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Admiral Grant, the fleet reports all systems secured and ready for jump, awaiting your signal!

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God I miss the old Full Thrust days on /tg/

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Is Full Thrust a good game, the models look kind of cool

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It's free, and awesome.

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You guys. Where can I get models for this? Right now my brother and I just use lego but I've got only so many pieces and I can't tolerate rainbow warriors.

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Don't be fooled by the 1997 internet background, Jon is reputable and delivers on time, everytime. SHipping prices aren't bad, because he comps you 20% off your purchase price if you live outside of Europe (no VAT)

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God I loved those threads! Found this game with them, still in love with the cockpits.

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The new ship models are excellent, I'm glad John continues to update them.

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It was an EXCELLENT game. I still play it.

Cheap, solid, and campaigns well.

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Did you homebrew campaign rules?

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Lt Cherenkov, contain your excitement and go to engineering.

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I remember that week where we had an FT thread every day. Good times.

I find bookkeeping during the game an absolute nightmare though, especially wrt systems that later get repaired and have to be un-crossed-out.

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Halt alien vessels! you have entered Tau Space!

We are not a violent people, but we will defend our territory with lethal force, if your interested in diplomatic relations, please power down your weapons and respond in kind!

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rolled 7331 = 7331


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rolled 17152 = 17152


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When we play big games, we have command sections, so a player controls a task force of four ships, etc, while the Admiral commands the flag command and issues general orders to the other Commanders.

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Sure sounds like you have a lot of friends to play with


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We;re actually balls deep in the middle of a campaign, 12 players in total. The ESU is suffering but will HOLD STRONG!

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I miss them too.

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How long does a full thrust game take to play, and what is the general point count per side? Are there rules for fleet composition?

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Really depends on the size of the game.

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Well there is one on /tg/ at the moment.

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What are the factions in Full Thrust?

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Many and varied.

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Bmp for FT.

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Savasku, not Vorlons.

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