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Sorry that last thread kinda petered out. My weekends are pretty busy, and I found out that my parents are kicked out of their house, but luckily they have somewhere to stay. Unluckily, their cat couldn't go with them, so now I have my old cat, Leo the siamese, in my basement, because he hates all other animals (I have two cats and two dogs, and we're also watching my girlfriend's sister's english mastiff...) and he is furious and terrible after this relocation.
Also, I volunteer at the animal shelter on saturdays and sundays, so I needed my sleep.
I'll be pretty slow tonight, I bet, as it is already 1 am, but hey, I'll at least give it a shot.
Let's keep it fantasy, somewhat serious, and we'll leave the cheesecake to the great masters of it, hey? And please try and not ask me for WH40K - IF I do any, I can promise I will get the aesthetic all wrong.
Either way, I'm sure you'll produce some interesting requests, so let's have at it.

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Make a monk holding a baby fighting a bunch of people with a ladder or something.

Jackie Chan style!

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Could you please draw this character for me? The character has light brown hair that is just past the shoulders. She is slim and tall, but not so tall as to draw attention to her. She has brown eyes and is busty. She's wearing victorian style clothing. Dark brown heeled boots, and a dark green, low cut, corsetted dress. She has a ruby ring on her left hand, and a pearl necklace. She could be holding a switchblade which is her primary weapon because it is easily concealable.

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A female orc barbarian with a topknot fighting back to back with a heavily scarred male elven paladin against unseen/ambiguous foes?

The barb's armor is completely made of bone and hide, the elf's armor is all elegance.

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In case you haven't seen it.

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damn. It's been done before. >_>

Oh well, at least I have this now!

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In honor of your catfugee, a Siamese feline familiar launching at the face of an enemy after they killed the wizard.

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I do enjoy a dubiously worded request. I'll get right on it.

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Oh... well, shit. Nevermind. :(

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I need pictures! Pictures of thri-kreen bitches!

Specifically, a thri-kreen alchemist brewing potions in a little lab.

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Having two never hurt, just saying...

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A british soldier wielding a revolver and a cavalry sabre riding a centipede the size of a horse.

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I don't want no trabble.
I will do this, but the elf will really be a fighter, because elves can't be paladins, you silly.

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Hey, it's that guy again.
I've got a bard, 3.5 Draconic Human with Silver heritage. When we imported to 4e, we fluffed that the party Sorc did some crazy shit and screwed up, so now my bard is stuck as a silver-ish Dragonborn, and he ain't happy about it. He's got a big lute, but he's more likely to hit you with the oversized bastard sword he carries on the other shoulder. Not yer typical Bard, but I enjoy playing him. Thanks for your time, bro.

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A young dark skinned mage with unruly black hair..
Wearing cloths in a style similar to the first two on the left but no head dress.
He has bandages up to his elbows and wears a scarf as a face wrap.

Reading from a spellbook and raising a skeleton from the sand would be an awesome pose if you're feeling up to it.

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No Victorian Lady? Despite the mentioning of her being busty, it's not meant to be cheesecake. That's just her body type.

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I'd like my character drawn!
It's a D&D character; a halfling, though not of the hobbit type(no hairy feet or big bellies, thanks!). The picture enclosed is her face and hair how I'd pictured it, but you can of course use judgement on how to portray it. She's a sorceress of the Fire Elemental bloodline(using Pathfinder rules), so she has a natural inclination towards all things hot and fiery, which is reflected in her temper and temperament as well. Though as mentioned, she is quite busty for a halfling, she doesn't really dress to show it off, preferring snug Mandarin-collared jackets and simple skirts. The jacket is black, with silver "filigree" scrollwork over hems, collar and cuffs, and the skirt should be ankle-length and maroon in colour. I'd also prefer it if the character was portrayed as about to cast a fiery spell of some sort, grinning rather cheekily.

Thanks a lot! :D

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Interested to see where this one goes.

