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'sup /tg/?

Haven't seen any discussion on the new IA preview, so figure I'll spark some discussion.

Mantis Warriors, Salamanders, Executioners, Sons of Medusa, Minotaurs, Carcharodons, Exorcists and Star Phantoms now confirmed.

I want to see what these characters are like, and the Siege Assault Vanguard too.

Very much excited for the section "Battlefleet Gothic and the Badab War", it feels like it's been years since anyone officially mentioned BFG.

...oh wait, it HAS been years.

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I have been wanting to play BFG since I learned about it. However, I didn't want to ride a bus or drive two or three cities away to pick up the miniatures, and no one near me plays it to begin with to bother ordering. Still, I want to have a massive fleet at my command!


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>Sons of medusa are a literal offshoot of the Iron Hands having seceeded from them in M35. They are even more hardline Mechanicus than the iron hands themselves following prophecies which have been noticed through flickerings in the Astronomican as Mars passes through Terra's orbit. they get a giant Cyborg Master of the forge who allows you to upgrade your Devastators to have FNP so long as their moddeled appropriately

>Exorcists have sub cults within them essentially like the Thousand sons in the Graham McNeil novel. They are also at odds with the Ordo Hereticus for their forbidden knowledge regarding Daemons. The Special character comes equipped with a Thunder hammer that auto wounds psykers and daemons, is immune to psychic powers 50% of the time and I believe allows combat tactics to be replaced with fearless.

>Salamanders get a funky dreadnought which was built by Vulkan and a duelling captain who comes with 2 power swords (i think) andhas no chapter tactics rules.

>Minotaurs are essentially the High lords of Terra shock and awe weapon. They go in and take on anyone even other Marine chapters on a regular basis. Bit of fluff where they beat on two feuding Astartes Chapters. One retreats but the other is mauled nearly to the point of extinction being an Ultramarine2nd founding several other UM sucessors swear a blood vengeance on the Minotaurs. Special Character is a chapter master with a power spear that can function as a bright lance for one shot.

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could care less

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>more space marines

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>Mantis warriors have a duelling librarian with his own special psychic power and allows for infiltrate.

>Star Phantoms just prior to Badab war have lost their homeworld through a Hrud migration. They have a fascination with Death and particularly the idiom: "Only in death does duty end". The special Character Androcles, who takes out Huron, is captain of the 9th and allows you to take Devastators as Elites as well as Heavy

>The mystery terminator in IA9? Well he's the Carchardons Chapter master armed with lightning claws and a chainfist which he can split his attacks between. Originally a conversion piece he looks to be released at the end of january, the forgeworld boys have been looking at the blogposts on the internet and have been amused that just because the picture is green tinted everyone is jumping at him being a mantis warrior or one of the sons of medusa. there are no plans to release Mk1 Termie armour with IA10 but its on the to do list. Chapter tactics wise he allows you to replace combat tactics with Furious charge however afterwards if the unit destroys another in close combat it becomes subject to rage. Fluffwise the carchardons are a crusade type fleet however they are constantly crusading and essentially "living off the land" not coming back in for resupply and are essentially the Imperial boogeyman. Fluff also suggests that the Raven Guard are their progenitors and that the founders were the monsters created by Corax in an effort to rebuild the Ravens after Istvaan V.

>You also get a siege SM army which can take Ironclads and siege dreadnoughts as troops. Squadrons of predators, vindicators and whirlwinds. You have to take a compulsory Master of the seige who comes with Artificer armour. Further more to offset the power gamey elements of the list (You can take Achilles as Heavy Support...) the army has to take a special siege objective which it must claim otherwise can only ever draw.

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It's the Badab War, it's neat.

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>Salamanders get a funky dreadnought which was built by Vulkan and a duelling captain who comes with 2 power swords (i think) andhas no chapter tactics rules.


LIKE, EVERY OTHER FIRST FOUNDING HAS ONE (well, at least if you include traitor first foundings.. death guard have two)

captain sounds pretty boss, hopefully we get a veteran set like the raven guard did

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I wonder if 'funky dreadnought' is a black joke. Like it's the tomb of the Emperor's old beatmaster.

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oh god, I wouldn't put it past them

taking a closer look; I'd bet anything that "Bray'Arth Ashmantle" is the captain. I mean, "Ashmantle"

he's going to have a cape, fuck yeah capes

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>Funkmaster Tu'man reporting. At long last, back to groove!

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Sons of Medusa sound hardcore. To secede from the Iron Hands for being too focused on the Mechanicus... that's some bad Void Dragon mojo.

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striking colours too

neon green with white helmets. They stand out on the table

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I've still yet to hear an acceptable reason for the Space Sharks name change.

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it's history, from back when 40k was awesome

Eldar are in the next IA, just wait a little longer for your revamped Phantom

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Neon is taking it a bit far, but yeah they do have quite a stand out colour scheme.

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probably to distance them from the space wolves

stupid either way, space sharks is an awesome name. the badass chapter master makes up for it a bit, though

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I guess, but I will never call them anything other than Space Sharks.

Anyone got pics of this Chapter Master?

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Space Sharks are Space Sharks.

Carcharodons are MEGALODONS. Which are the GIANT sharks, from prehistoric times. How is that not awesome?

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It's space marines.

That's how.

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And 19 metres? More than 60 feet. That's a lot of shark.

Changing it to Space Sharks to an actual shark name is OK in my books, if they're badass sharks.

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He was complaining about about a Space Marine chapter name change, so they Have to be space marines.

I'm sure you'd be hot and bothered about it if orks got a giant sea monster.

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dem claws man, dem badass claws

Problem, Xeno? Badab war is an example of marines done RIGHT. I wish GW would use more ideas from forgeworld. Regular campaign books, variety of releases, balance of Xeno/Imperial/Chaos, advancing fluff..

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I know that Carcharodons are prehistoric giant sharks... but the name lacks the simplicity and the "ring" of SPACE SHARKS.

Carcharodons is an ok name I suppose, but I have been a fan of the Space Sharks since I first learned of both them and 40k about ten+ years ago! Would you be happy if your favorite chapter's name was suddenly retconned? Such as if the Space Wolves became the Amaroks Chapter?

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Are... Are those two lightning claws with two chainfists underneath them?


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Fair enough.

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Nice, I like the slightly old-style pauldrons on his terminator armor.

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Yep. Makes up for the name change, since I'll still call them Space Sharks regardless

Same. A little disappointed that they didn't remake the 'pinhead', but at the same time impressed that they kept it really close to the Mk V while still clearly being a "terminator"

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I hope they still keep the majority of the Space Sharks wearing Corvus "Beakie' helmets. Though recent art such as >>13233932 and pic related have recently convinced me the Mk VII style helmets can work for Space Sharks.

They better not have changed the their color scheme either.

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it fits the newer fluff, with them on the fringe of the galaxy, killing shit dead.

Mk V armor uses layered plates bolted together to improve durability, due to a lack of proper materials. Since they're too busy being badasses, they don't have the time/materials for more sophisticated armor creation/repair.

That, and it looks mean as hell. Marines were almost always beakies back in the day, so it's not a big surprise they moved away from that

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Bump for Space Sharks

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If only Forge World didn't write really hit or miss rules.

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They may be hit or miss but they're generally fun either way which imo, is always more important.

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>bawwwww spess murheens get all the new toys

>bawwwww spess murheens r stoopid, they don't even have tacticool toys like real special forces

Stay shitty, /tg/. Stay shitty.

This shit is fucking awesome. Anti-Imperialfags can go suck some AIDS dick.

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