. I'm nowhere near up for it though.

>> No.13251602

Between 3 and 15k, depending you your luck, propserity of the village and your looting and trade skills.

>> No.13251608

Maybe the whole world, even, so after uniting Calradia under your iron fist you could set out to conquer the world (muahahaha).

>> No.13251616

how is that idiot king doing?

me, I'm just enjoying my own empire, built from the remains of swadia, after you alienated almost all your own lords, Harlaus.

Praven will be mine too, soon enough...

>> No.13251619

Wow, how peasants are able to make so much money in peace time... and while being constantly raided?

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>> No.13251628

It's still a fun idea and why just one new faction? Unless we're going into a SPQR like area and faction are split into houses?
>t'd be very disappointing to come back home with an elite army and legendary companions and just get a mere glance
Or the "I see you carry a noble banner but I don't regonize it" text. It would be rage/facepalm worthy.
>boat travel
Can be use from other mod

>> No.13251631

They were probably working on it before Warbands was released.

>> No.13251632

personally, the mod I'd like to do would be to completely rebuild and redesign MB:W's cities, to make them much more stylised to individual cultures.
Rhodock, I always imagine as late-ish medieval italy, all independant city-states, mercenary crossbowmen....
and swadia is clearly german architechture of the same era.

just I'm shit as a modder... a far better modeller.

>> No.13251634

Sorcery, no doubt. Or they're brigands, just like you.
How a village in the middle of nowhere has a stack of velvet and another three of raw silk is beyond me, though. Not to mention spices, dyes and furs. ALL AT ONCE.

>> No.13251644


Maybe the rest of the continent is ruled by a giant roman-style imperium. That'd be awesome.

>> No.13251647

It's not well known, but Lords have a method of butchering peasants and turning them into fine velvet goods that can be sold on the open market immediately.

>> No.13251648

I said AT LEAST one new faction. Just imagining making unit trees for a new continent that'd be interesting aerahltnhaleh.

Though, the multiple houses of a decadent empire appeals to me. But in any case, I'm not capable of doing it.

>> No.13251653

They're witches and wizards.
Oh yes looking difference would be nice. Espically how a City in the desert of Sarranid look exactly the same as a City in the snowy land of Vaegir.
Also speaking of Sarranid. I now have the urge to play as Saladin and wage war against Swadia.

>> No.13251657

Tweest: they have gunpowder already.

>> No.13251658

>Rhodock, I always imagine as late-ish medieval italy,
Game set approx in 13th century.
Nigga, wat?

>> No.13251667

I still like to discuss idea even though it won't happen.

>> No.13251672

It'd be nice if there were some cultural things that were overlaid on people.

Like, if culturally swadian peasants suddenly fell under Sarranid sway, they'd confide in a lord talking to them their fears of losing their souls to djinns in the night or some such. Converted lords to the Nords would complain of savagery, cities would have banner textures draped of the new ruler's, etcetera.

>> No.13251685

They cant be all to unique. Its liek all european countries had almost same armies with few differences.
What else it can be...
China? meh if it is done accurately - china suck in this time period. Equipment of chinese warrior in those times is coat and weird hairstyle. India?

Japan. Lol - sword vs katana! Byzantines? Well actualy they are realy Rhodok-like. Native americans?
No one else left.

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Macuahuitl wielding, bee throwing, pajama wearing motherfuckers.

Getting taken prisoner by them is an immediate game over.

>> No.13251702

>Game set approx in 13th century.
Nigga, wat?

set in 1257-8

and I see it as the architechture of italy circa 1350's-1400.

yes, its more advanced, but still in the later middle ages, and its just how I personally see the visual look of velucia, jamiche etc.

>> No.13251716

>set in 1257-8
surprise, nigga! It IS 13th century
and I see it as the architechture of italy circa 1350's-1400.
Lol, he thinks that architecture of 13th and 14th and early 15th century were same.

>> No.13251717

So a cultural difference system? Might be cool.
Lose relationship with a town every month because of different religion/belief/culture.
To stop this you need to build a school/church/mosque or something.

