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take any intellectual property and make it as grimdark as possible.


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Wow, I'm so mature and edgy.

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rolled 25, 26 = 51

My Little Pony, where the Good Queen never won over the Evil, and every night, horrible nightmarish ponies commit terrible attrocities over the ponies that are left. Also, I'll introduce drugs for the Earth Ponies to cope with the ordeal, Nightmares from beyond for the magical ponies driving them steadily insane all their lives, and horrible afflictions to the others, such as the constant need for blood or some shit.

All of this will be set to an urban backdrop, during the rain. The night falls, and shit goes wrong.

Are you pony enough to save Ponyapolis?

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WE'LL MAKE SURE EVERYONE CARES, WHETHER OR NOT THEY LIKE IT, ALL HAIL THE *insert Care-a-lot word for glorious stand-in for Hitler-Pop leader here*!!!!

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Lovecraftion mythos, but... ugh... the Cthulhu... wears a skirt?

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Scott Pilgrim: the RPG... Only with more powers.

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Warhammer 40K

What happens if we make it even more Grimdark. I want to see the results.

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It becomes even more populare with 13 year-olds?

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Exactly two things live in the galaxy: one human and one Eldar, both psychic. They are both impaled, Zulu-style, upon splintery stakes, a foot from each other. The only means of sustenance is a leaky pipe just in their arms' reach. To get to it, they must push off of the other one, forcing him down his stake. The psychic backlash from the the horrific pain of the victim in each case heals his wounds, and gives him the strength to push off of the other one.

This never ceases.

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>Jewish Votager
Dear God, Captcha! They're everywhere!

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Spot Killgrim.

Designed by Rob Liefeld.

Captcha says: Weston buncea. Yeah, CWC would do a great job on this too.

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I want to see Bugs Bunny as Ciaphas Cain.

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Goddamn go back to the draw thread!

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The scenario at the back of the Necron codex, where an Eldar forsees what might happen should the C'tan win seems pretty apt.
Humans are raised, bred, and farmed like cattle, but measure are taken to make sure that the species remains sane instead of devolving into animalism. They're herded into massive, mechanical torture-chambers to be driven insane and pulled apart for the amusement of the Star Gods, which then feast on their essence. There is nothing else, beyond a few small pockets of Eldar hiding on the edge of the galaxy. Nothing changes, nothing advances, there is beyond humanity being used as terrified entertainment and sustinance by the C'tan.

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Energy, rather. Still get those confused.

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How do you grim dark that which is already grim dark?

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If they bust your myth you become the next Buster.

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See >>13206350. It's very much alive.

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awrite, time for a little drawfaggotry, then!

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Alice in Wonderland.

Exactly the same.

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One of my favorites.

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Make Stu an abusive father. His inventions are never sold or work, he has an alcohol problem, and the bills start stacking up.
Angelica tries to fly like a fairy princess and is stuck in a coma after damn near snapping her neck.
I...think that'd be more then enough to domino effect the rest of the series. Though I guess if you throw in some closet racism it'd icing the cake.

Yup that seems enough. Everyone distances themselves from Tommy's family leaving him alone and unable to find that spark of imagination he once had. Spike the dog becomes afraid of people and shys away until he finally runs away. The series ends in a divorce. Dil is never born. Angelic's family is too busy worrying about her to provide Didi the support she needed and Stu the foot in the ass he needed.

Most of the stuff occurs in the background until it eventually culminates in an episode where Tommy just sits there alone. Wondering where everyone else is.

Hard mode achieved
-No deaths.
-No drugs
-Harm own childhood in the process.

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what could be the nobelest, brightest noblebright thing that could be turned so grimdark is becomes GRITBLACKHOLE!

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Fox and the Hound.

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Goddamn! Just when I thought I was the only person who ever saw that movie.

Pound it.

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Now how do we get this to be super grimdark?

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Final scene is a fox skin hanging from a windowsill drying.
The hound is staring at his food which is mixed odd meat. Horrified look on the hound.

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it's ok Childhood, just remember this isn't as bad as what every major studio and rule 34 have done to you.

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Not grimdark enough, Scene beforehand has the hound sniff out and tear apart the fox himself, aware of what he's doing but unable to fight his conditioning as a hunting dog.

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Find it a bit disappointing the fox/hound comment got a nod but no ones responded to the rugrats one.

My childhoods still relatively sane. It manages to maintain a "Whatever" stance on most of this kind of thing. Of course I nurture it with old school cartoons on occasion.

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Dear Journal,
This report concerns a young man, one Douglas Yancey Funnie, a budding journalist who has infiltrated the confines of the Bluff Center for Mental Health under the guise of a patient suffering from dissociative identity disorder. It is currently believed that this action was undertaken in response to a series of letters in which his older sister, Judith Funnie, claimed to have been the victim of widespread mistreatment and abuse.

Upon his initial entry into the facility Funnie ran afoul of a local clique of patients including the head doctor's young son. In an early attempt to gain the other patients' acceptance Funnie engaged in what he believed to be a hazing ritual involving a local cryptid known as a Nematode. Unfortunately this resulted in the loss of years of therapy and the confinement of William White, the son of the head doctor, as well as the enmity of closet sociopath Roger Klotz.

Funnie currently has unknowingly made contact with an agent of ours using the name Mosquito Valentine and under the cover of a schizophrenic tourettes patient. It is my belief that Funnie's help will be indispensable in Agent Valentine's continued investigations.

-From the desk of Agent Smash Adams

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