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Pew pew.

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It doesn't matter what I request because you're just going to draw generic pinups of naked chicks anyways, just with pointy ears or strange skin colors or 40k gubbins all about.

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An Ice-elf woman with long black hair in a pony tail wearing bronze armor. Her right hand is blackened by frostbite and her facial expression is stern and cold.

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Draw a chick with big tits in some kind of bikini armor

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But they're well-drawn. And you'll get further if you ask politely.

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Requesting her being molested by her Canoness/a daemonette/a Tyranid.

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How about a tall female fighter in realistic armor raging. Because her companion, a young, impressionable bard, is wooing a couple of hobgoblins with her crippling adorability

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Oh, that's a great idea! Draw a pinup of a naked chick with 40K gubbins about!

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But I don't want tits, and that's all he draws. He used to draw other things. Now it's just tits, tits everywhere. He's become the 4e of drawfags. Carry on with your tits thread. I'll take my business elsewhere.

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Please greenmarine, I beseech you to do something different from what you have been doing. Instead of making nude warhammer 40k girls....here it comes....can you make nude star wars girls, preferably Ahsoka?

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draw a fellow walking down a dimly lit hallway in a fluffy bathrobe, with eyes in the dark behind him

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Requesting: redheaded woman holding an Iron Warriors' helmet.

>> No.13229183

Any of the following, I've always wanted to see SOB done drawing from other faiths than just western gothic culture.

-Egyptian SOB with power axe and shield
-Japanese Repentia with Miko Robes and a Chain-Naginata
-Western SOB with a longrifle and cowboy hat.
-Shaolin Monk Seraphim

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Okay, here we go:

The girl from the Ring, wearing a long black hooded cape and carrying a whip and a large rusted iron spike.

She has a 'Just as Planned' expression on her face. And she's smoking a cigar.

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Well, duh. Maybe if you requested something cool.

Go be an average internet user somewhere else, you big baby.

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Make a kobold that is being lured into a pitfall trap by a group of goblins. The kobold is hulking by kobold standards and the goblins are scrawny and small but are smiling in a maniacal manner.

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You know, he's under no obligation to do it for us. You might have a point somewhere in there, but proper phrasing matters...

>> No.13229251

I would be interested in seeing Greenmarine either as a Slaaneshi daemon prince or killing Slaanesh and taking his/her place as Prince of Pleasure.... Or something.

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Requesting female Mechanicum assassin. Her arms and legs are entirely augmetic, while her head and torso are still pale flesh. She's wearing a tight black body glove, a Mechanicum robe, and her hair and eyes are brown and grey respectively.

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A commissar drining tea.

Be it a girl like Forte with "TITS!" tits or man who is so british that he shits the queen.

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Fuck my hands!

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Not that guy, but... Like something with tits? Or naked? Or scantily clad? Or rape? You're the drawfagg, you draw what you like, no denying that. But try to differ it a bit. That said, you'll always have hordes of fanbois who'll rush to see your every tit pic. Shalom.

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he's drawn a greasy haired goblin at some point, if I was not so lazy as to not look for it in my saved pics folder.

and Cthulu Tech K. Rider (because I can into spelling)

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Could I please ask for a cutesy and surprisingly happy-looking tiefling girl dressed in a fantasy version of a french maid dress, with a lot of frilly transparencies? I was in fact thinking in having many parts of the dress be obviously transparent but not completely so. Got the idea from this Bastard!! chapter someone storytimed here some weeks ago, but sadly didint save the image of the elven princess and her dress. The tiefling girl has exceedingly long and bare legs (rolled on the old 2e table for tieflings and she got blue skin, tail, horns, and finally, legs 12 inches longer than normal, so, you know, a LOT of leg), standing on the balls of her feet, holding a little plate with a cutesy silver teaset in it, or maybe an ashtray? smoking cigar on ashtray is opcional.

She has a metallic, 2 inches thick (with 1/3 of a inch breathing room) slave collar with a large ring hanging from its front.

Her hair is arranged in a ponytail that rises a couple of inches behind her, wrapped tightly before being allowed to fall down loose behind her.

She is waiting to serve the tea, or patiently holding the ashtray for someone sitting pretty much out of the picture? the house is obviously upper end high class.

I dont know if I did too much description or too little. When I do too little, people says they cant draw it because of that, and if I do more, they say they dont dare because I have too clear an idea of what I´m hoping for.

Not a 4e tiefling, btw. 2e, so pretty much go for a daemonette, I guess.

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wow the seconds it took me to type my message, lots of requests already =(

GM, you may remember me always begging you to draw three redheads and going "awww" every time, could you draw me this tiefling? pretty please? just because is almost Christmas and im sick? pweease?

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It's not tits but...

The most badass horseshoe crab you can imagine.

>> No.13229424


Harley Quinn (DC COMICS) dressed as a Dark Eldar styled Harlequin, something similar to Lelith Hesperax outfit. Though it should match her color scheme too.