>> No.13251743

>Lol, he thinks that architecture of 13th and 14th and early 15th century were same.

no, I think that the architechtural style of the later 14th C would stand out as a defining visual form for one of the cultures, despite its obvious ananchronistic forms.

with a decade of 15th C historical reenactment including a period of time withthe Companye Saynt George in luisanne, switzerland, you dont need to preact to me on historical accuracy.
but since there's already 1450's plate armour, 1460's brigandine, 1350's bascinets, 1440's greatswords, and similar equipment in M&B's native, I do not consider the architechtural design to be significantly more out of place than what's already in there.

>> No.13251754

*preact - preach

>> No.13251762

I think its better to brng religion. Priests and stuff. Burn the witch, kill the infidel. Crusades and jihad.
Fun stuff.

>> No.13251774

>1450's plate armour, 1460's brigandine, 1350's bascinets, 1440's greatswords, and similar equipment in M&B's native, I do not consider the architechtural design to be significantly more out of place than what's already in there.

Well yep. But then yo uare striving to make game even more inaccurate, piling stuff from different ages.
Also i dont paly vanilla at all, i play historical mods.

>> No.13251781

>Crusade and Jihad
Then we would need more than 6 faction in a land.
>Priests and stuff. Burn the witch, kill the infidel.
There's a mod like this. Sword of Damocles I think. Fun mod. I beat the great roman empire invasion by myself.

>> No.13251782

in which case, go play the 1258 realism mod, and stop whinging like a bitch?

>> No.13251835

oh, and to be more detailed I supose I could point out that the main influence for the visual style I'd like to use was things like the Doge's palace, Venice, which was designed around 1308. which puts it within 50 years of the setting date, and Churburg Castle's original plan layouts, which is only 15-20 years younger...

>> No.13251867

This is how I play an army completly consisting of Swadian knights.

>> No.13251908

>Cruise around with Swadian cavalry
>Garrison my shit with Nord footmen and Vaegir Marksmen (Two hand weapons errywhere)

God mode.

>> No.13251909


>> No.13251921

ok, ok then, you can keep whining like a bitch then. I doubt you'd stop even if we asked anyway.

>> No.13253518


>> No.13253828

Ah, I remember this game. It was nearly impossible to make an honest buck on any ind of reasonable time scale, but then I realized how easy it was to just loot and pillage defenseless peasants.

>> No.13253937

someone wanted to run a online game set in calradia, but it fell apart because he's too busy. he planned on using the d20 modern rules and tweak them a bit. Anyone interested in running such a game? feel free to suggest a better system if you think of one

>> No.13253959

Tournaments usually give good buck, also, slavery up in this bitch. That's some money printing. I recommend getting Mameluks since they usually have blunt weapons for massive prisoners.

>> No.13254087

Looting is easymode.

Now, buying up an industry in every town, that's some effort... which is often not worth it when factions go to war. DAMN YOU SEQUESTRATION! DAMN YOU NORDS FOR TAKING SENUZGA CASTLE! AND DAMN THAT ONE DESERT BANDIT THAT LANCED ME STRAIGHT OFF MY HORSE!

>> No.13254186

>I recommend getting Mameluks since they usually have blunt weapons for massive prisoners

Mamlukes are great; they use maces so they're actually very good against armored units such as dem pesky swadian knights. And they've got shields which gives them a leg up against the stupid vaegir knights

>use the battlesizer mod to increase the number of combatants on the field
>100+ mamlukes on my side
>tell them to spread into a line two horsemen deep
>charge 600+ Rhodok soldiers from 8 lords over flat plains
>90% difficulty setting
>less than 10 dead and about 20 casualties total on my side
>Rhodok: 545 dead, 20 wounded (slavery is a bitch, isn't it?), 3 routed

>> No.13254820

>>Play on normal damage to self
>>Battles are me just watching my troops rape
>>Random Arrow
>>Your forces retreat!
>>half of them die, because 5 militia > 1 knight, amirite?
>>autobattle: half of them die
>>autobattle: half of them die
>>autobattle: half of them die
>>Your enemies take you prisoner
>>My carefully built faceraping troops are gone
>>My companions disappear effectively forever

>> No.13254942

>Play Prophesy of Pendor
>Random Arrow
>My troops keep fighting without me.

Feels good, man.

