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Post (or draw) a single image that sums up 40K to you.

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Pretty much this as far as I'm concerned.

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Dante > Avatar

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Already on some other thread, but I would post that pic of the Nid invasion with the pussy-ass IG about to blow his Emperor-loving head off.

That's what 40k is all about to me.

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This pic. It makes no sense.

Did the Avatar sneak up on him?
Did he suddenly forget how to turn around?
Is he testing a new fighting style that involves always fighting with your back turned?

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A very good choice.

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>taking an ethereal
that's his problem

Enclaves is where it's at

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40k isn't supposed to make sense, it's supposed to be fucking awesome.

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This is now a funny/awesome 40k image thread

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Fuck yeah Eldar.

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I'm not artist but I think this sums it all up nicely.

All respect to 40K however.

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/r/ I'M SO HORNY shoop.

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this is every 40k plot point ever

>I'm ok with this.jpg

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I don't have it, but that one oglaf strip, you know, "Recieve my honor," and all that.

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Pic is Fantasy, but it's still related to 40k.

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didn't have that one (I posted the first two)

Rogue trader really is 40k at it's best

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I can't believe this guy is actually on the uk main page.
He's so goddam rapey, what parent would send their kid to him for "paint class"?

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Too bad it comes out more as "Derp, let's make (yet another) Spess Mehreen codex!"

Followed by a chorus of "HERP" from all the developers who aren't Matt Ward.

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I tend to take everything from the setting that I like and use it to run Dark Heresy. Instead of posting a pic I`ll sum it up for you in a single sentence:

Everything is huge and terrifying and you are small and insignificant, you can make a difference on a small scale by being awesome, but that is all you can ever hope for.

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Fucking spess marheens, how do they work?

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rolled 31, 90 = 121

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This sums up 40k pretty nicely I think.

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They work under the obvious fact that anything would sell that well, if 60% of the dev-team's efforts were focused around it.

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So much epicness here.
I was going to post >>13231682
but since it's taken

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'ere we go.

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In modern times, Yeri would have pulled sunglasses from nowhere.

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I miss Ambulls

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Pic oh so related...

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Wow, that is 80s-TASTIC. I love it.

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Dat's... It's... Beautiful, boss...

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I remember seeing a sister of battle ONLY wearing a huge litany.

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Whats that from? I demand sauce!

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>Weeaboo space nigger getting crushed by tank treads
Dear god, it's beautiful

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Christ Tau can't get a break. Wasn't bad enough that a whole Tau settlement welcomed Necron.

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IG player detected

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>hates on weeaboos
>posts weeaboo image
I laughed hard

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40k wasn't originally meant to be taken seriously before it was changed for 2nd edition.

You'll eventually be disappointed, or in denial if you keep the attitude it should be taken seriously as 40k stands now.

I would have posted an ork, but I think cultist chan fits it best. She was created, non-canon. She's a comic relief character with depth made from people who make their own fluff on her. People both like and hate her, but in the end she entices some sort of response when she's around.

The same idea behind allies/enemies, custom armies that aren't canon, and not taking it seriously. 40k is a parody, conglomeration of mixed human history and lore and ideas taken from anything and everything. It doesn't even try to hide the fact they take ideas from everything, because it's all fair game (aside from IP rights). So in essence, they made their own tempo.

Cultist chan is a better representation then most of what I could think of right now.

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Typical Taufaggots.

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Whats that IG player? You're getting MORE defensive now?
Thats funny.

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So, I heard you Tau like pieplates...

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>Tau the size of a human
Ruins the entire picture.

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>Bringing vehicles to a railgun fight

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Problem Xenos?

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What, does it hurt?

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20 foot range, xenos.

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Source? That image is awesome.

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For shame STALKER, I though you would know
Fire and Honor, good comic read. Tau manages to troll IG through the whole book before getting ran over.

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I'm not a /co/llector. I only know a few famous one.
Also Thanks. Downloading it now.

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Damn it kids! No trolling!

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And suddenly this was a IG vs Tau thread,eh?

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Try again.

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Just as planned...

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This has happened more times then I can count
Both on /tg/ and /v/
If theres one rivalry that truly exists in 40k, its the Tau and IG
A never ending line of trolling and butmadness

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Thought it was IG vs SoB...

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It is, how to you say it, a "duel" of sorts.

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You, yeah, stop it.

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Here you-

>sums up 40K to you

Oh. Somehow I read this as "sums up /tg/ to you." I can't help but find that humorous

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The SoB died years ago
I wouldn't be surprised if they got retconned

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That doesn't stop the fanboys...

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You know, i think this sums up 40k very well.


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I recognize that reaction image.

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I think you should, its one of yours.

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To further add to this though, its always the IG people that I see getting worked up
So the Tau play the defensive side, while the IG go offensive

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My point exactly... so, how's it going?

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Its all gravy for me man, kinda snowed in, but oh well.


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Having my last final tomorrow and then just enjoying the holidays, good year all around, I'd say.

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Best of luck to ya man, and has indeed been a good year.

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Same to you.

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