>> No.13229426

Ok... i want Frank West being an ork.

He covered Waaghs you know.

>> No.13229428

A Grey Render.

Having a tea party with a teddy bear, a Barbie and a little girl.

>> No.13229430

Be back in five, i have some beans waiting for me.

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wtf... so... greenmarine = porn? is that why ... oh wow, come think of it, i´ve only ever seen him fulfill requests for porn, really

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Well, I´m asking for a tiefling slavegirl dressed in a micro dress, so I guess this pushes my hopes up?

>> No.13229449

A female orc bard in the style of Ursula Vernon's Celadon Toadstool, basking in some poor sot's head with a mace while trying to look wan and consumptive.

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Bashing. Silly shaky hands.

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Oi, that's not fair to him, or even true. He does do character sketches for DH and the like. His choices of sketches are slightly skewed at most, but he's the artist and gets to choose which ones he wants to do. It's not like we're paying him to do it, after all. (Says a grateful recipient of a Gunmetallican scum picture. Detailed, well drawn, and fully clothed, thank you very much.)

>> No.13229475

I could have a go at that if you want? Im not so good at digital painting yet but I only got my tablet a few days ago.

>> No.13229476

already done, I believe.

>> No.13229480

Gally/Alita, the pouty-lipped cyborg from Gummn/Battle Angel Alita, looking absolutely astonished at the softness and suppleness of her new RealSkin(tm) boobie add-ons.

>> No.13229482

It was? I missed it ;_;

>> No.13229484

Slave girl in collar and skimpy outfit chained to a throne.

Catch is, she's a giant and the throne is more chained to her than her to it, resting on her shoulder with a very pleased looking monarch in it.

>> No.13229485

draw us a girl-Genestealer

covered in blood optional

>buhler wrecorts

and get Captcha the Bueller Records while you're at it.

>> No.13229489

crossover zombie killan action request go

>> No.13229490

Damnit. Gunnm.

>> No.13229496


A Tech-Priest from you? Your name would suggest you might like doing this sort of thing.

>> No.13229516

Greenmarine, greenmarine, I gave up on asking you for the triplets, but is a tiefling slavegirl ok?

I typed a description here and added a pic of what i meant with the dress being transparent.

the description here --> >>13229375

Anyway, I guess just give her the longest possible legs that can still look sexy instead of freakish?

>> No.13229521


Or alternatively, some Xeno+Lolicron robo-hips high 5.

>> No.13229526

A Nordic-looking, statuesque(yes, you know what this means) green-eyed redhead with her hair done in two long braids, splattered with blood and holding a gory battle axe in each hand, looking like... well, a berserker of some description.

>> No.13229540

be more specific and original.

>> No.13229542

Platemail clad cleric casting 'Summon Steamroller' at a vampire. The cleric is shouting WRYYYYYY as he does this.

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Look, begging like a bitch just irritates everyone else. it usually doesn't help your chances.

>> No.13229557

A small, slender but quick female human rogue. Big brown eyes, short messy brown hair, freckles, wearing gender-neutral but easily modified street clothes... having just unbuttoned several buttons in her blouse and trying to look seductive.

>> No.13229562


Fine. I got my copypasta ready. It's from someone's writefaggotry:

On the slab lay, not a human body, but a collection of naked steel, bronze, wiring, severed mechadendrites, with very few exposed patches of grey-bluish skin; it obliterated any sense and appearance of gender it may have once had. One of its legs had a claw-like ending and had been completely non-human in design with the knee joint inverted as in some old Terran mythical creatures, whilst the other looked like a normal leg, with a foot and even toes on it, but its entire surface had been covered with interlocking plates and who knew what lay beneath them? It no longer had fingers, only cables, needles, mechadendrites and plug-in sockets on the left hand; the right was covered in even more bizarre looking machinery, numbering more than five extensions on it unlike the former one. What might have been considered a shoulder seemed to had something detached from it, as numerous sockets seemed to be lined across it, or more likely had been crudely cut when no other way of prying it loose was available. Its mouth and nose had been covered with a modified rebreather mask... subtle electoo’s of the Holy Cog [over one of its cheeks] which shimmered in and out of existence slightly over the wirings which were anything but subtle as the bio-electrical energy passed through; one eye of normal human origin its color grey, the other a series of augmetic eyes, colors of sunken jade gems; its ears a malformed shrunken growth overgrown with cables and steel tubes which linked to its crania

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Could I get a Tron version of Tron Bonne? Or just Tron Bonne cheesecake.

>> No.13229593

This kinda tron, of course.

>> No.13229597

How about a white-haired female Wild/Sylvan Elf with vaguely Asian features, sitting crosslegged in front of a fire, a cup of something nasty and oily in one hand, looking stoned out of her MIND?

>> No.13229644

sounds quite nice. Is he supposed to be dead?