>> No.13255174

Most important question: who makes a better archer-heavy army, Rhodoks or Vaegirs? Vaegirs can machine-gun arrows, but Rhodok sharpshooters pack more punch.

>> No.13255324

>Come across fellow lord trying to hold off an entire fucking army/host by himself.
>He only has about 30 troops left.
>Not to fear! I'll come dashing to your aid with my army of mid-high tier followers!
>After battle after battle, my army is starting to wear thin. I rarely see my ally's forces on the ground, but that's probably something to do with his low numbers and my high numbers, right?
>Last battle. My remaining forces are making a valiant last stand as they start to bite it one by one. I only have about 10% of my health left.
>Now where's my ally? I'm sure I saw a few of his soldiers at the start of the battle.
>Go back to the start to change some of my equipment.
>There he is. His 30 strong force assembled and doing nothing as all my fucking men create a metaphoric defensive wall with their corpses for his troops.
>His fucking face as he leaves with no casualties from when I joined in and I'm left with nothing but an even smaller contingent of troops than him.

>> No.13255411

Sarranids, actually.
From the presented choices, Vaegirs. It's all about the volume of fire, really. Also, if you're worried about heavy cavalry, Vaegir archers massacre horses and they have infantry with two handers for the riders.

>> No.13255418

I personally like the Rhodoks. I strongly feel that they need to be given pavises, although if you could somehow make them turn around when reloading, that would work fairly well as a substitute.

As is, I'd say you're objectively better off with archers, but go with whatever you'll enjoy leading the most.

>> No.13255434

I got this for cheap on Steam, installed it, and haven't played it yet. Why am I an idiot for not having done so?

>> No.13255447

Nords aren't all that bad, tbh. Sure their archers aren't that powerful, but they're tough and armoured. Additionally, most Nords carry a ranged weapon so they can help at closer ranges. A fusillade of throwing axes from Huskarls is condesed murder, really.

>> No.13255502

Nords in a siege are unparalleled. It's when you get a Nord v Khergit and/or anything mounted matchup in open terrain that you're pretty much fucked. As badass as they are, they can't keep up with horses.

>> No.13255567

I only had problems with Swadian Knights, but then again. 1-F2-F4 like mad. Once you have a nice little six or seven row block, they can kiss their asses goodbye.
Mounted archers are also a concern, but the AI never uses them to full potential anyways. So, axe them some questions.

>> No.13255942

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me enlighten you on how to play M&BWarband in an honest (some even say moralfag) kind of way and still be able to earn money!

>Do honest trading, either by having a high trade skill yourself or by having a companion who has it.
>Win tournaments and save up money
>Build a silk dyerie for 10.000 denars in a city of your choice. This gives you 500 to 600 denars each weak.
>Repeat until you have one or two, you now enjoy earning money each weak instead of loosing it due to upkeep
>Keep tradan, bandit slayan, tournament winnan all day erry day
>Build more silk dyeries

Today I have more than 12 dyeries in cities of every faction before I join a faction. (Usually swadia)

I have 90 to 120 Swadian Knights plus companions and still earn money. All that due to careful planning and re-investing money into local businesses instead of feasting all day like my retarded Lord brethren.

Oh, is that you King Harlaus? Several Lords have defected from you, your towns are looted, you lost several castles and a city, and cannot fight back your enemy effeciently?

Well maybe you should have done some honest work like me instead of feasting, murdering and looting to get your BLOODMONEY.

Also, I'm on a heavy warhorse and I'm swimming in HONEST money.

>> No.13255973

My way is a little less nice, but still better than slaughtering innocents.
I finance myself with the fiefs I take from the lords.

>> No.13256044

It's when you progress from slaughtering innocents to slaughtering nobles and sacking CITIES that the REAL money starts rolling in, tbh. Although a raid a day keeps the whiteknight at bay, too.

>> No.13256142

Pfft. How degrading. A noble's job is to fight to protect his people. That is IT. Bloodmoney, rape, robbery, arson and jaywalking aside, my fiefs are swimming in cattle, improvements and garrison troops.
Rhodok and Nord fiefs much less so, but then again, their lords aren't doing their duty properly, so why not remind them?

>> No.13256232

Honour 92, bitch.

>> No.13256255

87. Your point being?

>> No.13256274

I think imma start a new character called sigmar and unite Calradia into an Empire.