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Dear sir or madam, may I ask what is the source of that picture?

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You again? You're pathetic with that copy and paste request. Commission an artist.

PS: Faggot.

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It appears to be some manner of cropped CP.

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The girl looks like she could be an adult. Oh ffs.

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It's Liza C. - Upstream, by Met-Art.

Wishful thinking?

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She IS an adult. The set is from Met-Art, and they're not in the habit of employing underage models.

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Got a link to the set? Dem lips.

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A tall, muscular woman with red hair and fair skin. She's wearing scale mail over well-tailored furs and cloth and wields a greataxe, probably resting on one shoulder. She has a bright, wide smile and blue eyes.

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Also, probably a keg of beer or mead under one arm or on her back.

Alcohol fuels her crusader powers.

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I request a rough-edged sun with a single eye glaring widely as it casts its hateful gaze down at the fourth wall. Does not need to be fancy at all. Think illuminati style eye, or egyptian. And when I say rough-edged, I mean I would like it to look as if someone found this etched into a wall somewhere, like as if it was really ancient. Oh, and please.

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Is there even an active drawfag in this thread?

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I think the download links there still work.

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Thanks, sir. One of them does indeed work.

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I can dump some other sets in /s/, if you'd like? I've scoured the web somewhat for images of her because, as you said, dem lips.

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Yeah, I'm just slow.
Sorry to disappoint you - you might consider taking up drawfagging yourself, though, next time you feel like complaining!

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Thanks, but that won't be necessary.

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Take your time, bro.
Missed out on the last thread, but I'm a patient man.

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Dammit danny, how are you always on the front page?

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Hey i would love it if you can draw a tengu cleric of trickery + travel for me wielding a longsword and a heavy shield Thanks ^___^ my players would appreciate it

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Do a lion-headed awesome manly man of manliness! Like with a banner held in one hand as he roars as a display of his own glory. Thankies.

>utmost Perceent
Captcha says to give this 100%, drawfriend. Godspeed.

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Man with ram's horns and fiery eyes, sickle in one hand and hammer in another, or a scythe in both hands. Looks like he's going to kill you, but that he doesn't hate you. Not crazy. Just determined. The more epic and outlandish, like "ain't no way this thing is mortal" the better.

Pic Related; is similar to what I want.

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Here you go - sorry it took so long, I tried to do things in a different way! I hope it is still enjoyable.

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I've drawn a lot of reptilemen lately, so I might give this one a shot later, but I'm kinda burnt out on 'em for a little while.
I suppose I will give this a shot!

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If that is truly the pic you wish for me to emulate, I'll have a very easy time of it.

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>I've drawn a lot of reptilemen lately, so I might give this one a shot later...
That's cool. We talking later on in this thread, or should I just wait for the next thread? Either is fine.

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I'll try for later in the thread, but I guarantee nothing!

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repeat request

A guy, laid back, casual clothes. Big headphones. Smiling.

Behind him a row of his copies, every one of them slightly mutated - one eye, three eyes, feral teeth, small horn... each different. Behind those another row, and another, and another up to the horizon, each more and more mutated.

His clothes have a stencil: I AM SCHIZO

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I'm going to hijack a single post in this thread to post this

I just got a tablet and spent an inordinate amount of time drawing this and still cannot edit the bad out of it. :V

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oh and i posted that in this thread and not a seperate one since its not really worth making a thread about

sorry >>

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Congratulations, kobold lover. You've now hijacked this thread and caused three posts to be posted. Suck a thousand dicks, filth.

In other news, I request a cage match between Dante Alighieri and Oscar Wilde with Mark Twain watching on as a referee.

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I wanna be included

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requesting rule 34 of that hot looking thing

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CWC as Nurgle Daemon Prince

Must have "Want woman" on his shirt/power armor.

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Cowled cultist in tattered robes kissing passionately with a severed head.

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Oh God-Jesus, This must be Done!

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How is this?