>> No.13229665

Well, it certainly doesn't help that we all ask for whatever we can think on the spur of the moment whether we really want it or just thought of it less than a second ago. I bet most of the people on this thread have made 2-3 requests just because, and are hoping to see if any of them gets done. I´d say the man has a legitimate request, and I don't mind giving him "my turn".

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Requesting a female Nurgle Champion Blood-Bowl player.

>> No.13229675


Actually just captured by a certain agent of the Inquisition. He's a Magos IIRC.

>> No.13229682

>female Nurgle Champion Blood-Bowl player

This is what will likely get done, tho

>> No.13229698

>i´ve only ever seen him fulfill requests for porn, really
He occasionally does other things

>> No.13229723

>i´ve only ever seen him fulfill requests for porn, really
>i´ve only ever seen him fulfill
>i´ve only ever

man cant be on 24/7 for the holydays when GM does other but porn, I bet. Maybe has life

>> No.13229736

Time for me to try again.

A friend of mine's character made for a 40k RP. A female Eldar Farseer with long flowing hair. Her defining characteristic is that she's... really curvy. Pretty cheesecake. You can put her in general robes though - but she's very top heavy and has a thick waist and behind. I'd like something that's sexy but still classy and gives a sense of dignity and power if possible.

>> No.13229761

I'd love to see your take on the Norse goddess Freya, greenmarine. Not the DC Comics one, the goddess from myth.

>> No.13229765

Well if you don't mind, draw Layer please?

>> No.13229771

I am not skipping requests, but i had to do this one right away. Capcom had consensual sex with my childhood.

>> No.13229785

>a female Eldar Farseer
>gives a sense of dignity and power
>dignity and power

>> No.13229789

Now this looks like something someone really wants, and not a spur of the moment thing that can be described in three or less words. So, you know, a real request instead of a whim

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>> No.13229818

Go back to /b/, kid.

>> No.13229831

Ive never actually played megaman, but ive heard scissorman´s power is pretty useful. When you beat a boss, do you HAVE to drop your current power for his, or you get to choose?

>> No.13229845


You permanently acquire all boss weapons.

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>> No.13229892

can you switch between them? if so, nice

>> No.13229895

>Spend 20 minutes drawing this
>My 30 second doodle that I did before was the 30th thing I had drawn
>After 30 launches OpenCanvas does not allow saving

>> No.13229898


At will.

>> No.13229904

>>Implying i have a life.

Struggling with >>13229375 at the momento

>> No.13230058

Requesting Land Raider/Meltagun Rule 34.

>> No.13230070

Requesting a younger (teenaged, perhaps?) Sister, with a cutesy bow in her hair, who has somehow ended up a Living Saint and seems quite embarrassed.

>> No.13230071


>press print screen
>paste on MS paint

>> No.13230073

Print screen command.

>> No.13230081

Doing techpriest.

>> No.13230095


Thank you for this. I owe you a keg of beer or whatever you drink.

>> No.13230206

This looks weird.

>> No.13230245


What's next?

>> No.13230281

Second drawfag here, what kinda brushes do you use OP?

>> No.13230342

Low opacity, hard round brush and soft round brush.

>> No.13230354


>> No.13230373

Shit, frgot pic.

>> No.13230376

Hey, requested this yesterday, but AFAIK it didn't end up done, so here's a hopeful second requestation (That a word? Nah?)

Young, pale man, about 18-19 years old, wearing a worn down poncho and battered sombrero and carrying a double-barrelled shotgun, while staring in confusion at a skinny Apache indian who is clutching one eye in pain.

In return I will personally purchase and train a monkey to dance for your amusement and serve you cokes/beers.

>> No.13230397

A monkey? Screw you, I wanted Macha on a leash!

>> No.13230428


HNNNNNNGGGGGG! I came. I love you. I will bear your children.

>> No.13230430


Sorry sir, right away sir.
Bubbles! You're no longer required! Out with you!

>> No.13230488

They all say that. But my semen is the real blood of cherubs, spilled by the tusks of the Behemoth and offered as a libation to the unseen beasts that dwell in the Earth, for the Worm is beyond human, as it has fed upon the sacred flesh of saints and heroes.

>> No.13230509

Callidus assassin dressed up as a maid.

>> No.13230521

Might I request an image of a Deathwatch Black Templar barely containing fury at the Kill Team's new Ultramarine Psyker?

>> No.13230534


So, what you're basically saying, is that you're my fantasy come true? Together, we will transcend the laws of reality and make it happen!

>> No.13230547

Awright! Let's do this!

Now, suggest me something even more awesome than this:>>13230509

>> No.13230573

I like you.


>> No.13230587



Also, me suggest something again?

>> No.13230596

Well, you can choose between two options.

You can:
Make an ork Frank West saying "I've covered WAAGHs! you know?"


A female version of Grimgor and with hair.