>> No.13256279

Beware of Orks, then. Err... NORDS.

>> No.13256303

My point being, that murdering helpless people reduces honour in the mod I am playing.

>> No.13256326

By how much? Releasing a noble is worth two or three burned villages in most.

>> No.13256434

what mod?

>> No.13256471

Hey bros, need some assistance. Tried to install warsword, the warhammer fantasy mod, but whenever I try to play it, I get an error (Unable to open file: CommonRes\ani_walk_sideways.brf). Any hints?

>> No.13256485

Prophesy of Pendor.
Where honour actually has a practical use.

>> No.13256499

Wrong version of the game, most likely. Or just reinstall.

>> No.13256503

Weird, I'm installing it into the regular mount and blade folder, not warband.

>> No.13256507

what kind of use?

i got the mod but as far as i can tell it does nothing

>> No.13256535

I'm downloading this no. Opinions? Stories? Review?
I'm currently playing the Brytenwald mod and it's pretty awesome, but kind of bland as its basically 636 AD british isles. So, there's only like 3 weapons (1 handed swords, spears, and two handed axes) and two armors. It's very bland but still entertaining.

I'm just looking for something bigger and more difficult, but mostly more polished. I don't like that Honor doesn't mean anything, that Right To Rule is basically at best not necessary and at worst completely fucking irrelevant to anything.

Anyway, hoping Pendor just gives a little more immersion and polish to the game. I love most everything else.

>> No.13256538

>someone wanted to run a online game set in calradia, but it fell apart because he's too busy. he planned on using the d20 modern rules and tweak them a bit. Anyone interested in running such a game? feel free to suggest a better system if you think of one

I'd be tempted, but would likely be a crotchety old git and run it in original WHFRP as I dont have many modern gamebooks around...

>> No.13256601

Honour troops, i.e. the best troops ever, cost prestige. The more honour you have, the less they cost.

>> No.13256627


Actually original WHFRP with all the magic, guns and non-human fantasy races cut out would probably work perfectly for a Calradian game.

>> No.13256694

that's pretty much why I selected from my collection of gamebooks, most of which were printed in the 1980's...

plus helps for the shit, plague and lepers style I'd likely run

>> No.13256997

IIRC the mod Blood & Steel does a pretty good job of balancing the armies between the factions

>> No.13257223


>Byzantines? Well actualy they are realy Rhodok-like.

Nah, they were more Vaegir-like. Cataphracts and archers were pretty much the name of the game in a 13th century Byzantine army.

A better idea for a new faction would be a Persian Khwarezmian-type. You could make them have good-but-not-great heavy cavalry and heavy infantry with ELEPHANTS HUURRRRR.

>> No.13257266

Until you get a shotgun. Excuse me, a Dragon.
Then you can buttrape entire armies, taking out ten guys with one shot. There's a double-barreled version too.
Also, Mercenary Canoneers. Siege battle? What siege battle? We shot them hurrrr.

>> No.13257330

Pendor... well, if you can look past the terrible voice acting, derptastic writing and some (repeat, SOME) fugly textures, it's quite nice. Mad props for the ability to use formations, actually diverse and flavourful factions and decent amount of tactical optins. Save maybe hurrdurr all bladesmen all the time. Also, the only mod where knights are the fucking terror they really were. Beter chargen, too, if somewhat broken (you can make a dude with 9 Looting right off the bat, hilarity ensues).

>> No.13257352

Oh yes, the voices ...
Is there anyway to turn that off? I would like to enjoy the sounds of battle, without dealing with the pain of having my eardrums ripped by the female battlecries.

>> No.13257370

I've never played WHFRP, but I also haven't played d20 modern, so either way I'd have to learn a new system. I really would like to play such a game, and the system seems like it would be a good match.

>> No.13257382

Quick question: I have Warband but it's not installed yet. I feel like getting Mount & Blade (the original), but reviews I've seen tell me Warband is basically a polished version of the original. It just feels wrong to me, though, playing the expansion without playing the original.
Should do I get Mount & Blade or just ignore it entirely and play Warband?

