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Would you like to play a game?

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But I only have a PS3...

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We don't play those kinds of games here. Try /v/.

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Is that supposed to be power girl?

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Sure, babe. Just bend over so I can turn you on.

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She's turning me on right now!

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Whatever, I'm just going to post /d/ shit like I do with all the other threads that don't interest me.

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Your, uhh, 'software' is showing.

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That is the worst pun ever.

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Where are your sockets located and why are you wearing that flesh-mask? Disrobe into your glorious code and shine out THE POWER OF SAILOR MOON!

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No, you only think that because I haven't said anything about my hardware.

The hardware is my penis.

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Thank you, Captain Hammer.

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You're welcome.

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What's to get? It's Power Girl with a big, glowing circle around her cleavage.

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I can't fap while he's watching me!

>after fablary

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Bitch, I will cut you.

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Boy would I!

What kind of game? Tiddlywinks? 52 Pick-up?

Ooh ooh, I know! How about LIFE?

Whoops, you lose! Ahahahahaha!

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This is almost too easy.

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Is that fucking Deadpool?

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Marvel did a whole month of variant covers to celebrate Tron's release.

Because Disney owns Marvel now, remember?

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Haha! Oh, yeah!
How you liking that, /co/mrade?

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Shit's kinda cash.

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Spider man and some other were really good.

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What, the covers, or them being owned by Disney?

Both are fine. They didn't exactly come in and say "OK, we're gonna do this mickey mouse style now", they bought Marvel because Marvel was making money. They know to leave well enough alone, and I doubt the "hey, do tron covers" thing met any resistance. hell, it was probably a marvel exec's idea.

So, result of the merger?
We get a new animated Avengers show, probably more cartoons on the way, and there's a possibility that you'll see Deadpool in the next Kingdom Hearts game.

...so far, shit's been pretty cash.

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>Kingdom Heart

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>Deadpool in Kingdom Hearts.

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bump for want

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