>> No.13230627

otherwise, it's the callidus maid.

Btw, I ain't no techpriest. Behold my true form!

>> No.13230637

Hee, could you make that Ork Frank west talking to a Tau version of April O'Neil?

>> No.13230651

>Make an ork Frank West saying "I've covered WAAGHs! you know?"


I love it

>> No.13230681

Seth of the Flesh Tearers Chapter as a Female.

Failing that, how bout a female Vulkan He'stan?

>> No.13230682

Sounds crusty, this pleases me!
have this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rU5JfaNcNc

Finally going for the callidus, it'll be a occasion to try reflections and shit.

>> No.13230697


>> No.13230706


Well, if it's something 40k...

Have you perhaps read Titanicus? If so, do Tephlar. You know, the one Skitarii who suggests assaulting a Mechanicus headquarters with a grenade launcher. He's not described [how he looks, what augmentations does he have, etc.] so that sucks, but you could make out your own version. But that's dull, not being able to get all the details you might think of. Otherwise, do something for someone else 'cause I got nothing like that Tech-Priest currently in stock. I will probably by tomorrow, but that's tomorrow. So better that someone else gets their wish and I'll writefagg a short description of Tephlar or something similarly awesome.

>> No.13230717

A scarred, muscular, female elf . She has a scar across her face that comes down from her hair, across her left eye (eye is intact), down her cheek and across both lips to her chin. The scar picks up again midway down her chest and continues down her left breast, down her torso and stops on her left hip. She also has several other scars across her chest and shoulders, her right arm is covered with small scars especially around her upper forearm and bicep.

Her reddish gold hair is braided and pinned up out of her way with an eagle feather hanging down from the back. her eyes are dark blue. her skin is tanned as if she is outside all the time. her scars are pale against her skin tone.

She wears a black metal slave collar with three links of chain left on it. Laying in the grass and fallen leaves under a huge oak tree.

>> No.13230784



Would you like the monkey or just gratitude sex?

>> No.13230865

not sure about the reflection spots...

>> No.13230896

Double the fun

All of the above?

>> No.13230959

oh, thankyou. Weird... uhmm... I think its the general body posture and the face? looks somewhat bloated and off style for you? Anyway thanks

>> No.13230997


People has spoken! gives us our ork Frank West!

... Pleeeeease?

>> No.13231031

Green marine, have you've considered opening a gallery so we can look up your art? Like a deviantart account?

>> No.13231051

Im pretty sure he has one, have you considered checking deviant art before asking if he has one?

>> No.13231059

Continuing with my collection of fantasy characters with Stands, might I get a corgi with one?
Based on whichever character you wish.
Earthness, in the form of crystals preferred.

>> No.13231087

Thanks, both look really cool.

>> No.13231108

half naked sister of battle wrestling a half naked eldar

>> No.13231135


>> No.13231172

I'd be kinda interested to see a normal human infected with the Obliterator Virus. Female, if that'd be likely to catch drawfag interest.

>> No.13231205

Fuck, now I have to do both!

>> No.13231212

You may indeed!
I put them in the cafeteria.

>> No.13231262


I upload basically everything I see from GM on /tg/booru if that helps

>> No.13231265

I wish i could doodle. Anyways, Bumps for an awesome bread.

>> No.13231267

I don't

>> No.13231284

A tau firewarrior either riding any sort of tyranid, or him walking it like a dog.

>> No.13231310


>> No.13231313

Goddamn that was quick. Thanks Greenmarine! Any chance of seeing this cleaned up some?

>> No.13231329

Female Dark Eldar Haemonculus, humping a liquifier gun as it melts someone, her face contorted in pleasure. "Herr Trigger" style.

>> No.13231395

I'd like to request a ship tan of my Rogue Trader ship.

The Racketeer is the name of the ship, it is an Orion Class Star Clipper. It has an archaotech Modified Lathe Pattern 2a Plasma drive. Markov 1 Warp Engine that is Overcharged. A special bridge that enhances augury and sensors, which are the M–201.b Auger Array. Armed with Sunsear Laser Battery and Pyros Melta-cannons, which sets everything on fire. It also comes equipped with an Eldar Runecaster.

Machine Spirit Oddity - Rebellious: This vessel does not suffer authority willingly. At times is seems to take pleasure in interfering with the plans of its masters. During no more than one space combat per game session, the GM should randomly select one of the ship’s Components that becomes unpowered until repaired. However, whenever the ship suffers a critical hit (for any reason) roll 1d10. On a 8 or higher, the critical effect is ignored.

Past History - Temperamental Warp Engine: The ship suffers a flutter in its Warp Engines, an inconsistency that no amount of maintenance or supplication can eliminate. Whenever the ship travels through the immaterium, the GM should roll 1d10. On a 6 or lower, the journey takes an additional 1d5 weeks, on a 7 or higher, the travel time is reduced 1d5 weeks instead (potentially causing the ship to arrive before it left!). However, once in a great while, the ship will leave the warp to unexpectedly find itself someplace other than its intended destination. (This is at the GM’s discretion, but should not happen on a regular basis.)