>> No.13257384

Regarding said looting: go to the Empire. If you're lucky, you'll see something like Loyal Knights or Knights Errant fighting Snake Cult. Assist. On my first game it netted me some fugly but godly armour and a Netherworld Charger (one of the new horses, basically a frothing, steroid-filled warhorse encased in chaos armour). Plus eight kay. Day fucking TWO.
The knight that had these roflstomped my entire army, though, and only got killed by an allied knight (Shadow Legion Centurions I think they were called).

>> No.13257416

It's not an expansion as much as v2.0. Just get Warband, it's exactly the same game with some new stuff, a new faction and a better beginning. You won't miss ANYTHING if you skip the original.

>> No.13257433

Indeed. This could have been a patch, albeit a big and thorough one.

>> No.13257455

Also, be sure to get the newest patch for Warband right off the bat. Among other things, it restores lance functionality from the original, which is important-ish if you like to use them.

>> No.13257479


Oh, is that why I can actually hit things with them now?

>> No.13257493

Thanks, kind anon. Installing now.

>> No.13257510

Might be, yes. You might have noticed that you don't need to tap X like mad in order to set the lance anymore.

>> No.13259108

You don't have to get those guns but yeah, those area of effect firearms and the troops that use them are completely overpowered. It's cuz the AI always cluster together no matter what.
And their ridiculous damage and shit.

>> No.13259133

Bit late, but Rhodoks here.

Up on this hill.

C'mon up, it's got a nice view. Don't mind the air being filled with bolts.

Also, hello castle. How would you like to be brutally raped today?

Seriously, Rhodoks siege better than even Nords.

>> No.13259260

In formation, Rhodok infantry are still pretty good even when attacking. IIRC.

>> No.13259373

Rhodoks infantry are better when you have a lot of them in formation, because their spears give them a much farther reach. If only the AI was smart enough to have the first ranks just defend a lot, while the back ranks attacked.

Same reason they do so well in sieges. They have a lot more people swinging than the other side does.

Really though, on offensive sieges, Rhodoks work best by hiding the infantry and letting their superior crossbowmen expend all their ammo, then throwing their infantry at them. Lose a lot less of them to the enemy archers that way, and it usually does a number on their own infantry as well.

>> No.13259509

Start a new game. Play as the Nords. Sea Raiders charge me and my 5 recruits! MFW

>> No.13259559

I just noticed that Prophecy of Pendor has moved up to Warband. How is it compared to the original version?

Also, going barbarian is really all you need in Blood and Steel. Win a tourney, grab yourself some decent armor, and you can basically hack your way through armies by yourself. Just be wary of arrows.

>> No.13259684


I gotta say, it's my favorite mod. Conquer the world with my camel-mounted jezzailers? Don't mind if I do.

>> No.13260915


>> No.13260958

Wow. This thread is still here.

>> No.13263173

Wow, you are still here.

>> No.13264137


>> No.13264146

What do you mean I'm still here?
Also what are some good mod for Warband?

>> No.13264147

Same shit, really. They added some items, most of which are fugly, fixed some bugs but you still can't save past day 500 and expect it to work and they made some more ear-killing, soul-crushing, poorly recorded voices.

>> No.13264157

Pendor is hit and miss, mostly miss.
Renaissance is a great mod, keeping the experience very similar but adding more stuff.
Blood and Steel is a joke, really. If you enjoy fantasy decorations and over the top gunpowder weapons (you can carry THREE CANNONS ffs), give it a shot, tho. Oh, and naked pistol women.

>> No.13264158

Feels bad man? Have you gotten Warband? You can wipe the map's ass clean with dem fucking sharpshooters.

>> No.13264161

Oh alright. Thanks.

>> No.13264163

>three cannons
Downloadan. My next character shall be Battleship Bismarck, the Swadian merc.

>> No.13264169

Make sure to get 'double barreled dragons', these can be shot twice before reloadan, used from horseback and have a neat area of effect. Just bring your horse about, unload a fucking broadside of 6 AoE 220-ish damage shot and hide behind your troops to reload.

>> No.13264211

They still die to Swadian Knights. Everything dies to Swadian Knights.

>> No.13264261

Someone needs to make:

a) A gorkamorka mod. M&B would be perfect for this. Would require a lot of reskinning, but hardly any game mechanics would need to change.
b) A song of Ice and Fire. I want to be the Little Wolf and just got nucking futs.

