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So yeah I'm looking for some kind of RPG based game but I dont want to play D&D. I'm kind of new to this and I dont know what to look for. Any advice?

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> Pathfinder
> Rifts

... No, seriously though, Dark Heresy seems popular.
Theres also, uh... Something of the Century, that thing with the rings (not the lord)... Savage World... GURPS.... etc

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What KIND of RPG? Fantasy? Modern? Scifi? Noir? Kung-Fu? Giant Killer Tomatoes? Baron Munchausen?

Serious? Comedy?

We need a bit more info, bro.

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Ok, Pathfinder.

But seriously...
Dark Heresy if you like GRIMDARK detective work.
Rogue Trader if you like pirates in space or exploring.
Deathwatch if you want to be over powered as fuck and mow down waves of xeons with your pistols.

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40kid detected

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Check out Mutants and Masterminds. It's a good generic game.

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Someone already suggested Dark Heresy, I was just putting out other options int he 40k universe.

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Play Call of Cthulhu.

1920s, start the game in a small village in the Amazon.
Let your imagination run from there.

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I think you mean Legend of the Five Rings.

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Rogue Trader is nice.

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>>13208813 Something of the Century, that thing with the rings (not the lord)

Spirit of the Century
Legend of the Five Rings


You can play any game you want with GURPS

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Yeah, that.

Other one is Spirit of the Century.

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Its the best sci-fi system there is. Have fun.

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realy .. i have no idea .. NO IDEA D:

I just walked into the local boardgames store today and I was eyeing D&D and some other RPG's but my bf told me "fuck D&D , its way too long to play and you have to carry what you do in other games around , so if you fuck something up in previous games then you're fucked forever with this character"

I dont even know what to look for , what types of games or anything , I kinda came here for this.

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>>13208899 "fuck D&D , its way too long to play and you have to carry what you do in other games around , so if you fuck something up in previous games then you're fucked forever with this character"

Um...no? You don't have to keep characters if you don't want to.

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Your BF is doing crack. You aren't expected to play your character until the end of time. Most GMs I've seen request new characters be rolled up if they're starting a new game.

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realy? See I'm realy new to this , this is something I didnt know. But if it can help , I realy like the Conan universe. All that gory and honor thing , love it.

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That's how ALL campaigns work. It's like one continuing story.
If you don't want to have the responsibility of an imaginary character for too long, play short two or three session adventures.
That being said, try D&D out, it's like the starting point for almost every gamer. Oh and...
Your boyfriend is clearly an idiot.

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BF is stupid.

Play CoC.
Or DH.
Or Pathfinder.
Or 4e.
Or any of a ton of different games/settings.

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GURPS has a Conan supplement

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Sounds like you and he should play Gamma World. It's set in a world where the Lard Hardron Collider collapsed several dimensions into one.

It's like D&D, but more conductive to making shit up as you go along. And if your character fucks up or dies, making a new one honestly takes 5 minutes. Roll two ten sided dice twice. Then roll three regular dice four or five more times.

Boom, you have a character.

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this looks kinda awesome

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>Lard Hardron Collider

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is there a way to acquire this game online? cant seem to find it but its probably just me that is retarded

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>Lard Hardron Collider

Wait, for real?

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Maybe the genre isn't for you?

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Go to /rs/, Type 'Gamma World' in search field, first link is from /tg/. Appears to be a scan of the book.

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It is. One of the few RPGs that's improved significantly with alcohol, since everyone stops giving as much of a fuck.

Two of my last characters was a psionic housecat that had a exosuit heavy lifter (Like the one at the end of Aliens) with jetpacks on the back, that died mutated pigs beltching clouds of poison (Future swine flu acts a LOT faster).

My second character was a flock of seagulls that shared a single consciousness that had large knives strapped to some of them. It attacked by having the knifebirds fly at enemies as fast as they could to stab them in the face.

It's fun.

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Update. File is legit. By god is it the most 80s thing I have ever seen. 1983, so sayeth the date of print. Published by TSR (original D&D company).

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I typoed Large, but yeah.

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The newest version (came out this year) is the one >>13209099 is probably talking about.

THAT can be found in the second link on /rs/

Or here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ybpdd61bbgctb3e
Confirmed legit.

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lets see! :3

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>its way too long to play and you have to carry what you do in other games around
Um. Maybe you should play poker or something instead?

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Gamma World was the result when the Large Hadron Collider went off in 2012 merging all possible realities. Just because you have a infinite number of apples doesn't mean you have any oranges however, so possibilities are limited. Also, there might not be infinite possible realities. Alpha Mutations, Omega Technology and Gamma Radiation are all constantly shifting and changing as reality fluctuates wildly.

PICTURED CHARACTER: When Victor Frankenstien (M.D., Ph.D., and Notary Public) stumbled upon the Cyber-Ninja graveyard, he had Igor and Robo-Igor dig all the best ninja body parts up so he could create Dr. Frankenstien's Cyber-Ninja Destroyer. After Gerald was brought to life by radioactive lightning, he finished off the evil Cyber-Ninja clan and now wanders Gamma World dispensing his unique brand of justice with Ninjitsu, Undead Strength and Cybernetics.

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>Frankenstein's Monster
>not named Adam

YOU'RE DOING IT- Wait, Gamma World? Carry on.

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It doesn't have to be named Adam. Deucalion and Milton are good names for it, too.

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I think it was named Adam in the original novel.

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Dark Heresy
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Ars Magica
Unknown Armies
Call of Cthulhu
World of Darkness (Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling and so on..)

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Conan RPG by Mongoose Publishing
The Riddle of Steel by Driftwood Publishing

Choose the Riddle of Steel. Tell them /tg/ sent you.

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