So a rebellious ship with a tempermental warp drive, along with the listed components. Whatever this inspires, I will be happy with.

It's basically a small cargo ship that's really fast, with a souped up engine and some xenotech, and sometimes doesn't work the way you want it to.

Thanks for considering my request.

Thanks :D

>> No.13231429


YOU SIR, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.13231520

So it's the Millennium Falcon?

>> No.13231537

My thought exactly.

>> No.13231594

I laughed after you pointed out the resemblance, but it was unintentional. I will grant that the Millennium Falcon is fast, but the Racketeer is so fast it sometimes goes back through time. It's also bigger, much bigger.

So probably 40K scale Millennium Falcon.

>> No.13231661


Utterly awesome, thank you!

>> No.13231713

Done! Now for some obli.

>> No.13231714

Unfortunately, with the way I drew her, you can't see the details (scars on the face very well), and I decide to have her sleeping so you can't see the blue eyes

>> No.13231738

Thri-kreen pirate with a colorful, oversized beetle on his shoulder.

He has multiple bandoliers of pistols and a really, really big eyepatch.

>> No.13231767

I'm thinking:


They call me Jack the Eater...

>> No.13231915

That was chin-tastic, man!

>> No.13231935

Did somebody say CHIN?!

>> No.13231962

I don't think anyone covered my request last time (and I'll only post it here this one last time :D ), but I'd like to see the 4 daemonette's of the 4 gods playing a video game of some sort (I was thinking New super mario bro's, but anything works).

Tzneetchette-chan looking smug, Bloodletter-chan raging, Daemonette trying to use 'distraction tactics' on Tzneetchette-chan and Nurglette-chan sitting there looking confused/happy about the whole thing.

Clothed/Naked/Swimsuit what ever the artist would like! (but you may want to link your nekkid pictures from off site, lest we awaken the mod)

Thanks for stopping by artists!

>> No.13231977

forgot pic!

>> No.13231999

What program do you guys draw with? Im using opencanvas but it is trial and I can't find a crack or keygen.

>> No.13232011

Phworr! Noice iron gob fer an' oomie!

>> No.13232019


>> No.13232039

Yeah, but not feeling like doing this one. Obli-chan, nao.

>> No.13232064


I use gimp.

>> No.13232086

I also make use of the GIMP.

>> No.13232104

I demand a Whaletopus fighting a Crocobear (Whale+Octopus and Bear+Crocodile). I'll reward you with tits-OH WAIT.

>> No.13232184

Sorry for disappearing, couldn't resist the call of the vidya.


>> No.13232191

If a drawfag is willing, I would like to request some artwork for my Sororitas Novice. The only stipulations I have about her appearance is that she's not wearing powered armor (she only has a carapace breastplate, sadface), and that she has tan skin if colored.

>> No.13232253

A techpriest with a pair of mechanical legs, designed for KICKING ASS

>> No.13232304


Hey thanks for drawing her.

>Greppon was

Greppon was what, capcha?

>> No.13232315

I think I fixed what was wrong while preserving Green Marine´s uniqueness and style.

>> No.13232335


A Tau fire warrior and a tech priest giving a high five. (With or without Servo Skull and/or Tau Drone)

>> No.13232378

Guardswoman and a female Farseer cuddling and/or making out.


Techpriestess inspecting another Techpriestess' verly large boobs FOR SCIENCE.

>> No.13232385


Verly? Where'd that L come from. GO AWAY L.

>> No.13232388


This makes me wonder what a female Vindicare would look like.

>> No.13232430


>> No.13232445


Wow, that's actually pretty creepy. Kudos.

>> No.13232471

What about inspecting Xeno's ass/boobs/hips (choose) for SCIENCE!


Yeah I'm totally moé for failtaucron.

>> No.13232498

ah nm, I see now he can do it when he tries/cares, he just didint. Way better than what I could do.

Can I ask for a similarly dressed elf slave girl? blonde please

>> No.13232554

Hey, greenmarine, could I ask now for a delicious brown girl in pretty much the same clothes, but in whatever posture/activity you would feel more interested in drawing her, please?

Oh, thanks, I knew it was the head, thanks!

>> No.13232587


Requesting GM try and actually make this sexy.

>> No.13232625

Why did I read this as FATALcron?
And now want to see a cron measuring for anal circumference.

>> No.13232655

I finished the version without colours.
I'm gonna colour it now.

>> No.13232666

I always forget the image in draw threads.

>> No.13232697

It will be quite of a challenge, I guess.

Anyway, I still can fap to this.>>13232430

>> No.13232708


Oh noes :(
I can't, I've made it on a white background.

>> No.13232744

I will be delivaring soon...