>> No.13264269

Well, go and make them, then. What's stopping you?

>> No.13264280


Zero coding skills. Zero modelling skills. In fact, pretty much zero skills.

Hell, I'd be willing to give it a go if I had the faintest idea what to do or how to begin.

>> No.13264289

You can still do writing or voice-acting, though.
Or just come up with stuff. Go to the damn forum and give it a go, chances are you'll pick some useful skills up along the way.

>> No.13264316


I have been to the forum. I floated the idea of the gorkamorka thing, but it didn't gather much interest. If there was a decent guide I'd happily jump right in, as it is, it just seems a bit daunting really.

>> No.13264319

Nords here, horses are for wimps.

>> No.13264366

Vaegirs here. How are you able to speak with a lance in your mouth and lungs full of arrows is beyond me. Guess I'll have to actually use infantry.

>> No.13264390

There was a"song of fire and ice" mod a while ago, and I think there is one being made for Warband.

Changing horses for vehicules can be quite hard especially if you want passangers.

Also learning how to mod in Warband is quite easy, but python syntax can be quite boring sometimes.

>> No.13264404

Is this the Song of Ice and Fire you're talking about?

>> No.13264442

Huscarl shields are pretty darn sturdy, y'know. And after that failed lance attempt the 30 axes in your horse means you're back on foot with the rest of us sloggers.

>> No.13264454

Meh, I've never seen a Nord hit a moving target, unless said target was charging straight at him. Not too fast, though. Must be those helmets.

>> No.13264481

Just looted my first Village and netted over 7000 gold in goods.

But why do I feel a burning shame inside myself? :(

>> No.13264497

It's normal. Don't worry, you'll get over it in no time. Now, go raid some caravans to train up your soldiers.

>> No.13264508

That's normal for attacking a defenseless farming village.
You monster.

>> No.13264518

Defenseless? It's full of witches and warlocks.
Also, remember to butcher the peasants for velvet and furs afterwards.

>> No.13264529


I can't do it any more. I can't hurt those poor poorly modelled people going on their unsimulated virtual lives.


>> No.13264546

I have one Rhodok noble and one Vaegir Noble as my prisoners.

How do I ransom them off?

>> No.13264557


eventually somebody from the kingdom will get around to asking you to ransom them

>> No.13264559


>> No.13264568

You can, son, you must.
It is you who must lead our people now, and without the goods, they will disband.
Find the strength. For your father. For your tribe. For the lulz.

>> No.13264571


>> No.13264575

>loot enemy villages
>marshal conquers local castle
>I get a village I've been burning constantly
>disposition -94
>King Ragnar is trolling me again

>> No.13264576

The largest army I've gathered was 176. 50 were Swadian Knights, and the rest were distractions. Before quitting the game I had10 knights left after invading 3 Nord cities. Goddamn I love Swadian Knights.

>> No.13264592

Well then.
Loot and burn the village, old chap.

>> No.13264601

Mount and Blade is quickly becoming one of THOSE games.

>> No.13264613


But I made more than enough money from my fiefs and beating up bandits... :(

>> No.13264614

Oh god. Imagine being a peasant there.
"We have joined the Nords! No more looting and burning by that monster!"

>> No.13264619

Does anyone else have this problem?

By which I mean the fact that Warbands works perfectly for me, but when I quit, my graphics card crashes.

other than that, Nords here, your territories are MINE.

>> No.13264629

You don't. You need more than that if you're to lead out people to their lost glory. You need knights and knights and knights. You also need knights and knights. Knights, knights and knights cost money. All to much money. Loot and burn the village, my son. Loot and burn the village.

>> No.13264631

Nobody's mentioned the Companions+Diplomacy mod for warband.

Diplomacy mod makes certain things(troop recruitment, empire management, vassal promotion, etc) much easier to do.

The companions mod, while rough, adds so many fucking companions to the game.


>> No.13264638

I love mount and blade
Im hosting a mount and blade lan party today.
mfw when this thread is here for 3 days

>> No.13264657

Warband: Prophecy of Pendor
Fuck Year capturing and selling bandits
Fuck no adventuring companies.