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Two terran marines raping an ultramarine scount deliverence style while a thrid one stands in the background playing a banjo.

The scouts eyes are filled with tears and he prays and begs to his god, matt ward.

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A motherly woman of the sea surrounded by children. Water should be a key element in the picture. She is good-natured, smiling, but also tired.

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Here you are, good sirs.

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this is a poor trend that I'm showing...

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Pretty interesting fetishes you got there.

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How about a half elf warlock in leather armor worn over a robe, with a belt pouch of regeants?

>> No.13224979

leather vest with pauldrons, i should say

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What does a warlock use reagents for?

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Nah, I want to print that out on glossy paper and pin it somewhere in my local wargaming club. There are some ultrafaggot players who would go APESHIT over those, I mean those are the guys who could go and claim 40k and GW invented space battles and xenomorphs and crack chuck norris jokes with marneus calgars name replaced. I will lend a blizzcon T-shirt and a hat from my friend for the next in-house championship too and call my deep blue painted SM chapter raynors raiders and pretend its starcraft.

Also, I bet it would get reposted in every ultra thread ever-.

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Currently working on it. This will be my masterpiece.

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>I will lend a blizzcon T-shirt and a hat from my friend for the next in-house championship too and call my deep blue painted SM chapter raynors raiders and pretend its starcraft.

So much IRL trolling... It will surely spawn glorius amounts of ultrabutthurt.

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I'm gonna take a break for a while - my weekend has been pretty bad, and while I suppose I don't REALLY need to apologize, as I am just doing this because I'm a friendly guy, sucks that I'm still so shitty and slow.

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I love you so fucking much.

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Resemblance is uncanny.

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Hey, it all makes sense. How do you think he came up with the "Chaotic combo" stuff?

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The saddest thing is 40k Chris that not even Plague Marines would be able to love him. Nurgle's love makes the outer appearance meaningless, his followers can't see, just the person inside. Too bad Chris looks just as bad inside, if not worse.

But Chris will find a lover. The answer is now where, but when. Grandfather Nurgle is the only one who can ever love him. And he will love him. Forever.

I actually think CWC would be more Undivided than Nurgle. Slaanesh, because he does only what he considers pleasurable (that being vidya), and his utter devotion to his little understood sexuality. Khorne because STRANGE THAT CLYDE CASH RAAAGH FANGS and Tzeentch because he really believes he possesses psyker powers and uses them regularly.

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Could I please ask for a cutesy and surprisingly happy-looking tiefling girl dressed in a fantasy version of a french maid dress, with a lot of frilly transparencies? I was in fact thinking in having many parts of the dress be obviously transparent but not completely so. Got the idea from this Bastard!! chapter someone storytimed here some weeks ago, but sadly didint save the image of the elven princess and her dress. The tiefling girl has exceedingly long and bare legs (rolled on the old 2e table for tieflings and she got blue skin, tail, horns, and finally, legs 12 inches longer than normal, so, you know, a LOT of leg), standing on the balls of her feet, holding a little plate with a cutesy silver teaset in it, or maybe an ashtray? smoking cigar on ashtray is opcional.

She has a metallic, 2 inches thick (with 1/3 of a inch breathing room) slave collar with a large ring hanging from its front.

Her hair is arranged in a ponytail that rises a couple of inches behind her, wrapped tightly before being allowed to fall down loose behind her.

She is waiting to serve the tea, or patiently holding the ashtray for someone sitting pretty much out of the picture? the house is obviously upper end high class.

I dont know if I did too much description or too little. When I do too little, people says they cant draw it because of that, and if I do more, they say they dont dare because I have too clear an idea of what I´m hoping for.

Not a 4e tiefling, btw. 2e, so pretty much go for a daemonette, I guess.

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First I read "Volus Famine"

But then I lol'd.

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Tallarn DBG in a combat situation.

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You owe me a Tech-Priest from yesterday... with dat ass as we discussed.

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