>> No.13232872

while you are waiting for this to be drawn, have this. A prequel, kinda.

>> No.13232876

enjoy, spent about three hours installing programs and configuring my tablet for 25 minutes of drawing but nevermind.

>> No.13232889

I usually use gimp, it's free and pretty customizable.

>> No.13233095

bumping this with the same kind of stuff, still working.

>> No.13233238

I like necron too.

>> No.13233574

First draft, will be polishing it up later. Whaddya think?

>> No.13233637

Two female Adeptus Arbites making out while an IG is watching from the distance.

>> No.13233643

Requesting more Tau heresies. Extra points for a Y-slit.

>> No.13233657


>> No.13233709


Your pics make me question the validity of sanity.

>> No.13233739


>> No.13233744


>> No.13233798


>> No.13233810


i'd rather see this without her naughty bits showing :3c


oh god this examination is looking far too saucy for this board, FOR THE LOVE ALL THE MACHINE GOD KEEP GOING but you might want to stick to the safe side and link it from a different site!



>> No.13233858

I sometimes upload stuff at rule34.


>> No.13233917

Can I request one of my all-time favorite BBEGs? An ogre... with class: a tux, tophat, monocle, pipe, the works. Pleasepleaseplease? I'd be very appreciative

>> No.13233935


ever think about making a hentai foundry account? i like your style :D

or you could start a thread over at the http://quest.lv/kusaba/draw/


>> No.13233946

Could you please draw this character for me?

The character has light brown hair that is just past the shoulders. She is slim and tall, but not so tall as to draw attention to her. She has brown eyes and is busty. She's wearing victorian style clothing. Dark brown heeled boots, and a dark green, low cut, corsetted dress. She has a ruby ring on her left hand, and a pearl necklace. She could be holding a switchblade which is her primary weapon because it is easily concealable.

>> No.13234123

Hot damn. Thanks, Mekat!

>> No.13234130

Oh gawd. Do any of you have time to draw me a character portrait still? Nothing too fancy or smutty, just a goblin girl...lemme know if you can and I'll give details!

>> No.13234415



>> No.13234570

I wanted to do this one and completely forgot about it.


>> No.13234602

GM, would you do a female Zabrak like this guy? Nude or not.

>> No.13235219

Amaidonitrite? I am not very familiar with Zabrak. I thought all of them were red, badass and eager to kill Liam Neeson.


>> No.13235248


Yeah, that's good. Thanks!

There was a pretty hot Zabrak chick in the Force Unleashed games. Maris, or something.

>> No.13235290

I wish to see a giant space hamster cuddling his tiny minsc!

>> No.13235370

How about giving us a picture of Helena Bonham Carter's boobies? Since she's less than likely to pose for pictures in the altogether herself.

>> No.13235406

In light of the recent fembot threads elsewhere on the board, I am thirding(fourthing? I dunno) the request for Battle Angel Alita tits.

>> No.13235650

Heh, how about some Mandalorian tits? In other words, a normal nude human female except she's either wearing the helmet or holding the helmet against her breasts.

>> No.13235678

Wouldn't 'Mandalorian Tits' imply that the tits themselves, rather than the person they are part of, are mandalorians?
I demand that they have little helmets to themselves.

>> No.13235728

I also forgot to do this one.


>> No.13235755

Bump for this.

>> No.13235800

I still can't put my finger on what causes my brain to not enjoy this drawing style. I want to like it, because I see the detail and can tell work went into each one but...

>> No.13235829

Those are some delicious Alita boobies, greenmarine. Much obliged.

... Though I think her eyes are brown.

>> No.13235941

Mandalorian lesbian sex, now!

>> No.13236051

Requesting Jibjabber, the goblin girl from http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/tg/thread/13112535#p13114719

... schlicking FURIOUSLY, curled up under a blanket/cloak.

>> No.13236053

*DERP* Found EDI's body picture over here in this thread



in favor of mechanical bewbs and hips, i would like to suggest more of EDI from mass effect 2...

>> No.13236795

You know greenmarine. I think this is the prettiest pic of yours I´ve ever seen. I like everything about it, I think.

Is there any chance I could get my request with this level of... well, love? I can add description if you need it.

>> No.13236975


he has a whole thread of eye popping goodies over yonder http://quest.lv/kusaba/draw/res/963.html#i963

>> No.13237067

Bumping for this again before I sleep.

>> No.13237257

Most likely: anatomical exagerations and lack of spontaneity. Also, u no liek heresay?

>> No.13239326


>> No.13239501

Not much time. Is that one worth finishing? Details to add?

>> No.13239786


i don't know but i'd like to see what you'd consider finished!

>> No.13239848


>> No.13239863

Female Monk. Hefty - but not too big - Japanese lady. Shades of Sumo? Lawful Good. Similar outfit to pic. Pic obviously related. Similar build too, maybe a slight bit thicker, but otherwise about right.