>> No.13264666

I forgot to take the damage off 1/4 and 1/2 for me and my men for the first half of the game and now my score on retiring is terrible. Do I need a do-over? I don't want to lose the area of land where Swadia used to exist...

>> No.13264842

What's the board's view on The Eagle and the Radiant Cross? It feels fun, but then again I've only played Warband and Prophecies of Pendor. I'm not sure if I've experienced real quality yet.

>> No.13265701

I like it, but I have a weakness for pike and shot so yeah. Some textures are a bit bad (LAURIANS) and there is a mary sue-faction and some unfunny humour, like
haelmarians luv cheese, u vassal? have big cheesecutting knife lololol

But you haven't lived until you've commanded a Swadian/Laurian/Haelmarian gunline or a charge of the Great Duchy or the Lion Throne.
Protip: hold fire until most enemies are visible and your gunners can fire in a barrage.

It has a few very rare overpowered weapons and troops, like Cannoneers but I can't remember their exact name. You're unlikely to get many of them though, since they're on a separate troop tree iirc.

>> No.13265799


Ah, good. I must say, I was skeptical about guns in the game, but one battle with five soldiers and I'm sold.

>> No.13265967

>>like Cannoneers but I can't remember their exact name.

The Kaiserlich Collaterals, famed for killing twice as many of my troops as the enemy does, whenever I have the misfortune to team up with a lord that has them.

The reason: they fire at the nearest enemy. With a cannon. The. Nearest. Enemy. In a siege, this means anyone going up the ladder has maybe a one in three chance to reach the top - BUT THEY KILLED THAT GODDAMN PEASANT UP THERE, DIDN'T THEY?

I mad

Best thing to do is eyeball your allied troops and "accidentally" headshot anyone with a cannon. Don't feel guilty about it - they'd do the same to you.

>> No.13266315

Yeah, it's awesome. Kaiserlich recruits are pound for pound the most effective skirmishers, since even their recruits got (basic) guns.
i no rite
fucking ai

How do you guys like the multiplayer? I find it nice, though I must admit I am a weak manual blocker. If you destroy my shield I am going to panic a little.

>> No.13266934

Wait, what? Block? Melee? I got two cannons, bro.

>> No.13266958

prophecy of pendor, far superior.

>> No.13267020

Of course, with its terribad voice acting (badly recorded, too, you can hear static or background noise in every single file), eyegouging textures (T'Shar Bladesemen, anyone? Not to mention Snake Cult, half of the knights and pretty much all Empire troops with non-native items) and derpalicious writing (CROPLAND? PASTURELAND?). Also terribly, terribly broken chargen (NINE Looting right off the bat? or 6 Trade AND 5 Looting? Doesn't impact your combat skills, either, like the native chocies did.)

>> No.13267034

Shit, nigga, I so mad I can't type.
Then again, I can't really find a quality mod for Warband.

>> No.13267066


Seig Kaiser Reinhard!

>> No.13267155

That sums the multiplayer up pretty nicely, tbh.

>> No.13267604

Haha, sorry, I didn't mean multiplayer in TEATRC or something like that. Mostly since I've never seen a server with TEATRC in multiplayer.
I've been thinking of playing the CRPG mod, but I'm kind of daunted by it's scope.
Also, your character is supposedly really bad in the beginning?

>> No.13267758

INDEED. You start at a level comparable to a peasant recruit, only said recruits have everything in combat skills. You don't.

>> No.13267782

Ravenstern FTW Fuck all y'all bitches

>> No.13267817

I love Prophecy of Pendor. Too bad it crashes all the time.
Feels bad man.

>> No.13267915

Ah yes. Worse infantry than T'Shar, worse shooters than the Empire and worse cavalry than pretty much everyone else. Fuck yeah.
Oh, and the emo northern ranger theme.

>> No.13268620


Don't get me started. But what I find more infuriating is that PoP is a processing hog. The first siege I was in caused graphics glitches and slow-motion fightan.

>> No.13268771

What I also find annoying is the painfully slow troop progression, where you need thousands and thousands of XP to even get remotely competent soldiers.
Oh, and the random facerape commandos strutting around at speed 10. What chance do you have at the beginning against five level 30-something plate armoured knights?

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