>> No.13239901


>> No.13239920

Draw Father Gregori in Chaplain armor, charging at the enemy with his shotgun while he laughs

>> No.13239956

Why not Rasputin himself?

>> No.13239974

Because Rasputin is a heathen

>> No.13240029

Can I get my current character in a 3.5 campaign? A buff wizard, basically. She's dark skinned (brown rather than black though. Not that dark) and rather toned and muscular - but not grossly so. Quite busty and with a pretty face and lipstick - probably purple or black. She wears red and purple "robes" which are sleeveless and skintight - she likes to show off her body and her muscles. Has a large sword (thick rather than long, but we rule it as a bastard sword) she wields in one hand that drips with acid.
Pic related for hair style and skintone.

>> No.13240067 [DELETED] 

Could you draw a tanned, curvy female satyr with coiled horns, dressed in torn classical Greek clothing. She has long, messy, dark hair and a slightly frightened look on her face.

In return, tiefling handlebars.

>> No.13240092

Oh, Chaotic Evil if it matters. Evil Wizards are the best Wizards.

>> No.13240111


>> No.13240202

My DM has said similar when I've cast buffs on myself.

>> No.13240503

Waiting for this guy's request...

>> No.13240525

>> No.13240671


>> No.13241302

I know there's a second picture that goes with that...

>> No.13241341

Here, going out for a bit. Bumping in hopes this is around when I return.

>> No.13241366 [DELETED] 


Right here.

>> No.13241465

Thanks for that.

Might want to delete those soon, lest someone do it for you.

>> No.13242697


>> No.13242852


Dont worry, its gone.

>> No.13242891


>> No.13243157

May I request a different model of Krieg-chan? A long-haired brunette variant, preferably clutching a lasgun to her chest.

>> No.13243311

Have a sketch.


>> No.13243380 [DELETED] 

Im tired so it is a bit shitty.

>> No.13243409

Speaking of company-chans... is there a Tanith-chan?

>> No.13243497

There's this.

>> No.13243564

>no tats


>> No.13243610

Weren't the tattoos generally unique to the genuine Tanith-born for a fair while, and only started appearing on the Vervunhivers and other new recruits later on? I'm not hugely familiar with the GG books.

>> No.13244172


>> No.13245436

To the front page with you!

>> No.13245459

Just downloaded Manga Studio EX4, can I get a one page comic strip request? Preferably something relatively simple but still awesome.

>> No.13245531

This is the weirdest request i've ever seen.
And i've seen plenty.

Browsing the thread at the moment.

>> No.13245545


An inquisitor Corgi, executing a heretic kitty.

First 2 panels are him announcing his charges, the last actively shooting the heretic.

>> No.13245695

Hoping this gets the GM treatment.

And, although it's not mine, I would like to see that Corgi thing. Anything with Corgis is awesome.

>> No.13245750

This was incredibly boring to draw. I am not trying to imply the request itself is bad, but i think that now i know why i am doing porn requests all the time.

>> No.13245767

I'll give this a shot, bear in mind it will quite possibly be shitty. If it is taking a long time I may well deliver tomorrow.

>> No.13245779

Any chance of this, Greenmarine?

>> No.13245921

Freddie Mercury as the Emperor of Mankind

>> No.13245957

Can I get a half illithid dwarf holding a rifle with a scope?

>> No.13246002

Can you please draw a red skinned, black eyes, 200 lb, 6ft 7in ,green hair, Human barbarian.

>> No.13246107


>> No.13246173

Not sure if i got this one right.

>> No.13246193

A crying double headed eagle with the caption

"Why do you hate the imperium?"

>> No.13246214

Not too crazy about the headband, but otherwise looks great! Thanks a ton!

>> No.13246262

>>Implying the master Illithid race would spawn such an inferior hybrid

>> No.13246314

Tadpoles happen :D

>> No.13246333


Sexy Illithid chick in a sling bikini.

>> No.13246629


>> No.13246696

Yo Green marine. This Navigator PC on the right here ( the one that hopefully looks female.) I've seen you draw snake ladies before. Rolled on the mutation table and got (worm) so become fetish fuel monster girl snake lady.

If you would be so kind to draw her in robes, with guns, or naked, you know whatever works. Eyes dark as the void mutation as well, so creepy black eyes.

>> No.13246740

GM, how about your spin on this hot elf?

>> No.13246759


12 of these, for a calender!!!

>> No.13246768

Could I get a guardsmen based off the Vietcong? Ak-47 looking lasgun, straw-hat, sandals, and peasent clothing?
Thanks in advance.

>> No.13246857

Girl sitting prone in a mad scientist's lab while he, to quote a friend, "does evil stuff to her butt."
I don't have preference for skin or hair color.
Make her an orc, I don't give a fuck.

>> No.13246873

but she'll get dizzy!

>> No.13246892

They call those "Tau civilians."
...actually, that gives me ideas for Gue'la army conscripts.

>> No.13246964

Hey, Greenmarine, can I get a girl like the one pictured? Only without the metal bits on her clothing, a clawed gauntlet on one hand, and with bigger tits and ass? Same outfit otherwise, complete with makeup. Ideally in a pose showing off both Dat Ass and Dem Tits. Whip in one hand optional (s'fine if it's the clawed one).

>> No.13247524

don't you die on me!

>> No.13248311


>> No.13248382

dat ass...

>> No.13248392

Here's a neat scene from a game I recently played:

A man in what would be considered fancy clothes for a medieval/1700s mash-up and a gaskmask made of leather, swing through a window. He's holding his "rope" which is really a fancy white dress in one hand and has a fistful of smoke bombs in the other.

And if you're still in the mood for just risque stuff, then a simple sketch of a pissed off female paladin wearing white lacy lingerie and a swordbelt would be fine, too.

>> No.13248416


Hey Greenmarine, You gonna be drawing much longer? If you are, does this one interest you enough to draw it? >>13230717

If you want to she doesn't have to be laying under a tree if you don't want to draw her that way, standing would be fine.

>> No.13248500

Goddamn I love this pic.

>> No.13248670

Hey, Greenmarine, do you do hetero couple pics?

Half-Orc Revevant (think fleshy undead with good flesh and cheer) male and his half-elf ex-widow. He died and came back like Jesus or something and before he goes up to Heaven, he's gonna save the World and Tap that ASS a few times before he leaves.

>> No.13248679

Any chance of this one, Greenmarine?


>> No.13249127

Bump before bed. Please don't die, thread.

>> No.13249420

How about... Other Mother from Coraline, nekkid, and holding a bottle of suntan lotion out invitingly?

>> No.13252386


>> No.13253115


>> No.13253750

Bumpan dis

>> No.13253799

Have a bit of an unusual request. Sort of like a three or four paneled comic.

My wasteland survivor, Roach, who appears similar in appearance to Dominic Monaghan with white streaks in his hair, is pictured laying prone on his stomach, looking through the scope of a sniper rifle. There is a noise, a crow making that annoying 'CAW' sound.

He looks to the crow for a second. It's standing right next to his head. He looks back at the scope. It caws again, and is about to do it a third time before he grabs it and bites off it's head whilst still looking down the scope.

...Yes, my character is a psychopath.

>> No.13253862


For comical effect, one might also choose to have him stuff the entire bird into his mouth. I am ok with this.

>> No.13254653

Have a sketch

>> No.13255022

Lidda getting an ass massage by someone or something with big hands.

>> No.13255508

Awesome, thanks a fuckton! :D

>> No.13255601

Faith from Mirrors Edge sunbathing on a narrow ledge high up on a skyscraper.

Pic related, it's Faith from Mirrors Edge running.

>> No.13255625


>> No.13255632

Can you draw me the God-Emperor hunting the great whale?
Draw him with a wooden leg, thanks.

>> No.13255894

I read in PC Gaymer that it is/may be in the works. Take it as you will.

>> No.13256270

>>13240029 here, is Greenmarine still around?

>> No.13256969


>> No.13258282

Don't you die on me!

>> No.13260305


>> No.13261315

Bump before bed, why not.

>> No.13262476

404? Not on my watch!

>> No.13263857

Deva: royaly and with devine grace getting fucked in the pooper

>> No.13264205

A techpriest facing a carnifex/tyrant/warrior with a huge syringe in his hand/mechandrite saying
"HEY, lets highlight your CARAPACE!!!"

16 second ATHF youtube vid very much related.


>> No.13264965

Have some happy corgi guy and his stand, Diamond Dogs.

Man i fucking love JJBA.

>> No.13264989


Oh. Oh God. That is wonderful. Thank you, anon who made a JJBA request. Still, Diamond DOGS, so I was looking for some indication of two dogs...maybe get a second dog snout sticking out the back of his head? Weird, I know, but hey, JJBA here.

>> No.13265002

Hey, blame David Bowie, not me.

>> No.13265026

Well, you still gotta accomadate the name somehow. Hmmm...I think I might do my own Diamond Dogs design for fun.

>> No.13265309


>> No.13265395

Greenmarine, any chance I could get your take on this character? Same muscle tone and similar or identical outfit, but bigger boobs and that lovely Greenmarineman style?

>> No.13265444

Not greenmarine but whatever. Hope you like it.

>> No.13265613

Not sure if i got this right.

>> No.13265634

Looks right to me! :D Thanks!

>> No.13266172

Since we got some muscle going on in this thread, any chance of this getting done?

>> No.13267057

Just woke up, and... YOWZA. That is seriously badass! Thank you very much, O marine of the green!

>> No.13267696


>> No.13267800

It would make my whole party's christmas if >>13248392 could be fulfilled :3

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